Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1564: Back to Underworld Dragons Den
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Chapter 1564: Back to Underworld Dragon's Den

Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi had set the World Discursor immortal design which could stop immortal message talismans from being sent. It was basically impossible for Kunpeng Demon King to send messages or escape now.

Wu Yu had faced many 6-heavens demon kings before, and had even fought three of them combined.

Therefore, Kunpeng Demon King who was unable to send out any message was nothing but a sitting duck.

"Who are you? You’re not Green Fire Demon King!" Crimson Moon Kunpeng finally realized that he had walked into a trap. His face clouded over. The one who revealed himself looked like someone who had just reached the Great Void Demon Immortal Realm.

Or rather, the Great Void Immortal Realm. Puzzlement flickered in Crimson Moon Kunpeng’s eyes. This punk before him did not even seem to be from the Demon Immortal Realm. He was not a demon immortal.

But a mere Great Void Immortal Realm second tier cultivator - a little too bold, wasn’t it? To dare to set a trap for him? Kunpeng Demon King?

Kunpeng Demon King laughed coldly. He felt that the mastermind of this could not possibly be Wu Yu, and continued to cast his gaze about. And yet he did not find anyone else. A 6-heavens demon king was currently beyond Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi’s ability to deal with.

If they showed themselves, they might even burden Wu Yu. If they were held hostage, it would be trouble. Therefore, once they finished setting the trap, the two hid themselves. Wu Yu would lure Crimson Moon Kunpeng in, and the two would observe the situation outside the immortal design.

Wu Yu had changed back into his real body, and there was nothing more to be said to Crimson Moon Kunpeng.

Having done this much, the only possible resolution was a devouring of Crimson Moon Kunpeng. If news leaked, they would be doomed.

"You’re an odd one. I lured you all the way here. Aren’t you going to ask why?"

Wu Yu narrowed his eyes curiously, poised to attack.

"Why?" Crimson Moon Kunpeng was rather curious. Although he felt that this was all a bit of a joke - a mere second tier Great Void Immortal Realm cultivator ambushing him - but he still wanted to know.

However, Wu Yu was not about to answer why. He had asked this question in order to distract him and make him lower his guard.

While Crimson Moon Kunpeng’s lips came together to form "Why", Wu Yu had already attacked, flipping the void world and the Qian Kun world.

"Void Reversal...... Submerged Cloud Seal!"

While his opponent was a little distracted, Wu Yu unleashed a surprise attack. Although he could also defeat his adversary in a straight fight, but why pass up on an opportunity to make things easier?

Kunpeng Demon King saw that Wu Yu was a full four tiers below him, and was not worried. He was trying to feel out the "hidden opponent".

But there was no hidden opponent. There was just Wu Yu.

After using Void Reversal, Kunpeng Demon King’s strength was fettered in the void world. Enfeebled, he was not even able to react before his ruddy skin was blasted apart, torn apart by the Submerged Cloud Seal like an invisible giant.

He was completely unable to resist as Kunpeng Demon King was completely destroyed by Submerged Cloud Seal. His vermilion eyes flashed in disbelief, but he was already gone.

His body had been blown apart by Submerged Cloud Seal, and his strength evaporated instantly. The last sight he saw was the puny immortal, now shifted into a terrifying beast that came gamboling over, howling. His vision faded to black......

Wu Yu devoured Kunpeng Demon King thoroughly.

To him, this was purely for the memories. The revelations and strength from the devouring were of limited use to Wu Yu. After all, Wu Yu had devoured an eternal demon emperor corpse before. This was nothing compared to that.

Even compared to Dreary Gold Demon King, Golden Rhino Demon King, and the others, this Kunpeng Demon King was only slightly stronger than them, and of minimal use to Wu Yu.

However, Kunpeng Demon King’s memories were delicious indeed!

Wu Yu began to process Kunpeng Demon King’s memories. He soon learned that Kunpeng Demon King had roughly the same memories of Jiu Ying as Green Fire Demon King did. This meant that since Jiu Ying’s first appearance, there had been no sighting of him since.

Besides, the scene had been exactly the same as in Green Fire Demon King’s memories. Jiu Ying had stood there stiffly with a vague expression, before being hurried away after Diabolical Dragon King’s brief introduction.

"I still don’t know if Jiu Ying is alright! The good thing is that Kunpeng Demon King is of much higher status than Green Fire Demon King, and can contact the three 7-heavens demon kings directly." Wu Yu was relieved by this. He would head back to Underworld Dragon’s Den first, and then see if he could stick close by and eavesdrop to get some information out of them.

After Wu Yu had finished going through Kunpeng Demon King’s memories, Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi dismantled the World Discursor immortal design, leaving no traces behind that would arouse suspicion.

"Deed’s done. We can go back to Underworld Dragon’s Den now." Wu Yu said to them.

However, he had just spoken when two immortal message talismans came flying in. They were addressed to Green Fire Demon King and Kunpeng Demon King respectively. Wu Yu had a bad feeling about it.

Of course, as he took up the guise of Green Fire Demon King and Kunpeng Demon King to receive the two immortal message talismans, he found the message in them identical - Diabolical Dragon King bid them hurry back to Underworld Dragon’s Den.

Could something be wrong?

Wu Yu was a little troubled by this. After all, as impenetrable as his disguise was, he could only pose as one demon king. Should it be Green Fire Demon King or Kunpeng Demon King?

He did not need to think too hard. With Kunpeng Demon King’s identity, he could discard Green Fire Demon King’s. However, if Green Fire Demon King was the only one who did not show at Underworld Dragon’s Den, that could be a little suspicious.

In Diabolical Dragon King’s rules, internal killing between the Underworld Dragon’s Den’s demon kings was a huge crime.

"We can only go back first and assess the situation. After all, we have to go back. Might as well be in Kunpeng Demon King’s identity. If Diabolical Dragon King asks about Green Fire Demon King, any excuse would do." Full Moon of Nanshan reasoned.

"That will have to do." Wu Yu nodded gravely.

Originally, he wanted to take things slow, and tease out information about Jiu Ying. But given Diabolical Dragon King’s tone in the message, it seemed like something important had come up. No matter what, he could only return to Underworld Dragon’s Den for now.

Posing as Crimson Moon Kunpeng, Wu Yu sped back towards Fiendish Underworld Metropolis. At the same time, Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi retired back to the Floating Dreams Pagoda to rest. Wu Yu would deal with matters outside.

After a few months, Fiendish Underworld Metropolis came into view. He had hurried back as quickly as he could, and been urged on by Diabolical Dragon King twice in that time. This convinced Wu Yu that it was something major indeed.

Back in Underworld Dragon’s Den, he saw that all the other demon kings had already arrived, save for Kunpeng Demon King and Green Fire Demon King.

Now that Wu Yu had arrived back as Kunpeng Demon King, the last one was Green Fire Demon King, of which no trace was to be found.

The one before Wu Yu was Diabolical Dragon King himself. Clearly this seemed to be an urgent matter, for even Diabolical Dragon King to be waiting.

Although he had seen Diabolical Dragon King in Green Fire Demon King’s and Kunpeng Demon King’s memories before, but the real thing was still quite scary. Diabolical Dragon King was pure black, and his Nine-Headed Diabolical Sable Dragon true form exuded a horrifying aura.

It was as though he were a spirit from the ether. On the Diabolical Dragon King’s nine heads were nine pairs of eyes that stared deep into one with the power of hell itself. It was a sinister heavenly rule power.

Before the Diabolical Dragon King, Wu Yu felt as insignificant as an ant. Even if he was posing as Kunpeng Demon King, the difference between a 6-heavens demon king and 8-heavens demon king was a yawning chasm of difference.

Even Wu Yu’s real body could only deal with a 7-heavens demon king, and Diabolical Dragon King was an extreme danger to him. He was already close to eternal demon emperor status, just that one sliver of knowledge away from the final tier. Diabolical Dragon King was a completely different beast compared to the ordinary demon kings.

Spectral Fire Phoenix, Nightmare Ink Qilin, and Darkstrife Beast included, all the demon kings of Underworld Dragon’s Den were respectfully prostrated before Diabolical Dragon King. They did not even dare to move an inch. Diabolical Dragon King’s aura washed over them, drenching them in fear.

Wu Yu too resisted the frightful aura. However, he was not that cowed. He quickly moved before Diabolical Dragon King and said in a trembling voice: "I am late. I beg your forgiveness!"

He was not too scared, personally, but Kunpeng Demon King would definitely be before Diabolical Dragon King. Therefore, he had forced the tremor.

Wu Yu had definitely seen such mighty beings before - the eternal immortal emperors in the sky palaces had been scarier than Diabolical Dragon King. One mere Diabolical Dragon King didn’t faze him.

But as Kunpeng Demon King, he had to act scared.

This was the absolute ruler here, lord of all the demon kings of Underworld Dragon’s Den, and someone that Wu Yu could not take down.

One move from Diabolical Dragon King could end Wu Yu. If it resorted to violence, Wu Yu could only pull out the Somersault Cloud and run for it.

Seeing "Kunpeng Demon King"’s return, Diabolical Dragon King’s eyes immediately locked on to him, and the frightening aura came pressing against him.

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