Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1262: Admitting Immortal Palace
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The Dragon Immortal Sky was an exception. Although it was the 2,000th level of heaven, the territory was exceptionally huge and not any smaller than the Green Lotus Sky.

It could be seen as the waist area of the 8,000 Sky Palaces that was wider in circumference than others.

Therefore, the borders of the Dragon Immortal Sky stretched far and wide. Standing at the edge and looking up, one could even see the highest point of the 8,000 Sky Palaces.

Wu Yu was almost chased out of the Palace of Eternal Life.

Those that emerged from the Well of Eternal Life were, 99% of the time, mystical dragons that had returned from other palaces. Only 1% of the people were outsiders.

Moreover, most of them maintained their mystical dragon forms. Therefore, it was easy for other immortals to tell with a single glance.

At least at the Palace of Eternal Life, Wu Yu didn’t see any immortals.

Out of the Palace of Eternal Life and next to the Well of Eternal Life, it was still the core of the Dragon Immortal Sky.

Wu Yu looked around him. The immortal qi on the 2,000th level of heaven really wasn’t in the same tier as the bottom 200 levels or so.

The density had increased by at least 10 times.

Even the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, who were in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, could clearly feel the difference.

This was also the reason why immortals would want to head to higher levels of heaven.

Immortal qi was an important factor for their continued growth.

Looking across, Wu Yu could see flying mystical dragons everywhere. Compared to when he was in the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas, the view was several times more majestic!

All the mystical dragons here were true immortal beasts of higher class. Moreover, they were everywhere. Many species were unbelievable, and there were in a myriad of colors.

For example, there were mystical dragons with golden wings, mystical dragons with three horns, and mystical dragons that were entirely red and blazing in scorching flames....

Any type that one could imagine could be seen here.

Over long periods of time, if one were to do a detailed classification, there might be several hundreds of thousands of species of mystical dragons.

As they were immortal beasts, they became a lot stronger as they grew. Therefore, all of them had an air of pride around them. When they saw immortals like Wu Yu, they often looked at them with disdain.

This was a giant world that belonged to dragons.

At the faraway place where clouds and mist shrouded Wu Yu’s view, lots of mystical dragons had their immortal residences and cities built.

Wu Yu looked towards the east.

"I think Golden Fate Dragon City is in that direction. It’s ruled by the Golden Fate Dragon King. There’s an Admitting Immortal Palace there, which is responsible for leading and receiving mystical dragons from the mortal domain. The mystical dragons in the Admitting Immortal Palace have the right to enter the mortal domain to welcome the mystical dragons.”

That was all that Liu Yuanqing knew.

"Luo Pin was definitely brought to the Admitting Immortal Palace. I’m not sure if she will still be in Golden Fate Dragon City, but there might be information on her in the Admitting Immortal Palace.

"The shame is that ordinary Message Talismans don’t work in the sky palaces. Their qualities are likely too low to transmit messages in a world like this. Moreover, I didn’t leave any Immortal Message Talismans with her."

Otherwise, Wu Yu might’ve been able to find her by sending her a message once he arrived in this place.

Wu Yu couldn’t wait to enter Golden Fate Dragon City to see her. In fact, he was feeling a little anxious. He was pondering what he should say to her to make him appear more humorous when they eventually met....

Wu Yu moved swiftly towards Golden Fate Dragon City.

With the Dragon Immortal Pass he had, he could stay in the Dragon Immortal Sky for 100 years. That should be sufficient to find Luo Pin.

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi had 10 times the amount of time in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. As they progressed, they would likely reach the point where they had to withstand the second dao calamity, Hellfire.

Finally, Wu Yu arrived in Golden Fate Dragon City.

In terms of size, Golden Fate Dragon City was probably 500 times larger than the Immortal’s Capital!

This was because most mystical dragons moved around in their true forms and rarely transformed into their human forms. Each one of them occupied a large area.

The palaces and inns in Golden Fate Dragon City were rather huge as they had to accommodate mystical dragons with larger body sizes.

Standing from afar, Wu Yu could see powerful mystical dragons within. Most that lived here were at the level of Xuan immortals. In fact, there was a number of Immortal Lord Realm immortal lords.

When Wu Yu got closer, he realized that the number of immortal lords at the Immortal Lord Realm was pretty large. Those that flew in the sky were largely immortal lords. Basically, Wu Yu felt like he couldn’t possibly put up any resistance against them.

Evidently, his current strength would place him among the weakest in the Dragon Immortal Sky.

"These mystical dragons have lived for at least several tens of thousands to even hundreds of thousands of years to reach where they are. Compared to them, I’m still a little too weak."

Wu Yu could only comfort himself. Regardless, he knew it would be arduous to find Luo Pin and survive in a place like this.

"This is a world that belongs to the strong, and I’m just the weak."

The weak should keep a low profile.

He wanted to enter by the city gates. The stationed mystical dragons were all at the Xuan Immortal Realm, and there were also immortal lord commanders. It was just that they weren’t doing the checks at the city gates. For mystical dragons that entered, they largely wouldn’t care.

However, when Wu Yu arrived, the stationed mystical dragon could tell that he wasn’t a mystical dragon with a single glance. He demanded immediately, "Take out your Dragon Immortal Pass, stand straight, and don’t move." He wanted to see if the Dragon Immortal Pass had exceeded 100 years. If that was the case, he would be brought to pay a fine.

Wu Yu naturally wasn’t afraid as he had just gotten the Dragon Immortal Pass. When the other party took his Dragon Immortal Pass and had a glance, he smirked and said sarcastically, "You sure are daring to come here after you just got your Dragon Immortal Pass. Get in quickly and don’t hold me up!"

Although he wasn’t kind, Wu Yu knew he didn’t have the strength to serve a good attitude from him. In the sky palaces, the concept of “experts ruled” was even more prominent. This vast world was different from what Wu Yu had envisioned in the past.

He arrived in Golden Fate Dragon City, a world that belonged to the mystical dragons. There were palaces and residences built specifically for mystical dragons. At the same time, he was dazzled to see a myriad of dragons flying in the sky.

"Admitting Immortal Palace." Wu Yu’s objective was clear.

He couldn’t find Luo Pin in a large city like this. Even if he were to ask around, others would likely ignore him. Therefore, he chose to head to the Admitting Immortal Palace to see if he could sneak in and search for information on Luo Pin.

There should be registration on mystical dragons brought here from the mortal domain.

The Admitting Immortal Palace was at the eastern side of Golden Fate Dragon City. Just the Admitting Immortal Palace alone was the size of the Immortal’s Capital. There were several thousand dragons tasked with the responsibility to receive and lead newly ascended mystical dragons.

As Wu Yu travelled along the huge streets, there were indeed few immortals. The sky was occupied by mystical dragons flying. When he used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to shrink his body to the size of one’s thumb, he was no different from a mosquito to the mystical dragons.

Therefore, no one took notice of him.

Soon, Wu Yu arrived at the Admitting Immortal Palace. He realized that the so-called Admitting Immortal Palace was, in fact, a giant hemisphere. There was only a single circular entrance on the side facing the sky. Mystical dragons would enter by flying, and there were several dozen mystical dragons guarding the entrance.

Wu Yu took a look and couldn’t help but furrow his brows. Based on his judgement, most of them were middle-aged mystical dragons that had cultivated for at least four or five yuan. That was the equivalent of 600,000 years! Most of them should be stronger than 6-Xuan immortals and even close to the Immortal Lord Realm.

Any one of them blowing a gust of breath at Wu Yu could send him flying away.

"Moreover, there are elite immortal designs." The Admitting Immortal Palace was a place restricted from outsiders. In fact, many mystical dragons were not allowed in. This was because it concerned the future of mystical dragons. Therefore, the security was air-tight.

"It would be too risky to jump in with the Somersault Cloud, as I can’t control where I would land. There are likely numerous immortal designs within that can annihilate me before I get in."

It was too risky to attempt it.

Wu Yu still hadn’t reached the point where he had to take the risk.

"The truth is, you don’t have to rush. Why don’t you wait a little longer and find out more about this place?" the Full Moon of Nanshan suggested.

Getting anxious would indeed not help the situation.

This was a world of mystical dragons. Although Wu Yu had insane talent and limitless potential, he had just arrived in the 8,000 Sky Palaces after all. His strength was definitely not considered anything in this place.


Wu Yu also understood that getting anxious wouldn’t help.

He decided to walk around and ask about the place. Although this was the territory of the mystical dragons, there would definitely be someone who would be willing to speak to him.

Now, unless they were foes, people who had committed heinous crimes, or existences that wanted to kill him, Wu Yu wouldn’t take the initiative to kill others and devour them.

This wasn’t something that he would do when he was calm.

He kept his composure and stayed around to observe. From the looks and conversations of some mystical dragons, Wu Yu was able to get some information.

Ordinary mystical dragons wouldn’t have heard information about a Primordial Immortal Dragon.

There were mystical dragons brought from the mortal domain to the Admitting Immortal Palace each day.

He couldn’t get much information, as there were too few mystical dragons who were willing to speak with him.

After 10 days in Golden Fate Dragon City, Wu Yu was getting a little restless.

"With those immortal designs and Xuan immortals guards, barging in is not possible. The only way would be to jump in, but the risk is too high." He was a little hesitant.

All those that he could possibly ask in Golden Fate Dragon City, he had already asked. There were indeed none that had heard about a Primordial Immortal Dragon. In fact, most mystical dragons didn’t even know about Primordial Immortal Dragons.

Regardless, Ao Yang, the one that once appeared in the Jambu Realm, would know.

Just as Wu Yu was wracking his brain and didn’t have a plan, he suddenly saw a glimmer of hope!

He saw Ao Yang! He was leaving the Admitting Immortal Palace!

"So he’s someone from the Admitting Immortal Palace! In fact, Luo Pin might very well have been brought here by him. Therefore, there’s a high chance that he knows where Luo Pin is!"

Wu Yu got excited immediately.

However, he could still recall the humiliation and scolding that Ao Yang once hurled at him. In the Jambu Realm, he had humiliated Wu Yu and stood aside as he watched the Ancient Emperor kill Wu Yu.

One could say that Wu Yu’s anger towards him wouldn’t be any lower than his anger towards the Ancient Emperor for that day.

Looking at how it was, Ao Yang might just be an ordinary member of the Admitting Immortal Palace.

The Admitting Immortal Palace was in charge of various major mystical dragon tribes in the mortal domain.

Wu Yu was pondering ways that he could question Ao Yang alone.

Where had Luo Pin gone? How was she?

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