Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1646: Heavens Despair: Reincarnation Disruption Technique
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Chapter 1646: Heaven's Despair: Reincarnation Disruption Technique

Within the void space of Saintly Dragon’s Domain, two beams of golden eyes heavenly rule flew with deadly speed towards Empyrean Revered Dragon.

But Empyrean Revered Dragon simply swam about in the air, and unleashed his first apotheosis immortal technique: Heaven’s Despair: Reincarnation Disruption technique!

The eternal immortal emperor dragon continued to circle quicker and quicker in the air around Wu Yu, creating a powerful pressure within his coils.

Wu Yu had just fired his golden eyes heavenly rule, and suddenly found that it had dispersed easily against the strength of the technique.

"What power the apotheosis immortal technique has!"

Wu Yu had a bad feeling about the power building around him.

The Empyrean Apotheosis within Empyrean Revered Dragon’s body continued to pour forth with apotheosis immortal energy. It charged the air, stronger and stronger, and shrinking its area of effect around Wu Yu.

The resultant force was so strong that Wu Yu found it difficult to even gasp.

The entire space had become the Empyrean Revered Dragon’s dominion.

"This is Heaven’s Despair: Reincarnation Disruption technique?"

Wu Yu frowned. This apotheosis immortal technique was even scarier than his past two apotheosis Mystiques. It was a full level higher.

"Against this move, I think I have no choice but to dodge. However......"

The void around Wu Yu continued to break down, threatening his life.

He had a sudden revelation when facing this force. He had tried his best to understand the void in the last 4000 years, in order to reach 8-heavens immortal king cultivation realm. However, he had not succeeded. But now facing the Heaven’s Despair: Reincarnation Disruption technique, he was confronted with powerful notions of the void.

And all of this had come from an eternal immortal emperor’s understanding of the Dao of the Void!

If he could just tank it head on, it would be of immense help to Wu Yu. He could learn much from it, and hasten his progress towards becoming an 8-heavens immortal king.

Therefore, Wu Yu halted his instinctive reaction to somersault away, instead stopping and enlarging his golden monkey body.

The Dao of Big and Small and Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth had both been flexed to their maximum. The giant ape-titan held its ground in the void.

With a primal roar, he shielded himself with both sanctified flesh heavenly rule and crusader heavenly rule, trying to mitigate the brunt of the attack.

"Not running?"

Empyrean Revered Dragon was alarmed, but then scoffed at Wu Yu’s recklessness. He felt that this move would settle things clearly.

Through his previous two apotheosis Mystiques, he had already seen through Wu Yu’s true powers.

Now with the Heaven’s Despair: Reincarnation Disruption technique, he felt confident of taking Wu Yu down.

And if Wu Yu did not leave the zone, he might even die within it.

Of course, if Wu Yu died in battle to Empyrean Revered Dragon, the dragon emperors and revered dragons would not say anything. After all, failing to defeat the Empyrean Revered Dragon was proof that he was no genius.

And what did the death of just another not-genius matter?

However, both Wu Jun and Luo Pin were extremely anxious now. They saw that the space had been completely controlled by Empyrean Revered Dragon, and the void continued to crumble. Heaven’s Despair: Reincarnation Disruption technique was a terrifying apotheosis immortal technique that even other eternal immortal emperors had to be wary of, which proved how deadly it was.

And Wu Yu was deciding to tank it?

The revered dragons and dragon emperors shook their heads.

If they had held out some small hope for Wu Yu before, they now abandoned those thoughts. Wu Yu was destined for defeat.

In the fury of the storm, the void continued to break down.

Crusader heavenly rule and sanctified flesh heavenly rule continued to circle Wu Yu, but they were blown away like wallpaper under the hurricane-like wrath of the apotheosis immortal technique. They began to rip off, and soon Wu Yu was facing the naked force of the technique.

Wu Yu was blown about like a leaf in a storm.

Once both sanctified flesh heavenly rule and crusader heavenly rule had been shorn off completely, he was left with his Invincible Vajra Body, which would probably not last long either.

However, Wu Yu had no intention of running.

Even if he was being battered, his mind was completely absorbed in the experience.

The Dao of the Void was the eighth heavenly rule power that Wu Yu planned on completing.

Once he grasped it, he would be able to become an 8-heavens immortal king. And then it might be possible to face Empyrean Revered Dragon.

Anyone else would have run for it in such a situation, as far as they could. But Wu Yu held out.

His golden monkey body was soon exposed to the broken void!

Empyrean Revered Dragon was seeing all of this clearly. He watched the golden monkey hairs rip off Wu Yu’s body in the winds, reduced to dust soon enough. Even the monkey’s flesh and blood began to fall off in chunks.

But what Empyrean Revered Dragon could not see was golden scripture twinkling within the monkey’s body. They swam within him, the Invincible Vajra Body’s words honing his body and protecting his life!

The void destruction all around him was like the Eternal and Indomitable Vajra Realm’s cultivation, where he had been cut by vajra blades.

His body continued to be mutilated in the tempest, and yet still he stood.

"Void? Void!"

The damage he faced was devastating. It would be unbearable for the average person, and yet he held on, even managing to cultivate within it.

There was no one who worked as hard as he did. He was betting his life on this cultivation.

Any other immortal would have surrendered first and then gone back to train. Not Wu Yu. He had to win Empyrean Revered Dragon and prove himself.

Heaven’s Despair: Reincarnation Disruption technique deconstructed and reconstructed the void around him, over and over again.

No matter how much the void was changed, it very quickly reformed. The total volume of space neither increased nor decreased. Wu Yu had not noticed this up till now, but now he glimpsed this secret of the void.

"The power of the void can never be made one’s own. At most a immortal can understand it, perhaps even borrow it. Even Empyrean Revered Dragon - he can but rip away the void, but not destroy the void itself!"

"Through the removal of the void, he can harness its destructive abilities and shape them with killing intent......"

A golden light flared within his eyes. His Eyes of Fire and Gold helped him see every detail clearly within the stormy chaos. He could even avoid the worst-hit areas.

His golden monkey body actually started to move within the apocalyptic attack!

Although it was very difficult, but Empyrean Revered Dragon was alarmed to see that Wu Yu began to wind his way through the worst of the destruction.

He would move into areas that had just been destroyed, where the void was still reforming itself.

As he moved, Wu Yu’s body was broken again and again, and the ministrations of sanctified flesh heavenly rule built him back again and again.

It was agony for him to be battered by the void destruction, but he gritted his teeth, focusing wholly on the Dao of the Void.

"Hmph. Naive!"

Seeing Wu Yu search for a breakthrough, Empyrean Revered Dragon snorted. His draconian eyes narrowed with contempt. "You think it so easy to find a breakthrough in the heat of battle? Even if you do, still you are not my match. Surrender quietly! Otherwise, I cannot promise you will survive my Heaven’s Despair: Reincarnation Disruption technique!"

As he shouted this warning, the void destruction intensified, and the golden monkey was ripped again and again into pieces!

This was sheer excruciating pain even for Wu Yu. He could feel his life force leaking away with each blast, winking away in the destruction of the void, never to be found again.

Sanctified flesh heavenly rule gathered around his body, trying its best to lessen the damage. At the same time, Wu Yu continued to watch the void around him, destruct and construct. A divine and bizarre equilibrium was reached.

This was the core of the Dao of the Void, the essence of it. If he could but master this divine balance, the power of the void would be his to call upon.

The destruction of the void gave Wu Yu plenty of insights, more than he had achieved in the last 4000 years of seclusion. It also clarified his spirit.

"Dao of the Void, form!"

Within his kingly immortal spirit, a void ball finally condensed, forming his eighth heavenly rule power.

Empyrean Revered Dragon decided to give him no more time.

"Blue Skies!"

"Rogue Fire!"

The two apotheosis Mystiques came intermingled with Heaven’s Despair: Reincarnation Disruption technique. They flew towards Wu Yu as Empyrean Revered Dragon watched on with cold indifference!

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