Help! The Seductive Villain Chases Me Everyday to Expose My Other Identities!

Chapter 58 - 58 CEO Zhou Really Doesn’t Know Much About Piano
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58 CEO Zhou Really Doesn’t Know Much About Piano

[Please, let us go. We don’t want to support this CP.]

[Master Ran is in charge of earning money to support the family. Third Young Master is in charge of being as beautiful as a flower.]

[Fans, wake up. Are you serious about Shi Ran earning money to support her family?]

[What kind of money can her lousy skills make?]

[Third Young Master is really desperate.]

[Isn’t it nice to see her racing? Why do you have to ask her to touch the piano?]

On the other side, Shi Wenfei finished playing. There was applause.

She bowed with her mask on and came over.

The manager smiled and said, “Congratulations on passing the test.”

It was Shi Ran’s turn next.

“Didn’t Sister always tell Mom and Dad that she was practicing? I’m sure Sister will be fine.” Shi Wenfei raised her hand into a fist and cheered for Shi Ran.

There was a faint smile on her lips while her eyes under the glasses were cold.

The original owner of this body had never liked these gentle skills. Previously, when she performed the piano on the variety show, she was also tricked by Shi Wenfei.

If her performance later did not show any improvement, she would definitely be mocked, since Shi Wenfei said that she had practiced.

Furthermore, with Shi Wenfei’s performance as a comparison, it would be even more difficult for her.

She gave Shi Wenfei a half-smile before walking towards the platform.

The white piano was elegant, and she was dressed casually. Coupled with the fact that she had deliberately made herself ugly with makeup, she looked out of place sitting on the piano.

The guests only glanced at her. After that, they were busy with their own matters. No one paid attention to her.

Gently, she stroked the keys. There was something wistful in her eyes.

In her previous life, as the heir to the family, she had high hopes. Her daily learning content was martial arts and lessons. She did not dare tell her family that she liked to play the piano.

Her father had given her a piano for her seventh birthday. That was when she’d learned that he had noticed this side of her.

A gentle smile appeared on her lips and softened her entire face. This scene looked extremely gentle and beautiful.

She put her fingers on the keys and a stream of beautiful notes poured from them.

The piano sounded like a butterfly spreading its wings and flying towards everyone.

In the warm light, there was a faint smile on her lips as a melody played. At first it was plaintive, then it was soothing. Slowly, the sound of the piano softened and warmed.

The originally indifferent guests were gradually attracted by the sound of the piano and their gazes gathered towards the ordinary-looking woman on the platform.

At this moment, she seemed to be covered in a halo.

When the song was over, she rose and smiled. She bowed in gratitude, her etiquette proper, like a noble princess in a castle.

There was silence.

Chu Jinchen had sat down at some point and was leaning lazily against the white wall. Only that figure was left in his obsidian eyes.

His lips curved and he raised his hands to applaud.

The guests came to their senses, and the applause boomed.

Shi Wenfei was incredulous.

How is this possible?!

When had Shi Ran learned to play the piano? She remembered that Shi Ran hated musical instruments the most.

The reason why she had just said that Shi Ran practiced was that she wanted to deliberately raise everyone’s expectations, but…

What the hell was going on??

Zhou Yufan focused on Shi Ran, his heart filled with shock.

‘At the moment she seems to have… really changed.’

[It’s only been more than a year since that variety show. Can you reach this level in just more than a year??]

[Piano professional expresses that she plays super well!! Better than us teachers.]

[After three days, you’ve gained my respect.]

[She can race, she can play the piano, and she can fight. Master Ran is the Greatest Of All Time.]

[With that comparison, I’ve already forgotten what Wenfei was playing.]

Shi Ran stepped off the platform.

“Did Miss Shi Ran major in piano?” the manager exclaimed. “There have been many piano professionals who have come before, but rarely have they played as well as Miss Shi Ran.”

“No, I just practiced for a while. I can’t be compared to my sister.” Shi Ran glanced at Shi Wenfei from the corner of her eye.

Shi Wenfei clenched her fists by her sides. Shee was filled with doubts and jealousy, but she couldn’t say anything because of the camera.

“President Zhou, what do you think?” Chu Jinchen suddenly asked Zhou Yufan.

Zhou Yufan suddenly came back to his senses. He glanced at Shi Ran and quickly looked away.

He said calmly, “I don’t know much about piano. Objectively speaking, the two of them are evenly matched, but in my opinion, Wen Fei’s music is more capable of reaching the heart.”

“CEO Zhou is quite honest.”

When Chu Jinchen said this, everyone thought that he agreed with Zhou Yufan.

Shi Wenfei’s jealousy subsided. Her face lit up and she looked at Shi Ran smugly.

Even Shi Ran’s partner felt that she was better. Shi Ran was probably furious.

“It seems that Third Young Master also thinks that Wenfei’s piano performance is better.” Zhou Yufan looked happy.

“No.” Chu Jinchen opened his mouth lazily. “What I meant was… CEO Zhou really doesn’t know much about piano.”

Zhou Yufan: “?”

Shi Wenfei: ?

[Hahahahaha, naughty!]

[I told you Third Young Master wouldn’t be so deaf.]

[Whose fiancé is Zhou Yufan’s?]

[Are Zhou Yufan and Shi Wenfei going public? They’ve already placed it on the table.]

[Anyone can tell that Shi Ran was better. It’s impressive that Zhou Yufan can still lie through his teeth.]

[Enough with the comments. Zhou Yufan is obviously defending his partner. You guys are thinking too much.]

The comment section was filled with debates.

Shi Ran and Shi Wenfei also successfully took the positions.

Because Zhou Yufan had previously said that he would choose the waiter, he had already changed into the waiter’s clothes and got busy.

However, how could he, who had been pampered since he was young, do this? He was so flustered at first and only gradually got into the mood later on.

As for Chu Jinchen…

He was talking animatedly with the manager in his corner seat.

Shi Ran and Shi Wenfei took turns playing. First, Shi Wenfei played, then an hour later, Shi Ran played.

When Shi Wenfei took a break, she used the time to help out in the café and earn extra money.

The audience saw this and cheered.

She put the coffee down in front of one of the guests. She happened to glance over and saw that the guest was watching “Love Warning,” and it was a clip of the car race.

“Do you like Shi Ran too?” Shi Wenfei feigned surprise.

The girl looked up, raised her smiling face, and nodded excitedly. “That’s right. I like her a lot. She’s really beautiful and cool!”

“She’s not only cool but she’s also super charming when she plays the piano.” As she spoke, Shi Wenfei looked at Shi Ran, who was playing the piano.

After that, the two of them chatted for a while more. Shi Wenfei’s gaze landed on Shi Ran every time.


The girl grew suspicious. “Why do you keep looking at the pianist?”

Flustered, Shi Wenfei looked away and hastily explained, “No, I wasn’t looking at her.”

“She couldn’t be Shi Ran, could she?” The girl suddenly realized.

“Huh?” Shi Wenfei was shocked and even more helpless. “Why would she be? Why would Shi Ran come to the cafe?”

Shi Wenfei’s reaction reinforced the girl’s guess.

She got up immediately and walked around Shi Wenfei, who was pretending to stop her, to the platform.

Shi Wenfei’s eyes flashed with pride.

As long as Shi Ran got recognized, the game would be terminated and she would definitely lose!

The girl went on stage, and the notes on her hand gradually slowed down.

“Are you Shi Ran?” the girl asked bluntly.

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