Hear My Heart: My World Falls into the River of Love

Chapter 37 — You two actually went to someone else’s engagement reception to act out public displays of affection!
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Chapter 37 — You two actually went to someone else’s engagement reception to act out public displays of affection!

After Jian Yan finished talking with the staff of Fantasy Wardrobe, she left, conveniently completing the formalities for resigning on the way. In his office, He Xiu smiled lightly as he looked at her. “To be able to become the male lead of Teacher Tang Zhi’s writing, I am extremely honored.”

Jian Yan curled her lips. “Be less smug. I only saw that you looked handsome, so I wanted to use you as the model for the male lead.”

He Xiu replied, “Then I am thankful that I am so handsome, as I am able to help Teacher Tang Zhi.”

Jian Yan: “…”

Do you believe that I will go online and burst open his mask…

“Then I’ll return to work first. Remember to send me my pay.”

He Xiu couldn’t help laughing. “I don’t dare to forget.” He walked forward and bowed his head to lightly kiss Jian Yan’s forehead. “I’ll contact you the first instance I’m free.”

“Oh…” Jian Yan touched her hand to her forehead, a nearly undetectable blush emerging on her cheeks.

He Xiu gazed at her before chuckling once again. “I stand corrected. It should be Teacher Tang Zhi to remember to contact me when she is free.”

Jian Yan laughed and said to him, “Then you might need to wait five to six years. Once I finish my new project, I’ll contact you then.”

“Then it is still better if I contact you.” The corners of He Xiu’s lips had been curved up into a smile the entire time. His smile was neither prominent nor faint, yet inconceivably enticing. “Let’s eat together tonight. I’ll pick you up.”


Stuck in the office for over twenty slow-going minutes, Jian Yan finally finished this resignation procedure. After returning home, she opened Weibo, thinking of how she would respond to her readers. Reading their comments for a while, Jian Yan typed out in the edit box:

「Who knew that I, as a manhua artist, would also be drawn into this kind of matter 『smile-cry』 Compared to my emotional problems, I even more hope that everyone pays more attention to my work. 《 Satisfactory 》’s complete book collection is currently being prepared fervently. The contents are super-luxurious! I always try my best when I draw ^_^ Additionally, preparations are being made for a new project. I hope everyone will be able to meet it this spring 『cute』」

News of 《 Satisfactory 》’s complete book collection and the new project smoothly shifted the reader’s attentions. Exploiting the current exceedingly high attention, she easily gave her work a surge of advertisement. Jian Yan felt that she really was too quick-witted.

Even the editor responsible for 《 Satisfactory 》intentionally sent her a message of praise.

He Xiu went on Nan Si’s Weibo to give her a like before notifying his lawyer to have them deal with this matter. Although Jian Yan had said to ignore them, he needed those paparazzi to be aware that he was not as magnanimous as they imagined him to be.

The eve of Xu Ying and He Chen’s engagement reception unwittingly arrived. The fervor over Jian Yan and He Xiu had also gradually faded away online at long last.

On the day of the engagement reception, He Xiu naturally drove his car to pick up Jian Yan. Jian Yan had specially styled her hair and had applied delicate makeup. She was wearing that high-end dress from Bunny, each step of hers extremely cautious.

“You look absolutely stunning today.” He Xiu brushed her long hair behind her ear, a smile gracing his face as he looked at her. “When your photograph is taken and given to Lewis later, he will definitely think you’re breathtaking.”

“Eh, do we really need to send it? It’s quite embarrassing.”

He Xiu commented, “Seeing the clothes he designed worn so beautifully, as a designer, he will certainly be happy. If he’s happy, he might collaborate more with you.”

“Then I can earn even more money.” Jian Yan blinked rapidly. Last time, her collaboration with Bunny had indeed earned her a lot of money.

He Xiu silently quirked his lips and slowly started the car.

The closer they approached the engagement reception venue, the quicker Jian Yan’s heart pulsed. She hadn’t even felt this nervous when she had went up stage to accept a prize before. She was now incomparably glad that she was wearing bought clothes. The confidence gained from wearing borrowed clothes and bought clothes was distinctly different.

Especially when there were so many wealthy entrepreneurs gathered.

“What’s wrong, nervous?” He Xiu turned his head to look at Jian Yan.

Jian Yan exhaled and admitted, “A little.”

He Xiu pacified her. “You don’t need to be nervous. Just treat it as going to eat a meal.”


Today, He Chen and Xu Ying were also wearing splendid clothes, already talking cheerfully and wittily with all the gentlemen and ladies at the engagement reception venue. Everyone was grinning from ear to ear as they spoke praises. Although Xu Ying knew that an innumerable amount of these were falsely construed, she still felt very happy hearing them.

She casted another glance to the doorway. Catching her actions, He Chen disdainfully snorted at her bad habit. “Who are you waiting for? He Xiu?”

Xu Ying’s delicately painted eyebrows daintily knitted together. She said to him, “With so many people here today, I don’t want to quarrel with you.”

The smile on He Chen’s face grew colder. “What, does He Xiu’s name immediately make you so sensitive? Can you not even tolerate it being mentioned?”


Just as Xu Ying opened her mouth, He Jing Long approached them, asking He Chen, “When is your older brother arriving?”

He Chen shrugged. “Don’t know. There are so many people here waiting for him, though, that I don’t even know who is supposed to be today’s protagonist.”

He Jing Long’s brows wrinkled slightly. In the end, he didn’t say anything else, merely having his assistant go and ask He Xiu where he was. Just as his assistant was about to make the phone call to the side, someone pushed open the doors of the ballroom.

He Xiu led Jian Yan through the doors. For a moment, everyone remained silent.

Gentlemen thoughtfully looked at them while the ladies very quickly began to whisper comments, unable to restrain themselves.

“Who is that woman beside He Xiu?”

“Don’t know. I’ve never seen her before. She’s wearing the latest high-end dress from Bunny; that must have costed several million yuan.”

“Yi, haven’t you all previously heard of He Xiu being with Tang Zhi. From what I see, this lady looks similar to the one in the photos.”

“Are you talking about that manhua artist? The paparazzi have always been writing about He Xiu these past several years without basis. I was under the impression that this was also bogus.”

“At first I also didn’t care, but he even brought the person here…”

Later, it went without saying that in everyone had their own ideas. After He Xiu and Jian Yan passed by them, they would curve the corners of their mouths, revealing graceful and occasion-appropriate smiles.

When Tang Zheng caught sight of He Xiu and Jian Yan walking together, he was also stunned for a moment. Having finally reacted, he walked up to bar their way with righteous indignation filling his chest. “Even if you two are together, you two actually went to someone else’s engagement reception to act out public displays of affection!”

He Xiu looked askance at him and smiled, remarking, “Similar to how in the eyes of the poor, whenever the wealthy do something, they are always flaunting their wealth, in the eyes of single dogs, whenever couples do something, they are always making a public display of affection.”

Tang Zheng: “…”

He Xiu took out his invitation and flashed it in Tang Zheng’s face. “I only came after receiving this invitation.”

Tang Zheng turned away, not wanting to deal with him anymore. He looked toward Jian Yan and exposed a small, amiable face. “Extremely beautiful lady Jian is truly gorgeous today, absolutely the envy of all beauties.

“Thank you.” Jian Yan smiled at him.

He Xiu saw He Jing Long looking at them from the side as he waited and led Jian Yan by the hand to bypass Tang Zheng. “We’ll leave first to go greet others.”


Jian Yan followed him forward, her gaze accidentally meeting Xu Ying’s. Her complexion dimmed a bit before Jian Yan slightly curved her lips to reveal a smile to her.

“Congratulations, you two,” He Xiu congratulated He Chen and Xu Ying, his smile and tone both very sincere and enchanting.

Xu Ying’s complexion was somewhat unsightly. Contrarily, He Chen responded with ease before his eyes lit up with curiosity when he looked at Jian Yan. “Are you not going to introduce this beautiful woman?”

He Xiu announced, “Jian Yan, my girlfriend.”

He Chen didn’t expect him to introduce her so directly as his girlfriend, causing him to be stunned. To the side, He Jing Long and Zhao Ying Fang also very clearly heard their conversation. He Jing Long examined Jian Yan and asked He Xiu, “When did you get a girlfriend? How come I didn’t hear you mention this?”

He Xiu seemed to not want to say much to him, merely replying with one brief word. “Recently.”

He Jing Long had long been accustomed to this attitude of his, so he didn’t mind at the moment, merely continuing to stare at Jian Yan. A few days ago, he had heard about He Xiu having a scandal with a manhua artist, which he originally didn’t take seriously. He didn’t expect He Xiu to actually bring the person here directly.

With He Xiu’s looks and family background, several wealthy young ladies had been stubbornly pursuing him over the last years, but he had never seen He Xiu place someone in his heart. This time, he had brought someone in front of everyone. In other words, he had already set his mind on her.

He Jing Long had thought about a lot in this brief moment. He Xiu had never listened to him, but on this matter of marriage, He Jing Long couldn’t not care.

Originally, he wanted to chat with Jian Yan, but He Xiu very quickly drew her away. He Jing Long also couldn’t chase after them. After all, today was He Chen’s engagement reception.

He Chen pursed his lips against his glass of champagne and glanced to the side at Xu Ying, who had not said a word. “What, originally, you wanted to show off in front of his face, yet in the end, he played you instead, so your heart is uncomfortable?”

Xu Ying lifted her head to stare at him, wrinkled her brows, and didn’t speak. He Chen’s smile also disappeared from his face. With a heavy expression, he said, “Don’t forget that the man you are marrying is me. This was even your own choice. I am not that magnanimous.”

Xu Ying pursed her lips, swallowing stiffly with reluctance and resentment.

After He Xiu greeted everyone in his family, he led Jian Yan to a corner to eat. Jian Yan watched as he filled his place with small, delicate cakes. Drinking a mouthful of champagne, she asked him, “That beautiful woman over there with long legs, isn’t that the female star Pei Ying?”

He Xiu smiled and said, “Mn. She and CEO Song came together. I heard that there will be good news to come.”

“Wow.” Jian Yan sighed. This wealthy party was distinctly different, allowing one to casually look at celebrities. Her gaze swept over the man beside Song Nan Chuan. Jian Yan was stunned. “That—that man beside CEO Song, isn’t that the God of Gambling?”

“God of Gambling?” He Xiu looked at her in puzzlement.

Jian Yan replied, “You don’t know? At New Year’s Eve, he also came to line up to buy lucky bags. Not only that, he even arranged a mahjong table in the plaza. I heard the security guards say that he had come last year as well, and when he had played mahjong the entire evening, he never lost.”

He Xiu couldn’t help but chuckle lowly. “It seems like CEO Xiao’s mahjong skills are indeed excellent. CEO Song had the fortune of playing with him once.”

“The result?”

“Naturally a loss.”

“Haha. He didn’t even give CEO Song face?”

Jian Yan giggled quietly as he said to her, “See that person over there? Do you know who he is?”

Jian Yan looked in the direction he was staring at and saw a man standing in a suit with straight posture as he talked to a man beside him. “Don’t know, but he looks very handsome.” Jian Yan felt that it was truly a great loss that Lin Zhen did not come to this engagement reception today. Everyone here was an elite, and moreover, there were all so handsome!

He Xiu informed her, “Your favorite, CEO Yu of Yu Zhi.”

Shua! Jian Yan’s eyes immediately brightened. CEO Yu, King of the Culinary World. No foodie doesn’t love him. “He is a man worthy of the greatest admiration.”

Pfff. He Xiu was amused by her. “I will feel jealous with you praising other men like this.”

Jian Yan gazed at him and blinked. “He helps us solve the problem of eating, while you let all women to wear beautiful clothes. You both are worthy of the greatest admiration.”

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