Harem God: Leveling Up Yanderes in the Apocalypse

Harem God: Leveling Up Yanderes in the Apocalypse

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    In 2077, the gods sent potential successors across the cosmos to Earth for the God Trial. The result: the apocalypse and the rise of history’s most unlikely Harem God candidate.

    Leon Traxler was a sociopath that faked his emotions and had a phobia of using women for sexual desires. Yet he chose the power to build an overpowered harem because finding strong, loyal companions during the apocalypse was unlikely.

    It was a calculated decision, but he got something he hadn’t bargained for.


    With a power that leveled him up through emotional milestones and a system that made him feel them for members, he quickly amassed power and decided that the apocalypse was a blast.

    Driven by a desire to make his violent yanderes happy, a love for animal ears on women, and a narcissistic wet dream to be the only man on earth, he decided to partake in the God Trial.

    His strategy? To raise an army of women, build a city for his harem, and start a cultured civilization that would naturally end when he died.

    Join Leon as he becomes a celebrity on god social media, rises to power on earth, and lives life as a playboy in the apocalypse.


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