Heyi Shengxiao Mo

Epilogue 3.2: Year After Year
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Epilogue 3.2: Year After Year

(translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

The ‘teaching’ activity continued for a long time before finishing.

Yi Chen continued to teach diligently, making Mo Sheng extremely tired. Finally, she laid limply on his sturdy chest. A deep and low male voice chuckled beside her ear: “Who is the loser?”

“Me ah, me ah! My hubby is the most awesome.” Mo Sheng has always been very adaptive to circumstances. She flattered him by calling him “hubby,” a term which she seldom used. Yi Chen looked like he wanted to continue teaching. If she was reluctant to admit her mistake again, she will be asking for trouble.

“Oh, really?” Yi Chen scorching hot hand has already landed on the danger zone: “You praise me like this, I really want to serve you once more to repay you.”

“Do not ah.” Mo Sheng really begged for mercy, “I still need to go out to take outdoor shots tomorrow.”

“Knock it off.” She grabbed his hand, clasped their hands together, interlocking their fingers and swayed.

Yi Chen snorted, which meant he was letting her off. After flattering him, Mo Sheng quickly changed the topic. After a while, she thought about the book she read before, sighed softly and said: “If there is really such a thing to travel back to the past, I really want to return to the age of nineteen.”

“Oh, then?” Yi Chen sounded indolent like someone who had eaten his fill.

“Then I’ll not go away and try to make everyone live well.” Mo Sheng’s tone suddenly sounded a bit sad.

Yi Chen knew she was thinking about her father and patted her gently twice. After all, the matter was a long time ago. Mo Sheng was lost in thought for a while, then gradually let go and not think about it anymore.

Yi Chen did not want her to think too much about it and pretended to suspect something: “How are you going to make me live well? Don’t need me to attentively watch you to ensure you study? Or you can pass the eight hundred meters test yourself? Or don’t need me to queue up every Wednesday to scramble for sweet and sour spare ribs?”

He gave her a look of disdain and unbearable look at the past. However, Mo Sheng was stirred to laughter by him. At that time, the sweet and sour spare ribs in the canteen was a big thing, but she had many classes on Wednesday. Thus every time, Mo Sheng has to urge Yi Chen in advance, that if she finished her class late tomorrow, he has to help her to scramble for the sweet and sour spare ribs, must go ah.

Mo Sheng rubbed again his leg and said: “Yi Chen, we’ll eat sweet and sour spare ribs tomorrow.”

Yi Chen: ” …… If you don’t want to do it again, don’t simply rub.”

She had already sacrificed once when he blew her hair. No, it was twice. Mo Sheng certainly did not want to sacrifice once again for sweet and sour spare ribs, so she immediately became well-behaved. Lying under the quilt, she thought for a long time about her usefulness. Finally, she sighed and said: “At least with me around, you will not have stomach problems.”

“You?” Yi Chen bluntly questioned her: “Can you take care of me?”

Mo Sheng considered her own strengths and shook her head: “Probably not. But! You have to take care of me.” She turned her body and propped up her chin. Then she looked at him with her sparkling eyes and said: “At the same time, you can also take good care of yourself.”

The great lawyer was speechless for a moment. Then he reached out to pinch someone’s face to see if it has thickened.

While dodging his hands, Mo Sheng analyzed for him: “Before when you were busy, I always went to look for you to have a meal. In order that I won’t be hungry, you will eat with me. By the time you are working, I’ll be in the fourth year of university. Then I won’t have many classes so I’ll certainly come to look for you every day. We’ll eat together so you won’t have eating disorders. Oh, but the university is quite far from your office. I’ll be exhausted.”

Mo Sheng was moved by her fantasy, traveling over land and water every day, just to oversee Yi Chen’s dinner. Indeed, very great.

Yi Chen pondered for a while before saying: “Not far.”

“Will need approximately an hour by bus, still not far ah?”

“In the fourth year of university, you won’t be staying in the dormitory. I would have rented a place near the law firm, so you’ll be very close to the law firm.”

Mo Sheng was dumbstruck and did not know how to react.

Yi Chen said with certainty: “At that time, you’ll definitely stay with me.”

“I’ll not stay together with you …… At that time, I’ll only be in my fourth year of university …… ” It was clearly written in Mo Sheng’s eyes, “You are a beast”.

“Most of your classes in your fourth year will be in the afternoon, so it will be more convenient to stay with me.”

Mo Sheng was stumped for words: “You, how do you know most of my classes will be in the afternoon?”

Yi Chen said: “I had a look.”

Mo Sheng stared at him, the softest part of her heart was touched. The ache in her heart was inexpressible. He had a look, did he go to her faculty? It seemed like that handsome, tall and straight young man appeared before her eyes. The university era’s He Yi Chen, standing in front of the bulletin board in her faculty and looking at the courses available for her fourth year. Maybe not fourth year, but third year or second year ……

What was he thinking at that time?

Would he be thinking, if she was around, how would they arrange their time? Just like when they took out and discussed their class schedules in the first year of university.

Her eyes started to sting, becoming hot and wet.

Yi Chen inwardly sighed. A slip of the tongue. He did not intend to make her feel sad. He deliberately teased her by saying: “Mo Sheng, don’t overestimate me. If I can sustain until graduation, it is already quite good.”

His speech was full of suggestive hints yet he appeared like an upright gentleman.

Under such circumstances when she was being taken liberties, Mo Sheng’s mental state was a little loose. Outwardly, he was all serious, but he was absolutely unrestrained in private. What is a phrase to describe that?

“A beast in human clothing.” Mo Sheng said in a low voice. Her eyes were still filled with tears.

The man who was being denounced as a beast looked pleased but said disapprovingly: “No, where is my clothing?”

Mo Sheng was silent, indeed ……

She had just stripped all of the beast’s clothing ……


He held out his hand to wipe the tears from her eyes. Yi Chen took the initiative to ask: “I graduated and we stay together, then what is after that?”

There was still lingering pain in her heart. Mo Sheng acted in concert with him and said: “Well, suppose that I was compelled to live with you, then what?” She adopted a reflective look, but she was still unable to concentrate on her train of thought.

Yi Chen pondered for a moment before calling for her attention: “Mo Sheng, basically I will let you take the initiative to broach the subject.”

” …… ” After Mo Sheng slowly regained her composure, she felt like biting someone. However, she had to concede this was really very likely to happen since her husband is sinister, cunning and hypocritical.

Looking at reality, she was the one who chased him first. With great difficulty, when he finally relented, he still thought of a way to make her go to him of her own free will. She was also the one who chased after him to get married. People just sat back and waited for the rabbit. No, it was waiting for a pig ……

She was the pig that was eager to be eaten up quickly.

Mo Sheng was hopeful when she asked: “Then you’ll rent two rooms with a living room?”

Yi Chen pretended not to understand: “Huh? You still want a specialized study? Mo Sheng, I’ll not be financially secure at that time, so you just put up with it la.”

Scoundrel! Between laughter and tears, Mo Sheng angrily kicked him under the quilt. She sensibly no longer engaged him on this issue. Mo Sheng continued seriously with her “If I go back to the age of nineteen” fantasy.

“I’ll have to find a job during the second half of the semester in my fourth year in university.” Mo Sheng felt the prospect of her finding a job very difficult. With her standard at that time, doing photography was certainly out of the question. However, she really was not interested in her field of study.

“I will not be unable to find a job, right …… ” Mo Sheng was very worried.

“Yes,” Yi Chen ruthlessly shattered her confidence.

Actually, with Zhao Mo Sheng’s vivacious and cheerful character at that time, plus it was estimated under his supervision, level 6 English, calculus exam and so on, will definitely pass. Moreover, she graduated from a famous university, so finding a job was certainly not difficult, but …… Anyway, it was just a conjecture so it was not necessary to let her be too proud. This kind of matter like giving his wife a setback can be fun.

“Well, a smooth sailing life is pretty meaningless, so I’ll slowly find a job…… then what should I do with my free time? ”

“Stay at home to renovate the house?”

“Oh, already bought a house so soon?”

“Yes, I handled a case pretty well in that year. Lao Yuan is a generous man, so I got a lot of money which was enough for down payment.”

Mo Sheng looked at him starry-eyed: “Yi Chen, you are truly awesome.”

Yi Chen immodestly accepted his wife’s praise and gave a helpless look, “I’ve no choice because a lot of pressure to support you.”

This was slander, right? She obviously was very easy to support. Mo Sheng decided to ignore him and continue thinking. Got a house already and will definitely get a job, so what is next? Marriage? When thinking about this, Mo Sheng could not help but air her grievance: “Hey! Yi Chen, are you going to make me propose marriage to you?”

If he continued to bully her, he was afraid she will explode in anger. Yi Chen laughed softly and whispered in her ear: “No, I’m more anxious than you.”

The warm breath was rich and full of manliness, making her ears itchy and she felt intoxicated. Mo Sheng was shrouded in such atmosphere which diluted her last trace of grievance. Fantasizing about how Yi Chen will look when he was proposing marriage, she discovered that she really cannot imagine it.

She couldn’t help but felt a sense of loss.

Missed a good chance.

However, what if it was like this——

Yi Chen: “Zhao Mo Sheng, let us go and register for marriage next week.”

Her reaction will certainly be —— firstly stupefied, followed by throwing herself on him, then said: “Yi Chen, we will go today!”

Then Yi Chen will make fun of her for a lifetime.


Mo Sheng trembled once in silence. All of a sudden, she felt that she had nothing to regret for not getting a marriage proposal ……

She quickly got rid of these scary thoughts and thought of the next step: “Then after marriage, the following step is to give birth to a child?”

Speaking of a kid, Mo Sheng immediately returned to reality.

“Yi Chen, when are we going to have a child? Yi Mei is going to give birth soon.”

Yi Chen frowned: “A bit later.”

Mo Sheng was not in the least surprised by his answer because she had mentioned this matter several times. Yi Chen was really not very keen on having a child. No, it varied inversely with a certain matter ……

Mo Sheng laid on top of him without speaking. Thus, Yi Chen thought that she was unhappy. He was silent for a moment before telling her: “Mo Sheng, I don’t want to have children so early.”

“Oh ~ ~ ~ ~” Mo Sheng stretched her voice, then said, “Yi Chen, then next time when Yi Mei asks me why we still don’t want children, can I say you’ve a problem?”

Mo Sheng unusually paused for a moment at “you’ve a problem”. Then she looked at him, all smiles. Yi Chen squinted and stared at her guilty face: “Zhao Mo Sheng, I hope what you are insinuating is not what I am thinking.”

Once this facial expression appeared on Yi Chen, it meant danger. Mo Sheng quickly scooped up the quilt and said, “No no, sleep sleep. I want to sleep.”

Mo Sheng buried herself in the quilt and dozed off for a while. Gradually, she really felt sleepy. Between sleeping and awake, she heard Yi Chen said: “Mo Sheng, I don’t want to do it all again.”

“Huh?” Mo Sheng’s brain had stopped working, so she simply did not hear clearly what he said and responded vaguely.

“I’m timid.” Yi Chen said that while laughing at himself.

But who is not timid? Who knows what kind of unexpected things will happen again? Who dare to be conceited enough to think that one can control fate all the time? It was not without regret, but he would never dare to take known happiness to gamble with perhaps unknown perfection.

While thinking about it, Yi Chen could not help but laughed. He was probably influenced by Mo Sheng to actually think about this kind of illusory things that were unlikely to happen. He turned off the light and hugged his little wife in his arms, letting that warm and soft body fill his entire world.

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