Hear My Heart: My World Falls into the River of Love

Chapter 8: Mutual Following — I have walked the deepest road; it is Nan Si’s strategy.
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Chapter 8: Mutual Following — I have walked the deepest road; it is Nan Si’s strategy.

With regards to having feet on two boats, Jian Yan was at a loss for a moment before ignoring it because regardless of it being He Xiu or Nan Si… in fact, it had nothing to do with her.

On Saturday, she finished her morning shift and returned home. Before she was even able to drink a mouthful of water, she received a call from Lin Zhen. Recalling that Lin Zhen had told her previously that she had a blind date on Saturday, Jian Yan felt that she was definitely calling to complain about it.

Just as expected.

“You can’t imagine what this blind date guy looks like! Can his hair even be any more oily? How long has it been since he washed it?!” Lin Zhen’s tone was packed with dissatisfaction. “Not only that, after he saw the car I drive, he determined that I didn’t want to date him because I dislike that he’s poor! God knows that I, Lin Zhen, never use wealth to measure a person’s value! I have always used reputation as the measurement!”

Jian Yan: “…”

“Plus, I don’t care if a man doesn’t earn as much as I do as long as he has the motivation to do better. The moment he caught sight of my car, he became terrified, as if he saw a ghost. I didn’t even tell him the balance on my bank card!”

Jian Yan pursed her dry lips, pouring herself a glass of water as she held onto her phone. “Which car did you drive?”

“My Baby Cayenne.”

“…Did you really not do this on purpose?”

“It’s just a Cayenne. I hate those male chauvinists that cannot bear to see a woman earn more than them the most.”

Jian Yan finished drinking her water. She then asked her, “Then how will you explain yourself to your mother when you return home?”

“I actually want to ask how the men will explain themselves to me. Is my mom so afraid that I’m unmarriageable that she sends any idiot to me for these repulsive dates?”

Jian Yan laughed before comforting her. “Don’t worry, your true love has yet to arrive, that’s all.”

Lin Zhen sorrowfully commented, “I am just worried that I will never find the one in this life of mine.”

Jian Yan replied, “If you are still unmarried when you turn 35, then I’ll take you as my wife. I won’t mind.”

“…I mind! My sexuality is very straight!”

Jian Yan’s pursed lips turned into a smile. “You actually could consider me for a moment. I’m beautiful, and I earn money. What else is there for you to be dissatisfied with? Mn?”

“…” Lin Zhen was silent for a long time before retorting with lightning speed, “Don’t keep using that old excuse of being allergic to men, quickly go out and fall in love with someone!”

She hung up the moment she finished speaking, as if frightened that Jian Yan would continue bothering her. This really couldn’t be blamed on her. Jian Yan had misandry for so many years that she had long harbored suspicions over her sexuality!

Since Jian Yan finished taking liberties with Lin Zhen, her mood was rather good when she entered her studio. She turned on her laptop and continued drawing her illustrations. At the same time, she tapped open the little penguin icon.

Her QQ notifications were, for the most part, silenced. 《 Satisfactory 》, however, had a production team group chat that she never silenced. She also wasn’t sure if she was afraid of missing some information or not.

Scrolling back up, she discovered that Sesame Paste had sent an @everyone message saying that the official company had already announced the audiobook, so she was troubling everyone to do a favor and reblog.

Jian Yan normally had little to do with her Weibo; even if she did go on, she only looked at the latest updates. Now that she had some time, however, she opened her Weibo with the good intention of re-blogging the announcement.

Her Weibo had close to four million fans, and those with alert notifications activated were in the several hundred thousands. She also wasn’t able to look over each one. Jian Yan opened her latest @ notification, and saw that Nan Si had already reblogged this Weibo message, even adding a line: 「Finally releasing a new song, having a great time :)」

His Weibo had already exploded. Those little fairies that had been ravenous for a long time finally seized him with great difficulty. In addition, this explosive news about a new song was concerning the huge IP, 《 Satisfactory 》!

Jian Yan considered his comment for a moment. Rather than reblogging the company’s post, she reblogged his.

Tang Zhi【V】: 「 Looking forward to it 『Rabbit』」

Her Weibo also exploded a second later. She saw that everyone was leaving comments, so she once again opened Nan Si’s Weibo and clicked the 「Follow」 button beside his profile picture.

This was actually the first time Jian Yan had followed someone on her own volition. Even though her Weibo was following a hundred people, those were all followed by Lin Zhen while helping her take care of her Weibo and mainly because work required her to.

Following Nan Si, she recalled that she herself had searched through his Weibo, but she didn’t finish searching… so she began to continue with this great task.

Truly like a fool.

Ridiculing herself mentally, Jian Yan thought for another moment. Nan Si was singing the theme song for the audiobook, so her trying to understand his works was something she should do anyway. Mn.

With this one search, the whole last three years on Nan Si’s Weibo were all brought out——of course, this had a lot to do with the fact that Nan Si didn’t updated his Weibo frequently.

Seeing a song recording, Jian Yan put on her headphones and played the video.

【…I will sing a foreign song. Mn——well then, what do you want to hear?】 Nan Si’s voice from three years ago wasn’t much different from the present; it was just that he wasn’t as busy as he was now, so he had time to talk with everyone then.

The public messageboard had tons of 「sukidayo」messages. Nan Si’s sexy voice once again flowed out of her headphones. 【 Singing this song again? I sang this too many times. Okay, okay, this song. Even though I don’t know what ‘sukidayo’ means.】 1

As he finished saying this, messages of 「Like you」 and 「I love you」 began spamming the public messageboard. Soon, all of the messages barraging the screen were 「I like you」. Nan Si had laughed, his laugh causing Jian Yan’s heart to flutter. 【Thanks, I also like you all.】

Jian Yan: “……”

The female coalition of commenters had such a deep strategy??

Sure enough, the entire screen became 「 I have walked the deepest road; it is Nan Si’s strategy.」2

This concert was comprised of VOICE artists only, so it lasted just one hour——not very long. She listened as she switched back to home page.

Her home page had a few editors and other artists. Apart from posting their artworks, everyone would also post daily. As for Jian Yan, she wasn’t careful enough, so she became blinded by another artist’s Weibo.

This particular artist was one of the small number of married couples that she followed. Normally, this artist would upload drawings of her and her husband when bored, her Weibo abusing all the single dogs.3Not for the first time, Jian Yan saw this artist share on her Weibo that her husband had returned from abroad with many skincare products and snacks for her.

Maybe because the emotions laced in Nan Si’s voice was too moving; for a moment, Jian Yan actually felt some envy. Those skincare products were very expensive brands and in decent quantity as well. Those chocolates were also ones that she had wanted to eat for quite a while…

Jian Yan had misandry since she was a child. It had been so long that for these past many years, she had never considered dating, let alone marrying. At the moment, however, she thought that a husband like this would be excellent.

So this world would does have such a happy marriage.

She pursed her lips slightly. She didn’t need to envy others; she could go buy them herself.

She found the skincare products online and ordered the entire set for herself. After that, she also went to buy those chocolates that had constantly been on her mind.

Spending a lot of money, although it caused Jian Yan’s heart to ache slightly, her mind was also carefree.

The song was already drawing to a close. Jian Yan saw an incessantly bouncing icon in the lower right and knew that there were new messages in the group chat.

Jiang Jiang: 「I saw Teacher Tang Zhi and Mr. Perfect Nan Si follow each other’s’ accounts!!」

Jiang Jiang: 「But my attention is one-sided!!!」4

Jian Yan stared blankly at the screen for a moment, before following everyone in the production team group chat with lightning speed. After she finished clicking furiously, she once again opened Nan Si’s Weibo and discovered that the arrow symbol really had become bidirectional.

She didn’t know why, but her heart once again pulsed unfathomably and mysteriously. Pu-tong. Pu-tong. She determined again that this person was really poisonous.

She closed the website and opened up the production team group chat to send out a mass message. 「I followed everyone in the production team ^_^」

Jiang Jiang: 「I saw! Teacher and I are bidirectional! Thank you, Teacher! Now the only one left is Mr. Perfect!」

Jiang Jiang: 「@Nan Si」

Wang Si: 「Your Mr. Perfect followed me『doge.jpg』」

Jiang Jiang: 「… … … … … … 」

Nan Si: 「I followed everyone in the production team ^_^」

Jiang Jiang: 「… … I don’t know why, but with the way you both explained this, it’s making me even more suspicious」

A moment later.

Jiang Jiang: 「Aaaahhhh! Mr. Perfect really followed me! Blowing bubbles of happiness!」

Wang Si: 「Can we kick this crazy goddess out?」

Sesame Paste: 「This crazy goddess you’re speaking of is our female lead ^_^」

Wang Si: 「This can make a man give up all hope…」

Jiang Jiang: 「Mr. Perfect followed me. My mood is good, not going to bother arguing with you ^_^」

Wang Si: [… …」

Jian Yan laughed. Jiang Jiang and Wang Si’s relationship seemed to be very good.


The small penguin suddenly beeped; it was a new system notification. Jian Yan clicked the little megaphone icon and discovered that it was a friend request——from Nan Si.

Jaing Yan stared blankly at her computer. Nan Si? Why did Nan Si want to add her as a friend? Could it be that he was adding the entire production team as friends??

Thinking that this was most likely the answer, she thus pressed 「Accept Friend Request」.

『 You and Nan Si are friends~ Quickly say hello~』

The system sent this automatic suggestion notice. Jian Yan’s hands were resting on the keyboard, but she didn’t know what to say to him

Nan SI: 「Hello, Teacher Tang Zhi.」

Nan Si had sent her a message first. Jian Yan thought for a moment before replying.

「 Hello Great God Nan Si~」

Nan Si: 「Teacher, you don’t need to call me Great God. Too polite『smile-cry』」

Tang Zhi: 「Then you also don’t need to call me Teacher.『laughs up her sleeve 』」

Nan Si: 「But you really are a teacher! I really like your fashion designs.」

Tang Zhi: 「Thank you; you flatter me.」

Tang Zhi: 「Also, did you add the entire production team as friends?」

Two seconds later.

Nan Si: 「Yes :)」

Jian Yan released a sigh of relief. So it truly was like this! … She originally thought Nan Si was an extremely cold man, but as it turns out, he was very in touch with the people.

Nan Si: 「This time, I am very honoured to have the opportunity to work together with Teacher.」

Tang Zhi: 「No, it is I who is honored. I have listened to your songs, very wonderful.」

Nan Si: 「Let’s not continue flattering each other like this, okay? Strangely feeling embarrassed 『smile-cry』」

Tang Zhi: 「Okay 23333」

Nan Si: 「 《 Satisfactory 》 was just completed?」

Tang Zhi: 「Yes」

Nan Si: 「Then what has teacher been recently busy with? :)」


Author’s Note:

There is someone with frightening foresight. hahahahahaha

Tang Zhi: QAQ

Tang Zhi: I have walked the deepest road; it is Nan Si’s strategy. QAQ


1. ‘Sukidayo’ means “I (really) like/love you.” in Japanese ?

2. A parody of “我走过最深的路就是南宁的套路,” which is “I have walked the deepest road; it is Nanning’s strategy.” It’s part of a response to this scenario: If someone asks what’s the longest road walked in Little Nan Nan (Nanning), I will tell him, “Rather than a street, a mountain road, or a path, it’s Nanning’s strategy! As long as the strategy is deep, perseverance will prevail. The people of Nanning have long been gradually proceeding and gradually getting further apart in this strategy.” ?

3. Essentially talking about how the married couple is tormenting single people (dogs) ?

4. Moonclipse’s comment: Basically, Jiang Jiang followed them both but they both didn’t follow her ?

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