Harem Tales of a Reincarnated Elf Prince

ex2 Chapter 9
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Chapter 9 - Until We Run out of Power

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

Beatrice looked down at me without moving her expression, which is overflowing with confidence right now.

On the other hand, I have been made to cum once, so I’m still in a pathetic state.

However, it wasn’t all that bad.

It’s because the libido sleeping inside me has now been revived.

Entrusting my body to her and indulging in her pleasure is the right choice.

Right now, my natural desire to make a woman feel bliss has now been reawakened.

"Thank you, Beatrice. It felt really good"

I expressed my outmost gratitude to Beatrice.

Because of her, the passion I thought has withered has now finally resurrected.

However, I felt bad for her, as I was the only one that felt good.

"I felt better now. My body has improved too. Sorry for troubling you, and let me thank you once again"

By sexual means, of course.

Since I showed her how pathetic I was, I have to give her enough pleasure to forget all about it.

However, when I tried to rise up, her arms pushed me back.

"Wh-what is it......?"

"Not this time. What are you trying to do, moving without my permission?"

Before I knew it, Beatrice has straddled over my waist.

Then from there, she pushed me back to the bed.

"My torture isn’t over yet, you know?"

Beatrice said so as she looked down at me.

Unlike earlier, she’s now giving off the usual aura of a Demon Lord.

"From the looks of it, I see that you’re back in shape. For that, I have to take the corresponding attitude for it"

She changed her approach upon seeing my current state?

"Today, I’ll have you pour all your remaining seed in my womb. Besides, didn’t you do it with Erune and Glinnis today? Don’t even think about denying it"

She then grasped my penis hard.

Because my desires have been revived, it’s now standing in ovulation.

Meaning it was ready to be inserted right away inside her babymaker.

Following that, Beatrice raised her hips then pressed my dick all the way to her depths.

"Kuh, nnnhh! Did you know? It already got this wet thanks to you licking my breasts earlier"

"Yeah, it’s really soaking. But to be able to get this wet by just licking your tits......"

"It’s the truth. Geez, I really shouldn’t let my guard down at you"

I could already feel how wet her pussy is based on the sensation.

However, is she exaggerating a bit? To get this wet by just tasting her tits......

Probably she’s already excited when she started giving service to me.

"I should get going before this thing completely recovers......Ahnn!"

Without any delay, she plunged my stick right in.

My dick was already so hard that it split her wet pussy into two, reaching her farthest place in one go.

"Haa, haa, it’s so hard, it already reached all the way inside, Aaaah!"

The head of my dick then hit something elastic.

This was probably the entrance of her womb.

I looked at Beatrice, who breathed out in a big way to calm her feelings.

"You have entered my very depths. How does it feel? Regretfully, this time I won’t let you go"

The eyes of this woman were calm, but I could tell she’s already horny.

She already sealed my movements completely.

"You got me. I can’t move in this state"

If the other girls were to push me down like this, they would definitely force me to take the missionary position.

However, this is difficult for Beatrice, who,s ability is on a different league.

To push her down, it is necessary to give her pleasure with foreplay, but before that it is necessary for you to understand her body first.

"I’ll wring out all your semen this way"

She began moving her hips, smiling as ferocious as the time I was fighting her at her own castle.

I knelt on the bed and slowly lift my hips.

Thanks to these movements, the head of my penis casually scratches the walls of her vagina. This stimulated Beatrice even more.

She raised her hips to the point where my cock was almost pulled out, then it descended, putting it back once again.

My dick meat entangled with the meat pleats all over again.

Like a sea anemone, countless folds completely wrapped my junior.

My lewd stick got a pleasant feeling and let out precum once again, Like the first time when this Demon Lord gave indecent massages to him.

"Ahhn, haa, haa! H-How was it. Is my waist good?"

Beatrice asked me with a sweet voice.

"It’s great. It keeps surprising me every time"

This is not a mere flattery, but something that came from my heart.

Not to mention the way she moves in this cowgirl position, even passive ones like the missionary position is so erotic when she does it to me.

This is clearly that succubus’ teachings, but even I was overwhelmed by the results.

"If she keeps this up, maybe one day I’ll lose to Beatrice Ugh, tight!"

"One day? How about ’tonight’? If you let your guard down, you’ll cum in an instant. I’ve warned you"

She then put her hand on my chest.

Then with increased power, she pressed my body to the bed with force.

"Now then, more, more, enjoy yourself with my alluring body even more!"

Beatrice applied power in her pussy, giving a heavenly stimulus to my fuck as she move.

I too, moved my waist in sync to her.

Naturally, she made an even tighter grip inside. Please visit 𝑓𝘳𝚎𝘦𝚠e𝚋𝘯o𝘃el. 𝒄om

The soft fleshy pleats surrounded my dick without any gaps, stimulating my fuck stick from all directions.

"GUaa, aah, uuuuh!"

I leaked out a pitiful moan.

The pleasure inside her pussy is intense. Too intense!

"Crap, I’ve never felt like this before......!"

The feeling of wanting to ejaculate rose, and its now nearing its limits once more.

But I don’t want to cum that easily.

I don’t have the energy to capsize her in this state, so I raised my hands which are free instead.

Then, I reached out to the Demon Lord’s big tities that shook every time she moves up and down.

I gripped both firmly, then kneaded them with all my remaining strength.

"My breasts again? Kuuuh, aaahn! Haaa, haaaa, do’t rub it so much!"

"This heavy lumps are shaking in front of my eyes, how can I resist keeping my hands out of them?"

I rejected her lovely cries.

"If you want to someone to blame, then blame Beatrice who couldn’t even keep her hands off even for a while. I’ll do whatever I want this time"

I continued pressing her breasts even more, enjoying its sensation as I knead them to the left and right.

It’s like a freshly cooked mochi.

Their elasticity too, are like marshmallows despite its softness.

I pressed the two soft meats to the center, making a deep valley. The scenery created was very stimulating.

However, I don’t think I want to be sandwiched in between these breasts right now.

Because Beatrice’s pussy today felt really good.

"Damn, I feel like it’ll come out once I relax my guard for a bit"

"Hafuu, uuh, it’s not good to resist you know? Spurt it out, spurt it all inside me"

"Hahaha, Like I can afford to come here alone!"

If I squirted it all out here, it’ll be too pitiful of me.

I have to show my dominance even a bit, so that she can cum with me at least!

I put my energy on my waist that was about to break down, then upon finding a gap in her movements, I pushed my waist above.

"Ihiiiiiii!? What, how can you still move......fuuu, uuuugh!"

The sudden impact made her scream out.

There wasn’t much momentum because there was not much space, but she seems to have felt it to some extent.

I moved my hips firmly while loving Beatrice’s breasts.

It was small, but it was enough to boost her lustful desires if I match it with her waist movements.

Of course, she also retaliated, trying hard to squeeze out my semen even more.

We didn’t stop till were one step from our limits.

"Haahaaa, I can’t do this any more, I’m cumming!"

"Haaan, aahn, Allan, come, let it out, all of it inside me!"

Beatrice and I shook our hips even more to the pleasure.

"I’m cumming, Accept it all!"

I pulled her waist at the last moment, then injected my fluids inside.

Her body trembled in pleasure so intense I almost felt my dick melt away.

"Ahh......Oguuuuu! Here it comes, it comes, it’s flowing right inside my womb! Ahhhhiiiiii!"

Beatrice climaxed, straightening her back.

With trembling bodies, we enjoyed the reverberations of the climax within each other.

After a while it settled down, Beatrice fell on my chest.

"Haaahaaa......cumming from that state, looks like I still have a long way to go"

I let out words ridiculing myself.

"......suppose I got pregnant; I might hand over the position of the Demon Lord to this child"

"Until then, please protect the seat of the Demon Lord"

"Well, I don’t know about that...... I’ve been tamed this easily after all"

Despite the joke, she gave a gentle smile.

I put my hand on Beatrice’s head, but with my fatigue dominating me, I closed my eyes as soon as the sensations touched.

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