Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1645: Mano a Mano
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Chapter 1645: Mano a Mano

In a straight fight, Wu Yu was completely outclassed.

Even though he had prepared for this, he was still thrown off by it. An eternal immortal emperor was so much stronger than an immortal king that any casual apotheosis Mystique thrown out could be deadly to Wu Yu. He had no choice but to avoid it.

From the first clash, the dragon emperors and revered dragons could immediately see the subsequent development.

They all laughed.

"I thought that we could see something special today, but it seems not to be the case."

"Indeed. It was always impossible for an immortal king to fight an immortal emperor. I was foolish for even dreaming that the kid could bring a miracle."

"Creamed from the get go. Wu Yu defeat Empyrean Revered Dragon? No chance."

No one had a dissenting opinion.

Only Wu Jun and Luo Pin remained hopeful, hanging on to every last detail. They knew that Wu Yu was indeed being pressed hard, but it was still early to call this a loss.

At least, Somersault Cloud alone could help Wu Yu out pace Empyrean Revered Dragon, and it could last a long while. Although if Wu Yu could not find a solution, he would still eventually lose.

It was indeed very difficult for Wu Yu to win. However, Wu Yu had fought against the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor while he had been a mortal, and he had eventually triumphed.

Therefore, Luo Pin believed that Wu Yu could do anything.

She did not make a sound, but hung on to every development with bated breath.

"What, running away so soon? How are you planning to defeat me if you skulk around all day?" Empyrean Revered Dragon watched Wu Yu’s Somersault Cloud with a grim smile.

He had only used one apotheosis Mystique, and Wu Yu was already scrambling for footing. What was there to be afraid of?

In the end, an immortal king was an immortal king, and an immortal emperor an immortal emperor. An unclosable distance. That much Empyrean Revered Dragon was sure of.

Empyrean Revered Dragon had already regarded Wu Yu as a genius of sorts. And indeed, it would take a genius to overcome the gap between an immortal king and immortal emperor. After this, he was convinced that not even a genius could surmount the difference.

"It’s still too early to call it. Don’t celebrate too early." Wu Yu said coolly, his face free of panic.

The strength of an eternal immortal emperor was more than he had accounted for, leaving him scrambling for defenses. But this did not mean he was planning to concede defeat immediately. This battle was too important for him. Winning was the only option. Therefore, he would hold out till the end.

"Unshackled Doppelganger......"

"Doppelganger heavenly rule!"

Wu Yu flung out his 1 million golden monkey clones, which filled the air.

The 1 million doppelgangers all used doppelganger heavenly rule at the same time, aiming at Empyrean Revered Dragon’s head!

This doppelganger heavenly rule beam was the combined power of 1 million doppelgangers. If an ordinary 9-heavens immortal king was hit by it, they would be reduced to ash, no question about that.

This too was one of Wu Yu’s strongest techniques.


Empyrean Revered Dragon did not even bat an eyelid. His draconian body took to the air, and the white clouds that shrouded his body morphed into a white fire that streamed out in response.

These white flames licked at the void itself. Anything which touched it, including the doppelganger heavenly rule, was burned clean away.

"Apotheosis Mystique, Rogue Fire!"

Empyrean Revered Dragon roared. This was his other apotheosis Mystique. He could turn the white clouds into rogue fire, which could burn even the Mystique of others, rendering it ineffective.

A mere 7-heavens immortal king’s Mystiques were nothing to the Empyrean Revered Dragon.

Of course, he could feel that Wu Yu had packed some respectable damage into the move, enough to destroy any 9-heavens immortal king with ease.

But he was taking on an immortal emperor instead.

"Kid, you’re not bad at all. Probably unbeatable outside of the immortal emperors. Pity that you’re still like a cricket before me. Challenging me was the biggest mistake of your life! How could a mighty immortal emperor of the mystical dragon tribe be defeated by a mere immortal?"

Empyrean Revered Dragon reveled. He seemed to be entirely at ease, all while winning the battle.

However, he knew that Wu Yu’s ability to escape was supernatural. It would be difficult for him to actually take the win. Therefore, he continued to taunt Wu Yu as he fought. If he could goad Wu Yu into a mistake or erode his will, then he would have an easier time closing things.

But how could mere words shake Wu Yu’s will?

Empyrean Revered Dragon’s words only served to fire Wu Yu up even more, stimulating his potential, and drawing his talent out from him.

Because he could not afford to lose this battle!

"Rogue Fire, burn!"

Seeing Wu Yu’s unfazed expression, a wave of anger ran through him. He immediately summoned many white clouds that flew towards Wu Yu, surrounding him.

The apotheosis Mystique Rogue Fire closed in on him, immolating Wu Yu’s golden monkey body in its entirety!

But Wu Yu did not back down. Instead, he welcomed it!

His entire body was covered with sanctified flesh heavenly rule. This heavenly rule power manifested itself in a red mist that covered his body. It added a frenzy to his movements. With the addition of sanctified flesh heavenly rule, his body became extremely tough. Even against Rogue Fire apotheosis Mystique, he did not flinch at all.

"So what if you have apotheosis Mystiques?"

Wu Yu roared in response. He continued to charge through the white flames, until he had left their area of effect.

He chose not to use Somersault Cloud, testing his own will and asserting his defiance of Empyrean Revered Dragon’s will.

By the time he had rushed out of Rogue Fire, the sanctified flesh heavenly rule around him had been burned almost clean off. Some white flames even lingered on his Invincible Vajra Body, continuing to smoke. However, this defense was mroe impenetrable.


Seeing Wu Yu able to tolerate his own Rogue Fire with his physical defenses alone stunned Empyrean Revered Dragon.

Wu Yu seemed to be heavily injured, but the act of defiance seemed to have galvanized Wu Yu’s fighting spirit.

Many of the dragon emperors and revered dragons were sharing surreptitious looks now. Whether Wu Yu could win or not, a 7-heavens immortal king being able to walk out alive from an apotheosis Mystique spoke volumes already.

"If this kid was given time, he could have made something great of himself. Too bad he bit off more than he could chew. He crossed the wrong person this time. He’s destined to fall!"

Many of the spectators thought to themselves.

As long as Wu Yu could not defeat an immortal emperor, he would be destined to live the existence of a cowering street rat, afraid to show his face publicly. Plus, there were immortal emperors like Primeval Mighty Miracle God hunting him!

If they fought it out, Empyrean Revered Dragon was not Primeval Mighty Miracle God’s match. Although they were both immortal emperors, there was still a huge difference between them.

If Wu Yu could defeat Empyrean Revered Dragon, he would have passed their test. But it did not seem likely at this moment. He was completely on the back foot for now.

Even if he had forced the issue just now, his body was clearly on the verge of giving way, and he could not possibly do so again.

Although Wu Yu’s performance had shocked all of them so far, but willpower alone was not going to secure him a win. His hard-headed defiance had only hastened along his defeat.

But Wu Yu himself did not think that way.

If he had continued to dodge, he would eventually lose his courage to face the immortal emperor. Therefore, even if he were injured, he had to face the apotheosis Mystique head-on.

This fired up his battle will immensely.

"Crusader heavenly rule!"

Wu Yu’s heightened battle will resonated with his crusader heavenly rule, which grew stronger only in battle. He had taken the hit purposely, to build his crusader heavenly rule.

Otherwise, the crusader heavenly rule would be even weaker than sanctified flesh heavenly rule.

And now, his might was much greater tan before. In the next instant, his primate eyes gleamed golden with his golden eyes heavenly rule.

Fortified with his crusader heavenly rule, his golden eyes heavenly rule shot out at Empyrean Revered Dragon.

"Eh? This one’s stronger, that’s true. But to defeat me with just this? Dream on!" Empyrean Revered Dragon was surprised but derisive. He continued to swim through the air. Finally, he prepared to use an apotheosis immortal technique!

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