Harem Dynast

Part 1: Chapter 5 - Morning of the Wedding
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Part 1: Chapter 5 - Morning of the Wedding

“Long live Queen Ansandra!”

Cries of joy and celebration echoed across the gray stone walls and into the blue of the early morning sky.

This was the Domos royal capital of Fenrir.

On the royal palace’s thick stone balcony, the king held the Queen in his arm and introduced her to the kingdom.

In the sunlight of the northern kingdom’s short summer, Ansandra had the radiant beauty to match Lorent’s good looks, so the Domos people were more than satisfied emotionally.

And on a rational front, they celebrated the incalculable blessings she was sure to bring from the great neighboring kingdom of Clanaria.

For this bright day, Ansandra wore a wedding dress made so much silk and lace that it had supposedly taken 20 Clanarian weavers half a year to make.

The low-cut chest showed off her smooth throat, the curves of her shoulders, and her pretty collarbones. She gave off the kind of allure found in only the most beautiful girls and women.

She wore a small crown that the groom had prepared for the bride. Lorent had paid Celeste’s great mineral craftsmen a fortune to create it and those craftsmen had used the greatest skills they possessed to impress their new ruler with the intricate work of platinum and jewels.

“She’s so beautiful. Like a goddess of light.”

“She’s so pretty… Like a doll.”

The celebrating Domos people were as impressed by the clothing as they were by the graceful smile and the golden hair glittering in the sunlight.

The ambitious young king squeezed the feminine roundness of his queen’s shoulder and whispered into her ear.

“You are indeed beautiful. But this is not the beauty your father is picturing back in the Clanarian capital of Curling. Do you know what’s changed?”


Ansandra replied curtly, so Lorent persistently explained to her.

“This is not the beauty of an innocent angel. You now have the scent of a woman who knows the taste of men. It is the sensual and obscene beauty of a fallen angel.”

Ansandra thought he might be right.

He fucked every day and every night. He was thorough and took his time, so there was no pain and plenty of pleasure. When he had first penetrated her, she had wept at the pain of defloration and she had felt a dull pain after that as well, but that pain had eventually left her and her body could only feel the pleasure.

“You are growing as a woman every day. You were especially cute last night. Your snow white skin was dyed a vivid red, you cried in the lovely voice of a small bird, and you produced nectar like a frozen mountain valley regaining its great current when the river melts in the spring sunlight. But I am sure you will be even better tomorrow.”

Ansandra breathed a heated sigh when she recalled her obscene behavior the night before.

A blindfold had been placed over her eyes and she had been stripped naked. She had felt so abandoned and forlorn. She could not remember how long she had been left there all alone, but she had cried and wondered why she had to suffer through this humiliation in a distant land.

But then she had felt great joy upon seeing Lorent again. And she had felt whole again when he had put his dick inside her.

She had been overcome by such great arousal that she had been unable to think about anything else and she had cried all night while orgasming.

(Is this what it means to be a slave to the cock?)

Now that she knew that physical joy, she could not even think about living without Lorent.

“The more a woman sleeps with men, the better she becomes. The more she is fucked and pleasured, the sharper her sensitivity grows. The more her body is caressed, the more fat grows in all the right places and the more pleasant she feels in your hands. The more her young and stiff breasts are groped, the softer and fuller they grow. The more cum she swallows, the softer and smoother her skin becomes. And the more her pussy indulges in the pleasure of a man, the more skillfully it learns to pleasure the man inside it.”

Ansandra grew intoxicated as he said all these dirty things to her as tens of thousands of people watched her.

The previous night rushed back to her. The hair he had stroked, the lips he had sucked, the tongue he had toyed with, the hips he had held, the breasts he had groped, the nipples he had bitten, the butt he had squeezed, the legs he had lifted, the pussy lips he had licked, the clit he had pinched, the spine he had curved, the vaginal flesh he had stirred up, and the womb he had pounded all recalled the tingling feminine pleasure that grew so sweet and intense as his cock had pulsated and pumped her full of his hot milk.

“Why is your face so red? Are you getting wet just imagining it?”

Ansandra frantically shook her head even as her mind sank into that sexual fantasy. But even that casual action was reminiscent of an aromatic flower.

Lorent’s eyes flashed.

“Oh, you really aren’t wet? Then let’s make a bet. If you aren’t wet, I will cancel my plans to invade Clanaria. If you are wet, you must be my faithful woman forevermore.”


The king placed one arm below his new wife’s thighs and one behind her back to pick her up and he carried her from the balcony to the powder room inside.

“Wh-what do you think you’re doing!?”

Lorent continued walking despite the disappointed voices of the people who wanted to see them some more and the confused voices of the courtiers.

The puzzled bride was carried away in his arms and he finally placed her back on the floor in front of a large mirror.

“Now, how about we check?”

Lorent embraced her from behind and reached for her skirt made of many layers of lace.

“Please stop this!”

Ansandra frantically tried to hold the pure white skirt down with her hands, but he mercilessly lifted it, causing it to tear vertically.

The newly-made slit revealed seductive leg lines wearing white stockings held halfway up her thighs by a garter belt.

Ansandra desperately tried to hide herself in her embarrassment, but Lorent had torn the skirt and its contents were reflected in the mirror.

She wore beautiful white shoes. She had slender legs visible through white stockings. The white garter belt was attached to her milky white thighs and the pure white panties were visible above that.

Every piece of clothing was unbelievably detailed and expensive.

The white shoes had gold thread woven in and even glittered with pearls. The stockings were so sheer they seemed woven out of dragonfly wings. The panties were bikini style with an intricate flower pattern in openwork.

They were all so provocative and elegant. Ever since Ansandra and Lorent began enjoying daily love affairs, her faithful maids had begun preparing things like this for her without being asked.

And despite wearing such sensual underwear, Ansandra still wore the panties below the garter belt.

A stylish woman would wear the panties over the garter belt, but she was likely reluctant to wear them in such a sexual way. That mismatch seemed to speak to the state in which Ansandra found herself.

“Heh heh heh… See, you are wet.”

The crotch of the silk panties had a blatant stain from absorbing a clear liquid and Lorent used his rough fingertips to torment that embarrassing stain.

“Looks like I win the bet. Or are you going to claim this is pee?”

“Ahh, no…”

Her slender body trembled in shame as Lorent held her from behind. He could feel her body heat and her burning lust through the dress.

He enjoyed that as he placed his index, middle, and ring finger over her pussy lips and began gently rubbing them through the thin white silk.

“Ahhhn, hhhn…”

He knew just where to touch her, so her pure and noble face twisted in sensual pleasure, strength left her limbs, her body arched back, and she rested her head in Lorent’s chest.

He continued rubbing her pussy and used his other hand to grope her breasts through the wedding dress.

“Hyah, no…don’t, ahn. P-please stop this… P-people will, ah, see us here.”

They would only officially become husband and wife today, but they had already spent a month getting to know each other very well physically. She was not about to bring up chastity now, but this was in the middle of their wedding.

Lorent smiled at his bride’s seductive resistance, stuck his hand into the chest of her dress, enjoyed the sensation of the sensitive flesh below, and then tore the dress.

The pure white wedding dress was rent in a large V-shape down from the chest and her twin breasts bounced out from the gap.

The beautiful breasts were full of youth and the nipples were already hard and standing in defiance of gravity.

The man’s large hand rubbed all around one milk white breast and slowly climbed toward the red fruit at the peak.

He kissed the nape of her neck, fondled her breasts, and caressed her pussy through the thin material. Ansandra had given up resisting, so she entrusted herself to her cruel husband’s arms, her eyes fogged over, and she released sweet nasal moans.

“Ahh, hahh…no…hahh, ah…ah…”

What had started as a small stain had grown to a large lake. The cloth grew transparent and plastered itself to her flesh, revealing the shape of the lips below. That allowed Lorent’s fingers to accurately massage the soft flesh even through the thin fabric.

“It’s like a flood down here. This thin fabric can’t absorb it all, so it’s leaking down to your thighs too. It almost looks like you pissed yourself.”

He was telling the truth. Ansandra was shocked by the indecent reflection she saw in the mirror.

(When did I become such a naughty girl?)

She could not believe what her own body was doing. The slightest stimulation caused her body to produce a veritable fountain of shameful juices, as if it had broken.


Ansandra’s embarrassment and confusion were cut off by a short screech from her own mouth.

Lorent’s hand had grabbed the front of her panties and pulled them upwards. The crotch dug deep into her slit.

“Hee… P-please stop…”

She stood on her tiptoes and pleaded with him.

The pressure on her crotch was painful and her butt had been split apart and fully exposed from the panties. The thin and soaked silk also mercilessly worked its way into the gap between the two swollen lips and pressed on her clitoris.

Lorent continued to pull up on the panties while his other hand squeezed her breast, her areola, and then her nipple.


Ansandra’s face looked all the more beautiful when compared to the body wearing only a brilliant crown and the remaining scraps of a wedding dress.

Her eyes were red from embarrassment, her throat was skinny enough to throttle with a single hand, her collarbones formed a pretty indentation, her shoulders were slender, her breasts were youthfully perky, her waist was slim, her hips were still in the process of growing, and the sexy underwear that topped it all off like a ribbon was mercilessly digging into her hidden slit.

The cloth only formed a vertical line at this point, so golden hair and swollen lips were forced out on either side. The hot drops flowing out reached her inner thighs and left a wet stain on the white stockings.

When she saw herself in the mirror, Ansandra harshly scolded herself: “Oh, how indecent. I’m such a horny girl. I’m completely shameless. I have no right to call myself a royal looking like this.” But she also grew masochistically intoxicated: “Ahh, it almost looks like I’m wearing restraints.”

“All women are narcissists. They love seeing their horniness in the midst of their love affairs. Once they see it, they will stare unblinking at it even as they writhe from embarrassment.”

After having his say, Lorent finally released the panties and Ansandra breathed a sigh of relief. But that sigh proved premature.


“You truly are beautiful. The aroused body of Domos Queen Ansandra is a sight worth seeing.”

This time, he slipped his fingers down her lower stomach and into her panties.

He found a heated swamp inside.

His rough fingers rubbed across her pubic hair, enjoyed the soft sensation, smeared the love juices around, and intentionally produced obscenely wet sounds.

“Ahh, no…”

The reflection in the mirror showed his fingers dancing complexly inside the panties. It was an unbearably indecent sight.

And his fingers found something inside that lewd wetness.

“Ah, ahh…ahn…”

His fingers intentionally flicked her hardened and springy clit.

The stimulation to that sensitive organ triggered sparks of pleasure deep in Ansandra’s eyes and love juices gushed from her.

“You’re absolutely soaked. What a naughty girl. I’ve slept with a lot of women, but none that got as wet as you. Are you special, or are all Clanarian women like this?”

Ansandra lacked the knowledge and was too embarrassed to answer that question. But Lorent was never expecting an answer. He was only trying to embarrass his new wife.

The way she trembled in shame was what he liked best about her. The women of Domos were very open sexually, so neither Naja nor Dominic behaved like this.

“Ha ha. Really, maybe I should figure out just how much love juices my queen has inside her.”


The beautiful princess tried to close her legs to resist, but Lorent tore away the garter belts and stripped off her panties.

After removing the panties from her ankles, he tossed them casually behind him where they hit the floor with a wet splat.

With the breakwater gone, the love juices soaked her white stockings down to her ankles.

Ansandra tried to press her thighs together to control the overflowing love juices as much as possible, but before she could, Lorent placed his fingers on either side of her aroused and swollen pussy lips. Then he parted both the outer and inner lips.

“St-stop… Don’t spread those…if you do…ahhh…”

The lips were spread in a gorgeous diamond shape.

Anyone who saw it would be surprised that such a cute girl’s pussy lips could be spread so wide.

The swollen flesh twitched against her will and the endless flow of sex juices dripped to the floor instead of down her thighs.

“You can see that, can’t you? This is your horny pussy.”

“Uuh…pant, pant…You’re so mean…uuh…”

Ansandra had an eye for aesthetics and she had difficulty using the word “beautiful” to describe the grotesque body part she saw in the mirror.

Unlike men, a woman’s sex organ was inside her body, so she needed a mirror to see it. That meant this was more or less the first time Ansandra had seen inside her hidden lips. With her sheltered upbringing, she had never wanted to look directly at that part of her body.

The intense embarrassment sent tears spilling from her eyes. If she truly did not want to see, she could have shut her eyes, but she was so entranced that she forgot to blink.


Lorent laughed coldly and spread each of the soft folds of flesh as Ansandra watched. He finally reached the bottom of the valley and found the feminine hole just below the center. And he spread that as well.

But this was not an empty cave. It looked like it had several layers of red clams packed inside and they were all wriggling and pushing at each other. Ansandra realized that was her own body’s movement.

Seeing it visually brought her focus to the movement of that vaginal flesh. Her body had been made to accept a man inside and it was throwing a tantrum in its desire for one now.

“Heh heh. It’s moving all around, isn’t it? What an indecent sight.”


Lorent cruelly asked for her agreement and Ansandra looked away and quietly pleaded with him.

She could barely breathe she was so embarrassed and that further aroused the man’s sadism.

“But since you’re this wet, maybe it is piss. But Princess Ansandra’s wisdom is known in all the neighboring kingdoms, so I doubt she would do anything so crude…”

“P-please stop. Please don’t say that. It’s embarrassing…”

“Oh? Then do you admit that this is your love juices? Then as a reward, I have some good news for you. When I shove my dick in that twitching and begging hole of yours, you’ll start moving your hips and shouting about how good it feels just like always.”

Her nectar-soaked hidden slit was spread as wide as it would go. Lorent stuck his middle finger deep inside the small nectar hole within and stirred up the flesh decorating the interior without looking inside.

“Ahn, ahn ahn, no.”

Ansandra threw back her head, moaned, and writhed in an undeniably erotic way. She stimulated Lorent’s male desire, but he did not rush and added his index finger inside as well.

“Hahhn…ahahn, ahn, ahn, uhn, ahn ahn.”

He enjoyed the pleasant pressure provided by her vagina as he alternately moved his two fingers in the entrance and produced an obscenely wet sound with all her love juices.

“Pant, pant, pant… No, ah…ah, nooooo…”

The princess was aroused by the fingers tormenting her agonized honeypot, but this was insufficient for a girl who had already been instilled with cocklust.

“Ahh, hn, nn… Your Majesty, please…hah, ahh…”

Ansandra’s cheeks were dyed pink and her breaths were heated and damp.

Sexual pleasure rocked her body until she felt dizzy. She knew well that she was not drunk, sleepy, or experiencing an earthquake.

She had never felt this desire a few months before, but it now ruled her body.

Her body was 100% prepared now. It already knew how wonderful a man felt, so she needed an erection inside her immediately.

Her desire for a man was about to drive her insane, and yet she still refused to beg.

“You look like you want to say something. Just give it a whisper. I might just give you what you want.”

Lorent’s cruel question led the beautiful princess to bite her coral-like lower lip to bear with the humiliation.

She still had her pride. She had been raised and educated as a proper lady, so she could not say she wanted this.

“What’s wrong? You want a man, don’t you? If you do, then just say so.”

Lorent was well aware her heart was wavering in the gap between lust and pride, so he stuck his erection between her butt cheeks and rubbed up and down.


When Ansandra realized what the hot and hard object was sticking between her butt cheeks, even her ears grew red and even more longing filled her breathing.

“Try begging for it with some dirty words for once. You’ve spied on me doing it with Naja, so you must know how.”

“Pant, pant… Spied on you? I wouldn’t…”

Blushing Ansandra shook her head.

“What else would you call it? And Naja’s something of an exhibitionist, so she’s been even more gung ho than usual. It’s been causing some problems.”

“No… Y-you and the Flying Dragon General have been intentionally doing it where I’ll see…ahhh.”

As they spoke, he continued his thorough fingering of her and his warmth on her back built her desire to unbearable levels.

She could think of nothing other than the manhood held between her butt cheeks.

“Well, that is true. Now, say something that will get me rock hard and want to penetrate you. You won’t get it until you do.”


Aren’t you already plenty hard? So please put it in me and bring me so much pleasure. She earnestly thought those words, but she could never bring herself to say something so indecent.

Her eyes were damp and her face sweaty and flushed like she had a high fever. Her flower petal lips were longingly parted and hot breaths escaped through them. She pleaded Lorent’s reflection in the mirror, hoping he would realize how horny she was from her expression instead of her words.

“Can you not wait a moment longer, my queen? You’re dripping with juices and you clearly want it badly, so all you have to do is open your mouth and beg. Just say it.”

He scooped up the womanly nectar on his fingers and brought it to her mouth.

“Nn, nnnn.”

Since he refused to push his dick through her pussy lips, Ansandra used her round and curved lips to alluringly and obscenely suck at his fingers.

She was entranced watching herself sucking his fingers like she was giving a blowjob.

“Heh heh heh… Whenever you put a woman before a mirror, she seems to put on an act to make herself look more beautiful and more obscene. Can you move your lips more smoothly now that I’ve oiled them for you?”

The fingers in her mouth wrapped around her tongue and stirred up the back of her front teeth, her back teeth, and her upper jaw before pulling out.

A thick string of saliva mixed with shameful juices spanned the gap between her fingertips and her half-opened and glistening red lips.

The face of the girl in the mirror was trembling in desire and looked like it belonged to the horniest slut imaginable. Ansandra focused on the indescribably immoral beauty in that as she finally succumbed to her desire.

“…Put it in…”

“I can’t hear you.”

When he scolded her, Ansandra cowered down but then raised her jaw in desperation, revealed her white throat, and shouted tearfully.

“Ahhhhh! Please put your thick, long, and manly cock inside me and pound on my womb!”

Even she was amazed at what she had said. A wild smile came to Lorent’s lips as he looked down at her.

“Pound on your womb, huh? It’s hackneyed and not very creative, but everyone has to start somewhere. Fine then. Pound your womb I shall.”

After giving his approval, Lorent spread Ansandra’s white thighs and lifted them up.


Ansandra cried out in confusion and surprise when she saw herself in the mirror floating in midair with her legs spread.

He lifted up her thighs from behind and spread her legs wide. Her pussy lips glistened with love juices and even her anus was visible. She looked a lot like a little girl being held up to pee. Below her, the massive flesh tower rose up to pierce the heavens.

The head pressed against the flesh gate.


Her flesh produced an embarrassingly wet noise as it welcomed in the man and Ansandra stared at the image in the mirror enough to burn it into her retinas.

“See, I put it in just like you wanted. You can see, can’t you?”

The mirror showed the thick cock deeply penetrating her spread hidden lips.

Her flesh bud had poked out from its hood, her vulva was puffy and swollen, and the internal flesh was moving.

And each time his penis thrust in and out, some of the red flesh pulled out, revealing her insides. The indecent fluid gushed out, flowed down his rod to his balls, and then dripped to the floor.

“This…this…this is too much…”

Ansandra could say nothing else as she was charmed by her own horniness reflected in the mirror.

She had been thoroughly tormented, humiliated, and teased before finally being united with him. Her vagina writhed pleasantly as it accepted the man. Just a month before, Ansandra had never even experienced this pleasure, but she had since grown into a girl who could feel vaginal pleasure.

Her heart and body were separated. She was so embarrassed she thought she would to die, but she also felt so good she thought she would die.

(I have something that thick inside me…)

The visual aspect lured the proud princess to even greater arousal.

“Ahh, ahhn, hahhn…”

She had a glittering crown on her head and the tatters of a wedding dress on her body as she was lifted up from behind, had her legs spread, and had a thick cock pierce her.

That tear-damp allure had an artistic beauty to it.

(Ahh… I can’t believe how amazingly indecent I look. It’s too much. My pussy is absolutely flooded and my clit is so swollen. It’s so very lewd. I can’t believe I’ve turned into such a lewd girl. My face is so red and I’m gasping like I can’t get enough air. Ahh, how can this be? I’m drooling with a look of ecstasy on my face. I look so pathetic… But I can’t help it. It really does feel that good. My mind goes blank when he puts his thing inside me. Ahh, it’s so amazing. Does it make me a slut to like it this much? Yes, it must. What else could you call someone like this…?)

Ansandra’s passion burned as she watched her sexual behavior in the mirror. Her eyes opened wide, yet she could not see properly.

The inner lips were dyed a deep pink. This was known as sex skin. Once this happened, a woman had a straight shot toward orgasm as long as the man continued stimulating her. Ansandra lost herself in the pleasure.

“Hahh, ahn, ahhn, hah, ahn, nn, hah, ahn, hah, hah…”

“You certainly seem to be enjoying this.”

As she rose steadily toward orgasm, he suddenly lowered her body and removed his penis. He kept only the head just barely inside her vagina.

“Ah, wait, no… Please don’t stop… Forgive me, please forgive me.”

Having it taken away from her now was too much even for Ansandra. She abandoned all thought about shame and appearances to stick her butt out like a common whore. Lorent pulled back further. While pathetically crouched over, Ansandra clung to the mirror and cried.

“Ahh… Please put it in. Put it inside me…”

“Heh heh. You really do get bold in front of the mirror.”

Lorent looked exasperated and he embraced her from behind as he gave an order.

“Say you love me. If you do, I’ll jam it back in. I’ll jam it in deep enough to reach your womb.”

Those words surprised her. She realized this man had slept with her, fucked her, and driven her to humiliatingly powerful climaxes, but she had never once said she loved him.

“You are like ice. I show you so much love and yet you refuse to open your heart to me. Your body has grown hot and melted, so open your heart. I need your assistance.”

Lorent’s left hand held her so her hips would not give out below her and his other hand held the base of his dick so he could rub her soaked flesh with the tip.

“Say you love me. Say you love King Lorent.”

“Hee… Why…now…?”

Her body cried out at how sensitive it was so close to orgasm and she gulped.

She was even tenser than when she had begged for the cock.

She was afraid of having him steal her heart instead of just her body.

He kissed the nape of her neck and eyes bright with ambition stared at her eyes through the mirror.

Reflected in the mirror, her nude body was dyed a bright pink, filled with embarrassment and tension, and trembling with lust. Her sensually wet lips parted.


Lorent held her so tightly her body protested and he asked a question with a cruelly thin smile on his lips.

“Do you hate demons?”

She answered him while staring at the sanpaku eyes in the mirror.

“No, I’ve fallen under a demon’s spell. I love the man who intends to take my pride and my home kingdom from me. Everywhere he touches me burns hot and I grow wet when he so much as looks at me… The demon’s poison has filled me down to the marrow of my bones. I will stay with the demon wherever he might go.”

Lorent’s manly good looks and iron will gave him a powerful charisma. People feared him and yet were drawn to him like they had fallen under a demon’s spell.

Each time he wrapped his arms around her, whispered false love in her ear, thoroughly caressed her, penetrated her with his impressive erection, and covered her with his hot cum, she was filled with poison. It seemed to have permeated her heart, her skin, and every last one of her hairs.

She wanted to see the same dream he did. Even as his wife, she could not expect a doting husband’s kindness. But instead, he was sure to be satisfying as a man.

And that was true more than just physically. If she was with him, she was sure to see a world she could see with no one else and live a life she could experience with no one else. She could predict great sorrow and pain from this choice, but she could not resist the temptation.

She twisted her upper body around to ask for a kiss. She loved kissing. Sex gave her pleasure, but kissing gave her calm. Even if she knew it was based on a lie, she still loved kissing.

Lorent answered his new wife’s first direct request for a kiss.

“Mn…mn, mn…”

Once the kiss was over, Ansandra looked directly into her new husband’s black eyes and whispered to him.

“I love you. I will be the conqueror’s wife.”

Lorent broke out into a full-faced smile when he heard that.

“Heh heh. Well said. Ansandra, you really are cute. Here’s your reward.”

The rod wet with love nectar plunged deep into her vagina. Plus, he lifted up her thighs once more and vigorously moved her entire body up and down.

“Kyahn! N-no, ah, ahn…hee…khahhhh!”

As his wildly thrusting flesh sword stirred up her honeypot, Ansandra cried out madly.

“Ahhh, Your Majesty, ahhh!”

In the mirror, she was pierced by the man, her brow wrinkled, and foaming drool leaked from the corners of her mouth. Her melted expression was that of a horny woman who obeyed only the throbbing of her body.

Her breasts were not all that large, but they were fully tensed and dancing up and down.

Each time the cock moved in and out of her, her love juices sprayed out and splattered onto the mirror.

“Ah…hahhhhn, harder, fuck me harder, harder, ah, ah, I can feel you in the deepest part of my body…ahhhh, yes, so deep, hwah, ah…so deep, nn…you’re…hah…ah, so deep, kwah…hh… Ahh. Yes, my womb…I can feel you in my womb.”

More than 100 courtiers were waiting in the room neighboring the one echoing with indescribably obscene moans.

A royal’s wedding was planned out down to the second. There was simply no room left for the bride and groom to have any personal time. And there was certainly not enough for a round of sex.

Unable to continue with the wedding, the courtiers were forced to listen to the bride and groom’s unrestrained moans as they waited for their master to finish.

“Honestly, our king is such a lecher. How embarrassing.”

“Really, now. The young are so wild. Oh ho ho ho ho.”

Lorent’s former tutor Stephan and Ansandra’s head maid Granmars blushed and waited for their masters to finish their lovemaking.

“Ah, aheeeeeeeeeee….”


Through the door, they heard what sounded like a death cry from the woman and a roar from the man, so it seemed the young couple was finished.

The elderly courtiers were relieved that they could get on with the wedding, and the younger women dressed up for the wedding walked forward.

“Honestly, His Majesty is hopeless.”

“We’ll go give him a talking to.”

Naja and Dominic gave each other a meaningful nod and entered the powder room.

“Wait, what are you two doing!?”

Head Maid Granmars tried to stop them, but more and more ladies in fancy dresses followed. This included a daughter of old Celeste nobility; Lumishas, the heir of Sulbey’s last king; and even Linda, Stephan’s granddaughter.

Granmars finally looked to Stephan for an explanation.

The old general who had been the king’s tutor started sweating and reluctantly opened his mouth.

“I am sorry. Everyone who just walked in there is a woman His Majesty has…um…laid hands on.”


Dumbfounded, the head maid watched the door as a true battlefield unfolded within.

“Wait just a minute, all of yoooooooou!!”

Lorent was shaken for once and his voice could be heard even outside the room.

“I can’t believe all of you…”

Stripped naked and sprawled out on the floor, Lorent was covered in women.

Beautiful (and quite naked) women grabbed at every inch of his body, licked his nipples, licked his armpits, pressed their sizable breasts against him, and rubbed their wet pussy lips against him.

Lorent could likely push them away with his great strength, but he chose not to.

“You took all of our virginities, so we’re not going to let you just have a happy married life.”

Naja had mounted Lorent’s face and she rubbed her pussy lips against him. This was known as facesitting.

“Delicious… Your Majesty, your cock is delicious?”

Dominic was letting her jealousy show as she licked Lorent’s rod.

Just as Ansandra had finished having sex with Lorent, this army of women had appeared and pushed her husband to the floor. She leaned back against the mirror in a daze, but when she finally realized what was going on, she placed a hand over her mouth and giggled.

“Your Majesty, you’re so cute?”

Seeing him overwhelmed by the attack of jealous women made her feel much closer to her husband than ever before.

He had seemed like a frightening conqueror until now, but this reminded her that he was only human no matter what he might like to pretend.

She had prepared herself to be the conqueror’s queen and now she felt herself drawn to Lorent as a human as well. Without thinking, she leaned forward and asked a question.

“May I join in?”

“Sure…go right ahead.”

His dignity as a conqueror meant nothing when it came to women. He replied casually and Ansandra joined the swarm of horny women.

“Then I shall.”

She crawled over with semen dripping from her honeypot and joined the other women in licking Lorent’s dick.


Dominic looked displeased, but Ansandra pretended not to notice and licked alongside her.

Furthermore, she copied and stole Dominic’s technique.

Dominic and Ansandra seemed to compete with each other as they licked with the passion of a kitten given milk.

She found it irresistibly adorable how her husband shook with pleasure.

And all the women seemed to share that feeling.

Ansandra, Naja, Dominic, and the other women Ansandra did not know all gained looks of ecstasy as they attacked Lorent.

This conqueror filled the world with awe and fear, but he was defenseless in their hands here.

Only the women who had received his love could see him like this, so a sense of superiority sweetly filled their bodies.


He groaned as his thick penis twitched.

Precum dripped from the tip like nectar meant to lure in the women.

“Pant, pant. Wow…”

The beautifully but unbearably horny women wiggled their hips in their desire to have it inside them. Some of them began masturbating while pleasuring him.

Thanks to that, a stifling feminine scent filled the room.

Naja teased him while rubbing her crotch on his face.

“Oh, c’mon, Your Majesty. You just came, but its already throbbing so much?”

“I don’t want to hear that from someone rubbing her drenched pussy on me.”

Lorent’s usual calm was absent from his voice. Ansandra was turned on by the new experience as she listened to the conversation and passionately licked his penis.

(Wow. I can feel the balls moving inside the sack…)

She had lived a life full of sex ever since meeting him, but she had always been on the receiving end and had never actively pleasured him.

She made sure to observe his manhood as much as she could.

(How cute? I never knew dicks were so adorable.)

As her womanly instincts awoke inside her, Ansandra kissed his balls and then brought them into her mouth.

She enjoyed toying with their texture.

Naja spoke up in exasperation when she saw it.

“Looks like His Majesty got his wish. That girl’s turned into quite the slut.”

“Oh? But servicing her husband’s cock is a wife’s greatest joy.”

“I see you’ve learned how to fight the war of words.”

Those sand-colored eyes narrowed. Blue ones looked boldly back up at her and sparks flew with the towering erection between them.

But while those two fought their battle, Dominic had gone mad with desire and asked a question while lovingly rubbing the rod.

“King Lorent, are you ready to cum now?”

“Yes, please. This is a bit much even for me. Today’s schedule is still packed full of official duties, so let’s get this over with.”

Naja did not like Lorent’s answer.

“Oh, is that so? Hmm, so you put politics above pussy.”

With that disagreeable comment, she pushed down with her hips.

“Kh, wait, wait, Naja. I-I can’t breathe…”

She had apparently sealed his mouth and nose with her pussy, so Lorent struggled.

The title of conqueror was ruined by scenes like this.

Each arm and leg had a different woman holding it down and he writhed in pleasure as they licked at his nipples and armpits.

He was truly at the mercy of the women.

Ansandra was enjoying this more and more, so she gently licked up his shaft and then licked the head.


Following their queen’s example, several other women used their wet tongues to lick at the head from every direction.

(Ah, he’s about to cum. So this is what it does just before he cums.)

Her crotch grew restless as she recalled the many times he had cum inside her.

(Ahh…I want it. I want his hot milk inside me…)

She earnestly thought that even with some of the hot remnants still inside her, so the other women had to desire it all the more.

The ladies with wet pussies blushed and breathed heated sighs as they focused on licking all over the head.


Just as the man groaned, his penis exploded.

The white milky liquid flew high, like a rising dragon.

The horny women watched it in ecstasy, but it was never going to end there.

“Ahh, I can’t wait any longer. I’ll be taking that.”

Naja grabbed the cock that had just finished ejaculating and started stroking it to force it back to hardness. Then she quickly shifted from facesitting to the cowgirl position.

“Ahh, no fair, Naja!”

The other women protested and a women-on-man gang rape began.

The entire kingdom was celebrating. Even if the stars had briefly left, the festivities had only grown, but the excitement reached a fever pitch when Lorent and Ansandra returned before the crowd that afternoon.

“Domos King Lorent!”

“Domos Queen Ansandra!”

Did anyone there notice that the queen seemed to have been reborn into a woman even more bewitching and lovely than she had been that morning? Ansandra at least was aware of it.

(I am his wife and I will stay by his side until death do us part.)

With that resolution in her heart, she looked up at her beloved husband’s face.

He looked a little tired, but the crowd was not bothered by that. For one thing, the bride was the true star of this wedding.

From there, the wedding continued without a hitch and the officials in charge breathed a sigh of relief. But when the western sky grew blood red, the sun sank, and a raucous and alcohol-fueled party began for the night, another unplanned action occurred.

Lorent’s eyes transformed from those of a handsome young man to the dangerous and piercing ones of an ambitious man as he urged one of his mistresses forward.

When Ansandra saw the woman in a green official’s outfit step up onto the podium, her pulse, lungs, and inner ear malfunctioned and she grabbed at Lorent’s left arm.

“Domos Queen Ansandra wishes to also take the throne as queen of her home kingdom of Clanaria and her husband Domos King Lorent will fully support her in this endeavor.”

Dominic’s announcement rang loud.

As queen of Domos, Ansandra was seeking the Clanarian throne. That was tantamount to a declaration of war against Clanaria.

The celebratory cheers were temporarily quieted and silence fell as if everyone was holding their breath. Then fiercely wild voices exploded out.

“Clanaria shall belong to Domos!”

The Domos people had been itching for a new target ever since conquering Sulbey. Lorent had created a people that preferred war to peace.

(I will follow him wherever he might go. Will I go down in history as the queen of the conqueror who grasped the entire continent in his fist? Or will he meet the cruel fate of a foolish dreamer who did not know his place?)

Ansandra had made the tragic choice to make an enemy of her home kingdom, her parents, her sister, her best friend, and so much more. She looked up at the groom who had forced this harsh destiny onto her.

“Your Majesty, please take Clanaria.”

“Yes, Clanaria is first. And then I will continue unto the ends of the world.”

Ansandra exchanged a glance with her husband and she kept her next thought unsaid.

(I wonder where Mimi is right now. Has she arrived safely in Curling? …If this is a complete surprise attack, will the Domos army actually have a chance of winning?)

At that time, the Clanarian courtiers had received a report from Head Maid Granmars and the others who had accompanied Ansandra: “The princess and the Domos king are getting along extremely well. They have been intimate every day since we arrived in Fenrir without rest.”

“Well, it would seem Princess Ansandra is getting along well. The north should be safe for a while now.”

Most of the senior officials breathed a sigh of relief that they had chosen Princess Ansandra over Princess Virginia.

An urgent message arrived early in the morning on the very day that Domos was likely holding a magnificent party.

It was brought by Mimi. She was the same age as Ansandra and she was known as the princess’s favorite maid.

“What brings you to me, Mimi!?”

She had come to Lucy, the only daughter of Clanaria’s General Albare.

“Lady Lucy, it’s an emergency.”

Tears spilled from Mimi’s eyes as she leapt into Lucy’s chest.

“What happened, Mimi?”

Surprised, Lucy accepted the girl’s body and rubbed her back.

Mimi rubbed her cheek against Lucy’s plump boobs and described her adventure that brought both listener and speaker to tears.

After she was given an important mission from her master, Mimi had done as Ansandra asked and visited a Clanarian merchant in Fenrir’s castle town.

With the approaching marriage of the princess, it was assumed the Clanarian royal family and the Domos royal family would grow closer and they would ensure the safety of the routes between the two kingdoms, so merchants had quickly started moving between them.

“Um… I’d like to go to the Clanarian capital of Curling…”

Mimi’s hesitant request had made her seem like a girl who had run away from home, so the merchant had been unsure what to do. But when Mimi had given her identity, she had explained that she had received sudden word that her mother had fallen ill and she had to return home immediately.

Mimi was capable of putting on that much of an act. But in this case, it was the audience more than the actor that got lost in the performance.

“Well, we have to do something about that.”

No matter how the world changed, kind men would always have a weakness for pure-seeming girls. After joining the merchant group, Mimi easily slipped past the watchful eyes Dominic had surely set in place and she escaped Domos.

The merchant group had plenty of kind men and they had spoiled her, so the journey had been even more comfortable than the one to Domos, except for the shaking of the cheap wagon hurting her butt a little.

She had originally been a merchant’s daughter, so she fit in quite well.

“Ohhh, so you’re Legins’s little sister?”

“You know my brother?”

Mimi was surprised and the merchant emotionally explained further.

“Yeah, he’s young but really skilled. He’s definitely going places.”

“Hmm, is that so?”

Even if he was just being polite, she enjoyed having her family praised.

Mimi was in a good mood as they left Domos, passed through the mountains of Celeste, and entered Sulbey.

The weather grew a lot warmer and the terrain started looking a lot more like home. And as she munched on the black bread she had been given for lunch, she heard something slicing through the air.

“Oh, what’s that?”

When Mimi looked outside to figure out what was causing the noise, she found an arrow sticking out of the chest of a mercenary they had hired for protection. He fell from his horse.

It was a bandit attack. When Mimi realized what was happening, she moved to the back of the wagon, grabbed a thick blanket, threw it over her head, curled up, squeezed her eyes shut, and covered her ears.

This girl was completely useless in an emergency. Then again, she only good for her cheerful attitude even during normal times.

But hiding from reality did not make reality go away, so the mercenaries and merchants fought bravely. But after a fierce fight with the bandits, the leader of the merchant group accepted defeat and surrendered.

“Hey, there’s a girl hiding here.”

“Kyah! No, don’t touch me.”

Mimi was eventually found in hiding and dragged out.

“Oh, you’re wearing some nice clothes. And you’re still only a kid, but you’ve got some nice tits and ass on you.”

The stubbly young man who seemed to lead the bandits walked over and made an unbelievable suggestion.

“We haven’t been blessed with a woman in a while. How about we all enjoy her together?”

Mimi stared. She was of course a virgin, but working as a maid in the royal palace meant she had heard talk of many inappropriate things. The number of bandits seemed inadequate for attacking a merchant group, but it was far too many for a single girl to handle. She would die.

Mimi turned tail and ran without a second thought, but the bandits did not let her escape.

In no time, she had each of her 4 limbs held down by a different man while she was laid down on the ground.

She was an innocent-faced girl, but her body was incredibly well-developed. It was partially thanks to her bra, but the mounds of her breasts remained impressive even when lying on her back.

One of the bandits holding her down grabbed her tits through the blouse and let out an excited cry when he felt the soft flesh barely contained in the bra cups.

They pulled up her skirt to reveal her healthy and fleshy thighs and the white panties with a small yellow ribbon that contained her full and feminine hips.

The bandits forcibly took away her cotton panties. A small gap covered in a slight tuft of hair was exposed. Despite the puffy fleshiness, the slit was tightly closed and none of the internal frills could be seen. This only made her look even more childlike. However, the puffy mound was quite something.

“Looks delicious.”

The bandits exchanged satisfied grins before spreading Mimi’s legs. Their stubbly leader reached out and parted the somewhat darker colored flesh fruit.

The girl’s precious and unused hidden flesh was exposed to the light of the sun.


Mimi finally started to cry. She could only cry at times like this. She simply wailed at the top of her lungs like a child.

This ruined the mood. One of the bandits shouted “pipe down” and prepared to slap her, but as she sobbed, Mimi shouted something unbelievable.

“So this is the moment when Clanaria is destroyed. And at the hands of some ignorant bandits. Oh…I’m so sorry, princess. I failed to complete your instructions. Wahhh…”

The bandit who had raised his arm to strike her cheek stopped and the ones holding her arms and legs or standing around watching also looked at the girl in surprise instead of lust.

“Hey, Volk…”

The man named Volk was the one spreading Mimi’s pussy so all the bandits could see, but he pulled his hand back and ordered the other bandits to release Mimi. He then awkwardly cleared his throat and politely asked a question after suddenly growing more gentlemanly.

“Sob, sob…”

But even if the bandits’ behavior changed, the girl’s emotions were not calmed so easily after being put in danger.

One of the bandits handed Mimi a scrap of cloth. She tearfully thanked him, wiped her face off and even blew her nose into it, but only then did she realize it was her own panties. She started crying even more, so the bandits quickly threatened the merchants into bringing them some brand new lady’s underwear. After taking those, Mimi belatedly started worrying about her skirt as she put the panties on. After finally calming down, she revealed who she was and the secret mission Ansandra had given her despite her fear of the bearded bandits.

The bandits were not the only ones shocked by that information. The captured merchants had never imagined such a cute and harmless-looking girl carried such an important mission. But the scale was too great to brag about.

When the bandits had heard her out, they began to explain who they were.

“We used to be Sulbey’s knights. But after Domos conquered Sulbey, we’ve been out of a job and had to resort to banditry. We attacked this Clanarian group because we’d heard Clanaria was allied with Domos now. But if Clanaria is going to war with Domos, then we want to help.”

The former Sulbey knights went out of their way to take the girl to Curling.

Mimi gestured wildly as she explained the adventures she had on the way and Lucy was unable to get a word in edgewise. When Mimi had finally finished her story and took a breath, Lucy coldly asked a question.

“So why did Princess Ansandra send you here?”

“Oh, right. It’s an emergency! Domos is using the princess’s marriage as an excuse to invade Clanaria!”

“What? Why wasn’t that the very first thing you said!?”

Lucy scolded this secret messenger for burying the lede, but now that she knew the urgency of the situation, she immediately reported to her father, General Albare.

“I never imagined they would use the princess’s position in the line of succession to give them a reason for war.”

Albare held a hand to his prominent jaw as he thought, but he did not think for long. He immediately reported to Kind Baldwin and sent scouts to the Domos border to discover the truth of the matter.

When the king received word, he immediately held a meeting with his royal council. As they discussed countermeasures, the royal council was split over how they should fight back.

“Domos’s action is indeed unexpected, but that is a sign that they have not adequately prepared. We should move the villagers and townsfolk to better protected fortresses to fortify ourselves for the attack. The Domos army will likely lack provisions, so they will have to withdraw in the near future. If we strike back then, they will easily fall. There is no need to make a stand before the starving wolf.”

That was General Albare’s opinion, but Prime Minister Stuart disagreed.

“Do that and they will burn our fields. In the worst case, we would have to give up on almost all of this year’s harvest. Many people would starve come winter. If we cannot keep our people safe, people will question our ability to rule. The enemy will be exhausted from their long march to an unfamiliar land. We should drive back the lawless invaders at the border to demonstrate Clanaria’s power to our people and to the other kingdoms.”

As a military expert, Albare advocated a long-term strategy. As an economic expert, Stuart advocated a short-term strategy. Both of their opinions seemed correct.

The warriors and the politicians rarely got along in any kingdom. The ultimate decision came down to King Baldwin.

“No matter what we choose, we do not have time for a lengthy debate. Personally, I am furious with those savages for using my cute daughter as an excuse to attack after I attempted to placate them with her. Let us send out all of our forces to strike back.”

The king looked out at his commanders with majesty in his eyes. And he stopped in front of one man.

“Royal Guard General Madelene, I leave the vanguard to you. Leave immediately and prepare the battlefield.”

Madelene gallantly prepared an elite unit of 2000 knights.

“Those snakes crawling through the backcountry have apparently mistaken themselves for dragons. As a civilized kingdom, we must educate them with the whip.”

The prime candidate to be Clanaria’s next king left the capital with those grand words.

And those words made it clear that the majority of the Clanarian army still optimistically believed that the army of a remote kingdom like Domos did not pose a threat.

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