Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1275: 1-Yuan Mystical Dragon Battlefield
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Of course, these Bodhi Seeds were all dim.

However, Wu Yu had accumulated a large reserve of energy from that meal. If he did not convert it, he would burst soon. These Bodhi Seeds were real lifesavers.

He used the powerful conversion ability of the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art to create a huge store of Bodhi immortal energy that made his Bodhi Seeds glow. Because the ancient immortal essence wine was so potent, when all 81 Bodhi Seeds were full, he still had a huge reserve of energy.

But Wu Yu was now stronger than before.

Next, he would have to grind until he reached the eighth tier of the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art. That might take some time.

Of course, he need not go into seclusion, and could accompany Luo Pin each time she came back from the Hidden Dragon Peak.

The two roamed the land and wooed and cooed like immortal lovers. Their lives were as fulfilled as could be.

Just like that, Wu Yu settled down in the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm.

He and Luo Pin lived the life that they had dreamed of in the mortal domain.

Together, without restriction or being ostracized, and the envy of all.

As the two grew stronger, they also grew closer, and they talked about everything.

In Qinyin Palace, the Baiyin Dragon King and the Baiqin Dragon Queen were often cultivating, and did not appear frequently. Occasionally, Wu Hao would be in a good mood and would serve up one of his feasts. But he did not trot out his ancient immortal essence wine again.

Time passed slowly.

Sometimes, Wu Yu would even go to the Hidden Dragon Peak to escort her back.

Others could not possibly be ignorant of his life here at the Primordial Immortal Empire.

In truth, word had gotten out from the day that he had appeared at the Hidden Dragon Peak. Everyone knew that Luo Pin’s husband in the mortal domain was an immortal.

An ultimate mystical dragon’s immortal husband was big news. Even if Wu Yu had not gone outside, news of him would’ve inevitably spread to other empires.

He had already guessed that this would be sensational news in a peaceful world. Wu Hao had also warned Wu Yu before that he would face many challenges if he wished to be with Luo Pin. And some of those challenges would have to be overcome by Wu Yu himself, as they would be unable to help him.

In the end, whether he could sustain a relationship with Luo Pin would depend on himself.

That was reasonable.

The mystical dragons obviously did not want their own genius daughter from an elite bloodline to marry out.

Recently, Wu Yu sometimes went out, and some mystical dragons looked at him in a different way.

Of course, they did not dare to do anything to Wu Yu blatantly. After all, the rumor was that the two dragon kings had escorted Wu Yu in, and he was living at Qinyin Palace.

The Immortal Radiance Dragon Monarch had wanted to bury Wu Yu by bringing him to them, but the two dragon kings had brushed him off.

Hearing this account, no mystical dragon would be foolish enough to do anything to Wu Yu.

But the strange looks came at him from everywhere. Even when Luo Pin went out alone, others would ask very impolite questions.

Wu Yu had seen all of this coming. He knew that the surest way of deciding things was his own fighting ability.

The fact that Wu Hao and Ye Qianning could help him was already an enormous boon. If not, Wu Yu would have been chased out of the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm long ago.

Therefore, he and Luo Pin were both aware and not that mindful of these insults. They focused on cultivation, and both improved together.

Although Luo Pin had just arrived not long ago, she was already close to becoming a 2-Yuan heavenly immortal.

And as they got to know him better, the dragon king couple grew to like Wu Yu as well. They could see that Wu Yu was tenacious, responsible, and had a fiery drive for improvement. At the same time, he was clever and discerning, but also someone who could maintain his composure in the face of difficulty.

Wu Hao was not a bad person either. Although he had a gruff expression most of the time, and a blunt manner of speaking, he could also see the depth of the feelings between Wu Yu and Luo Pin.

Their feelings were real, and could not deceive the couple, who themselves had walked the road of love for far, far longer.

The fact that Wu Yu dared to come to the Primordial Immortal Empire was testament to his resolve and courage.

In their peaceful life, Wu Yu and her both enjoyed this blissful time. At the same time, he was also cultivating as hard as he could.

Besides the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art, Wu Yu was also training the Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha.

Both were equally important.

The Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha required a starter.

Of course, such things were also for sale in the Primordial Immortal Empire. Luo Pin could definitely ask her adoptive parents for such things, and they would obviously have it.

But Wu Yu did not want to cultivate by depending on her adoptive parents.

He could not appear in the busy streets of the Primordial Immortal Empire either, or many mystical dragons would be staring at him.

Therefore, he had set aside a good portion of Ao Yang’s fortune and asked Luo Pin to buy three things for him.

They were:

a Colossal Mantled Rock, a precious artifact with 99 spiritual marks.

a Gamma-Blue Nefarious Gust, an immortal kernel with 93 spiritual marks.

and a high-grade true immortal medicine called the Lightning-Rod Vacuum Pill.

Now that he had the Earth Aspect Realm, the Wind Aspect Realm, and the Lightning Aspect Realm’s starters all prepared, he could create three more aspect realms. If he succeeded, Wu Yu would reach the seventh tier of the Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha.

Of course, this would be no easy task.

He had wanted to buy the starters for the final two, the Darkness Aspect Realm and the Light Aspect Realm, as well, but Luo Pin could not find them, despite her best efforts. After all, they were rarer objects. The higher caliber ones, Wu Yu could not use. The overly inferior ones would not be effective. There was nothing that matched Wu Yu perfectly.

Of course, that was still a ways away, so there was no need to rush it right now.

He advanced both his immortal energy and buddha energy at the same pace.

He actually had many offensive techniques and mystiques already. What determined his fighting ability now was his Bodhi immortal energy and the Nine Aspects Vajra Buddha Energy.

In the remaining half a year -

He used Colossal Mantled Rock to bring his Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha to the fifth tier, the Earth Aspect Realm.

And then he used the Gamma-Blue Nefarious Gust to bring his Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha to the sixth tier, the Wind Aspect Realm!

At the sixth tier, he had six types of vajra buddha energy mixing within him!

And with the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art, he had made relatively greater improvements. Not only the sixth tier, he had even finished the seventh tier!

He now had 729 Bodhi Seeds.

In terms of cultivation level, they were roughly at the 6-Yuan and 7-Yuan heavenly immortal level, which was already very high.

However, all of his money had been spent. He had also finished using up all of the energy from the ancient immortal essence wine. Without devouring for a long time, his Earth Aspect Realm and Wind Aspect Realm stood mostly barren of buddha energy, and his Bodhi Seeds were all mostly empty and dim.

"Although my cultivation level is higher now, I haven’t actually gained that much effective strength. I still need immortal energy and buddha energy, and I have to absorb immortal qi and slowly convert it. After all, I have no more true immortal medicines or the like."

Luckily, the immortal qi here was plentiful. With enough time, Wu Yu could plenish himself. He would only need a few decades to do it.

For ordinary immortals, this might be normal, but Wu Yu naturally felt that it was too long.

"Right now, given Ao Ding’s dao and intellect, it’s very hard to improve the Bodhi Immortal Dao Art and Nine Aspects of the Venerable Buddha any further."

If he did not devour, he would indeed have to depend on himself.

Of course, Wu Yu was already very satisfied with his monstrous rate of improvement. His fighting power had rocketed up.

Others, who lacked the dao and memories of stronger immortals, would not be able to match Wu Yu’s growth.

Wu Yu could use the perspective of dozens of immortals to consider a problem, but others could not.

Wu Yu continued to cultivate. Next, he wanted to complete the Lightning Aspect Realm. As for immortal energy and true immortal medicines, he could only slowly accumulate them.

Actually, if he just asked the two dragon kings, they would definitely have some. But Wu Yu was stubborn by nature, so he would not ask. Luo Pin knew this, and that he wished to rely on himself, so she let him be.

After all, Wu Yu’s improvements were too speedy, and she was totally left in the dust. She was a little nervous....

Wu Yu was not even like an immortal.

The two dragon kings naturally knew of his cultivation progress. Perhaps this fortified their resolve to support Wu Yu.

Time passed.

After half a year, Wu Yu had spent much time with Luo Pin, and was very familiar with every inch of her body.

But they had not yet taken the final step.

Because Luo Pin had said that she wished to wait for marriage, when he openly wed her.

Wu Yu, of course, respected her. This was not the most important thing. Besides, Wu Yu knew that if he claimed her before they were officially accepted, it would also anger many experts amongst the mystical dragons.

In this half a year, some people had come to give them trouble, but Wu Yu had ignored them.

He was still thinking of ways to grow stronger, and also enjoying his time with her. Her warmth and intellect would always calm Wu Yu down from his peevishness, and keep him alert and focused on the situation before him.

Occasionally, Wu Hao and Ye Qianning would also instruct Wu Yu, providing considerable help.

Wu Yu was wondering if he could do anything besides killing to earn money, and make some bank on the immortal energy and buddha energy that he sorely needed.

Besides Wu Hao’s feasts, there didn’t seem to be much that could give Wu Yu the volumes of the energy he needed. And Wu Hao’s meals completely depended on his mood. He could not possibly ask for them every day....

One day, Luo Pin had returned from the Hidden Dragon Peak.

"I’m not going to the Hidden Dragon Peak tomorrow. Adoptive Mother told me to go with her to the 1-Yuan Mystical Dragon Battlefield” She hugged Wu Yu from behind while he was contemplating immortal dao, her pliant body pressing into his back.

"What are you going to do there?" Wu Yu asked casually.

Wu Hao and Ye Qianning were patient with her nurturing, and Wu Yu had no doubts about her continued growth.

"It’s said to be for all of the mystical dragons at 1-Yuan and below within the Primordial Immortal Empire. They will join the bouts, and the top three will have many prizes. And also seems like there are other prizes," Luo Pin said absently. She did not seem very interested.

"You don’t have to join?"

Luo Pin said, "Of course not. I’m still a ‘baby’ here."

Wu Yu turned around to catch her with a chuckle. "I don’t believe it. Why would a baby be so big!"

Luo Pin blushed and struggled. "There will be many people there, and it will be very crowded. Be a good boy and wait for me to come back."

"No problem."

It did not have anything to do with Wu Yu anyway. If he went, he would draw attention, and the elite experts might turn their eyes this way.

"Tomorrow, my uncle, Wu Jun, will return as well. He might appear," Luo Pin said.

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