Here Comes a Cute Baby—To Kidnap a Daddy as a Gift for My Mommy

Chapter 40
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Xia Xingcheng goes home, thinking of the dilemma of starting to look for a job tomorrow, he feels depressed for a while. [w w w. / Xiao / s Hu. / kr]

originally she had accepted the fact that she was working in that small company, but it happened.

Xiaobao saw that his mother was obviously not in high spirits, so he couldn't help but pull her and ask, "Mommy, what's the matter with you? Is it who makes you unhappy today?"

Looking at Xiaobao's small body around him, Xiaxing orange can't help but warm his heart and squat down to hold Xiaobao in his arms.

"Xiaobao, Mommy may lose her job again. She can't support you."

With that, Xia Xingcheng can't help but blush his eyes. He really doesn't want Xiaobao to get hurt.

Xiaobao shook his head: "mummy, it doesn't matter. I can call dad Yang."

Xia Xingcheng listens to Xiaobao's words, so he looks at Xiaobao angrily. He says, "Xiaobao, you can't say that in the future, you know?"

"His money is only his money. As a woman, mommy has to have her own business, so she won't spend men's money."

Seeing Xiaobao looking at himself, Xia Xingcheng felt that he took the opportunity to say: "of course, except for the son, when you grow up, you should make money for my flowers, not for my wife, or marry a daughter-in-law and forget your mother, OK?"

Her way of coaxing Xiaobao obviously can't convince the smart Xiaobao. Xiaobao suddenly has some black lines on his forehead. Nah, looking at his mother, "Mommy, Xiaobao is still small. You don't understand these Xiaobao."

OK, Xiaobao admits that he knows a little bit about it, but he doesn't want to hear from his mother that he can't marry his daughter-in-law in the future.

When Sheng Yeling went home, he happened to hear the conversation between his mother and son. Suddenly, a smile came up on his lips, which was hard to detect.

In the near future, Sheng Yeling asked him with some funny questions: "that's how you teach children?"

Xia Xingcheng doesn't know Sheng Yeling will come back at this time. Hearing this, he is very embarrassed: "I'm joking."

Sheng Yeling's jaw is open to question. Xia Xingcheng's small face with a slight embarrassment makes him feel extremely radiant at the moment.

Xiao Bao sees Sheng Yeling's excitement coming at once, runs to him immediately, hugs Sheng Yeling's thigh and says: "Dad, you are back. Xiao Bao misses you so much."

This kind of endearing appellation doesn't know Sheng Yeling is used to it. Sheng Yeling picks up Xiaobao as he is. On his face is a rare tenderness: "Xiaobao, are you hungry?"

Xiaobao nods and holds Sheng Yeling's sleeve, but refuses to let go.

"Xiaobao has written something, but Grandma Chen said she would make my favorite sweet and sour pork chop. I'll wait for Dad to come back and eat it together, OK?"

Speaking of this, Xiaobao asked for a look at Sheng Yeling, with a little expectation in his eyes.

Sheng Yeling couldn't help but feel soft. He suddenly thought that the child probably hasn't eaten with him several times. He must have been looking forward to having a father since he was a child.

"OK, I'll have it with Xiao Bao in a moment."

Sheng Yeling's spoiled smile made Xia Xingcheng's eyes stare at her.

Is this still the cold night?

As soon as Sheng Yeling finished speaking, Chen Ma came in. Seeing Sheng Yeling holding Xiaobao, her eyes were very kind. She thought that the father and son would be able to kill a group of people in a second. In fact, Xia Xingcheng thought the same thing. You should know that no matter the man or the woman, once they get married, it will make people feel a little worse. But this man is obviously not the case. Since he got married, it seems that he is more Mature and charming!

Xia Xingcheng can't help thinking that if Sheng Yeling goes out with the little guy, he may be able to attract a large number of lonely souls and wild ghosts to come in, because her family treasure is so handsome!

Just as God praised his son, Chen Ma had already prepared the meal and asked them to eat.

When a family of three came downstairs and saw the full table of food, Xia Xingcheng suddenly had a look of shame. It was also done too much, just like a man and a man.

Xiaobao's eyes brightened when he saw them. "Grandma Chen, you're so good. You've done so much. It's Xiaobao's favorite food."

"Xiaobao likes grandma Chen's cooking best. He likes it very much."

Chen's mother was flattered, and the wrinkles on her face stretched a lot. She hurriedly said to Xiao Bao, "good boy, eat more quickly, and Xiao Bao will be happy if she likes grandma."

"Mom Chen, you can have some together." Sheng Yeling on one side greets Chen Ma to come.

For Sheng Yeling, Chen's mother is similar to his mother. When he was a child, Chen's mother spent most of his time with him, so Chen's mother is no master or servant to him.

Chen Ma stood there hesitating. Before Xia Xingcheng came, she would have dinner with Sheng Yeling. But Xia Xingcheng is a new grandma. She looks easy to get along with. I don't know if she cares about it.

But Xia Xingcheng saw Chen Ma's embarrassment, in fact, she had already guessed Chen Ma's scruples in her heart. Of course, she didn't mind, so she immediately said, "Chen Ma, we can't finish so many dishes. Come and eat together."At the same time, Xiaobao hears that grandma Chen is going to come and pull a chair for her. The little guy's body is holding the big chair in a funny hurry. At the same time, Xiaobao excitedly greets: "grandma Chen, come on, Xiaobao is about to hold on."

Chen Ma is amused by Xiaobao's appearance. She doesn't hesitate in her heart. She goes to the table and starts eating together.

From time to time, Yu Guang glances at Xia Xing orange from the corner of her eyes. Chen Ma can't help but feel that the young master really found a good woman this time. She doesn't know how to speak. She doesn't have so many young ladies' shelves, unlike those golden ones outside.

As expected, young master's vision is really good.

Sheng Yeling just saw Chen's mother's approving eyes. Although there was no expression, he could not help but calm down.

This woman, still very easy for him, so good, save trouble.

After dinner, Xiao Bao may be very happy today, so he didn't want to pester his mother as before, and he died only to play in the living room.

Xia Xingcheng holds the computer. Today, the company seems to have little hope. Instead of waiting for the bad result, it's better to start looking for a job first.

Although she married Sheng Yeling now, she was only a slow-moving plan. After all, she didn't want to rely on anyone for everything she and Xiaobao had.

Sheng Yeling happened to see such a scene when he passed the living room. He walked behind her and asked, "what are you doing here?"

Xia Xing, Cheng lengbu Ding, is shocked by the sound. It's no surprise that he turns around and sees Sheng Yeling.

After seeing Sheng Yeling, Xia Xingcheng feels like finding a voice. He sighs and says, "I just found a job a few days ago, and I met a big layoff in the company. The boss is really OK. When is the layoff bad? I have to cut the staff at this critical moment. I can't easily find a job."

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