Hear My Heart: My World Falls into the River of Love

Chapter 7: Feet in Two Boats — Normally, if a man truly had nothing to write home about, he will say he is honest and reliable.
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Chapter 7: Feet in Two Boats — Normally, if a man truly had nothing to write home about, he will say he is honest and reliable.


This was the first time Jian Yan hadn’t spent all night working. Instead, she was fooling around with everyone in the group chat. Nan Si truly seemed to be busy with work, as he didn’t chat for very long before leaving. At 10:00PM, the screenwriter finally appeared and excitedly called out to Jian Yan.

「Aaaahhhh! The Great God Tang Zhi!! I am the screenwriter for 《 Satisfactory 》’s audiobook, Glutinous Rice Ball!」

Glutinous Rice Ball: 「I love your work so much. Being the screenwriter for the 《 Satisfactory 》 audiobook has made me super happy!」

Sesame Paste: 「Are you so happy to the point that you can work for free? →_→」

Glutinous Rice Ball: 「23333」

Glutinous Rice Ball: 「Great God Tang Zhi, I will pull out all stops to write this script! I have already written the first episode. I’ll send it to your mailbox!」

Sesame Paste: 「Wait a minute, shouldn’t you send it to my mailbox first? ^_^」

Glutinous Rice Ball, however, didn’t pay attention to her.

Jian Yan received the script rather quickly from Glutinous Rice Ball. Including the theme song, the episode was twenty minutes long, so the script was also very short. It contained only three manhua chapters’ worth of content. When adapting the manhua to script format, there would definitely be some alterations. After Jian Yan and the screenwriter finished talking, she turned off her computer and went to sleep.


The next day, she was working a night shift and had to go to her post by 3:30PM. She woke up and jumped into her morning routine, making her breakfast afterward. Sitting in the dining room and drinking a cup of warm milk, she absently read through the QQ notifications on her phone.

The people inside the production team group chat all liked to wake up early. Jiang Jiang and Wang Si had already been chatting for a while. Since Jian Yan was already online, she greeted them. 「Good morning ^_^」

Jiang Jiang: 「Good morning, Great God Tang Zhi!」

Wang Si: 「Great God got up really early」

Tang Zhi: 「You two got up even earlier. 2333」

Jiang Jiang: 「Great God, Great God, I need to go to work soon, can you please teach me your tips and tricks to be fashionable!」

Tang Zhi: 「There actually isn’t any special technique——the most important aspect is that you have to be attractive. The same outfit, while on others may look beautiful, may look drab on you」

Wang Si: 「Hahahahahahahahahahaha」

Jiang Jiang: 「… … I have received your instructions」

Nan Si: 「Haha. Author 233」

Jian Yan stared blankly for a moment before wiping the screen. Even Nan Si was awake at first light as well?

She set down the glass of milk in her hand and began typing into the dialog box. 「I’m speaking the truth. For example, leopard print——it’s still a frequently worn and popular style, but not everyone can own it. Their temperament or other clothing might not be fitting, so deliberately wearing leopard print is very strange. Thus, I think that when wearing clothes, you cannot blindly follow fads and trends. You should wear what suits you best.」

When she finished typing all of this, she gave it a once over. Mn, no typos and also seems quite professional.

She sent the message.

Nan Si: 「Mn, I also think this way.」

Jiang Jiang: 「Then can Great God recommend a few safe clothing articles? 『pitiful face』」

Tang Zhi: 「There are several classic autumn-winter clothing styles, like this Chester coat. Classic design, something you can’t go wrong with. Moreover, it’s not old-fashioned. It’s the same with the white wool knit sweater, a classic that hundreds of people don’t choose. If you don’t like wearing white, then you can try red. A bright color also feels very fashionable.」

Jiang Jiang: 「Mhmm, already recording in a small notebook!」

Wang Si: 「 Did you write down the most important line? The most important aspect is that you have to be attractive.」

Jiang Jiang: 「Bai bai you!」

Nan Si: 「Great God Tang Zhi learned fashion design, right?」

Tang Zhi: 「Yes, is there something about it?」

Nan Si: 「No, it was just that I have recently begun acquainting myself with fashion design. It’s quite interesting.」

Jiang Jiang: 「Yi—yi! Man or woman!」

Wang Si: 「Foolish, definitely a woman! That means you still don’t understand a man ╮(╯_╰)╭」

Jiang Jiang: 「QAQ really, Mr. Perfect?」

Nan Si: 「:)」

Jian Yan tilted her head. Fashion designer? Previously, he had said that this work had something to do with clothing. What could it be? Model? Fashion magazine editor? Buyer?

Jian Yan hadn’t figure it out yet when Sesame Paste popped up again.

「Everyone’s on! Wow! We’re waiting for Great God An Ning of VOICE to come in. He is primarily in charge of the audiobook’s music. The theme song will also be written by him!」

Tang Zhi: 「OK.」

Sesame Paste: 「Right~ I’m going to take advantage of everyone being on and say something. The platform will announce the audiobook in a few days, so at that time, could everyone publicize it on your Weibo~~」

Jiang Jiang: 「Definitely! And first collaboration with Mr. Perfect!」

Wang Si: 「No problem」

Nan Si: 「OK.」

Tang Zhi: 「Also OK for me」

Sesame Paste: 「^_^」

Afterwards, the group chat finally calmed down. Jian Yan was also at ease and began to work. Because of her unease, she hadn’t drawn anything for a long time. She intended to use this time to draw an illustration for 《 Satisfactory 》. Since she had done a few rough sketches already, she could probably post it on Weibo for everyone’s pleasure.

She began to draw a character, becoming so absorbed in her work that she completely forgot to eat lunch. She was only pulled away from her drawing when Lin Zhen called her. Jian Yan glanced at the time and was slightly surprised. “It’s already this time…”

Fortunately, Lin Zhen had called her. Otherwise, she might have forgotten she had to go to work this afternoon.

“Chief Lin, what’s up? I need to go to work right now.” As Jian Yan talked, she set up an alarm for herself.

Lin Zhen’s voice seemed to be straining to remain calm, as if something major happened. “Jian Yan Yan! My mother found another man again to go on blind date with and is forcing me to go on one this Saturday!”


“Oh? Oh, I’m done for!”

“Mn, I am very sympathetic about your fate, but if you really don’t want to go, then don’t go!”

Lin Zhen said, “There’s nothing I can do. I’m already thirty! If I don’t marry, then my mother will start thinking that I have a psychological disorder! Next time, she wouldn’t be setting me up on a blind date, she’ll be sending me to a mental institution!”

Jian Yan frowned. “It shouldn’t be that serious…”

“Of course it is. Ai, you’re lucky! You’re only two to three years younger than me, but your mother isn’t even pressing you to marry!”

Jian Yan’s eyes darkened as she began to speak. “Because she’s someone who clearly understands how much harm an unfortunate marriage brings upon them and their family.”

Lin Zhen realized that she seemed to have mentioned the pot that didn’t boil. She hurriedly spoke and changed the subject so that it focused on herself. “For those blind dates, after they hear that I’m 30, all those men I’m introduced to don’t have very good circumstances. Many are divorced with a child! Hehe!”

These past several years, Lin Zhen and she had both been too busy with work, so they basically didn’t have time for a boyfriend. These marriages would turn her into a stepmother. This truly was too much. “What about this next one?”

“This next one hasn’t been married before. According to his introduction, he is very honest and reliable.”

Jian Yan Said, “Normally, if a man truly had nothing to write home about, he will say he is honest and reliable.”

Lin Zhen: “…”

“Can’t talk with you anymore. I need to prepare for work. I wish you luck.”

Jian Yan hung up the phone after she was done speaking. She sighed and got up to go to her bedroom and change clothes, She had to leave straight for Starlight General Merchandise and didn’t even have enough time to eat. Fortunately, the store’s dinner break was at 5:30PM, so Jian Yan merely had to last two hours. After that, she could hurry to the dining hall.

These past few days, the mall had been actively promoting sales. There were more customers in the evening, so Jian Yan had to quickly finish dinner and return to the store. As the mall’s closing time approached, the customers gradually thinned out. Jian Yan rubbed her calves, knitting her brows slightly.

Standing around on high heels all day couldn’t be described as working out hard, but she was currently very worried that her calves would become muscular…

“Stand up, stand up. Director He will come make his rounds soon.” The site manager called out to everyone to tidy up their clothes and take their positions in preparation to welcome their boss’ inspection.

Jian Yan had been on two or three night shift teams before, but she still hadn’t come across the director when he did his rounds. She glanced around at her female colleagues who were having a hard time concealing their excitement. She also examined her own clothes and hair before she went to stand perfectly straight in front of a counter.

He Xiu took his time patrolling each floor with the supervisor. When he passed through Fantasy Wardrobe, he glanced at where Jian Yan was standing before walking into her direction.

He Xiu walked up until he was two to three steps away from her. This caused Jian Yan to let out a slight sigh of relief. He looked at her for a while before asking, “You have been here for a week, right? How has work been for you?”

“Fine,” Jian Yan somewhat stiffly replied.

“Legs tired?”

“…A little bit.”

“Then next time, you shouldn’t wear heels that high.”

“This is mainly to complement my outfit.”

He Xiu smiled at her. “I believe that you can find more comfortable footwear to match with your outfit.”

When He Xiu finished speaking, although Jian Yan didn’t understand why he had suddenly begun this unfathomably mysterious conversation topic, the good news was… she hadn’t suddenly been intoxicated from hearing his voice that she forgot to reply to his questions.

The mall closed, and the staff once again finished up their work. In twos and threes, they clocked out. It was 10:40PM by the time Jian Yan returned home. She fell onto her large, soft bed and finally recalled with earnest her earlier conversation with He Xiu.

“Could it be that he doesn’t like my posture because it’s not straight enough?” Jian Yan clicked her tongue. Forget it. Considering that his voice was so pleasant to hear, his nitpicking is forgiven.

She groped for her cell phone and opened her QQ. The production team group chat had many new messages, but when she finished reading the message history, she didn’t see any messages from Nan Si.

Wait a minute… Jian Yan’s brows couldn’t help but furrow together. Why did she have a guilty conscience, as if she had a foot in two boats?


Author’s Note:

Sorry! Today, I spent the entire day outside, so I updated comparatively later [smile-cry]

Looking at all the comments yesterday, I realized there are quite a lot of readers who don’t understand what audio copyright is. Audio copyright is definitely what a platform needs to buy from an author. Even if it is domestically distributed and sold or sold digitally [smile-cry]

Amongst the company, apart from the author, all the staff, CV, and singers have to pay a fee. Ultimately, the finished product can be launched for profit. In addition, a somewhat well-known CV is only sold commercially. (Naturally, besides the voice acting incorporating in games and advertisements)

Audiobooks and radio dramas still have some differences. Everyone ignore Sesame Paste’s words of “this audiobook will release a new episode every Wednesday and Sunday,” okay? Generally, a radio drama is released this often. [smile-cry] Furthermore, a radio drama, for the most part, is divided up into periods, not episodes!

《?? 》


1. “Feet in Two Boats” = dating two people at the same time, essentially saying that you can’t have your feet in two boats. “Nothing to write home about” = unsatisfactory, nothing noteworthy, completely ordinary and unremarkable ?

2. Yummy~! Glutinous Rice Ball, or Tang Yuan as it’s traditionally called, is a Chinese food made from glutinous rice flour mixed with a small amount of water to form balls and is then cooked and served in boiling water. Tangyuan can be either small or large, and filled or unfilled. ?

3. 233 is a Internet “word” in China. It means “laughing,” just like lol or :D. It is from the No.233 emoticon of Mop forum which is one of the biggest forum in China, which is a laughing figure emoticon. And Chinese people on the Internet also use 23333 or 233333333333333 to express the happy emotion. ?

4. Idiom meaning to touch a sore spot or to talk about someone’s weak point ?

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