Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1345: Stranger
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The congregation from the eternal phoenix tribe was dictatorial and domineering.

And now, with the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord at the core, the team sent numerous experts into the sea of fire to search for the Mark of an Immortal King while also sending other experts to limit the movements of the people nearby. Even those like the Ancient Ink Camp, who had just arrived and had yet to enter the sea of blue fire, were restricted from leaving.

Around the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, several 9-realm immortal lords stood guard at all times.

While the majority of those from the eternal phoenix tribe were searching for the Mark of an Immortal King, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord led the other experts to search the other immortal lords around the sea of blue fire.

They first went towards the baldie immortal lord that had bullied the Ancient Ink Camp and others previously. Perhaps they assumed that this man would be the most cumbersome.

Beside the classy, stunning, domineering, and exceptional Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, the other elite eternal phoenixes were fearsome as well. Among them was a white phoenix ablaze in white flames. He said to the baldie immortal lord, "Open your Sumeru Pouch for us to search."

The baldie immortal lord was already feeling bottled up from being trapped here and not allowed to leave. When he heard the demand, he couldn’t control his anger and said, "You guys might be strong, but you can’t humiliate us like this! One’s Sumeru Pouch holds the secrets of each immortal. How could we possibly just let you comb through it?"

The snow-white phoenix scoffed, "First, we are just going to see if you are holding on to a Mark of an Immortal King! We aren’t interested in your other trash. Second, you do have the rights to protect your secrets. However, a dead man holds no secrets. Your Sumeru Pouch would also belong to others then."

What he was saying was they were just interested in the Mark of an Immortal King. If one denied their demands, he could die right away.

That baldie immortal lord wasn’t going to be pushed over. Facing a death threat, he was infuriated and tried to rally the crowd. "Everyone, the eternal phoenix tribe has gone too far! He’s not seeing us as humans at all! Once we team up, let’s see if they still dare...."

Before he could finish his words, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord snorted. The next instant, several 9-realm immortal lords around her struck at the same time. These were all phoenix immortal beasts that had long prepared to deal a fatal blow. Various autonomous realm powers and Natural Mystiques bombarded the baldie immortal lord incessantly. The companions of the baldie immortal lord were astonished and retreated in fear. All they could do was watch the baldie immortal lord be reduced to ashes by sheer firepower in a blink.

Immediately after, the Sumeru Pouch of the baldie immortal lord fell into the hands of the snow-white phoenix. He opened it and poured everything in it out towards the sea of fire below him. All the immortal medicines, immortal essences, and the rest of his things were burnt to ashes, while his destinable immortal treasure sank into the depths of the fire. No one from the eternal phoenix tribe seemed interested in them.

The White Sun Immortal Lord smirked and said, "Everyone, as you can see. We aren’t interested in anything in your Sumeru Pouches other than the Mark of an Immortal King. If you still insist on not letting us check, this fool is an example of your outcome!"

Punishing an individual to serve as a warning to all others! This was an effective move.

Instantly, the crowd went silent from fear and didn’t dare to move an inch. The eternal phoenix tribe adopted a two-pronged approach. On one end, they continued their inspection to round up any Mark of an Immortal King. On the other end, they combed the sea of fire for any findings.

"Everyone, rest assured. We will follow the rules in our actions. We are only interested in the Mark of an Immortal King found in the sea of fire. Any other Marks of an Immortal King that you guys discovered in other places, we won’t take them," said the White Sun Immortal Lord with a smile.

After which, he pointed to a 9-realm immortal lord and said, "We will start with you."

Although this was humiliating, it wouldn’t be life threatening. Moreover, one could leave after getting searched. Therefore, the 9-realm immortal lord was decisive and retrieved his storage treasure for the other party to see. If there were any destinable immortal treasure that had interior spaces like the Floating Dreams Pagoda, they wouldn’t escape the eyes of those in the Immortal Lord Realm, who had extremely keen spatial awareness. The eternal phoenix tribe would also search these treasures, ensuring that no one could possibly be hiding a Mark of an Immortal King.

This left Wu Yu worrying if they would find the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi when they searched him.

"Alright, you may leave." The White Sun Immortal Lord had just finished searching the first person.

"I’ll wait for my friend." That 9-realm immortal lord wasn’t pleased at all and had definitely marked down this humiliation.

"In that case, get all your friends here quickly."

The White Sun Immortal Lord was searching at the forefront, while the graceful Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord was hidden among the experts. After all, she was still young and just a 7-realm immortal lord. There was always a worry that someone might hold her hostage.

Regardless, anyone would know that she was the absolute core of this team.

Moving forward, due to the death of the baldie immortal lord, no one dared to resist or attempt to flee.

The eternal phoenix tribe kept to their promise as well and only focused on looking for the Mark of an Immortal King. At the moment, there wasn’t any incident where they tried to rob someone of a Mark of an Immortal King that wasn’t obtained from the sea of blue fire.

Time passed, and as it went, the Ancient Ink Camp would eventually be searched. The rest wouldn’t worry, as they didn’t have any Mark of an Immortal King. However, Wu Yu had lots of secrets on him. It was especially so if the other party were to search the Floating Dreams Pagoda. They would definitely be able to spot the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi!

Perhaps they wouldn’t care. However, it was apparent that Wu Yu had brought them in against the rules. If they wanted to interfere, it would be burdensome.

Regardless, Wu Yu wasn’t feeling pleased. Previously, the eternal phoenix tribe had taken a count of the number of people around. If Wu Yu escaped with the Somersault Cloud, the Ancient Ink Camp would definitely be affected.

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, who was an identical copy of Nangong Wei, was gradually approaching where Wu Yu was. Although she was in her phoenix form, her expressions, her voice, and intonations were exactly the same. Even her gaze was the same. Wu Yu couldn’t possibly not be skeptical of her relationship with Nangong Wei.

Obviously, he also knew that she definitely couldn’t be Nangong Wei. She was definitely still in the mortal domain and wouldn’t be here.

Even if she had ascended to the sky palaces and entered the eternal phoenix tribe, she definitely wouldn’t be a 7-realm immortal lord or the youngest daughter of the Provenance Phoenix Empress, who had been around the sky palaces for hundreds of thousands of years.

Although Wu Yu was feeling frustrated, he knew it was only a matter of time before he was searched.

The Ancient Ink Camp and him were the last batch of people who would be searched.

After all, they were relatively far from the sea of fire to begin with.

At this moment, the group of phoenixes flew before the Ancient Ink Camp. When the White Sun Immortal Lord came before Xu Zidong, he looked down on Wu Yu and the rest with the demeanor of an immortal beast.

Xu Zidong greeted them respectfully. "Immortal beasts, we have just arrived at this place and didn’t even dare to enter the sea of blue fire. I guess we won’t have to be searched, right? Everyone here could testify to my statement."

The White Sun Immortal Lord stared coldly at him and said, "Keep those words and let’s begin."

Xu Zidong was helpless and could only offer his Sumeru Pouch for the other party to search. What he had in it didn’t draw the interest of the eternal phoenix tribe either. Therefore, everyone in the Ancient Ink Camp was searched soon. After all, they were the last few people.

Wu Yu was staring at the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord all along. They were really too alike. However, he was certain she wasn’t Nangong Wei. This was because she didn’t react on the few occasions her eyes were on Wu Yu. Clearly, she didn’t recognize Wu Yu.

If she was Nangong Wei, she would probably have spotted him in the first instant and skinned him alive on the next.

"It’s your turn!" Wu Yu was the last person. The White Sun Immortal Lord stared sternly at Wu Yu, and the flames around his body were indeed scorching hot. An ordinary person couldn’t stay before him for long.

"A xuan immortal and you dare to be here? How rare. Haha.... However, you are pretty capable to stay upright before me." The rest of the eternal phoenix tribe broke into laughter.

Wu Yu could only hand over his Sumeru Pouch under oppression. However, at this very moment, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord turned to Wu Yu and said, "Wait a minute."

"Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord...." The White Sun Immortal Lord felt a little strange over why she would abruptly interrupt.

Wu Yu was stumped too. Why would she be noticing him now?

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord dispersed the crowd and flew towards Wu Yu.

"Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, don’t get too close to those desperate people...." the White Sun Immortal Lord reminded her. However, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord didn’t heed his advice.

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord appeared before Wu Yu with a puzzled face. From her eyes, Wu Yu could see complicated emotions, but doubts were still predominant.

Wu Yu tensed up. Could she have something to do with Nangong Wei?

Before Wu Yu’s eyes, she surprisingly reverted to her human form! She was wearing a fiery-red dress that was bathed in nine-colored flames. She had a noble and sacred demeanor that nothing could encroach. Her precious bloodline brought out the best of her beauty, making her an absolute beauty comparable with Mo Yuji within the sky palaces. Even every eyelash of hers was perfect.

The stress that Wu Yu felt now left him to the point of suffocation and his mind was clouded. Facing such a familiar person, it was hard to keep his emotions in check.

He saw her moving her red lips and asked, "Who are you? Why does it seem like I have met you and even know you...."

Wu Yu was stumped and his mind stuttered. Why would she say that? Didn’t this mean that she really had something to do with Nangong Wei? However, how was this even possible?

What was going on?

Wu Yu was dumbstruck and couldn’t believe his eyes and ears. How could the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord possibly have seen him before?

Therefore, to err on the side of caution, he replied, "That’s probably not possible. I’m just an ordinary immortal, while the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord is the precious daughter of the Provenance Phoenix Empress. You grew up in the Immortal Phoenix Imperial Realm and there’s no way you would have met me before."

The White Sun Immortal Lord was first surprised but turned to the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord and said, "Princess, you must have mistaken him for someone. Why would you ever see someone of such lowly beginnings?"

Still carrying a lost expression, the Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord shook her head and said, "It can’t be. I definitely saw him previously. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have an impression of him. You! What’s your name?"

“How should I answer her?

“Who is she?”

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