Harem Dynast

Part 2: Chapter 1 - Those who are Granted the Conqueror’s Love
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Part 2: Chapter 1 - Those who are Granted the Conqueror’s Love

“We won..? W-we won, we actually won… Is this what I have wrought…!?”

A beautiful princess in a blue dress and lighter blue cloak stepped out of a carriage onto unsteady legs.

She had been born the second princess of Clanaria and she had become queen of Domos. The blue of her eyes seemed to have faded as she viewed the scene around her.

This northern road connected Domos to Clanaria. Now that the storm had passed, that bright land was covered in the corpses of men and horses as far as the eye could see.

The 12,000 of Domos’s army had clashed head on with the 30,000 of Clanaria’s in the Battle of Corlal Field and – against almost all expectations – Domos had won a crushing victory.

Clanaria’s army had been overwhelmingly larger, but that was exactly why they had grown careless.

Or perhaps they had been anxious due to their battle with neighboring Exstar a few months before, even if they had won there.

It was also possible they had subconsciously been hesitant to attack when their beloved princess was in the enemy camp.

And ill fortune struck Clanaria even after they were routed and retreating. A great storm had hit at just that moment.

With visibility reduced and the order lost, they had fallen entirely out of formation and fled every which way in a panic. Domos had only needed to go with the flow and hunt them down.

Clanaria’s General Albare had remained on the battlefield even after defeat was certain and he had commanded a rear guard of only 3000 with his aide Uldarg, but that had not lasted long and their numbers were quickly cut down once the fierce downpour caught them.

The sole surviving senior officer, Left General Hopard, had worked to somehow regain command of the losing army, but it had been wasted effort.

Clanaria King Baldwin had been waiting for victory far behind the actual army. Once he received word that the army had been crushed, he returned to the royal capital of Curling while surrounded by Old General Zoral and his other aides.

Once the late summer storm passed, the air felt oddly clean, the western sky was dyed red, and the earth was covered in an even more red liquid.

“What have I done…?”

Ansandra had honestly underestimated what war was.

She had known there would more deaths than she could imagine, but actually seeing it forced her to realize the depths of her sins.

Also, she had not expected such a dramatic conclusion.

She had of course dreamed of her husband Lorent managing to conquer Clanaria just as he hoped, but given the difference in power, she had concluded that could not happen.

Even if Domos did win, it should have been a painful victory. Or they would have returned satisfied after only a small victory.

That kind of draw that prevented further bloodshed would have been perfect.

Even if they fought here, she was queen of Domos, so she had known Clanaria would not try to utterly destroy Domos. The people there were wild and hard to control and the land itself was harsh. Clanaria would have found a way to tame them through a greater alliance.

That would have increased Ansandra’s political value in Domos.

She would be lying if she said she had not been plotting something like that deep in her heart. But in reality, Domos had won a crushing victory, just as Lorent had planned.

(There’s no stopping it now that this much blood has been spilled. This hatred can’t be contained until one or the other has succumbed.)

As the girl who had sold out her mother kingdom, she could not bear the weight of her sins and tears flowed from her eyes.

She held her own body in trembling arms, her hips gave out, she fell to her knees on the muddy land, and she wailed.


A beautiful princess weeping as if to curse heaven and curse fate was a painful sight, but no one sympathized with her.

Dominic stepped out of the same carriage in the silver and green outfit of a government official and she had a blatantly icy smile on her lips.

“Hmph. You brought this on yourself, so quit acting like some tragic heroine.”

Dominic had been in the same carriage to keep an eye on the queen and she viewed the exact same scene with a cheerful look.

They had won what had looked like a difficult battle. Nothing could be more exhilarating.

“Queen, what are you doing? We need to join King Lorent to celebrate our victory. We are about to be a lot busier. The history of the central plain changed today. The world will be watching King Lorent’s every move and Domos’s every action. Ah ha ha ha ha.”

Ansandra swallowed her tears and glared resentfully at that laughing woman.

What she said made sense. But even if Clanaria had suffered a major defeat, it was not so fragile a country that this would destroy it.

(I really don’t think Clanaria ever viewed Domos with much hostility before. And we saw the result of that in the fighting spirit of the troops. But that will change. Domos has killed so many. They will be a clear target of Clanaria’s hostility and hatred. Clanaria isn’t going to let this continue. If Domos loses now, they will be utterly destroyed.)

As Lorent had said, the only way for Domos to survive was to win and win and keep winning until Clanaria was conquered.

After preparing herself to become a traitor to her mother kingdom, Ansandra wiped away her tears and stood up.

“That was one hell of a battle.”

Even as virile a man as Lorent breathed a weary sigh now.

Once the last rays of sunlight vanished behind the Tarachia Mountains far to the west, the Domos soldiers collapsed to the ground and stopped moving.

To make up for the fact that they were outnumbered more than 2-to-1, they had used all their mobility, ran all around for a full day without eating, and kept going even as the storm raged.

If they were attacked during the night, they would certainly be destroyed before daybreak, but Clanaria did not have the troops left for that.

Lorent ordered a patrol just for show and then allowed everyone to rest as they liked. But now he faced a truly difficult problem as a ruler: conferring honors.

He would take his time doing it right once they had officially made Clanaria theirs, but he had to appropriately praise the work done during this major battle.

The individual military honors could be handled by the commanders and direct superiors, but major honors required a personal decision from the king.

Ansandra entered a temporary encampment.

Thanks to the victory, the encampment was full of disorderly energy. Everyone was bragging about their deeds or the deeds of their subordinates, but Ansandra’s complicated mental state must have stimulated their cruel curiosity. They all gave her rude, probing glances.


She was unable to bear their cruel looks, so once she sat down with back perfectly straight, she elegantly shut her eyes.

She did not at all look like the upset princess from before.

She so perfectly controlled her emotions that she looked something like a doll and the Domos commanders and soldiers did not exactly appreciate it.

“Make way for His Majesty.”

Lorent soon walked in with his black armor stained red.

Ansandra stood up to greet him.

“Congratulations on the victory. The Domos army’s strength will soon be known across the continent.”


Ansandra held her skirt and politely curtsied and bloodstained Lorent stroked her cheek.

“Did you see that? I won.”

He had the same look of pride as an innocent child.

“Yes. I will follow you to the ends of the world.”

She took her husband’s bloody hand and lovingly rubbed her cheek against it.

(Wow… Look at her acting all cute while she works to overthrow her own mother kingdom. It takes guts to be that wicked.)

Trembling whispers like that bubbled up all around them.

Suddenly, the temporary encampment shook violently and a messenger provided a report to the surprised group.

“General Naja has arrived.”

The awkward atmosphere immediately brightened. And that cheer could be heard outside the encampment as well.

“Lady Naja, you fought so bravely today.”

“Hey, it’s Domos’s true queen!”

“Heading in for a passionate night with His Majesty?? Don’t you go and get knocked up in the middle of a war, okay?”

They could hear the innocent cheers of the low-ranked soldiers.

Ansandra was from an enemy kingdom, so even if she had been officially accepted, the feelings of the people were a different matter.

She had turned on her mother kingdom to earn this spot as the conqueror’s queen, so it was not fun to hear someone else being referred to as the true queen.

Ansandra returned to her seat to clear a space for the woman who would be arriving soon.

“She certainly is popular, isn’t she?”

Dominic loved rubbing Ansandra the wrong way, so she wiped the blood from the girl’s cheek and whispered that biting comment with a grin.

As the cheers gradually approached, the curtain over the encampment entrance was finally thrown open to reveal a woman of around twenty with a red ponytail.

“Tah dah? I’m back?”

As soon as she stepped inside, she playfully spread her arms and legs.

The arms and legs extending from her skimpy outfit were well toned and colored a glistening brown. She was surprisingly short, but she made up for that with her powerful presence.

“We won? We won? We did it? Domos is the best?”

When Naja raised her right hand and hopped around, the celebratory mood filled the entire war council.

She really was a star. Her mere presence was enough to entirely change the atmosphere.

Even Mercenary General Carnap got carried away and gave a whistle of celebration.

Lorent smiled bitterly at the adulation, but then he provided some harsh words.

“Naja, I already know Lacquer Scale is an excellent dragon, so don’t get reckless. We can’t have all of our leaders crushed from the encampment roof collapsing immediately after a victory like this.”

“Sorry ‘bout that? Ah ha ha ha.”

Naja opened her mouth wide enough to show off her lovely teeth as she laughed.

“Well, whatever. Take a seat. We need to get started.”

Lorent ended the chatting and started to take his seat, but Naja stopped him.

“Your Majesty~? I worked hard today, didn’t I? So don’t I deserve a reward?”

“Huh? That can wait until later…”

Lorent seemed confused what she was getting at, but Naja clasped her hands behind her back, closed her eyes, and leaned toward him.

“Can’t you reward me with a kiss now and give me the rest later?”


An unexpected mood spread through the bloodthirsty group once they realized what Naja was after.


Lorent sighed, walked over to Naja, and kissed her.


After sharing a fairly deep kiss, their lips parted.


“Yes, thanks?”

Naja grinned. Lorent looked instantly attracted to that charming smile, but his expression stiffened when he saw the grins on the other officers.

“Anyway, it is time to start conferring honors. Take your seats everyone.”

On Lorent’s instructions, the festive mood settled down.

The king sat at the head of the table and Ansandra sat by his side as the wife that gave them a justification for this battle.

Dominic stood behind Lorent on the left as his aide. Stephan, Almeida, Kubdai, Shigsal, Naja, Carnap, Vatistuta, and Lumishas took seats on the left and right sides.

The first to enter the encampment was a muscular youth.


Ansandra shrieked when she saw the severed head he held.

“I have brought the head of Clanaria General Albare. My name is Burns and I fought under General Almeida’s command.”

Albare had desperately taken command of the rear guard, but he had been unable to hold back the Domos army as they pushed in like a mighty river and this young man had slain him in the resultant fray.

Ansandra had prepared herself for this, but she still felt her stomach acid rising when she saw the severed head of her good friend’s father.

However, she could not afford to let that show here. She paled, but she desperately suppressed the nausea.

Oblivious to his wife’s troubles, Lorent’s voice was cheerful.

“Albare was Clanaria’s greatest warrior and his deeds were among the greatest on the continent. How did you slay him? Could you give us the details?”

Burns must have been nervous in front of the king because his voice was a bit scratchy and his movements were stiff.

“I had no idea the old man was so important, but I saw he had some nice armor on and figured he had to be someone with a name for himself. I first crushed his horse’s head with my mace and beat him through his armor after he fell from the horse…”

Burns’s story was exactly what one would expect from the simple warriors of Domos. He was not exactly a skilled orator. But Lorent passionately listened to his tale all the same.

Lorent looked like a cruel monster at first glance, but it may have been this side of him that led his people and soldiers to adore him like a god. Ansandra felt like she had seen a new facet to her beloved husband.

“Well done. Albare was a crucial part of Clanaria’s army. Taking his head deserves the highest of honors. If only all soldiers were more like you. You will command my personal cavalry unit.”

That position really only made him Lorent’s aide, but the pure youth was moved to the point of trembling.

“And once Clanaria has fallen, you shall have great riches. And…oh, I know. Is there anything else you want? Speak and it is yours.”

Burns was unsure how to respond to this excessive reward, so he paused in thought for a moment.

“Well, I am currently single, but seeing you married has made me want to start a family.”

The youth glanced awkwardly at Lorent’s expression.

“Is that so? I will admit a woman is a wonderful thing. Once Curling falls, you can have your pick of the captured woman.”

Lorent gave a generous response, but Burns blushed and shook his head.

“I am a Domos man to the core, so foreign woman aren’t my type. I would like a Domos woman.”

“Really? Then we’ll have to find a young woman for you… Oh, I know. Stephan, isn’t it about time your youngest daughter Linda found a husband?”

Stephan was Lorent’s tutor and his daughter was like a little sister to Lorent.

Ansandra had met her a few times. The girl was full of energy and skilled in swordplay and magic, but she had not been allowed along on this military campaign because she was still so young. She had complained quite vociferously about that.

She seemed to love Lorent and she would often sneak into his bed to have sex with him like the other women, but she was always tossed out like a kitten.

It was not that she was at all unattractive, but Lorent really did see her like a little sister.

Lorent could seem like an unprincipled womanizer, but he seemed to have some standards.

“Of course. I am sure Linda would be delighted with a warrior like him.”

Whether or not he was aware of his daughter sneaking into the king’s bed, Stephan ignored her wishes and agreed she would be a good candidate for marriage.

But Burns quickly interrupted.

“Actually, I would prefer Lady Dominic…”


An empty atmosphere briefly hung in the air. Everyone gathered here had a kink or two or three, but they were all caught off guard by this one.

It was well known among the upper levels of Domos that Dominic was one of Lorent’s mistresses. In fact, she had taken his virginity and was his closest aide.

Everyone but Lorent gulped and stole a glance at their ruler’s face. No matter how much Lorent had taken a liking to this youth, this was bound to draw out his wrath.

(Surely he won’t kill him, though…)

The entire army’s morale could be affected if the courageous slayer of their enemy’s top general were killed over something so minor. It would surely cast a dark shadow over the rest of the war to conquer Clanaria.

Ansandra had had her hands full with her own issues, but even she gulped at the serious situation before her eyes.

(I just hope General Stephan or someone will stop him if it comes down to it…)

Oblivious to the change of atmosphere his statement had caused, Burns continued in his simple fashion.

“Whenever I see you from afar, Your Majesty, I can’t help but adore that intelligent, dashing, and cool aide standing by your side. And Lady Dominic is getting up there in years, so if she doesn’t have a partner, um, I could take her…”

He probably meant no harm, but he was saying some awful things if he was hoping to win over a woman.

(He might be a brave warrior, but he isn’t very smart.)

Fearful of an outburst from her husband, Ansandra wished she sew that oblivious hero’s mouth shut.

“Hah hah hah.”

Once he recovered from his shock, Lorent held his sides and laughed until tears welled up in his eyes.

The confused retainers watched on as the young king hopped to his feet and pushed Dominic forward.

“Youth truly is fearless, isn’t it? You really want this old woman? There are plenty of younger and prettier girls.”

“I’m not very smart, so I want a wife who is.”

Burns looked up at Dominic and pleaded so sincerely you would have thought he was gazing upon a goddess.

“Very well. You can have Dominic. Take her with you right this instant and enjoy her.”

Lorent gave a powerful nod and pushed Dominic again. She lost her balance and collapsed onto Burns who caught her in his arms.

“Y-Your Majesty!?”

Dominic had never expected this and she cried out with a look of utter disbelief.

She wanted him to say this was some kind of joke, but Lorent seemed cruelly serious.

“You turned thirty this year. Starting a family wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

“I intend to serve you until the day I die!”

Her deep emerald eyes pleaded him, but Lorent coldly ignored them.

“I can always find another aide. Dominic, you are Burns’s wife from now on.”

“Thank you so much. I will continue to put my life on the line for you, Your Majesty. And I will make sure Lady Dominic is happy.”

Moved to emotion, Burns delightedly took Dominic away despite the utter shock on her face.

(Eh? You’re kidding, right…?)

Ansandra loathed Dominic, but she knew the woman loved Lorent enough sacrifice her life for him.

She had been prepared to continue that womanly battle for the rest of her life if she was to live as Lorent’s woman.

Yet now she had been handed over to another man with no warning whatsoever.

Ansandra gave a dazed comment on the unexpected turn of events.

“…Poor thing.”

“Poor thing?”

Naja unintentionally said the exact same thing.

However, her tone was slightly different. While pure sympathy had filled the queen’s words, the Flying Dragon General sounded like she was looking forward to see how this played out.

Despite the confusion from the very beginning, they managed to move on to the interviews with prisoners of war.

“This is Clanaria’s Left General Hopard. He was taken prisoner by General Kubdai.”

A bound man walked in.

He was covered in sweat and dirt, but Ansandra recognized his refined mustache.

Lorent spoke as his wife gasped by his side.

“Hopard, hm? I like the look in your eyes. If not for your efforts, we would have had a much easier time mopping up your forces.”

“Your words honor me.”

Clanaria’s Left General was not shy even while bound and disgraced. And Lorent had no intention of insulting a commander who lost after putting up a good fight.

“I cannot deny your talent. So how about it? Your kingdom is soon to be destroyed, so why not live a full life under my command?”

Hopard shook his head at Lorent’s generous offer.

“I appreciate the compliment, but I could not bear to rebel against my own kingdom.”

“Very well. You need not cooperate now. But once I occupy Curling, I intend to have my wife Ansandra rule there as a governor-general. Would you be willing to serve as her aide?”

Lorent had directly ruled over Celeste and Sulbey, but he revealed here he intended to only indirectly rule Clanaria.

He seemed to have a number of reasons for that, but the foremost among them had to be that Clanaria was a cultured kingdom blessed with many fertile regions including Bastore.

“Queen, you convince him too.”

With that prodding from her husband, Ansandra squeezed out her voice despite how dry her throat was.

“Hopard, I won’t ask you to do this for Domos. Nor for me. But will you please assist us for the Clanarian people’s sake?”

When he heard that earnest plea, Hopard gave one last look at the foreign king and then looked to his own kingdom’s princess who seemed on the verge of tears.

He closed his eyes and fought some sort of internal struggle before slowly prostrating himself before her.

“I cannot do it now. But if the day comes that you rule over Clanaria, Queen Ansandra, please use my meager skills as but one of the gears that power your mighty deeds.”

Ansandra had betrayed her kingdom and felt estranged even in her husband’s house, so she felt like she had found an ally for the first time. She ran over to him, took his hand, sobbed, and wet her cheeks with tears.

“Thank you. I am truly thankful.”

After that, more and more familiar Clanarian heroes were brought in as heads or prisoners.

Lorent’s response would seal their fate.

He ordered for the dead to be given a proper burial and for the slain warriors to be praised without restraint. The prisoners were tempted into serving him.

About half of the prisoners chose to swear fealty in exchange for their lives. Due to Lorent’s generous attitude, Ansandra’s presence, and the revelation that Ansandra would be left to rule the old Clanarian territory as a governor-general after the war, even those who refused were convinced to obey after much agonizing over the issue.

It was a perfect demonstration of how useful Ansandra’s name was.

“Naja, you were the one that paved the way to this victory, so I will need to give you a proper reward instead of a mere kiss,” began Lorent after conferring all the other major honors.

“You have already given me a higher position than I deserve and I am happy with the work I do now. So you don’t need to worry about that formal sort of reward.”

Naja stepped forward in a khaki-colored cloak, kneeled, and said all the proper words of thanks. While she did not care, the others would be too distracted if she was only wearing her flying dragon rider outfit which amounted to no more than underwear, so she had wrapped a large cloak around herself. Each time she moved, the cloak fluttered around and gave a glimpse of the erotic clothing beneath. That was arousing enough as it was and Ansandra was impressed by how boldly that young commander carried herself.

“If you insist on a reward, give it to my girls instead.”

“Oh, your flying dragon unit will certainly be rewarded. But if I do not reward you as well, Naja, it will inspire rumors that I am stingy. Tell me what you want and it is yours.”

“In that case…”

Naja coquettishly approached Lorent and whispered in his ear.

“I want you to pound me with your thick cock for three days and three nights straight.”

This man had not batted an eye when facing an army three times the size of his own, but a cold sweat dripped down his cheek now.

“Naja, are you trying to kill me?”

“Oh, c’mon, Your Majesty. You were the one that said virgins are boring. Haven’t you been so focused on training her lately that you’ve been neglecting me?”

With the nimbleness of a cat, Naja placed her soft butt on Lorent’s lap.

Ansandra was dumbfounded by Naja’s bold action that was entirely inappropriate for such a formal meeting, but the other commanders only wrinkled their brows and muttered, “That horny girl is at it again.”

Naja was blatantly reveling in her favored position. Only the favored mistress and retainer could get away with this sort of behavior.

“You used to always make me cum at least ten times, but you’ve only been doing it seven times lately. It just isn’t enough, so I’ve been to hot and horny to sleep. Or have you grown tired of my body?”

“Of course not. No body is as fuckable as yours. It squeezes me so tight inside.”

“Kyah! Oh, you dirty king, you! Talk dirty to me some more.”

The supposedly solemn conferral of honors had suddenly turned into a scene of flirting between the king and his mistress. Unsure what to do, the gathered generals averted their gazes. Some were even worried that doing this kind of thing in front of Ansandra, the official queen, would cause problems down the road.

However, their worries were unnecessary with Ansandra. She had been born and raised a royal, so she saw nothing wrong with a king having a favored mistress and felt no jealousy there. She was only shocked by how shamelessly they were behaving in public.

“Naja, your body is so delicious that I cum far too quickly. You would milk me dry if we kept at it for three days and three nights. Would you be willing to accept cumming twenty times each for three nights in a row?”

Lorent embraced Naja on his lap and whispered into her ear. He stuck his hands in her cloak to fondle her breasts and finger her pussy. She could not keep herself from leaning back and breathing heated breaths.

“Ha ha. Twenty times each for three nights in a row? My hips are about to give out just imagining it… But, no. Your Majesty, you know every last part of my body so well you would just make me cum right away without enjoying it yourself… Khhhn. I want your thick cock inside me the whole time. I feel so happy like that. You can do that for me, can’t you? I just want three days of your time for me alone. You’re the one that said you would give me whatever I wanted. They say royal words are absolute. Once you say something, you can’t take it back. Ahhhn, see? Once things aren’t going your way, you start to make me cum. Ahn, no, that’s cheating…hyahhh…”

Someone cleared their throat. It was General Stephan, Lorent’s tutor.

Once Lorent and Naja had been reminded they were in the middle of an official meeting of military commanders, Stephan opened his mouth to speak.

“You are asking the impossible, Flying Dragon General. We are currently on a military campaign.”

Naja was not about to give in just because Stephan glared at her.

“But before, His Majesty said it simply wasn’t possible for two people to ride a flying dragon, but we tried it and it went just fine. And while we were flying, he made sure to touch my thighs, grope my tits, pinch my clit, finger my ass, and finally fuck me. We did so many pleasurable things in the name of love, but now that he has a cute and somewhat pure girl, he’s completely neglecting me. Isn’t that just terrible?”

Naja wrapped her arms around Lorent’s neck and pouted as if to say she would not let go until he granted her her wish.

Stephan was dumbfounded, but then he exploded with anger. But not at Naja; at Lorent.

“Young Master, what have you been doing? You dream of conquering the continent, but people will laugh at your title of conqueror if you expose yourself to danger in such deplorable ways. And you sleep around far too much. No, I will not criticize your love of women, but there is a time and a place for everything. Need I remind you what became of your wedding? I will not forbid you from having mistresses, but your proclivities cause far too many problems… Not to mention…”

Unable to bear Stephan’s seemingly never-ending barrage of complaints any longer, Lorent made an excuse.

“That was what they call a youthful indiscretion. It will not happen again.”

Ansandra had to smile at that.

Her husband could seem indomitable, but he apparently had trouble with this old man who had been his tutor.

“That’s right, that’s right.”

When Naja teased him, Stephan’s voice roared like thunder.

“I have not even gotten to you. Again, please consider the proper time and place for such things. We are on a military campaign. His Majesty does not have three days to spare. He is very busy. If you are feeling lustful, then sleep with the girls under your command.”

Ansandra had thought this man was sensible for a Domos leader, so she gasped. But even his demand that Naja have lesbian sex with her knight girls showed that Stephan had some sense.

If one of Lorent’s mistresses got pregnant and had experience with other men, it would be a major problem. And since Lorent did not yet have any children, it was possible any such child would become king of Domos in the future.

“Then he can reward me by lending me that girl.”

Naja hopped down from Lorent’s lap and mischievously pointed at Ansandra.

“His Majesty is busy and he can’t exactly walk around with a girl on a military campaign, can he?”

Her reasoning was mostly nonsense, but it made sense from one point of view. And the fact that she posed the question to Stephan instead of Lorent showed Naja was crafty.

Some of the assembled generals realized Naja had been after the queen from the beginning, but they all held their tongues.

“You may borrow her. I have far more important things to do than sleeping with a woman.”

Hearing Stephan’s exhausted sigh, Lorent reluctantly agreed. But Ansandra herself had no reason to agree.

“Sir Stephan, why must I go along with this?”

Stephan flinched back from the queen’s sharp look. His eyes began to wander as he made an excuse.

“I do not know how you used to be, but you are currently a very lustful person. But we cannot have you relying on other men. The Flying Dragon General is well-known for her skill with other women, so she would be the perfect candidate for distracting you from the loneliness of sleeping without the king by your side.”

Stephan was choosing his words carefully, but he was basically calling Ansandra a slut who might seek out other men if she was left alone in bed. Nothing could have been more insulting, but any argument would have sounded hollow after what happened at the wedding.

She did not like it, but her supposed sluttiness had become an accepted fact in Domos’s royal court.

“Not even my body would hold out if I had to perform on the battlefield during the day and in the bed at night. I’ll give you plenty of attention once Curling has fallen, so bear with it until then.”

Ansandra snapped back at Lorent’s statement.

“You are the one seeking me out every day and every night. I can ignore the others, but I cannot stand to have you too treat me like a whore.”

Ansandra approached Lorent, but Naja cheerfully placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Now, now. Don’t get so worked up. This just means you’re attractive enough that he just can’t keep his hands off you. I know I’ve been looking forward to getting a turn with you ever since I first laid eyes on you. I’ll show you pleasures that only another woman can give you.”

When Naja blew a damp breath into her ear, Ansandra shuddered.

“Don’t worry, Your Majesty, I’ll take good care of your queen until we’ve taken Curling. Next time you sleep with her, she’ll be a super dirty girl who moves her own hips, gropes her own tits, and toys with her own clit. Look forward to it.”

“You mean she’ll be just like you?” asked Lorent

Naja replied with a wink of her sand-colored eye.

“Now, let us discuss our future plans.”

With the conferral of honors complete, they moved on to a military council meeting.

The first to speak was Stephan, the chief retainer of the Domos army. Kubdai, who was something of an older brother to Lorent after working as his aide since Lorent was little, summed up the situation.

“Albare, the top of their military, Madelene, who was pegged as the next king, and Chamomile, the woman general, were all slain and Hopard, who was rumored to be their next top general, was taken prisoner. This is incredible. Clanaria has lost the top four members of their military in a single day.”

Kubdai paused there to look to the others and shrug.

“Clanaria’s mobile forces were utterly destroyed. Now, I never thought we would lose, but I didn’t think we would achieve such a crushing victory either. Your Majesty’s superb luck is frightening indeed.”

“So will Clanaria continue to retreat until they’ve been wiped out?”

Fierce General Almeida asked that question while stroking his beard. But not because he thought so. He was merely opening up the discussion.

“No, I doubt it. There is more to Clanaria than this. Give them time, and they will quickly rebuild their army. They are sure to send out Old Man Zoral, their previous top general and the king’s current adviser.”

As a well-traveled mercenary who had been personally chosen by Lorent, Carnap was quite well informed.

They all turned to look at the queen. Ansandra knew they wanted to know her opinion, so she hesitantly spoke up.

“Zoral is currently the royal palace’s grand chamberlain. Even if he is healthy for his age, he is still a man of over seventy, so I’m not so sure about that…”

To be honest, Ansandra had never predicted they would lose the top four of the military all at once and the Clanarian army would never have expected it either.

It pained her to think how chaotic things had to be in Clanaria right now.

“Either way, the enemy is sure to try to buy time. Our main task from here on will be attacking fortresses,” gravely responded Vatistuta, the one-armed general who had been known as a great commander of Celeste. “But it would be best to avoid that as much as possible. We only have so many provisions and the enemy will make progress reconstructing their army the more time we give them.”

“Then we can just ignore all those fortresses and make our way straight for the royal capital of Curling. The enemy is weak so soon after losing their main force, so we should have a good chance at winning.”

Lorent laughed at that suggestion from Shigsal, the fierce boy general.

“I like the way Shigsal thinks. Let’s go with that.”

Everyone gasped at that bold strategy. As a newcomer, Woman General Lumishas had remained silent, but now she spoke up with a tremor in her voice.

“It really is going to be all or nothing…”

As tension ran through the various commanders, Naja’s voice rang loud.

“Hell yeah, let’s do thiiiiiis! Clanaria’s riches are ours. Let’s get to work to fill our bellies with the best food we’ve ever seen, wear the finest clothes, and live in fancy houses?”

She had probably intentionally oversimplified the issue to lighten the heavy atmosphere.

The commanders managed to relax and Lorent replied with a smile.

“Exactly. There’s plenty of riches and honor to go around. You’ll just have to fight for it.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

With that decided, the commanders and Ansandra left the encampment, but Chief Retainer Stephan remained behind to rebuke his lord.

“Young Master, about this strategy. It is crucial you know when to fall back.”

Their strategy was to ignore the many fortresses within Clanarian lands, march all the way to Curling at the heart of enemy territory, and crush them there. If it succeeded, it would indeed be a dramatic and speedy victory.

But of course, it was obvious the fortresses remaining behind them would act as reinforcements and attack their overextended battle line.

If the battle dragged on, the Domos army could easily be annihilated. Stephan wanted to make sure Lorent knew that a proper leader needed to know how to withdraw when it became clear they could continue no further.

“Yes, I’m well aware.”

He had personally raised this ruler from a young age, so they did not need to say much.

After confirming that in private, Stephan too began to leave. But he came to a halt when he saw something odd in the entrance.


A half-naked woman stood there with chestnut hair disheveled and blood dripping from the corner of her mouth. She simply stood there like a ghost or demon.


Even Lorent gasped when he saw her sublime appearance.

The corners of Dominic’s mouth rose when she saw her beloved king. She then turned her head to the side and spat something from her mouth.


It was unclear what it was, but Lorent and Stephan both sensed something terribly ominous and frowned.

“Those are that overly energetic boy’s balls. Your Majesty, you are the only one I will ever allow to touch my body, but he required some…convincing before he accepted that.”

That gloomy voice seemed to rise from the depths of the earth and a chill ran down the spines of the top two men of a kingdom feared in other nations as death itself.

“Stephan, take those back to Burns right away. It is possible they can be reattached if he receives immediate magical healing.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Lorent had gone pale and Stephan swiftly obeyed his orders. He used a cloth to pick up the hunks of flesh that had belonged to that young hero and he left the encampment.


A supposedly-parted couple remained in the encampment. Lorent walked over without saying a word and slapped Dominic’s madly-flushed cheek.

The unrestrained hit knocked her to the side.

He walked over to where she had fallen and pressed his boot against her face.

“Did you think I would happily accept you back if you did that?”


“You have cost us a great warrior before a major battle.”

Having her beautiful face struck and being stepped on was an unforgivable insult, but Dominic endured in silence.

Once he was satisfied, Lorent removed his foot and gave an exasperated comment.

“Do you really want to be by my side that badly?”

“Yes, Your Majesty?” Dominic looked up from the ground with an ingratiating smile. “I was your first woman. Our history of love is so much greater than those more recent mistresses of yours. If you are sick of me, do not hand me off to some other man. I would rather you personally took my life.”

Lorent gave a look of pity to this woman who was asking to be killed by his blade.

“You are a skilled and faithful aide, but to be honest, I could find others at your level. You will never be rewarded as a woman if you continued serving me.”

Unlike Ansandra or Naja, Dominic had no political backing. The king gained nothing by having her as his aide. Even if she had his child, that child would be of fairly low status.

Plus, she had reached her thirties, so her looks would only decline. Surely she would be happier if she found a man who would love her while she was still beautiful.

“I do not mind. I am happy simply being able to serve you. I dedicated my life to you, so please keep me by your side.”

Lorent breathed a deep sigh when it became apparent this faithful retainer would not listen to reason. Then he regathered his thoughts and raised his voice in anger.

“Strip! Right here and now!”

“Of course?”

Dominic cheerfully began removing her clothing which was torn in places.

Once the decidedly unsexy outfit of a government official was stripped away, she was revealed to be wearing bright purple underwear that dug into her marble-white skin.

Unlike the younger girls who simply relied on their youth, Dominic was an adult woman who put effort into being beautiful.

She wore underwear that was designed to appeal to a man and she even pedicured her toes. She had not overlooked a single detail.

That effort had paid off, so the lovely body contained inside the purple-dyed glossy silk lingerie gave off irresistible sex appeal.

But Lorent viewed her with disinterested reptilian eyes, so Dominic sadly removed her slip, bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings in that order.

She revealed breasts that looked massive on her slender frame. On her lower body, her thick hips pushed out from her slender waist and her thighs were nice and plump.

She was a mature woman in her thirties. She had a kind of sex appeal that a younger girl like Ansandra or Naja did not.

Once nude, Dominic remained seated on the ground, spread her legs wide, and raised her hands with a smile of ecstasy on her face.

“Every part of this body belongs to you?”

The two mounds on her chest were white and the tips were the color of red wine. The nipples and areolae were normal sized, but they looked a bit small given the overall size of the breasts.

The areolae were smooth, with hardly any bumps, and the nipples had an indentation at the tip like they had been pierced with a needle.

Spreading her plump legs left her slit entirely exposed.

The fleshy mound surrounding the slit was not very thick, so the internal folds stuck out and spread to either side.

Her labia were quite large and likely stuck out at all times. The edge was a bit grayed, but the inside was a bright and deep red.

A closer look showed that a flesh bud about the size of her little finger’s nail was poking out from the top of the fleshy seam.

The mature sexual flower expanded and contracted slightly and grew wet with a clear nectar to attract a man.

Lorent’s behavior remained cold as he looked down on that mature horniness.

“Do it yourself. I’ll watch.”

Dominic looked surprised and a little unsure of herself, but then she obeyed with the look of a puppy afraid her owner would abandon her.

She was a mature thirty-year-old woman.

She knew her erogenous zones well. After wetting her fingers in her mouth one at a time, she lifted her bell-shaped breasts with her saliva-coated fingers and stroked the wine-red nipples at the tips.

“Ah… P-please watch closely. My body is your personal sex toy. I am your faithful pet and your cock slave. I am an animal for you alone?”

Dominic’s body burned fiercely as she masturbated while feeling her beloved man’s heated gaze all over her body.

She massaged her breasts which were too large for her slender body and she released passionately heated breaths.

“Ahn, ahn, ahn… I dedicate this masturbation to you, Your Majesty, ahh… Masturbating while you watch feels incredible…?”

Her large areolae were brightly colored and her nipples stuck out. She pinched those nipples between her fingers which danced seductively about.

After giving Lorent an upturned look and lifting her large breasts, she stuck her red tongue out from her thin scarlet lips and began licking and sucking her nipples.

She took turns sucking on the nipples which glistened with saliva and she never ceased giving the man pleading looks with the corners of her eyes flushed.

“What’s the matter? You’re neglecting your bottom half.”

On Lorent’s cold command, Dominic immediately moved her right hand down, covered her pussy lips with her index, middle, and ring finger, and began rubbing them in an extremely skilled caress.

“I-is this to your liking? Ahhh~? Watch, please watch closely.”

Her left arm lifted up her left breast, that hand massaged the entire right breast, the fingertips pinched the stiffly erect nipple, her legs spread wide, her hips lifted up, and she wiggled her body while exposing her nether regions to Lorent.

She seemed aroused by the humiliating pose because her cheeks flushed red and sweat covered her body.

“You still haven’t touched the part you most enjoy, Dominic. Is this really enough to satisfy you?”

“My apologies…nkh?”

She removed her left hand from her breast and lowered it to her erect clitoris.

“That’s all wrong. We both know you like to have that hood peeled away and have the contents strongly toyed with.”

“Of course. I love it when you bare my clitoris and lick it.”

While watched by the man who knew her every preference, she returned her left fingers to her scarlet lips, applied plenty of saliva, and teased that sensitive weak point. Her mature body shook from the powerful stimulus.

“Ahh, ahhh. Your Majesty, masturbating while you watch feels incredible, ahhh?”

She teased her bared and fully-erect clitoris with her thumb while she shoved her index, middle, and ring fingers into her vagina.

“Ahh, Your Majesty~ Your Majesty… Your Majestyyy, Your Majestyyy?

While looking up at the man, the naked animal spread her legs wide, lifted her hips, wiggled them obscenely around, groped her tits, sucked on her nipples, teased her exposed clit, and plunged three fingers into her vagina.

The soaking-wet secret entrance easily swallowed the three fingers to the base. She then started pumping her fingers in and out, causing her raised hips to convulse and wiggle lewdly.

“While you’re at it, you have another hole. Stick three fingers in there too.”

Dominic’s eyes widened in surprise. Of course, she was not an anal virgin. The cruel man before her eyes had stuck his fingers, tongue, or dick in there countless times. But using her own fingers was a different matter. Her pride as a woman briefly rose to the surface.

She looked up resentfully and saw those beautiful sanpaku eyes staring coldly down at her. Her pride instantly vanished. If she did not obey, he would abandon her forever.

She took the fingers that had been teasing her clitoris, stuck them in her mouth to put even more saliva on them, and moved the arm around behind her back. And in her desire to not be abandoned, she placed the middle finger on her ass’s entrance.


Three of Dominic’s long, slender fingers entered up to the base. She could not keep her mouth closed and writhed on the ground with drool dripping from the corners of her mouth.

“Your right thumb should be able to reach your clit. Stir up your vagina and anus until they break.”

Her heart and body moaned in protest, but Dominic faithfully obeyed.

“Ahh, awawa, ah…”

She felt shameful. Dominic felt so shameful she thought she would cry. Why did she feel shameful? Because she was deriving pleasure from this and moving her fingers in search of even greater pleasure. And because she derived the greatest pleasure of all from having Lorent watch.

“Ahh, hhh, ghh…”

Her moans sounded more like groans and would not inspire much sensuality in anyone who heard them. But the wet sound from her sensitive flesh, her red-flushed and trembling body, and her desperate expression were a different matter.

“Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh…”

Embarrassment acted as an aphrodisiac for her. Love nectar flowed out, her fingers stirred it up, and an obscenely wet sound echoed out.


Dominic was prideful enough to bite off the privates of a man who attempted to woo her.

But that pride was supported by her position as Lorent’s woman.

In her desperation to not be abandoned, she obscenely masturbated with drool dripping from the corner of her mouth and thinking about how best to seduce this man.

Her normally milk-colored skin had grown red from embarrassment.

“Ah, hh, gh… I-I’m about to cum. Y-Your Majesty, watch as your pet cums. I-I’m cumming, Your Majestyyyyy!!!”

With her legs still spread, Dominic thrust her hips high, bent backwards, and convulsed.


After bringing herself to climax, she kept her legs spread and hips raised as she looked up at the man.

“As you can see, I am a pet for you alone. I will do anything for you. So please don’t throw me out. I beg of you, leave me by your side. That is all I need to be happy.”

She tearfully moved her trembling hands to her crotch and used both index and middle fingers to spread her pussy lips wide.

“This is your personal sex toy. This pussy belongs to you and only you. I will never allow another man to touch it. So please. Y-Your Majesty…give me your love…please give me your love…”

She cast aside her dignity as a woman to beg.

There was no sign of the rational staff officer and aide in this tearful plea with soaked labia spread. She was only an animal drowning in lust.

Lorent sighed at her sacrificial plea.

“Fine, then. But this is enough for you.”

He removed his right boot and pressed his big toe against her secret hole.

“Eh!? Ah…ah!”

Dominic’s eyes widened in surprise as the man’s toe entered her vagina.


His large toe was half swallowed inside her.

It was apparently a tight fit even for a horny thirty-year-old pervert with plenty of sexual experience. Her lips opened, drool sprayed out, and her entire body shook.

“Ahhhh, hh, hh…”

Her coldly ordered facial features twisted in agony.

But it was pleasure that ruled those features. Even if it was his humiliating foot, accepting Lorent’s body was the greatest pleasure for her. Her breaths were damp and sweet.

“Ee, eeee, eeee.”

As Lorent pushed his foot in, Dominic’s sensual body twitched and danced about.

When his toe reached her cervix, the poor woman foamed at the mouth and raised stiff cries.

As he seemed to poke at her greatest depths, obscenely wet sounds escaped her tightly stretched vaginal entrance.

“Agahhhhh… It’s going to break, m-my pussy is going to break!”

“Then should I stop?”

Lorent’s voice was oddly kind and he lifted up his foot a bit.

But Dominic madly shook her head, grabbed that beloved man’s ankle, and pushed it in herself.

“No, no, it’s fine! It’s fine if you break my pussy! Stir my pussy up with your foot! I would like nothing more than to be broken by you! Completely destroy my pussy!”

“I see. So this is what you want?”


His kind voice was belied by how harshly he resumed the foot-fuck. The mercilessly rough action shook her womb.

As he kicked at her cervix, Dominic cried out like an animal and writhed about.


She continued raising her voice in a mixture of agony and sexuality until her eyes rolled back in her head and she pissed herself.

“Kheeee…ee..I’m cummiiiiiing!”

She moaned loudly as she wet herself and her entire body shook in orgasm.

“I can’t believe this. I honestly didn’t think such an affected woman would be so masochistic. …Do you want this?”

With his foot still in her vagina, Lorent exposed the impressive item at his crotch.

“Yes…I want it… Please…please give me your love…”

Sweat soaked her face and thick saliva formed strings within her widely opened mouth. Her face was unbelievably sexual and abnormally obscene.

Madness appeared in her deep emerald eyes as she sat up, grabbed the penis with both hands, and prepared to put it in her mouth, but Lorent stopped her.

“Hold on. You really think I’m going to accept a blowjob from a woman who bites off men’s balls?”

“But I would never harm yours.”

Dominic started to get up to plead her case, but she could not with his foot in her vagina and she could only send a heated gaze his way.

She simply opened and closed her thin lips greedily.

“Sit there with your mouth open.”

“O-of course…”

She did not know where this was headed, but she opened her mouth wide.

And Lorent urinated on her.

It was perfectly aimed into her mouth, but drops fell on her face and chest, wetting her entire body.

Dominic did not hesitate to swallow the man’s urine.

Once he was done, Lorent asked her a question.

“How does it feel to drink piss?”

“I’m so happy? I am your personal sex toy…so I will gladly accept your waste.”

Not only did she not hesitate, but her cheeks flushed with pleasure, so Lorent smiled bitterly.

“Then how about this?”

With that, Lorent’s penis exploded in his hand. A great quantity of milky fluid sprayed out, flew through the air, and got on Dominic’s pubic hair, stomach, navel, chest, breasts, nipples, collarbones, neck, chin, lips, nose, eyes, ears, forehead, and hair.


With a cry of despair, Dominic’s cum-soaked body arched backwards and went limp.

“There’s no helping you.”

Dominic had apparently climaxed again from the semen shower, so Lorent looked down at her half in exasperation and pulled his foot out. With a loud wet sound, he freed her vagina. However, the flesh cave sat open as if it had forgotten to close.

Dominic soaked in the sensual afterglow and Lorent stuck his foot soaked in female juices in front of her face.

“Lick it off. You dirtied it with that mouth down there, so clean it with this mouth up here.”

Ecstasy filled her face as she got on all fours, took his toes into her mouth, and happily sucked at them.

“Ahhn, simply delicious?”

“Yes, be thorough. The next time we do this, I might just put it in you.”

Lorent looked down at her with a sadistic smile. And Dominic looked truly happy as she sucked at his toes.

Her gamble had paid off.

At this point, they had more or less been reconciled.

(He will never again hand me off to a retainer.)

Even if he treated her like a sex slave or love slave, she was happy as long as she was by his side. And he would be well aware of that now.

While licking and sucking his foot, her deep emerald eyes were fixated on his cock as it grew erect once more.

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