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The battle was very intense. The fourth-ranked film was the animated film “Dream Girl,”which also earned close to $60 million at the box office. With Gao Qiu’s film chasing after each other, the rankings might change.

Although half of the audience approved of the two films at the same time, they didn’t think it was necessary to compete.

But there was no shortage of people who wanted to compete. After all, the fans of both sides were different. Everyone wanted their idol to occupy the highest position. Therefore, before the official teams of the two films began to operate, the fans began to fight among themselves.

The fans who supported Milai generally thought that “The sea of poison”was a cliché. Although the scene was magnificent and the plot was innovative, it could not be separated from the essence of the theme of anti-drug, and was not worth a movie ticket.

Yun Xiangxiang’s fans were not willing to be outdone. They admitted that the theme of “Rescue Operation”was novel, and the effect of the film was also very shocking. However, they felt that this kind of disaster film, where the male and female protagonists’emotional lines were overly exaggerated, was a big failure of the film.

These two arguments were the most popular. Yun Xiangxiang could not help but frown when she saw it.

She had read the script of “Rescue operation”. The male and female protagonists only had a few eye contact, and there was not even one or two lines of dialogue from the beginning to the end. This kind of emotional line was just right. It was definitely an arrangement that hit the audience’s tears.

Why would there be comments about the male and female protagonists’emotional lines that were superfluous?

Moreover, there were many people who supported it. Yun Xiangxiang personally checked the IP address and found that these were the opinions of real netizens.

It was widely believed that this was a great and shocking big production, yet it had to have some emotional lines. It had been dragged down by countless levels.

“It seems that “Operation Rescue”has changed the script.”Yun Xiangxiang could only think of this possibility.

Not to mention the netizens, even Yun Xiangxiang felt a little regretful. This was a very impressive film. The theme of the script was original, and it was a refreshing masterpiece. The script had actually been changed and added more emotional lines..

Recalling the first minute of the new year, when Mi Lai and Chu Chen announced their marriage, Yun Xiangxiang did not find it strange.

Film and television dramas were shot according to the content of the script, but there were some appropriate extensions and deletions during filming.

Moreover, even if the original script was shot according to the script, there would be some deletions or additions during the editing process.

This was the reason why the actors did not look at the finished product, nor did they know what the show looked like.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to see the film.”Song Mian accompanied Yun Xiangxiang in the morning and ate the glutinous rice balls that she had personally made. Then, she held Yun Xiangxiang’s hand.

“Watch a film! Watch a film!”Yun Ting was the happiest because he had eaten the colorful tangyuan in his memory again today.

Only Song Mian would give in to him like this, patiently squeezing all kinds of vegetables and fruits for him to make the noodles.

Su Xiuling had prepared one or two kinds of tangyuan for him, but even so, Yun Ting still felt that these two kinds of tangyuan were not as delicious as song Mian’s. Su xiuling was so angry that she did not want to serve him.

Therefore, it had been two years since he had eaten the glutinous rice balls made by his brother-in-law last time, but he still had not forgotten the taste.

“Wait for me to put on a scarf.”Yun Xiangxiang felt that she still needed to cover up.

It was the time when the movie theaters were crowded. It was not good to be recognized.

Song Mian personally put on the scarf for Yun Xiangxiang. “Don’t worry, we won’t go to the Volkswagen movie theater.”

Yun Xiangxiang:”? ? ?”?

Song Mian didn’t even drive out of the Red Leaf District. Instead, he drove straight to the shopping mall, where there was a private cinema that wasn’t particularly large.

This was the latest film to be screened, but there were very few people watching it. Furthermore, a single ticket was ridiculously expensive!

“Which one do you want to watch?”Song Mian asked.

“‘rescue operation’.”Compared to her own film, Yun Xiangxiang wanted to know how different the rescue operation was from the script she had seen before.

“Let’s Watch ‘poisonous sea’.”Su Xiuling would definitely be the first to support her daughter. The film of her competitors would be released later.

“I want to...”

“No, you don’t want to.”Yun Xiangxiang smiled and interrupted Yun Lin who was about to express his opinion. “You have to accompany your brother to watch ‘Dream Girl’.”

Both ‘poisonous sea’and ‘rescue operation’were not suitable for Yun Ting who had just turned six.

Yun ting mumbled, “I can go with my mother to support my older sister and let my father accompany my younger brother to watch it.”

“Little Ting, ‘Dream Girl’is the voice of my older sister,”Yun Xiangxiang said slowly as she thought about it.

“Brother, don’t you like Little Ting?”Yun Ting looked at his brother eagerly.

His watery eyes were like, if you dare to say no, I will cry for you to see.

Yun Ting could only compromise after being attacked by his sister and brother. “Alright, I’ll go watch it with Little Ting First.”

Thus, the arrangement was made clear. The six people were divided into three groups and went to watch different films.

Yun Xiangxiang thought that she would definitely go to watch “The poisonous sea”. Song Mian also arranged tickets for them to have lunch here.

There was also a children’s play area here. Yun Ting could be arranged to go there in a while.

Yun Xiangxiang and Song Mian entered the cinema. Most of them were young men and women. Judging from their clothes, it was obvious that they were not cheap.

Even if someone came in, they would not look away. They did not care who it was at all. The second-generation heir’s face was fully displayed.

Yun Xiangxiang and Song Mian found a seat and sat down. The film was soon broadcasted.

This was a film that did not have any urine spots throughout the entire journey. It would make the audience tense up from the very beginning.

The scene of the coal mine collapse was especially magnificent. If it was made into a 4D film, it would make the audience feel as if they were there.

Yun Xiangxiang thought about it and only understood the ridicule on the internet after reading it from beginning to end.

When she first read the script, the female lead was only a medical staff. She had very few scenes. This was not a big female lead role to begin with. It could be said that she had even fewer scenes than Madam XI in “The king’s plan.”.

Milai was probably not very satisfied with this arrangement. The female lead actually had scenes where she went down to the mine to save people.

The increase in the previous scenes was barely passable because there was more interaction between the male and female lead. When the male lead did not appear for a long time, the female lead’s emotions actually overcame her rationality and she had to find him personally, later, the male lead died in the female lead’s arms.

Yun Xiangxiang:”...”

It was quite sad and touching. At least, it could trick many people into tears. However, just as the Internet said, the entire situation had changed.

Yun Xiangxiang felt that this kind of plot would be better used in a television drama. However, if it was used in a film, she would not attack Milai, but she would really lower her status.

This was to promote a big sentiment, and it reflected the stability of the modern world. This was because it was the principle of someone carrying a heavy burden.

Yun Xiangxiang did not know how to comment on this.

Everyone valued different things. She could not say that this was necessarily bad. Based on her personal taste, she preferred the first one.

Because of this, Yun Xiangxiang had an argument on the internet after watching the film.

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