Harem Tales of a Reincarnated Elf Prince

Volume 1 Chapter 2
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CHAPTER 2 – In the Elven Forest

Please note that this chapter contains scenes and words inappropriate for young audiences. It is not safe for work. Be aware.

“Cecil, did you say that you would do anything?”

“Eh... yeah ... but ...... I don’t like painful ones"

“I have no such hobby”

Unfortunately, I don’t have fetish in plays related to pain. I think that I won’t gain fame as a playboy if I have in the first place.

“A-And? What should we do?”

“Can you hold mine with your bountiful chest?”

I dare to say straight.

Cecil shows a surprised look but does not feel like drawing back.

I guess she studied a lot in various ways to get to know me better. She pretended to be naïve, but for sure she already has the knowledge about this.

“S-so there is such an act... I have heard about it...”

“Can you do it?”

“If it is for Allan-sama...”

Saying that, Cecil grabbed her clothes...

“I’m ashamed but ...”

then exposed her chest.

Originally wearing clothes that show cleavage, they slipped out at ease.

Still, I think it was a blessing that I could see Cecil’s chest.

“It is beautiful.”

“That’s ... what you often say to everyone ...”

” Though I am guilty to say, it is not a lie. Your skin is also white and it has a beautiful pink color.... Along with the form and tension, it is just so great"

"It is shameful to be able to hear praises your own body"

“You can get used to it right away”

I told Cecil to take off my pants.

It is good to take it off by myself, but I thought it would be more interesting if Cecil dyed her face red once again.

With her kneeling, she puts her hand on the belt and removes it.

When she took off the hook, she pulled it down along with my underwear.

“This is Alan-sama’s ...”

Seeing the chest of Cecil along with the kiss earlier, the obscene stick swelled completely in a big way...

The sore, which is several times larger than human’s, is exactly like a sword.

According to one of the women I embraced, I hear that my obscene stick is already rare and huge. To the extent that she went crazy as she enjoyed herself, as far as I recall.

“It was my first time seeing it ... but this is really so big.”

“Are you scared?”

“Do you remember when we used to take a bath together when we were small? At that time it was only a size of a thumb. “

“hey, don’t compare it with the me when we were still small.”

“I, I’m sorry ... but there was nothing else to compare for me”

"...... Will you sandwich it? “

“Yeah ... because it is my role to take care of you.”

Then, she spread her own milk tanks and sandwiched the horny stick standing to the sky with those soft meat.

My excitement went up with that soft touch that seemed to melt me in a moment.

“Allan-sama’s ...is very hot ...”

“The elasticity, it’s soft enough to wrap everything up ... Good grief, with such a nice woman in front of my eyes, I’m surprised that I’ve been able to hold back this long.”

“I’ll accept that as a compliment, Alan-sama”

“With that pretty figure and attractive body, I declare it daringly, from now on, I will fill you with love every day from now and hereafter."

"That might be a little too much... but I look forward to it, fufu"

"That composure......I won’t lose"

"Allan-sama, I have now the "upper" hand you know?"

While saying so, Cecil had drawn her chest closer.

Although she did not move yet, I felt pleasure in the pressure of her breasts and my body shook.

“I was quite scared because it was big and dark red, but if you look closely it was quite pretty.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“I only have to move this way, right?”

“Ooh...like that..... Can you make it a little stronger?”

Maybe because I’m craving for sex right now, I have already made a little leak.

Doing a gentle service all the way, moreover with a virgin as your partner..., I think I feel stronger pleasure than before...

This tit-fuck is a new experience to her, but I look forward how far you can do me, my good Cecil.

"I’m going to move, okay?"

Cecil moved up and down while holding her chest.

The soft meat wrapped up the leash and stimulated the whole.

The glans appeared and disappeared from valley of her chest, as she stared at me with upturned eyes.

Cecil cheeks went red, as her breathing went rough.

She was staring at me with the look of becoming a horny female.

It’s as if a woman’s desire and her role as my guardian are in conflict.

“Haa...nn ... it’s amazing ... It’s getting hotter ... and bigger.”

“Good, Cecil. Yes, make me feel good more.”


The up and down movement accelerated, as her breasts are squashed in an indecent shape.

As she served desperately to me, I obtained great pleasure.

“... It’s not slippery enough”


“Allan-sama likes the faster one, right?


"Then I’ll make it more slippery. But before this, please forgive me for my graceless behavior"

Saying that, Cecil opened her mouth a little

“Nn...... Eea......”

She put out the tip of her tongue softly, dripping out saliva into her valley.

My heart crazed that such a pretty girl like Cecil put up with her embarrassment for me and acted!

I really had the best childhood friend after all......thank you very much different world reincarnation.

“If this ... ... Ann... ... ... ... easy to move”

“It feels good. Move it faster and faster.”

“Yes ... but making it fast too much is ...”

“Is what?”

“I-I will also...... will feel strange too, that’s why. “

Looks like a strict person like Cecil seems likely to lose to sexual desire too, huh.

In addition, her face has reddened, and her breathing becomes short and quick, too.

The nipples in her chest is already bursting out and pointing to the sky, fully erect in excitement.

“Well, it feels so pleasant to serve with my breasts after all ...”

“I also feel pleasant too”

“If Allan-sama is pleased ....nn, aah,nn, I will do anything.”

"Then put a bit more pressure into it. I want to cum soon"

With the way we are, I had also become strange too.

If I don’t ejaculate here, I will not be able to keep calm sooner or later.

“Okay ... I will do my outmost service. Ahn!”

While making naughty and sloppy noises, the titfucking becomes intense.

From the root to the tip, she stimulated deliberately, and the urge to ejaculate is gradually felt.

Cecil kept staring at me with to see if I was also feeling better.

As she is standing on her knees, Cecil stared at me with upturned eyes.

A situation where a pretty girl stares at you while doing a titfuck, this is the highest.

I felt power leaving my body, as I gradually felt the need to come.

“[Nn, Aah, Nn, Allan-sama...... something drips from the tip......”

“It’s called precum. It comes out when I feel good.”

“You feel good with me, right?”

“Of course it is. If I am an inexperienced person, I would have ejaculated in an instant, you know?”

It is terrifying that you are not aware of your own destructive power.

But Cecil is my woman.

The excitement rises further the more I think of it.

“Ahh... This is no good...... it will come out soon, Cecil”

“E, Eeeeh!? How, what should I do?”

“Sit it on your chest as it is ... will you accept it?”

“Y-yes. If it’s for Alan-sama ......!”


As it becomes impossible to endure the sensation of her Soft skin anymore, I put a lot of force to my fist.

I raised my balls lightly, and fixed my pose to cum.

“Ah ... Gu ... ...!”

“Allan-sama, please make me feel it! Please pour it all at me!”

” Cum, Coming......!”

While clenching my teeth, I came.

A large amount of semen was released.

Perhaps because I have stored a lot, it appeared as a jelly-like mass as I sprinkled it from valleys to the face of Cecil.


She is surprised but doesn’t stop the titfucking and receives my cum.

“Haaahaah......haaahaaa ...so this is, semen ...”

“It came out because I felt good”

“I ... ...... to Allan-sama ...”

“Yes. And you are going fully serve me from now on.”

“I understand. I was throbbing at first, but when it is like this, perhaps, it is quite pleasant.”

"Quite pleasant?"

“Even for a moment, to think the strong Allan-sama becomes so defenseless when he’s about to cum, fufu”

“Good grief, saying what you want......”

I’m feeling a bit complicated since I have shown something I’m weak at, but I know Cecil is joking right now.

Ejaculation after a long time is such a pleasant experience, it seems that my horny stick is also pleased, too.

“Ah-uhmm ... Alan-sama,”

“Hmm? What’s up, Cecil?”

“Oh, I ... I too ... I cannot stand it anymore...”

Cecil stood up, sticking out her butt.

Even though I just ejaculated, my horny stick gets hardened in an instant.

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