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Chapter 31 - She Looked Very Adorable
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Chapter 31: She Looked Very Adorable

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

That gentle pleasure made Zhuang Nainai’s heart flutter.

She closed her eyes and loosened her clenched fists. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she responded to his kiss.

The repressed feelings of longing and reckless young love buried deep in her heart resurfaced. She did not care that she was seeking her own doom acting this way.

Her response delighted Si Zhengting. With hands on her waist, he pivoted and pinned her between himself and the car.

He then proceeded to deepen the kiss more and more.

It was not enough. Five years of longing drove him wild, he wished for them to be fused together as one – to never be apart.

He suddenly reached over and lifted her skirt.

The sudden cold brought Zhuang Nainai back to her senses. Her body tensed again at his touch.

But she instantly relaxed again.

She loved him.

And he was the only one she loved in her life.

So what if he was not going to marry her? She wanted to be reckless once more.

Zhuang Nainai shivered in excitement and anticipation. The contrast in heat from Si Zhengting in front of her and the coolness from the car behind her further stimulated her senses.

But just as they were getting carried away by their passion, a horn sounded from a car behind them.

Si Zhengting and Zhuang Nainai both realized with shock that they were still in the middle of the road.

They collected themselves quickly. Zhuang Nainai blushed when she thought of how the driver had a full view of the two of them. She pushed Si Zhengting aside at once and rearranged her clothes.

That was so embarrassing!

There must be more than a dozen people in Si Zhengting’s entourage.

And she was... with Si Zhengting... right in front of them...


Zhuang Nainai was mortified and covered her face at the thought of this.

She just wanted an intimate photo with him, how did it turn out this way?

Si Zhengting only turned to shoot a cold stare at the front passenger seat of the car behind them.

The executive assistant Ji Chen instantly felt a chill. He knew he had disrupted Mr. Si’s kiss, but... if he had done nothing, then things would have turned even uglier in a while!

Ji Chen lamented how difficult it was working for Si Zhengting.

Si Zhengting’s frosty gaze swept over Ji Chen and landed on the girl in front of him.

She was covering her face and looked as if she wanted to hide in a hole. She looked very... adorable.

Si Zhengting’s eyes warmed when he thought of what just happened.

Zhuang Nainai tried to squeeze herself into a dark corner to make herself invisible to all around her.

When she finally convinced herself that no one could have seen her face clearly enough to recognize her, she looked up and saw Si Zhengting. The corner of his lips were upturned...

Zhuang Nainai was stunned. Was he smiling?

This was the first time she’d seen him smiling since their reunion!

Even though that faint smile was fleeting and disappeared very quickly, Zhuang Nainai was bolstered and emboldened instantly.

The man she stood facing no longer seemed like the unattainable heir of the Imperial Group. He was instead the quiet and reserved high school boy from five years back.

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