Hero of Darkness

Chapter 847 Hall Of Sentience
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Kahn and Vildred stood with solemn expressions as Rathnaar introduced them to this new majestic hall with grandiose and articulately built hall that had intrinsic designs and architecture, named the Hall of Sentience.

"Why is it called the Hall of Sentience?" asked Kahn.

"Because this thing… It's alive. It has 'Sentience' of its own." responded the peak saint in a stern tone.

"It feeds on impurities and the imperfections of elements and regenerates them in the purest form.

To put it simply…

It is like a Sun in the sky, full of energy and unimaginable power.

But on the other side, it was also like a black hole that would suck in the domains, laws and elements like a voracious beast." he shared his insight with the other two.

"The energy in the center is not an element found in the outside world anymore.

It's called the Element of Origin." he revealed while pointing his finger at the golden glowing central part of the cloud-like orb that was emanating an unknown form of energy that Kahn had never seen or heard of before.

"Whatever law you practice or element you possess, it can absorb and fine-tune it for you since all the elements are derived from it in the first place.

Unlike the Convergence of Reality, they don't meet or coexist here. Rather, they originated here.

In a way, it's one of the world's best element-purifying mechanisms in the entire world." said the first emperor of Rakos.

"Boy, you need to use your domain here.

This place has a mechanism that will destroy it and rebuild it from scratch.

And they will also absorb your law essence.

In your case, it's the Space Force since you use the Dimensional Law which also created your Dimensional Domain." he iterated in a confident tone.

"In the outside world, if your domain is destroyed, your entire body and world energy reserves will receive a great backlash. Sometimes, even saints are bedridden for months because of it.

But here, that restriction doesn't exist since the Element of Origin will quickly absorb it, feeding on it. And then, it automatically expels out a purer form." he explained.

Kahn on the other end was stupefied.

"What kind of genius built this?" he couldn't help but wonder.

In simple ways…

This seemingly harmless and normal-looking thing, which didn't look majestic or terrifying or some immensely otherworldly region such as the Convergence of Reality was actually the most amazing and powerful section of Chamber of Exaltation.

"This Hall of Sentience will save you decades of study and efforts a normal 4th stage saint has to go through to become a 5th-stage saint by creating a Domain of their own first." he spoke in an almost proudly manner.

"Know this, there aren't even a hundred 5th-stage saints in the world. Many don't even reach that rank even with having a core to absorb world energy from.

Because having a Domain of your own which is made with the law of reality you practice, have an affinity with and have achieved enlightenment goes against the laws of nature." iterated the peak saint again

"When a Domain is created, we are forcefully establishing our dominance and creating space that bends, mends and defies the elements of reality itself. It's like creating a small world that benefits us, the user with the laws beneficial to us during a fight.

Thus, creating a domain is like posing a threat to the laws and elements of nature. Hence, it is seen as a hostile entity by the world." suddenly, Vildred explained his own analysis.

"Wow, I never knew that." replied Kahn, still baffled.

"Well, because you had the shortcut called the Divine Abilities.

Your current Dimensional Domain is more of a poor-quality base version of what it can actually achieve if you perfect it.

Now, I will teach you how to use it." proclaimed the peak saint.

"But it will be no different than what you have endured so far.

First, try to learn and master as much as you can to your maximum capacity.

After that, I will show you the other place." he stated in a grim tone for some reason.


Kahn activated the dimensional domain, encapsulating this entire hall that was akin to an emperor's Throne Hall.

But the next moment, the entire dimensional domain which had the ability to reduce any enemy's physical and magical stats by 50%, quickly shattered and crumbled into small granules.

"Exert out some of your space force." commanded Rathnaar.

Kahn followed the orders and a burst of space force was expelled from his body.

Yet in just a few seconds, it was quickly absorbed by the wormhole-like and cloudy thing in the air at the center of the hall.

Kahn on the other side felt that he had no connections left with his Dimensional Domain.

Soon, he tried but couldn't activate it again either.

"Wait… Did this thing steal my domain?" he asked, his mind discombobulated.

Vildred then started inspecting this whole procedure.

"Oho… This is simply brilliant.

This is both the devourer and source of the world energy, mana, laws and all the elements of reality at the same time.

We're lucky this thing exists only inside this Chamber of Exaltation." he spoke as if they evaded a great danger.

"If it was in the outside world…

The entire world of Vantrea would have been destroyed in just a couple of months.

With access to both mass and everything that exists in the world, it would have engulfed it.

Then purified it and then expelled it again. This time, the saturation of world energy, mana, laws and elements would be many times denser." he explained.

He then looked at Kahn and asked Kahn.

" And what happens when energy is oversaturated?"

"It explodes." replied Kahn as he folded his arms.

"Correct. But things don't end here.

It would have engulfed whatever remained of the world after that explosion, purified it and ejected outside again.

Then there would be another explosion, many times more powerful.

And this process would have repeated itself indefinitely and infinitely." the royal dragon replied with a terrifying truth.

"Doesn't that mean it is even more dangerous than a black hole or a nuclear explosion?

Even the sun would be eaten by this thing and turned into a bomb." he spoke, his heart full of trepidation.

"Seriously… How is this thing even operating?

This breaks all the notions of Law of Conservation of Energy or Law of Equivalent Exchange." he said again with a perplexed countenance.

Because out of all things he had seen so far, Kahn could not grasp the logic behind this Hall of Sentience at all.

Vildred on the other end has his own queries…

"I'm more curious about which Deity made this. What kind of civilization was so advanced that even the current world we live in cannot match their genius and technological advancements?"

To his question, Rathnaar replied…

"Although I'm not sure, I feel like this has to be the work of the First Walkers." he stated.

"Who are they?" asked Kahn.

"Descendants of Primordial Titans.


Let me tell you something…

Primordial Titans weren't just overwhelmingly gigantic monsters or creatures without intelligence.

They were creators, world changers and no matter what law, element or whichever region of the world they resided in, they impacted thousands of kilometers of the region around them greatly.

Many of the species in the world are rumored to be their test subjects spread around the world by Primordial Titans according to ancient records.

Only Dragons and Godbeasts have been existing since the ending period of the same immemorial era as them." he shared a hidden truth about the world.

"We're just looking at a creation made by one of their Paragons." he spoke, unable to hide his curiosity and vehement respect.

Finally, the glowing yellow orb-like source released energy and it automatically entered Kahn's body.

[Congratulations to the host!]

The very next second, the system sent a notification to Kahn's mind.

[Space Law infused with the Dimensional Domain.]

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