Harem Tales of a Reincarnated Elf Prince

Volume 1 Chapter 8
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Chapter 8 – The Childhood Friend’s Sudden Change

Please note that this works of fiction is not safe for work. It contains words, scenes and phrases not suitable for young audiences. Be aware.

"For the second time there will be no plugging out......!

"N-No way~!"

Cecil has a surprised face, but it doesn’t matter to me.

I am having sex with such a good woman. At the very least I have to enjoy it to the fullest.

Besides, I like to uncover the secret nature of Cecil.

If there is none, then I have to dye her one myself.

“I will move”

I grabbed Cecil’s thighs and started moving my hips.

It’s already wet enough so it has slipped in one go. I’m going to plunge deep into her as it is and raise the sensitivity.

"ahnn, nnn, Haanu! Allan-sama’s......amazingly thick!"

"How does it feel?"

"My stomach seems to split open! It feels like a thick log as it enters my place"

"then......how about this!?"


I knocked on her with a force as if wanting to break through her belly.

Cecil opened her jaw wide towards the sky as her eyes turned white in delirium.

Her eyeballs are rising upwards and her tongue has gone out sloppily.

I may be able to see something greater if I stimulate her a little more.

And thus, I swayed my hips further.

"Ahhh, Aaaah! No, no goooood! Please! It’s, its amaziiiiing! Something amazing is cummming!!!!"

"You don’t have to endure it. Let all out as much as you want"

"I’m cumming! I’m going to cuuuuuum!"


"AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaAH! Cummmmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnggggggg!?"

While grasping the sheets, Cecil stretched up her waist.

Her vagina constricted bit by bit. Though her hole is getting smaller by the reaction of her climax, I think it’s good to have one more ejaculation.

Cecil’s vagina narrowed so intensely that as if it was a sex sleeve made just to squeeze out semen.

This is the first time I experienced such a vagina.

I don’t know how long I keep it, but I think I’ll try to move more.

"I’m cuumming! Still cumming! So, please stop!"

” Sorry, but I just can’t stop it because it feels so good!”

"Nnnnnnn, Already, impossible. My, voice, can’t stop now"

"Maybe it’s asking you to let it go"

"N-no way, that is......!

"You have a beautiful voice like a diva. Let me hear of it even more"

"Ahhn, Allan-sama’s so meannn.........Fuaaaaaaaa!"

Cecil’s high pitched but lovely voice was heard through my ears.

It’s like my brain is being stimulated directly, and just listening to the lovely voice, it was able to increase my excitement.

Wanting to hear that voice more, I beat to her womb more strongly.


"It’s here, it’s here.

The voice that comes out when a woman begins to go crazy.

Though it is coming through her throat, it felt like all of it came from the bottom of her belly.

If I stimulate this more, it will be something that you can never think it’s from a woman’s.

"I will give you more. Here, here, here, here!"

"Guhoo! Nfuuu! Kuhoo!" 𝗳𝒓e𝚎𝙬𝒆𝙗𝚗o𝙫e𝗹. 𝐜𝐨𝙢

“Do you feel good?”

Kcrraaeeeshyyyyy......aye, i......going cccraasssszzzhshyyy......!"

That’s right, go grazy"

"mo, Mou, cant...go...on.........my reasoning...is...!"

"You don’t have to endure. Show it all to me"

"Aaah, aaaaah, aaaaaaah, aaaaaAAh, its impossible, again......I’m cummiiiiiiinnnnng!"

Gyuun, Her vagina tightened, Cecil climaxed again.

At this moment is her weakest.

I pushed my lewd rod in with a stab.

"Ah, eggguuu!, ooh! Oh! OooooooooOOH!"

Cecil stuck out her lips.

She could not help it anymore? She didn’t even try to hide her face.

"Again......cumming! I’m cummming...! Oooooohh! OoooooOOOOh!?"

She did a low voice just like a beast.

A pretty girl like Cecil is going crazy about my horny dick.

I have not seen such joyful sight like this.

"Aaaaaaaah, Oooooh, NnnhoooooOOOOoooo!?"

Cecil’s hair became disheveled as she swayed her head right and left, probably because she came too many times.

"Cummingcummingcummingcummingcumming......! Cummmmmmiiiiiinnngg! Aaaaaaaaah, Oooooooooh, I’m becoming strangeeeeeeeee!"

"Aahh, I too, am at my limit"

The obvious reason is that the size of her vagina and my dick does not match.

As expected when moving in and out of her narrow and wet pussy at high speed, I wasn’t able to endure for long.

I want to play more, but it’s about to come out soon, huh.

"Aaaahhh, Noo, nkuooo, Nnnaaa! Allan-sama’s dick......ghaaaaa!"

"How is it?"

"I’t is thick......big......annnnnd haard! It’s firmly stuck in me, even I can feel its blood vessels pumpinggg!"

"It means we are closely stuck that much"

"Closely stuck sex, I love itttt! Aaaah, Oooooh! I want to be your meat slave Allan-samaaaaa!


To say such things, really this girl.

Well, the words that came out at the end might be from her feeling too much, but I’m glad she is pleased with my body.

"Aaaaaah, Aaaah! My apologies, I’m gonnna cummm again...... my consciousness issss......!"

"going to faint?"

"My head......All white.........Can’t think anything anymoreeeee!"

"If you can’t endure anymore......then I don’t mind, you can go faint as you wish"

"Oooooooh, Oooooooh, I’m cummming! Cum Cum Cum Cum Cum......!"

“I’m also cumming out......!"

The urethral opening that had been closed was opened to release the thick semen all at once.

Dobyurururururururururu, dokudokudokudoku......!

"Fuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Coming ouuuut! Aaaaahn, Nuo, nkuu, Nnnn!"

"It’s not over yet"

"ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, Ohhhhhh!?"

Every time I ejaculated, she made wild shouts as she show off her O-face.

Seeing the appearance of a Pretty girl fall into disorder this much, it has been very entertaining.

And, I poured the last drop into Cecil.


Piiiin, Soon after that, as if all power have left her body, Cecil fell exhausted.

With her abdomen going up and down roughly, she repeated her deep big breaths.

"......Cecil, are you alright?"


There is no reply from her.

“... It looks like she fainted completely.”

Cecil fainted with a sloppy face while convulsing slushily.

Still, I might have gone a bit overboard.

However, seeing a child like Cecil fall into depravity like this is really entertaining.

I think that I want to teach Cecil various things from now on.

Besides, one of the reasons for going on this trip is to hunt women.

As long as there is a woman who can be pleased with, let’s do it from every path we take.

Well, there is that troublesome work of persuading, and my position as a prince may not be useful anymore as it is only accepted within the elves.

But perhaps, there will be no worries, as the goodness of a handsome face is universal.

The Elven Prince is like a fable.

And that’s what I am now.

I want to enjoy myself fully from hereafter.

Now then, what kind of woman will I do next, I wonder......?

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