Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 825: Bifrost
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Chapter 825: Bifrost

Hearing John Doe’s question back, Jerry was shocked. He didn’t expect John Doe to respond so quickly.

“My real name is Jerry, and my nickname is Sky’s Eye. We usually talk to each other using our nicknames but I don’t know what happened to you, so I called myself Sky’s Eye.” However, Jerry could judge that the person in front of him has lost his memory so Jerry continues to deceive him.

“Jerry? Jeremy? Who would give two brothers such names?” John Doe asked suspiciously hearing Jerry’s answer. However, his mood has gradually calmed down now.

“Your name is Jeremy! I am your brother! Otherwise, why would you wake up here with me standing in front of you!” Seeing that John Doe seemed to believe his words, Jerry chased after the victory.

“You’re right, I just woke up. But what did I wake up from?” Hearing this, John Doe looked at himself and muttered softly.

“You were involved in a big fight and were injured by the enemy, I brought you here to rest and recover. I thought you’d be all right when you woke up, but you don’t remember anything, Believe me, I am your brother.” Jerry, who is getting more and more involved in the drama, is possessed by the drama essence at this time, while secretly asking the system to remove the weapons while he emotionally speaks to John Doe standing in front of him.


“Yes!” Staring earnestly into John Doe’s eyes, Jerry has completely regarded himself as the brother of the terrifying Mutant in front of him.

“Okay…I believe you…Brother…”

On the top floor of the Stark Industries Building in downtown New York, Lin Rui has explained to Thor what Jane is suffering from. To get Asgard to act, Lin Rui can only expose the existence of Aether.

“Would Heimdall turn on Bifrost to take me and Jane back to Asgard?” Standing on the terrace outside the top of the Stark Industry Building, Thor looks at Lin Rui standing beside him and asked with an uncertain expression on his face.

At this point, Thor was standing on the tarmac where the helicopter was supposed to land, holding the unconscious Jane. Beside him, Lin Rui was in a wheelchair, and Tony was behind him.

A little further away, Pepper and Iceman, who had come from the lounge below, were also standing there watching. Spiderman, who was not fully recovered, came up with Harry’s help.

“If my judgment is correct. However, you can only bet on this time.” Lin Rui answered Thor’s question earnestly.

Lin Rui is also gambling. As the guardian of the Bifrost Bridge, and as its gatekeeper, Heimdall must know about the Aether. So, if Thor says something about the Aether then it shouldn’t be a problem for Heimdall to turn on Bifrost and take them back.

This time, to save Jane, Lin Rui will use his power to get the plot back on track for the first time. However, Lin Rui is not sure what will happen even if Thor takes Jane back to Asgard, given that the plot has changed too much.

At least, the current Thor has not fully awakened his power. The plot of Thor is still supposed to be in Thor I, but it looks like it’s going straight to Thor II. Lin Rui is now very worried about how much of a role can Thor play without his full strength.

“Then… I’ll bet this time!” Thor had no other choice, he wanted to save Jane.

After finishing this sentence, Thor suddenly raises his head and looks at the relatively clear sky of New York with Jane Foster in his arms. His eyes seemed to penetrate thousands of miles into the sky as he spoke.

“Heimdall! Open the Bifrost! The Aether is on the woman in my arms!” The next moment, Thor’s loud voice sounded from the roof of the building.

If it weren’t for this being on the top floor of the Stark Industry Building, Thor would be considered a lunatic for yelling like that in downtown New York. However, in the eyes of Iceman and others who have not yet been explained, this scene is still strange enough.

And Lin Rui and Tony kept raising their heads and staring at the top of Thor’s head after Thor shouted that sentence as only two of them knew what Thor was doing. However, their raised necks were a little sore, and there was still no movement in the sky above their heads, not even a cloud floated over.


After waiting for some time, Thor lowered his head in disappointment. It’s not that he doesn’t believe Lin Rui’s judgment, he’s just disappointed with Heimdall or himself. In Thor’s opinion, Heimdall was reluctant to open Bifrost, perhaps because of his reasons.

“It’s here!” However, just as Thor lowered his head, Lin Rui’s excited voice came into his ears.


Then, the sky in the center of New York, which had been clear, suddenly gathered thick clouds from all directions. In a matter of seconds, the sky over New York was covered with black clouds.

“Damn! What’s going on?!”

“Why is it suddenly dark! The weather forecast didn’t say there will be heavy rain today!”

“What weird weather!”

People living in the city looked up in surprise when the change happened in the sky of New York. Even a storm or even a typhoon couldn’t have traveled that fast. At this moment, all kinds of aircraft flying smoothly in the sky of New York were stopped and quickly moved away from the location of the center of New York.

In the middle of a seemingly ordinary street in New York, there is a very primitive building. When the sky changes, a mysterious wave of magic comes out of the building. Needless to say, this is the New York Sanctum.


“Asgard’s Bifrost? Landing right in the middle of New York? ! What the hell is going on?!” Rick muttered to himself as he waved his hands in front of him with a frown on his face.

“Whatever’s going on, we’d better go and have a look. That’s not something Asgard has done in a long time.” David had already started moving his hand to create a portal while Rick muttered to himself.

“Okay, let’s go take a look.”


“It worked!” Thor exclaimed excitedly as he stared up at the thick clouds swirling in the sky.

“Thor, be careful when you return to Asgard, your strength has not yet recovered. Speak to your father, if you can.” The Bifrost was about to come so Lin Rui reminded the excited Thor.

“Got it!”


The moment Thor agreed, a huge rainbow-colored beam pierced through the thick clouds and shot down, targeting the top platform of the Stark Industries building.

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