Heavenly Castle

Chapter 123: Revolution Failed?
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Chapter 123: Revolution Failed?

Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

The knight in silver armor became a vanguard, while the knight in black armor blocked incoming magic attacks.

And behind them formed ranks of knights of the rearguard, that attacked with bows and magic. The knights of Inishida’s personal guard under his direct control.

Their number was only in dozens, but their equipment was better than anyone on that battlefield, and troops that were supposed to attack the Royal Castle were forced to retreat, having no means to oppose them.

Facing that situation, Castor the and others, covered in a cold sweat, were giving orders in rapid succession.

「Hold them! They are coming out! If you shoot fire arrows simultaneously from two sides you should be able to kill the one in the anti-physical armor!」

「Push them back no matter what! Failure means execution for everyone here!」

「Hiyyaaah?! H-h-hurry! Hurry and stop them! Why wouldn’t you move faster?!」

Castor and others frantically tried to fight off the royal guard, but the situation turned more grave as the time went by, making them even more impatient.

Karkuk Kingdom indeed had no strong knight orders, as it avoided wars and solved problems through money, hiring mercenaries. Without a doubt, deep down, Castor and his companions admitted that.

In other words, even high-ranked nobles, like Castor, were looking down on the military strength of the Karluk Kingdom.

However, it was different when it came to Inishida’s personal guard. Thanks to the Blau Empire, they had an abundance of remnants of defeated armies, and all of the war prisoners went through the Inishida.

Among them were distinguished men of valor, renowned swordsmen, and officers from small realms. Inishida took them under contract as slaves, bolstering ranks of his own personal guard.

And to that elite few he gave expensive equipment, that included even magical items. That force was capable of fighting whole armies of ordinary realms, and could even compete with court magicians and golems of Blau Empire.

On the contrary, Castor had only knights and mages that just as they were reputed, lacked real combat experience, and their difference in numbers couldn’t fill that difference in war potential.

As a result, Castor and others, who tried to tackle the enemy with sheer numbers, were pushed back and suffered unavoidable retreat.

And when they thought that an opening appeared, now palace guards poured onto the square before the castle, securing the area, and blocking the gates.

「Ha Ha Ha Ha! Did you see that, Prime Minister?! That is our true strength! The strongest knight order, impenetrable to both sword and magic! Well, as expected the equipment is limited, so we can’t make them more numerous, but it’s still a force to be reckoned with, right?」

「Tru-truly so...... However, is that fine to send the royal guard so far from here? What, what if another army is waiting for its chance......」

Faced with the nervous prime minister, Inishida clicked his tongue and pointed with his chin to the scenery outside the balcony.

「Good grief, you have no guts! Look at that! Castor’s life is hanging by a thread! Fufufufu, HAHAHA! Despite having some royal blood in him, he started a rebellion......... What a suitable end for such a fool!」

Inishida shouted in high spirits and pointed far away, there, Castor and his group were driven to the edge of the square in front of the royal castle.

In the blink of an eye, the royal guard overwhelmed the soldiers, robbing them of any will to fight.

And in the meantime, a sword of a royal guard reached Castor’s neck.

A splash of blood, and a noticeable shift in the mood on the battlefield. Confirming that, Inishida spread his hands and took a few steps forward on the balcony.

「This settles it. Everyone that sided with Duke Castor will be executed. Everyone related to them as well. Young women would be made slaves, fortune confiscated. I have to show others, what will happen if you do such a silly thing.」

He spoke enthusiastically, looking at the jumbled troops in the capital, then, turned around.

At the same time, a white light went past him.

Blinking, Inishida then noticed that he was soaked in warm liquid, and finally realized that the trembling prime minister in front of him was armed with a sword.

With his eyes wide open, looking at Inishida in terror, the prime minister shouted.

「Hi, hiii~! I-I, I didn’t want to do this......! I didn’t want to! Bu-but, with Lord Castor now dead, there is no other choice......」

Blurting out excuses, the prime minister took a step back. In contrast, Inishida took a step towards the prime minister, and not caring about the blood dripping from his cut neck, spoke.

「......W-Why...... You, you bastard, why... would, you, do, something, like this......」 fre ewebn ovel

As Inishida asked, closing the distance, the horrified prime minister yelled while swinging his sword in panic.

「Uuh Uwaaah?! Wha-what could I do! It’s because Your Majesty did something as stupid as trying to oppose Heavenly Country......! Lord Castor and his allies leaked that information outside the kingdom! In other words, this country is done! Until now we lived in the shadow of the Empire! But there is no such thing anymore! Were it to become known that we are opposing Heavenly Country, there is no telling who will attack us first......?!」

Talking on and on at a high speed, the prime minister awkwardly used the sword, slashing at Inishida’s hands and shoulders.

Being cut, Inishida grimaced from pain, slightly backing away.

And eventually, he was driven to the edge of the balcony. And as he reflexively raised his head, it took a hit from the sword.

「Th.........?! It... Cannot...... Be...」

Staggering, Inishida ended up falling over the balcony’s fence, flying headfirst into the ground.

As the King of Karluk, with wounds over him, was falling while splattering blood, both friends and foes, who were mixed by chaotic melee, all looked in the same direction, stopping in their movements.

Strangely enough, the Royal Castle was placed in such a way that it was visible from anywhere in the royal capital of Karluk Kingdom.

The death of Karluk King was seen equally by nobles, common folk, merchants, and slaves, and thus became known.

The sounds of battle ceased, and among the complete stillness resounded a sound akin to that of a heavy cloth bag falling to the ground.

But no shouts of victory or laments of defeat could be heard.

Only the crying of the prime minister, that trembling, still was holding the sword.

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