Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1347: Awakening Innate Legacy
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Wu Yu left swiftly with his Somersault Cloud and vanished before their eyes.

Initially, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord didn’t notice. This was because everyone’s attention was drawn to the eighth-grade Mark of an Immortal King.

Moreover, they wouldn’t believe a xuan immortal would dare to flee before the members of the eternal phoenix tribe.

To their surprise, Wu Yu vanished from their sight abruptly.

Perhaps the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord would be furious if she couldn’t find Wu Yu and might even give orders to slay him.

That wasn’t what Wu Yu had intended. He met up with Xu Zidong and the rest swiftly and left the place together.

"The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord is too dictatorial. It’s not surprising that she’s infamous," said Yang Wenlan grudgingly.

"There’s nothing we can do. She’s the youngest daughter of the Provenance Phoenix Empress after all. Her identity doesn’t differ much from the daughter of Dhrtarastra or the son of the Primeval Mighty Miracle God!" Wu Xiao grumbled reluctantly.

"Searching one’s Sumeru Pouch is utmost humiliation. However, if even those 9-realm immortal lords were searched, small fries like us wouldn’t be spared."

They left the place where one could get into trouble swiftly.

"An eighth-grade Mark of an Immortal King? If we could get it, we would have struck gold. It is said that with an eighth-grade Mark of an Immortal King, even those with ordinary talent have a chance of eventually reaching the eighth tier of the Great Void Immortal Realm!"

"Yeah.... Who would have thought that such a precious Mark of an Immortal King would appear now. There are so many experts in the eternal phoenix tribe. They do have the strength to deserve that eighth-grade grade Mark of an Immortal King."

After escaping from danger, they continued their initial plan to search for a Mark of an Immortal King while still discussing what happened previously.

"What’s the matter? Something bothering you?" Xu Zidong could see that Wu Yu wasn’t himself.

Wu Yu nodded and said, "But it’s my personal matter."

"It’s best not to go against them for now. It’s too dangerous. Obviously, the Endless River of Stars is huge and it won’t be easy to encounter them again."

Wu Yu nodded.

He retrieved his Floating Dreams Pagoda and handed it over to Xu Zidong. "Please help me take care of this for now. I’m going to cultivate for some time to increase my strength. For the upcoming period, I might have to miss out on searching for the Mark of an Immortal King."

"Are you sure?" This was because they only had 100 years in this place. Therefore, most people wouldn’t be willing to waste time on cultivation, which would take up a long time.

Wu Yu was certain. Immediately after, he entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda and entrusted the Floating Dreams Pagoda to Xu Zidong. Basically, wherever they went, Wu Yu would still be with them.

On the planet with the sea of blue fire, Wu Yu had devoured two 7-realm immortal lords, so he was already at his limit.

Together with the restlessness he was experiencing, he needed a silent space.

"Big Brother Yu...." When he entered, the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were there for him.

Ye Xixi was on the verge of tears. Although she wasn’t close to Nangong Wei, they were friends. Seeing her meet such an outcome was hard for her to accept too.

The Full Moon of Nanshan patted his shoulder and comforted, "Changes are hard to expect. My condolences."

Wu Yu took a deep breath and said, "Don’t worry. I’ve thought about it. This is destiny, and it’s hard to change it. However, even if she couldn’t change her destiny, I should also try to see if there’s any possibility of reviving her. Perhaps as long as the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord is alive, the possibility remains. Regardless, I’m certain I can’t drag this out for long. Otherwise, she might forget everything."

The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "The only clue we have is the Ancestral Phoenix Nirvanic Venerable Art. If we can get more information on it, we might understand what has happened."

Wu Yu nodded and said, "I need to devour someone close to the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord who is familiar with the Ancestral Phoenix Nirvanic Venerable Art. The only possibility of solving this is to understand it first!"

"The White Sun Immortal Lord might know about it, but he’s a 9-realm immortal lord and is too strong. He’s almost at the level of an immortal king," commented Ye Xixi.

"That’s not certain. There are definitely others who know about it. Wu Yu can handle a 5-realm immortal lord currently. Once he reaches the Immortal Lord Realm, there will be huge room for improvement. At the very least, he will have endless time within the Floating Dreams Pagoda.”

Wu Yu had prepared to enter cultivation. Regardless of how important the Mark of an Immortal King was, it would seem to him that the chances of finding one were slim if one was searching for it aimlessly. Therefore, he might be better off focusing on strengthening himself. Within the Endless River of Stars, the conditions and environment were suitable.

He currently had two immortal spirit world nuclei that he had yet to digest.

Currently, he could use the dao and knowledge of the two 7-realm immortal lords, together with all the experts he had devoured thus far, to tackle the last immortal dao mark. The ninth immortal dao mark would definitely be really difficult, but he was prepared.

The heart of the issue was: what reigned above the void and time?

"The void is the core of everything, while time is the origin. Time and space represent the world. What could be above the world?"

Solving this key issue would take at least 30 years.

When he took the perspective of an elite immortal lord, this question became even more difficult. This was because no one could say with certainty that something reigned above time and space; this was more profound and unpredictable.

However, what was interesting was that if he used his own knowledge and experience, the answer was quickly apparent. Moreover, he had deep faith in it. This made him decide that this would be the ninth immortal dao mark that he wanted.

This represented his very core.

For him, this was even more profound than the Somersault Cloud and the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

And he had just experienced this process.

The answer was the Dao of Devouring!

The other immortals weren’t aware because they didn’t know the existence of it. Therefore, the experience of other immortals wasn’t too helpful for him in identifying this immortal dao. In the end, he had to rely on himself.

To Wu Yu, devouring was the most mysterious thing in this world.

The core of devouring was conversion, converting what belonged to others into his own. Moreover, the assimilation was all-encompassing and merciless.

It was because of devouring that Wu Yu had achieved what he had today, and it had benefited him greatly.

He had his own views on devouring. However, changing it into an immortal dao mark would take a prolonged period for honing and mastery. Wu Yu understood that even with devouring, the path of cultivation would still be more difficult than he had ever imagined. When he first started out, completing an immortal dao mark took a short time. As he delved into deeper daos, especially so for daos that reigned above time and space, he would have to give his all, and this was many times more complicated than mastering billions of spirit designs.

Wu Yu had to understand all the details within the immortal dao mark.

Fortunately, he had the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Otherwise, the 100 years in the Endless River of Stars wouldn’t be sufficient for him to master the Dao of Devouring.

Time passed, but the pain and hatred from Nangong Wei didn’t vanish in the numerous recollections he had. On the contrary, this made him angry, hostile, and restless. These feelings contributed to his desire to devour. In fact, there were times he had thoughts of devouring while looking at the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi.

This was extremely dangerous.

He could always remember the past, recalling how pure and naive she was and her feelings towards him.

Wu Yu could also vividly recall why they had separated.

It was because of demons.

Because her mother was killed by a demon.

She shared an oath with her father to eliminate all demons and return peace to the world.

However, looking back now, what were demons? Standing at his current height, the reason why they had separated was so laughable.

The times they had shared when they were young would still come back to Wu Yu from time to time. His thoughts at those times seemed laughable. However, thinking about them again, she was no longer around. Wu Yu instantly felt as though his heart was lacerated with a knife. His eyes turned bloodied and he devolved into a restless wild beast.

The murderous intent supported him to constantly advance. Even so, the Dao of Devouring still took him close to 300 years before he achieved mastery! Fortunately, with the Floating Dreams Pagoda, only three years had passed in real time.

When the black immortal dao mark fused into his immortal spirit, Wu Yu realized that the urge to devour had become even more intense!

All of a sudden, his devouring was no longer a primitive instinct. In his mind, it became a dao that he was clear and natural to. In fact, his Dao of Devouring and the immortal dao mark that represented it could devour all other immortal dao marks, fusing them together to a final mark.

The frightening aspect of his dao was that at its core, anything could be consumed.

All the abilities of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, including Return, Immolate, and Replicate, became even clearer to him.

With the immortal dao mark of the Dao of Devouring fusing into his immortal spirit, he discovered an additional ability of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. This was something he comprehended after forming the Dao of Devouring and understanding devouring better. There was something else he could have achieved.

He named this ability that resembled Immolate, Replicate, and Return "Imparting!"

From this point, Wu Yu realized that he had gained a new ability. This ability allowed him to choose the memories he had devoured, including dao, perceptions, experiences, and everything in between, replicate them, and impart them to others. Naturally, when he imparted these to a third party, he would retain them as well. Nonetheless, this would mean that those around him would be able to receive chance opportunities through his devouring.

For example, he could impart the dao and experiences that he had devoured to the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi. This would allow them to be like him, strengthening rapidly! This was an unbelievable ability, Imparting!

Naturally, as they weren’t Heaven Devouring Titanic Beasts, it would be more difficult for them to accept the Imparting. Moreover, the volume and quantities couldn’t be too big or frequent. Nonetheless, both of them had spirits that were stronger than those of ordinary immortals and inherited elite immortals’ legacies. Therefore, they probably had a higher tolerance.

At the very least, the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and Luo Pin would benefit greatly because of this.

There were two white mice he could experiment on just next to him. When Wu Yu mastered the Dao of Devouring, reached the pinnacle of a 9-xuan immortal, and awakened the Imparting ability, he opened his eyes. He looked frightening, and his eyes were now locked on to the Full Moon of Nanshan.

The Full Moon of Nanshan was alarmed and asked, "What’s the matter? Brat, did you become interested in my perfect body?"

"That’s right! I’ll claim your chastity today."

Wu Yu stood up and walked towards him with a smirk.

"Oh, damn! How domineering! But I like it!"

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