Harem Dynast

Part 1: Chapter 4 - Impossible Dream
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Part 1: Chapter 4 - Impossible Dream

“So my next target is the central plain kingdom of Clanaria…”

While Ansandra’s powerful sense of responsibility had her shut in a dark room and struggling with thoughts about Clanaria and Domos’s future, the man who had taken her chastity was speaking to himself in a windy outdoor space.

Domos’s royal capital of Fenrir was a stone-built mountain fortress, but the very top level was an open-air room.

The roofs and trees of the castle town were visible all around him and the gentle waves of the mountain peaks towered above. The beauty of the sunlight shining off of the snowcapped mountains was one of the Domos people’s few sources of pride.

Lorent was not the type to enjoy that view, but when he had some spare time but not enough to travel, he had a habit of staring into the distance instead of holing up inside.

The people who knew his nature suspected he felt like he was looking down on the world from the heavens.

The curtain of night had fallen and the breathtaking mountains could not be seen, but as he stood there in only a thin robe, the light of the stars scattered across the sky like the contents of a jewelry box poured down as a silver shower.

The scents of several flowers and trees filled the air, the night wind flirted with his skin, and the chirping of bugs reached his ears.

Domos’s nights were known to be cold even during the summer. It would likely be chilly to residents of warm Clanaria, but Lorent found it pleasantly warm.

No resident of Domos would claim to hate this season and Lorent was no exception.

Outside of summer, the temperature dropped below 0 most every day and winter was especially cruel. It was an outrageous world where animals’ heads would freeze and split open or tails would freeze and break off.

But Lorent was the kind of person who preferred the tension of that freezing winter, frigid air, bright white breath, and skin so tense it honed the senses.

The people who lived in this land were tough and coldhearted. They could not otherwise survive there.

Their life of riding horses or dragons to pursue their livestock or hunt wild animals trained them for military action on a daily basis and gave them fierce power during battle.

When was it that he had started to think they could use that power to conquer the entire continent?

“Why do you keep fighting for land beyond Domos?”

How would he answer if he was asked that question?

Would he brag about a selfish desire for all the world’s riches and women? Would he play the hero and claim he could not bear to see the common folk living in such squalor? Or would he make a show of his righteousness by saying he wanted to unite the continent to create a world without war. They all seemed accurate and they all seemed wrong.

Regardless, he wanted to conquer even the furthest reaches of the world. And he was confident that he could accomplish that.

He was a ruler of depthless greed. Later historians would say the continent was fed up of the constant wars caused by the splitting up and conflict between the smaller kingdoms and thus everyone was waiting for the rise of a conqueror who would establish a great unified dynasty. They would say he was only a new feral man who had taken advantage of that trend. He of course was not aware of any of that.

Lorent’s thoughts were focused on the strategy before his eyes. Now that he ruled the three kingdoms of Domos, Celeste, and Sulbey, he stood at a large crossroads.

“…Your Majesty…”

Lorent was viewing the starry sky with his back to the stone wall, but a voice did not hesitate to call out to him from the entranceway.

He looked over and saw the anguished face of an intelligent woman wearing the clothing of court woman with a green hat and veil attached.

“Dominic. …What do you need?’

That venomous snake of a woman was 7 years his elder and she was not of pure Domos descent.

Her father had been from the central plain, but he had done something that led him to this land. He had served as a royal official here, so his daughter had ended up working as a maid.

Dominic had been far from “adorable” even as a child, but thanks to the tremendous skill she inherited from her father, she had been selected as the prince’s attendant.

Dominic had made up for her position as a newcomer by faithfully serving her young master, but one night when she had gone to turn out the magic light in Lorent’s room after he fell asleep, he had grabbed her hand.

It had been less about love than about a young boy’s curiosity concerning the opposite sex, but she was proud to have been his first woman and to have offered her virginity to him.

He had continued following his curiosity after that and fucked her in just about every way imaginable, so there was no part of her body that had not been exposed to his eyes and fingers or that had not been baptized by his semen and saliva.

In that way, she was closer to him than anyone. Stephan was Lorent’s teacher and Kubdai was like his older brother, but she knew she was even closer and would even gladly die for him at any time.

But despite her devoted love, Lorent had grown tired of her body come to love Naja and many other women.

It might have been a remote kingdom, but he had still been crown prince. The kingdom’s women had naturally adored him. And even when he hid his identity, countless women had approached him and he had not hesitated to take each and every one of them.

It had been Dominic’s job to clean up afterwards.

She was very confident in her position as Lorent’s special woman, but it had been absolute torture watching her beloved man having sex with other women.

Her personality had gradually grown twisted and that had in turn reduced how often he loved her. It was a vicious cycle.

“I am prepared to be punished for saying this, but aren’t you being too hasty in challenging Clanaria at our current strength?”


Dominic feared the silent pressure coming from Lorent, but she continued while restlessly rubbing her hands together.

“There is no need to go for Clanaria so soon. Can’t you conquer all the northern kingdoms to build up our strength before starting into the central plain?”

That was the majority opinion in Domos.

Domos was a military kingdom, so not fighting a war was not an option.

But the north was blocked in by a sea known as the Icy Blade. As its name suggested, it froze in winter and was full of too much drift ice for ships to pass even during the summer. It was truly a place beyond human understanding.

The only options were to continue across the north or to begin south into the central plain.

It was too soon for the central plain. Most people felt they needed to focus on the northern kingdoms of Nausiaca and Clotilde which were allied with Clanaria, but Lorent had decided to attack Clanaria.

However, he had not fired the first arrow yet. They could still turn back.

Lorent had seemed hatefully full of confidence and ambition to Ansandra’s eyes, but he was still human and would thus hesitate and second-guess himself. He simply made sure only his few aides knew of it.

Dominic was one of those who could see it, so she spoke strongly.

“I will always agree with your thoughts. I would offer up my life or even kill my father for you. But if anything were to happen to you…”

Dominic had not even resisted when he had pulled her into his bed and taken her virginity, so this was her first time standing up to him to this extent.

Her face paled and she trembled just as much as during that first time.

She was willing to have him yell at her, hit her, or even kill her. The only thing she feared was that he might leave her.

But she had seen the central plain civilization when she had been bought here by her father as a young girl, so she simply could not see how Domos could defeat them at the moment.


His sanpaku eyes stared at her like she was some rare sight.

It seemed to last forever to Dominic. She did not even feel alive during that time, but then he looked up into the night sky.


There was a flying dragon there.

After it approached above the castle, a woman with a red ponytail hopped down from the dragon, performed a flip, landed on the stone floor, and leaped into Lorent’s chest.

“Pant, pant… It really is you, Your Majesty.”

“Naja, don’t be reckless.”

As Naja grinned and pressed her cheek against his solid chest, beads of sweat covered her forehead and her healthy brown chest rose and fell from her heavy breathing.

Her time with her lover had been ended in favor of another girl. She had likely taken out her irritation on her beloved dragon.

That could not have been fun for the dragon. Once its master freed it, Lacquer Scale flew off as if fleeing.


Dominic had felt like she stood on the verge of life or death, so she was dumbfounded by this unexpected intrusion.

But Naja entirely ignored Dominic and hit Lorent with blatant jealousy.

“Hey, are you really going to marry that girl?”

Unlike Dominic, Naja was still quite young at 20. She was the daughter of a family that had served the Domos royal family for generations. She was something like a childhood friend to Lorent.

She was of pure Domos descent and when she flew gallantly through the sky on her flying dragon, most of the people enthusiastically called her the Daughter of Domos.

Lorent had placed her in charge of the flying dragon unit and made her his mistress while also maintaining an equal relationship as friends.

No matter how many women the lecherous young king laid his hands on, most everyone had assumed Naja would ultimately be queen of Domos.

She was the perfect candidate when it came to bloodline, ability, trust, popularity, and age. And she had to have been aware of that herself.

“Yes, Ansandra is absolutely necessary if I am to defeat and rule Clanaria.”

He did not hesitate in his answer.

Naja wrinkled her nose in displeasure and Lorent soothed her by rubbing her cheek.

Naja realized he was trying to dodge the issue through intimacy, so she bit his fingertip like a cat.

Lorent grimaced at that and shook his finger as he tried to persuade her.

“You saw Clanaria, didn’t you? It is entirely different from here. And we will never have a better chance of making that fertile land ours.”

The northern kingdoms were weak. That was the result of how barren they were. Nature was an obstacle. There was only so far they could expand their territory.

But Clanaria may have been the world’s most fertile kingdom. Rule it and they would acquire vast riches. Domos would then become the greatest force on the continent. It would be much easier from there on out. They only had to conquer the central plain’s other fertile kingdoms one after another. The remaining smaller and weaker northern kingdoms would likely surrender without even putting up a fight.

“I understand what you’re saying, but this is a dangerous gamble.”

Dominic could not help but plead with him.

They had asked for an alliance and now they would attack and destroy Clanaria while they were off guard. It was an obvious deception.

“Yes, I know. But it is a gamble worth making.” Lorent sighed lightly. “I love war, but I hate wars I lose. Clanaria is powerful. If we fought them normally, we would never stand a chance. And if a direct attack won’t work, standard strategy is to use more underhanded methods. …Also. If the amount of effort is the same, we should aim for the greater profit. And humans are much easier to battle than nature.”

Naja answered Lorent’s resolve with a skeptical voice.

“Well, I do get what you’re saying, but is that girl really worth all that? I seriously doubt she’ll be a worthwhile trump card.”

From Naja’s point of view, Ansandra had to look like a pretty doll with no useful skills whatsoever.

“Yes, that girl might look obedient, but she might be smarter than you think. It looked to me like she is giving this quite a lot of thought.”

Lorent sounded somehow amused as he recalled Ansandra’s behavior after he had finished deflowering her.

If Lorent was praising her, then Naja had to accept that this was no ordinary girl.

“Well, whatever. If you can use that girl, then let’s use her for all she’s worth?”

Naja replied with a refreshed smile and Lorent gave a smile of his own as he powerfully embraced her hips. He seductively and coldly whispered to her as if biting at her right ear.

“That’s the Naja I know. This is hardly the first time I’ve found a new woman. Just think of this as yet another one.”

“You sure are in a good mood…”

Naja looked exasperated, but she had a weakness for this man. Their lips came together.

“Mh, mhh, mhh…”

The two of them had known each other for a long time and they first licked along the edge of the lips releasing a heated breath and then sucked at each other’s lips.

While enjoying the devouring kiss, the smile of a calculating woman appeared on Naja’s cheeks.

After knowing him for so long, she knew Lorent’s tastes in women.

If a woman was only pretty, he would fuck her, play around with her, and then throw her out like garbage once he was tired of her.

Only the idiosyncratic but talented women like Naja and Dominic had lasted very long.

To remain his mistress required effort and talent.

If Ansandra was not up to the task, she would be left behind once she was of no more use, even if she was his wife.

Lorent’s strong arms pulled her tight hips in close and then pushed her back against the wall.

Her scent rose toward his nose. This was not the artificial scent he had found on Ansandra. It was the sweet and sour scent of sweat, the heat of the sunlight, and pure female sex.

“You are such a wonderful woman.”

He pressed their foreheads together and whispered as if he had seen right through everything she was thinking.

“Of course I am? You can’t find another woman as great as me in the central plain or anywhere else in the world.”

It looked like she was just cheerfully saying that, but Naja almost certainly believed it from the bottom of her heart. And that was what filled her with the radiance of life and confidence.

“True enough…”

Lorent narrowed his eyes and agreed. He kissed at her neck as he spun her around and placed her hands on the railing.

He embraced her from behind and thoroughly massaged her tits through the thin clothing covering them.

“Nn…nnn, ahhhn… My boobs are bigger and perkier than that girl’s, aren’t they?”

“Yes, they are superb.”

As he caressed and groped them from bottom to top, her top slipped up. The two bowl-shaped mounds that bounced out into view were slightly less tanned than the rest of her skin.

And the heat that had been contained inside was released along with a sweet female smell.

Her breasts were smooth, but they were as tough as tanned animal hide. He held them in his hands and boldly groped them from base to tip like they were a cow’s udders. She was quite accustomed to this rough caress, so her nipples grew indecently erect without delay.

As he pulled and twisted those erect nipples between his thumb and forefinger, Naja released damp and heated moans.

“Nn, nnn, ahhn. Your Majesty, you have the world’s best woman by your side and she’s madly in love with you, so you need to be aware just how lucky you are.”

“Yes, I am aware. Meeting you was the greatest happiness in my life.”

As he admitted that, Lorent continued groping her left breast with his left hand and lowered his right hand to her lower body.

He rubbed up along her glossy right thigh and stuck his fingers inside the cloth hanging over her crotch.

The miniscule cloth below that was far too small to call panties and only just barely hid her pussy. Lorent pressed on the mound through that cloth and stroked up and down the slit.


They had known each other long enough to intimately know each other’s erogenous zones. Even through the cloth, Lorent’s fingertips took perfect aim and sent a vibration into her clitoris.

“Ha ha. That feels amazing~~~?”

As a man embraced her from behind and unilaterally pleasured her, the woman known as the Daughter of Domos and loved by the people moaned loudly down toward the castle town.


Dominic uttered a frustrated and longing sigh as she was forced to watch that perfect couple begin their lovemaking.

Her intelligent face paled from jealousy, her skinny body trembled, and she bit her lower lip.

Dominic was 7 years older than Lorent and she had too much pride to plainly state her jealousy and beg for it like Naja. No matter what horrible things he did to her, she would weep in her heart while playing the understanding big sister who would allow anything.

She would often work off her pent up jealousy by humiliating other women like she had Ansandra.

Even so, she never again wanted to stand there and watch the man she loved making love with another woman. That was like torture to a woman.

(Ahh, if only he would pleasure me like that…)

As she agonized in jealousy, her arms started moving on her own body just like Lorent’s were on Naja’s.

She groped her enormous breasts over her clothes and used the other hand to pull up her skirt and gently rub her crotch through her panties. Needless to say, the nipples between her fingers were hard and erect and her panties were sopping wet.

“Ahhhn. Quit teasing me. I hate being teased. Give it to me already. Put it in, put it in.”

After he continually rubbed her breasts and clit, Naja threw a childish tantrum and begged him.

Lorent smiled bitterly when he remembered how Ansandra had only been able to desperately endure the pleasure from this sort of teasing.

Neither reaction was superior and the difference was entertaining.

“Put it in? You mean like this?”

With a mischievous smile on his lips, Lorent placed his fingers on her fleshpot through the cloth and shoved her panties inside along with his middle finger.


Naja gave a sweet cry as she arched backwards.

“Pant, pant. You’re so mean. C’mon, Your Majesty~ Stick your cock inside me, stir me up, and then fill my pussy with lots and lots of cum… Pant, pant.”

Naja begged sweetly as she kept her hands on the railing and raised her left leg straight toward the heavens.

In a way, it was similar to the pose a dog made when peeing on a tree, but her leg was raised so perfectly straight that it had a certain elegance to it. Her two legs formed a straight line that looked like a pillar supporting the heavens and the earth.

Only a woman with her limber joints and excellent balance could pull off this pose. It was a provocative pose that showed off her athletic ability.

The cloth she wore for panties was revealed to Lorent’s eyes in all its soaked and wrinkled glory. The mound below was shaved.

The middle of the thin cloth was digging into the vertical slit below and one point in the center sank deep down and was terribly stained.

“Well, if you insist.”

Lorent succumbed to this childhood friend and hero’s seduction, so he removed his gown.

He wore nothing below, so this revealed his penis that rose up to his navel.

Naja clung to the railing and held her left leg high while Dominic gulped while sadly masturbating on her own.

Lorent pulled on the vermilion cloth and revealed the spread pussy below.

The flower petals on her crotch were covered in nectar and twitched to invite the man in.

Lorent grabbed her raised leg with his left arm and penetrated her all at once.


It was a unique position.

Your average woman could never pull it off.

Allowing him to enjoy these acrobatic positions was one of Naja’s special traits.

Dominic and Ansandra could never hope to replicate them.


She was turned to the side, so her vagina squeezed him from the sides.

Naja’s pussy had ample soft folds that squeezed tightly.

It was very different from Ansandra’s hard and tight pussy. She had developed enough soft muscle to create the perfect pussy for squeezing a man to death.

And it squeezed differently from normal in this unusual position, so even Lorent was quickly brought to his limit.

“Hee hee hee…”

Naja laughed happily when she sensed the man desperately trying to hold back inside her. She rested her right elbow on the railing, turned her head around, reached out her left arm, and embraced Lorent’s black hair.

Realizing what she wanted, he leaned forward and stole her lips with his cock still deep inside her antlion hill of a vagina. At the same time, he moved his right hand below her to support her body while groping her right breast.

He moved his kisses lower and brought her left nipple into his mouth.


As if to reveal her mental state, the small nipple grew stiffly erect and she cried out and jerked when he sucked on it.

He firmly groped the other mound in his hand and rolled the hardening nipple around with his tongue.

“Ahh, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

As he held the nipple in his mouth and licked it all around with his tongue tip, it grew harder and harder, so he held it between his lips and sucked hard.

“Ah, bite it, bite it…”

Even as Naja’s body writhed wildly around and she gasped for breath, he did as she asked and bit the nipple with his front teeth.


Naja groaned quietly and gasped while her skin tensed.

Her vagina squeezed at the same moment. She had apparently cum a little.

Sensing that, Lorent made an announcement.

“It’s about time I got serious.”

With his right hand, he scooped up and massaged her right breast. With his left hand, he grabbed her raised thigh and began pumping vigorously into her.

He pounded his hips into hers.

“Ahn, I’m, ahhhn…”

He felt like he was penetrating her quite deeply in this position. His extra-thick cock pounded repeatedly on her cervix and drool burst from her mouth.

At the same time, her left breast bounced around.

After immediately shifting up to his top speed, Lorent thrust back and forth, stirred up her vaginal walls, and pounded her hard.

When he did this, Naja was nothing more than a female beast. Her wild voice sounded loudly each time their hips collided.

“Nn…hn, ahh…ahhh…ahhh…”

Naja’s red ponytail waved about as she achieved orgasm after orgasm, sometimes small and sometimes large.

“Ah, ahh, ahhh…I’m, I’m…”

The girl loved as the Daughter of Domos roared into the night sky like a wild flying dragon.

“Ahee, ahahhh…hahh…ahee…kuheee…I’m cumming…I’m cumming, hee…ahhhhh, ah, hah, ahh…ah, I’m cumming again, I’m cumming.”

All rational thought left her, her eyes rolled back in her head, and her expression constantly changed between “It feels so good”, “fuck me more”, and “I’m going to die”.

As she moaned and convulsed like mad, strong contractions ran through her vagina to assault the penis inside. After she climaxed a few times, the man’s powerful restraint finally succumbed to the great tidal wave of pleasure.

“Here I go!”

With that powerful announcement, Lorent thrust his cock inside her so forcefully it seemed like it would pierces straight through her.


He ejaculated while pushing her cervix up inside her.


The feminine and animal cry that forced its way from the depths of her throat contained the sadness of a dying beast’s death cry yet also contained immense satisfaction.

After releasing his seed, Lorent’s movements gradually slowed and finally came to a stop.

Naja held him in a stupor and refused to let go. Even after his penis released every last drop and had gone fully flaccid, she held him inside her body for a long time.

When he finally removed his penis, all of her muscles had relaxed and she curled up on the spot like she had passed out.

Her panties had shifted back into place, but there had to be an incredible mixture of love juices and semen inside.


Satisfied, Lorent remained standing and leaned back against the stone wall opposite the one Naja was curled up against.

And he jerked his chin over toward the woman who was feeling intense jealousy and nearly enough distress to start crying.

“Dominic…take care of this.”

That was all he had to say. What he meant got through to her because she was a slave to his cock down to the core of her being.

“Oh, yes.”

The woman in her thirties approached while her face glowed and crumbled into a tearful smile.

She kneeled between her master’s legs and lovingly reached her tongue toward the penis that was covered in another woman’s love juices and had grown flaccid.

She licked it like a child wanting to savor her favorite treat instead of consuming it all at once.

Each time it twitched, her smile grew and she licked it even more thoroughly.

As the horny woman enjoyed his dick, it gradually grew until the dark glistening flesh sword had entirely recovered.


With a maddening glow in her jade eyes, Dominic licked her lips and gulped.

An ecstatic smile came to her face as she massaged the flesh sack with both hands and boldly swallowed the flesh shaft into her mouth.

“Nn, nn, nnn, hhhhh…”

Each time she slid her red lips along the shaft, she felt a tug on her flesh-colored lips and the lipstick stuck to the pillar of flesh.

She rapidly moved her head and drool dripped from her mouth as she did her very best to suck his cock, but the flesh spear would not explode so readily when it was so experienced and had been used twice already.

Dominic pushed the head to the back of her mouth and swallowed it into her throat.

She did not particularly care if she dislocated her jaw or suffocated on the penis. As long as she was pleasuring him, she was happy.

Lorent suddenly reached out his hands, grabbed her chestnut hair, and began moving both her head and his hips back and forth.


Dominic’s muffled groan echoed out as he mercilessly shoved his massive erection deep into her throat.

Nevertheless, Lorent continued the rhythmic movement of his hips. His pubic hair tickled her nose and her teeth touched the base of his rod.

She desperately grabbed at his butt to bear with it. Her reddish-purple nails dug deep into his butt and her eyes grew blank.

She was a coldhearted woman and her treatment of Ansandra showed how venomous she could be, but she was a masochist when it came to Lorent.

After face-fucking the horny woman for a while, Lorent let go.


When he pulled his penis out, it was stickily coated with lipstick, it gave off steam, and it twitched. A string of drool connected its tip to the lips that had lost most of their lipstick. Dominic asked her master a question with a blank look on her face.

“Would you like me to do it with my breasts now?”

“Sure, do as you wish.”

Delighted with her master’s arrogant response, Dominic removed her see-through innerwear to reveal her breasts.

The giant breasts within were contained in a seductive and luxurious purple bra that left more than half of them exposed.

That underwear was clearly designed for the male eye.

She had been prepared for Lorent to call for her at any time.

She glanced up at him, hoping to hear what he thought.

“You really like wearing sexy underwear, don’t you?”

“Th-thank you very much…”

She blushed and removed the bra.

This exposed pale white and meltingly soft breasts that gave off a milky scent. These were the mature breasts of a woman in her thirties.

“I will give you a titjob.”

While kneeling and topless, Dominic placed the thick and glistening penis between her white and somewhat sweaty breasts.

Her intelligent face was burning with lust. As she pushed the twitching cock between her white tits, they enveloped it like cotton candy.

Her voluminous breasts could surround the giant penis with room to spare. They were also resilient and incredibly soft. The penis was sucked into the fine and well-maintained skin.

“That feels wonderful. Your tits really are the best, Dominic.”

Lorent happily narrowed his eyes and Dominic felt like she was ascending into heaven.

Her large breasts, symbols of motherhood, surrounded her beloved man’s dick. That brought her the greatest happiness.

Lorent had first expressed interest in her due to her giant boobs. The past 14 years vanished and she was brought back to that time when Lorent was hers alone.

Overjoyed and still on her knees, she grabbed her ample breasts, used them to rub the erection in her cleavage, and worked to move her upper body up and down.

She used her entire body to move the giant hunks of flesh. Sweat poured from her white skin and heated breaths escaped her mouth. She accurately rubbed her solidly erect nipples against either side of the penis head.

The dark head occasionally poked up from between her white skin. Dominic’s eyes were drawn to it and she could not resist opening her mouth, sticking out her red tongue, and licking the tip sticking out from her cleavage.

No matter what anyone said, she had been in a physical relationship with Lorent the longest, so she knew just how to make her attack.

“Kh… I’m cumming.”

“Go ahead. Please cum all over me.”

Dominic’s entire body exuded heat and the urethra opened at her request.

The first shot hit the talented woman right on the bridge of the nose.

Her clever face was defiled by so much semen it was hard to believe he had already ejaculated twice that day.

The milky liquid dripped down onto her breasts and she looked up at him with a seductive smile.

“Did it feel good?

“Yes, very.”

She smiled happily at that and began skillfully scooping up all of the cum on her face and breasts so she could eat it all.

She also put the shrinking penis in her mouth, sucked out the fluid still inside, and licked it clean.

She was truly a horny woman.

Even after releasing his seed for a third time, his rod responded to her horny passion by raising its head once more.

“My, what an energetic cock?”

Her exasperated tone was belied by the loving smile on her lips as she kissed the penis head. She acted like an older sister witnessing her younger brother’s mischief, but she could not hide the film of lust over her jade eyes.

Lorent could see her desire whether she liked it or not.

“That’s enough of sucking me off. I’ll pleasure you this time.”

Lorent pushed down the woman who served him with fanatic devotion, had her get on all fours with her ass sticking out, and lifted up her long skirt.

Purple stockings that matched her bra were held up by a purple garter belt and she wore purple panties above that.

Lorent pulled down just the panties.


The horny woman was used to being treated roughly, so her mature body trembled in anticipation.

The crotch of her luxurious and fashionable panties had been digging into her slit for so long it was discolored and somewhat swollen.

It was wet to the touch and gave off the unique smell of a woman’s sex organ.

“Honestly, a woman your age shouldn’t be getting so wet.”

“M-my apologies…”

Dominic was shamed by her beloved man’s criticism. And yet she wiggled around the butt she held high.

Lorent smiled bitterly at that, grabbed the full butt cheeks with both hands, and spread them.


Not even Dominic was used to this pose that gave an excellent view of both her anus and pussy lips, so she apparently felt some embarrassment. Tension ran through her body and mind.

Lorent then spread her slit with his thumbs, stretched the inner lips to either side, and revealed the honeypot in the center.

“Oh, oh. There are several white rivers flowing down this valley. Were you that lonely?”

The flesh-colored petals of the flower blooming at the bottom of the valley down the center of her butt were wet with so much white nectar it dripped to the floor.

Lorent was satisfied with the sight of this lewd and horny woman, so he moved in close and kissed the lightly-colored anus. He then used his tongue to lick down to suck on the flesh lips covered in milky nectar.

“Ahh… No, no, you mustn’t. You will dirty your tongue…ahh…and face. You mustn’t taste my dirty pussy…”

Even as she told him he “mustn’t”, Dominic held her butt high, wiggled it back and forth, and pressed it against the man’s face.

Lorent responded by stirring up her burning crevice with his long and powerful tongue.

In fact, he spread her swollen pussy lips wide, bit lightly at the folds protected by the slit, and sucked at them again and again.

“Ahh, ahh…hyah…”

Dominic was known as a coldhearted and wicked woman, but her moaning voice echoed all around her.

Her milky love juices flowed out from her slit and Lorent audibly sucked at her crevice and clitoris to thoroughly torment her. Each time, her body tensed.

“Ah…ahhhn, hahh, hee, ahhhn, hyahhhn?”

Her full body convulsed in orgasm, so Lorent raised his head and wiped his lips with the back of his hand.

“Your love juices have a powerful smell and flavor. I love how much it reminds me of a horny woman.”

“No. Th-that’s too embarrassing. B-but…I-I am glad you enjoyed it…”

Dominic reacted like a young girl when he gave his opinion of her love juices.

“Now, then. I think it’s about time I stuck it in.”

With that meaningful-sounding comment, Lorent pressed the tip of his dick against the swollen pearl that had removed itself from its hood.

“Do you want it?”

“Yes! I want it! Fuck me as hard as you want and until you’re satisfied!”

She could not resist the temptation, so she desperately begged for it.

He rubbed the head from her clitoris, along her pussy lips, and up to her anus in order to tease her.

Her slit was gushing with so much love juice that she seemed to be pissing.

“P-please don’t tease me. Please hurry up and p-put it in.”

Unable to bear it, Dominic wiggled her butt and sobbed.

“Please. Give me…give me your love! I want your cock. I beg you!”

“Where do you want it? Here?”

After coating his right hand’s index and middle fingers with plenty of the love juices dripping out, Lorent stuck those fingers into her anus.


As he moved the fingers around inside her, Dominic’s hips shook, her butt trembled, and desperate moans escaped her lips.

Lorent then spread his fingers to spread the hole wide.

“Th-that would be nice, but I want it…in my pussy. Please put your cock in my pussy!”

Sticky sweat coated her body, her arms gave out, and she seemed to kiss the floor as she begged.

“Hurry…Please don’t tease me like this…”

“Fine, fine.”

Hearing the scratchy pleas of an animal in heat, Lorent pulled out his fingers.

“You really want it in here, don’t you? Your horniness never ceases to amaze me.”

Dominic nodded like crazy when he pressed the tip of his rod against the flooding gap between her red pussy lips.

“Yes, yes. I am a horny woman. I’m a receptacle for your lust. I’m no more than a lowly animal that finds the utmost pleasure in being loved by you. So please feed me! Jam your thick cock inside me!”

With her body and heart fallen, Dominic shut her eyes, supported her upper body with her arms, and raised her butt high so he could fuck her more easily.

Lorent grabbed her butt cheeks and readied his dick before whispering to her in a cold voice.

“By the way, Dominic, I hear you punished Ansandra.”

Her expression froze when she heard that.

“No, um…I was not punishing her. It is a retainer’s duty to ensure that any woman you might sleep with is worthy of our trust, so-…eek!?”

Lorent’s open hand slapped her mature butt without warning.

The flesh jiggled and a red handprint appeared there. It had an alluring beauty.

“I don’t recall asking you to question Ansandra. Hm? I ordered you to look after her because she had to be nervous visiting a strange land to be wed. And I know you know just how important Clanaria’s princess is to my ambitions. So what you did to Ansandra was the same as rebelling against me. Do you understand that?”

A coldhearted smile appeared in Lorent’s sanpaku eyes and he mercilessly slapped her a 2nd and 3rd time.

“Ahh, please…please forgive me.”

As the pleasant slapping sounds continued, her white butt grew red. He also slapped her pussy lips which only dripped with more sticky fluid.

“Ahh, I am so very sorry. Please forgive me. Please be merciful…”

He spanked the tearfully pleading bitch 30 times.

Dominic was a grown woman, but she wet herself while on all fours like a dog. Lorent only stopped after he saw that. He brought his face close to the chestnut hair plastered to her nape with sweat and he asked a question.

“Well? Do you think you can get along with Ansandra now?”

“Yes, yes. I will. I will never…I will never do anything like that again.”

She shed tears, dripped with drool, oozed love juices, scattered urine, and soaked her white skin with sweat, so she seemed half dead as she made her promise.

“Of course you won’t. Do it again and I’ll sew up that perverted pussy of yours.”

Lorent readily made that horrific threat and he was the kind of man who really would do what he said he would. As his first aide, Dominic knew that better than anyone. Despite being an intelligent adult woman, she cowered down and trembled in fear.

“Well, fine. That’s enough punishment for now. C’mon, stuck out your ass.”

Lorent grabbed Dominic’s limp hips and checked her slit to find it a flood of whitish horny fluids.

She had likely wet herself more due to fear than pain. She had feared that Lorent would abandon her. That was something she feared more than death.

Her entire body was dependent on him down to the marrow and this time he really did stick his impressive penis inside her dripping red clam.

She had her hands on the floor and just her butt held high.


He penetrated her all the way to the cervix, so she arched her back, closed her eyes, wrinkled her brow, and lifted her jaw high to proclaim her pleasure. Saliva dripped own from her widely opened lips.

Lorent pressed his weight on her hips and began slowly moving his hips. With each thrust, Dominic let out a cry of bliss.

“Ahh, ahh, s-so good. Yes. Your dick feels so good!”

The head rubbed and caught at her sensitive flesh. The overwhelming pleasure assaulting her body caused her vaginal flesh to subconsciously squeeze down on the penis.


Lorent clenched his teeth. Virgin Ansandra and young muscular Naja had greater vaginal pressure, but Dominic’s vaginal flesh tightened and released for the perfect massage.

Her honeypot had been honed to pleasure a man…no, to pleasure Lorent specifically.

A woman’s body could apparently be changed by a man.

He had developed her body to his liking ever since the night he had lost his virginity, so now he thrust in to the base, pulled out a bit, and moved his flesh sword around in every direction.

His hips pushed up against her butt.

“Ahh, y-yes, ahhh…”

As Dominic received the warrior man’s wild thrusts with her entire body, she dripped with drool and her ample breasts swayed back and forth.

“Aheee, ahahhhh…”

It was said a woman felt the most pleasure only after passing 30 and a look at Dominic here certainly lent credence to that idea.

Each time the thick penis thrust in and out of her, obscenely wet sounds filled the air and sex juices flowed out, were stirred up, and sprayed out.

Dominic was down on all fours as she moaned, drooled, and let her butt dance lewdly around in pleasure, so she could only be described as a sexual beast.

If Ansandra had seen this, she would never have believed it was that same sharp woman.

“Ahh, how lovely. My womb. You’re even fucking the depths of my womb. Ahh, Your Majesty, Your Majesty, more, harder, fuck me silly. Kill me, cum and then kill me! I would love nothing more than to be killed by you.”

Every last part of Dominic’s body was melting with sweet pleasure and she let out a scream as she entered the realm of ecstasy.

“I-I’m cumming, hyah, I’m cumming… I’m cumming…”

Her mature white body trembled and her vaginal flesh convulsed to devour the cock inside it, but he had already cum thrice and was not going to ejaculate so easily.

No matter how much she came, Lorent continued wildly thrusting his hips without rest.

“Agh, ahhh, I’ll die, I’ll die, I’ll die~~~ It feels so good I’ll die~”

As she cummed over and over, various fluids escaped her body and she trembled in joy.

“You horny slut. Here’s what you want.”


After pounding his dick inside her with no concern for her body, Lorent ejaculated. The talented woman known as coldhearted and cruel passed out.

Lorent was utterly exhausted after cumming a 4th time, so he collapsed on the floor. The chill of the stone felt nice. As he stared up at the starry sky and abandoned himself to the pleasant weariness, he heard female voice speaking quietly.

“You look so cute when you cum, my sister?”

Naja was using his right shoulder as a pillow and she teased Dominic who was doing the same on his left side.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that? I am not a pervert like you.”

“There’s no need to be rude. I know you’re not interested in other women or even any men besides His Majesty, but if it feels good, why not do it?”

“It is called having principles. And doing it with another woman is simply disgusting.”

Dominic had teased Ansandra out of jealousy, not because she had any lesbian inclinations.

Naja, on the other hand, was the leader of the flying dragon unit as well as Lorent’s mistress.

It was not that only women could ride flying dragons, but since women tended to be lighter than men, the flying dragon riders were primarily young girls.

And Naja would show special favors to the girls under her command she was fond of, but that had a troublesome tendency to develop into a lesbian relationship.


Lorent smiled bitterly and grabbed their breasts.

“I won’t tell you two to get along. You just have to get your respective jobs done. And leave Ansandra alone. I will take the world for myself and she is absolutely necessary for that right now.”

Naja and Dominic responded to him with satisfied nods.

“If you insist, I guess I can let her be your wife for the time being. But we all know I’m the best woman for you.”

“Even if the entire world turns against you, I will always be by your side.”

The two of them seemed intent on defeating Clanaria. They were thinking about the conflict between each other after that victory, but Lorent smiled as he held them in his arms.

“I will defeat Clanaria. And then I will hold the entire world in my hand!”

This period of war would later be known as the Age of the Gods when more than 50 kingdoms struggled for supremacy and a continent-wide dynasty had yet to be born.

Lorent was a man whose body burned with the dangerous desire to conquer the continent with military might. It was only natural that several women would serve him in bed.

“Ah, it’s recovered.”

“Oh, Your Majesty…”

As their lover’s ambition grew, Naja rejoiced and Dominic blushed.

Lorent pushed them onto the floor alongside each other and began fucking them each in turn as if to rid him of his hesitation.

“There is nothing wrong with war as long as I win. I will gladly accept the labels of inhuman and demonic. War is all about deceit. As long as you win and continue to win, then the glory, fortune, women, and justice will follow.”

Lorent was elated by the ambition burning hot in his heart, so he panted and continued fucking that feminine flesh with the force and intensity of a god of destruction splitting the heavens from the earth.

“I shall crush every one of those 50-odd kingdoms and conquer the world!”

The new version of the novel cut out a short bit from the end of this chapter, presumably to make time for the added elements. I might as well include that here:

“My sister, there’s cum flowing out of your pussy.”

At some point, Naja had crawled between Dominic’s legs with a mischievous smile on her face.

The womanly lips that had just been overrun by a man were an incredible sight. The flesh lips were red, swollen, and still sitting open. The pink clitoris was fully exposed from its hood. And an obscene mixture of love juices and semen flowed out from the exposed vagina.

“I think I’ll try a taste.”

Naja spread the still-swollen labia with her fingertips and slurped up some of the milky liquid within.


The new tongue assault was too powerful for the sensitive flesh.

“Ah…no, wait, no…stop this. You perverted girl. Didn’t I tell you I have no interest in women?”

Dominic tried to push Naja away, but her body refused to move so soon after orgasm. Plus, Dominic was a civil official while Naja was a warrior. Naja cleverly brushed off Dominic’s resistance and audibly sucked out the juices inside her vagina.

“N-no…ah, hahhn.”

“Phew, ahh… His Majesty’s cum is so deliciously bitter.”

Sucking at Dominic’s pussy brought a melting desire to Naja’s own pussy.

Her fingers naturally slipped inside her own panties and she found a hot liquid flowing out there.

A sudden idea came to her, so she licked the obscene fluids from her lips as she got up, removed her leather panties, spread her legs, and crouched in front of Dominic.

“Hey, hey. Do it to me this time.”

Dominic looked away in disgust, so Naja pushed even closer to the woman’s face.

“C’mon, c’mon. It’s full of His Majesty’s cum.”’

The hot liquid flowing from deep within Naja’s pussy lips dripped down on Dominic’s face.

“His Majesty’s…”

“Yeah, yeah. There’s a whole bunch of His Majesty’s extra-thick semen in my pussy too. You can have as much of it as you want.”

The look in Dominic’s eyes changed at the mention of His Majesty’s semen. Naja’s crevice was of course soaked with pussy juices as well, but to someone as obsessed with Lorent as Dominic, that was a trivial matter. Dominic grabbed Naja’s tight butt, buried her face in Naja’s crotch, and began to suck.

“Nn, ahh…ahn. Y-yes, you’re good at this. Keep going, my sister.”

Naja and Dominic lay down, placed their head between each other’s thighs, and focused on noisily sucking the semen out of the other’s vagina.

Dominic was only focused on drinking Lorent’s cum, but her efforts felt good enough.

Once they had slurped out all of the semen and only love juices came out, Naja spun herself around and forcibly sealed Dominic’s thin lips with her own thick lips. She sucked at Dominic’s tongue to take back her own love juices and Lorent’s cum, mix her own saliva with it, exchange the contents of their mouths, and swallow it all.

“Don’t leave me out.”

Lorent thrust his hips from behind Naja. His massive cock buried itself in her ass and Naja let out a shriek as her head shot up.

“Agh, ah…”

Her entire body stiffened at what felt like a stake driven into her body. Once Lorent started thrusting his hips, she began wiggling her own hips.

“Ahh, My ass…my asshole feels so good. Ahh, my sister, don’t look so sad. I feel bad being the only one, so I’ll do it for you.”

Naja crawled down Dominic’s body, stuck two fingers in her vagina and two in her anus, stirred up both holes, and licked at her flesh bud. Lorent started thrusting more wildly, the anal torment rid Naja of all rational thought, and she accidentally bit down on the clitoris.



As Ansandra suffered the pain of her defloration and seriously worried about the futures of Clanaria and Domos, Lorent enjoyed a threesome.

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