Hear My Heart: My World Falls into the River of Love

Chapter 4: Midnight Concert — Little brother, do you want me to teach you how to do some happy things?
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Chapter 4: Midnight Concert — Little brother, do you want me to teach you how to do some happy things?

Tang Zheng was He Xiu’s classmate from university. At university, the school clubs did not have much meaning, so he established a music club where he could sing and play around with instruments to make his own music. He Xiu had also been pulled into the club.

They originally believed that this small group would disband when everyone graduated. None of them expected that after so many years had passed, they not only didn’t disband the group despite everyone’s increasingly busy schedules, they even expanded and became a famous, online music team under Tang Zheng’s persistence.

He Xiu looked at the time and then spoke into the phone at Tang Zheng. “I didn’t forget. I’m still at work; I’ll return home immediately.”

Tang Zheng was somewhat anxious. “Will you be there in time? At this moment, the number of online viewers are rapidly reaching fifty thousand! So many people are waiting for you!”

“Don’t worry. Because of Big J’s level of chattering, the concert will certainly be unable to finish on time.”

Tang Zheng: “…”

He unexpectedly couldn’t refute.

“Then you need to hurry up. If you bounce, the girls will rebel.”

“Mn, so stop wasting my time.”

Tang Zheng: “…”

Pa. He hung up the call.


As it approached 11:00PM, Lin Zhen was still sitting on the sofa in Jian Yan’s house and listening to the concert. Jian Yan had already taken a bath and was now writing and drawing beside her on a notebook.

“Today was my first day at Starlight General Merchandise, and I was assigned to Fantasy Wardrobe. I feel that this is a very wonderful mall. This place has all kinds of different price ranges and distinct styles of clothing; it can let me interact with all sorts of clients…”

She earnestly recalled everything noteworthy that had happened today and recorded it down. Later on, she would use these as valuable source material.

Suddenly, the host of the concert’s voice exceeded eighty decibels, being especially loud and abrupt in this quiet night. “Aaahhh~! I can see it, the team you’re all waiting for is online now!”

His voice dropped, causing even Lin Zhen’s spirit to quiver. “Did the Great God Nan Si arrive?!”

Jian Yan tilted her head to look at her. “It’s already late at night, please don’t make a racket.”

Lin Zhen smiled at her and pretended to zip her lips shut.

She quieted. The host’s loud voice still rang out. “Okay everyone, don’t be too excited. We still haven’t gotten a hold of Er Hao Mai. You’re quickly maxing out the public messageboard. Hey! So angry, ya. I refuse to ask him to come up. Let’s chat for another ten minutes.”

“Fuck Big J for being more and more despicable.” Lin Zhen muttered lowly, striking the keys on her keyboard. Pitter-patter.

“You demons really make a man brokenhearted, I have hosted for you for so long, but you say language like this ying-ying-ying.” Big J made some gloomy and miserable ying sounds before returning to normal. “Okay, Great God Nan Si, give everyone a hello!”

YY calmed for a second before a male’s voice came through. “Good evening, everyone. I am Nan Si.”

Jian Yan’s hand stopped writing. She really didn’t dare to believe that she could hear two men with pleasant-sounding voices within one day.

“The public messageboard is crazy! You young girls, be a bit reserved!” Big J’s voice rang out once more. “Those comments that are telling me to leave, don’t think I didn’t see it! Okay, I’ll leave!”

The host withdrew, allowing Nan Si to take the stage. “Mn, I’m sorry for making everyone wait for a long time. I only just finished work.”

Jian Yan quietly moved closer and looked at the rapidly scrolling messages on the public messageboard.

「 Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh~ HUBBY! 」

「 Hubby works so hard! Don’t go to work anymore, I’ll keep you! 」

「 Hubby, don’t speak nonsense! You obviously just came from my bed! 」

「 Aaaaahhhh Hubby XOXO lift me up high! 」

Jian Yan: “…”

She felt that what the host said was correct. These girls really should be a bit more reserved.

Nan Si said, “It’s very late tonight, so I’ll sing a ballad song, okay? The song is 《 She Loves Me Not 》.1 I’m gifting this song to everyone. Hope you all like it.”

The soft and soothing prelude slowly began playing out. Nan Si’s magnetic voice also began to resonate out. “She loves me not. When we hold hands, she is too cold. When we hug, she is not close enough…”

Nan Si’s timbre was not considered soft. Using musical terminology, his voice could be classified as a perfect attack and sustainment, but it was very strange. His singing voice had the magic power to make the winter become warmer.

“I know that she doesn’t love me, her gaze speaks out for her heart…”

When he sang the chorus, it made people feel as if their hearts had stopped, precisely like what He Xiu made her feel earlier today.

The comments on the public messageboard also seemed to be shooting out with lightning speed, like a machine gun. Unfortunately, the song was very short. There essentially wasn’t enough time for them to say all the love they held for the singer.

Jian Yan, for those four short minutes, was also completely immersed in Nan Si’s singing. It was as if he was singing about a fleeting love.

“The song was sung extremely beautifully, wasn’t it?!” The host Big J’s voice pulled people back to reality. “But since you all came with great difficulty today, we can’t let you walk away with only one song, right?”

The public messageboard was filled with identical messages saying, 「 Right 」.

Big J said, “Do you see everyone’s heartfelt wishes? Do you have anything else you want to say?”

Nan Si said, “Thank you everyone for the present.”

“Just like this?! Great God Nan Si, I need to speak with you. Don’t think you’re getting away like this.”

Nan Si chuckled and asked, “Then what else do you all want to listen to?”

Just as his voice faded away, the public messageboard once again filled up with 「 Mai Kiss 」2 and 「 Pomp and Circumstance 」.

Big J coughed, and said, “Then what? I think Mai Kiss is impossible, as Great God Nan Si has never given a Mai Kiss. Pomp and Circumstance…even more impossible. How about this? Everyone knows that Great God Nan Si’s voice acting is incredibly powerful, so let’s have him give us a female voice, okay?”

“Hahahaha Big J, well done!” Lin Zhen excitedly slapped the table. Jian Yan glanced at her, and Lin Zhen immediately sat properly like a clever child.

Nan Si was silent for a moment before he opened his mouth to speak. His voice changed into a gorgeously beautiful female voice. “Little brother, do you want me to teach you how to do some happy things?”

“AAAAAAHHHHHH!” Lin Zhen once again couldn’t prevent herself from screaming aloud. The public messageboard also began spamming with 「 AH 」 and 「 HAPPY ♂ THINGS 」.

Jian Yan once again had her breath stolen away. This voice, did it really come from a man?

Immediately, Big J followed up with a crazy rant. “Mrs. Nan Si, Sexy Nan Si! Truly is fantastic!”

Jian Yan: “…”

What the hell was that foul, unpleasant voice.

Big J slowed down and once again read the new requests for Nan Si. “Female voice passes. This time we want a su-su-su-super heavenly bass!”

Nan Si said, “You aren’t making this hard at all.” After he said this, he slightly paused and then spoke with a deep, low, enchanting timbre. “Good night, little goddesses.”

When he finished saying this, the messageboard was spammed full with 「 AH 」, as if it were his own sound effect. The messages nearly filled up the entire screen.

“Oh my god! Perfect! Clever me took a recording!” Big J laughed out loud. “But why do you only provoke the public messageboard? Say goodnight to Big J too!”

Nan Si said, “In front of so many ladies, I really didn’t want to say such a vulgar name.”

Big J refused to accept his answer. “You obviously even said something as dirty as ‘Happy Things!’”

“How is happy things dirty? What’s dirty is you people.”

“… Okay, then can I ask why you can imitate voices so well?”

Nan Si thought for a moment. “Probably because I’m handsome.”

“…” Big J was silent for three seconds. “You’re so good-looking, do you dare to use your real voice to say these words?”

“Mn? I’m currently using my real voice.”

“Yeah right! As if I believe you.” Big J was full of doubt. “Okay, Great God Nan Si has already said goodnight, so we’ll let him off early. Goodbye, Great God Nan Si~”

“Goodbye, everyone.”

As soon as Nan Si had finished speaking, he left. The concert still continued, but Jian Yan had no intention of continuing to listen. She picked up her pen and notebook and headed upstairs. “I’ll go to sleep first; you can keep on listening.”

“Oh, okay.” Lin Zhen watched her departing figure before she placed her headphones on.

After Jian Yan returned to her room, she could not go to sleep, as Nan Si’s voice was still echoing throughout her mind. She had never felt this agitated before. In addition, before today, she also had never realized that she was a voice enthusiast.

“Shit!” Jian Yan took off her sleeping mask and straightforwardly sat up on her bed. She turned on her tablet that was beside her. She entered into the search bar 「 Nan Si 」, very easily finding his Weibo.

“Eight hundred thousand plus fans.” Jian Yan blinked. She looked at the brief introduction he wrote. 「 Busy. Any work matters, please contact VOICE. Only interested in songs 」.

Oh my! It seemed that he was a very popular person.

Nan Si didn’t diligently update his weibo. His most recent post was half a month ago, and it was all about encouraging his Weibo fans. The contents of his Weibo were also very simple. It either contained songs or photos of food or scenery.

“This is A City, isn’t it?” Jian Yan stared at the photograph of a building as she pondered on what it looked like. She browsed through his home page and discovered further below that he had uploaded an audio clip. It was an original song.

Written in the author tag for the song was 「 VOICE 」 with 「 Nan Si 」 following it. Jian Yan put on headphones and pressed play. Her agitated heart finally calmed as his singing washed over her.

This man was poisonous.

She couldn’t remember how many times she played his single, but early the next morning, her tablet was already dead.

She tidied herself up and prepared to go to work. Lin Zhen’s high heels were still by the entrance to her house. It seemed that she still hadn’t left. Jian Yan also didn’t have time to worry about her, so she grabbed her keys and just left through the door.


Starlight General Merchandise opened for business at 9:00AM, but the staff began to clock in at 8:20AM, officially convening and beginning the morning routines at 8:30AM. When Jian Yan clocked herself in at the machine, she happened to meet Xiao Shao, the one she had come across yesterday again. Xiao Shao quickly recognized her with a glance and enthusiastically greeted her. “Morning, gorgeous.”

Jian Yan’s lips thinned slightly, but she still reluctantly smiled at him.

Because of her unusual mood last night, she had thought that her misandry had suddenly improved. Now, it didn’t seem to be the case.

She finished swiping her card and quickly left. She thought that perhaps because she had stayed up too late last night, she was sensitive like this.

Walking to Fantasy Wardrobe, Jian Yan discovered that the Bunny wardrobe fashion team was switching to a new clothing style. She blanked out for a moment before she walked up to a co-worker and asked, “This is…?”

“Ah, this is Bunny and Tang Zhi’s new collaboration line. Do you know Tang Zhi? She’s that famous manhua artist. These clothes are from her manhua.”

“Mn… I know this person, but these clothes are already beginning to sell today?”

“Yes! Yesterday, Bunny’s official site and Tang Zhi’s Weibo simultaneously announced the news about the sale opening.”

Jian Yan revealed a dumbfounded face. Eh?


Author’s Note:

Yesterday, there were unexpectedly so many readers that were, shockingly, accusing me. Don’t tell me that you didn’t see the novel side-bar? [smile-cry]

Furthermore, in concern to this novel’s male and female leads, they have their own backstories. [solemn face]. Everyone, please don’t categorize them so quickly or early (especially the male lead).

And different from Song Nanchuan, the male lead’s living environment and maturity experience was significantly more complicated. He is not a shallow, tyrannical CEO.

Song Nanchuan: Wait a minute! Do you mean that I am a shallow, tyrannical CEO?

Author: … … ??

Song Nanchuan: ??

[Says nothing at all]

Finally, thank you for all my sponsors:

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1. Official Version; the other link is a male cover from The Voice of China. ?

2. Mai Kiss (麦吻) is when you can hear the other side make a kissing sound into the mic or phone ?

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