Harem Dynast

Part 1: Chapter 3 - The Conqueror’s Queen
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Part 1: Chapter 3 - The Conqueror’s Queen

“You are Domos King Lorent…?”

Ansandra was in a stupor as Dominic pulled on her hand and guided her to a dimly-lit room with magic orbs floating in it. She was mercilessly thrown inside.

The Princess thought her mind would burn out from the humiliating treatment, but she realized she had been thrown onto a red carpet thick enough to bury her hands.

Once she realized what that meant, she looked up.

As she lay collapsed on the floor, she saw a large man sitting in a large chair.

She had never been here before, but she could tell this was the audience chamber.

That had to be the royal throne.

She received a short response to her question.


She shuddered at the cold tone and focused her eyes.

The man sitting solidly in the sturdy-looking throne was resting his head in his hand and his upper body was entirely bare. His lower body was hidden by a gorgeous scarlet blanket.

(This is my husband…)

Any woman would be interested in the man who was to be her husband. Ansandra did not have it in her to get up from the floor, but she did stare at the man.

He was nothing like she had expected, but there were some similarities in a good way.

He was a wild-looking and muscular man who gave of a manly scent.

He had a masculine face, sharp eyes, a somewhat pointed chin, a thick neck, broad shoulders, a solid chest, and the height to match. He had a well-balanced build.

His body could be perfectly compared to tempered steel.

Ansandra gulped and could not stop staring. Her cheeks visibly flushed and a surge of electricity seemed to run through her entire body.

But this was not the embarrassment of a girl seeing the opposite sex naked (or at least shirtless) for the first time. She was overwhelmed by the aura of ambition this strange man gave off.

It may have been similar to the emotion felt upon seeing a masterpiece painting.

The large sword casually placed by his side likely contained some powerful magic and had spilled the blood of countless men.

That sinister sword spoke to the truth of his alleged deeds.

He was frightening. He would crush any who opposed him, even if they were family. There were dark rumors that he had killed his own father to ascend to the throne, and the intensity Ansandra felt made her think they might just be true. At the same time, she sensed a wicked attraction that left people with no choice but to follow him.

(A conqueror…? Is this a conqueror!? Is this what a conqueror looks like?)

Ansandra trembled as she felt her skin crawl and she heard a calm woman’s voice from behind.

“This is Clanaria’s 2nd Princess Ansandra. As you can see, she is beautiful, but I believe her body would better be described as skinny than slender.”

The hateful voice belonged to Dominic.

Ansandra was immediately snapped back into reality.

“She might appear strong-willed on the surface, but she is a sheltered princess at the core. She seems to have been sleeping with Lucy, the daughter of her kingdom’s General Albare, but her body is undeveloped. She seems fairly inexperienced even in masturbation. She has abundant sexual juices and very little pubic hair. Her pussy flesh’s color is a little pale. Based on my investigation, she is undoubtedly a virgin.”

This topic made Ansandra feel terribly unpleasant and she wanted to raise her voice and stop the woman, but thanks to her sexual inexperience, she felt like Dominic had a weakness to use against her after she was given such great pleasure and even peed at the end.

“A virgin…”

After listening to his aide’s sick report, Lorent repeated the final term and did not sound particularly interested. That lack of energy sounded to Ansandra like he too thought Dominic’s report went too far.

“If she is not to your liking, should we kill her and send her back? Or should we use her as a fucktoy for the soldiers?”

The young king shook his head at Dominic’s eager suggestion. At the same time, the blanket over his lap moved. He must have crossed his legs.

The wild man looked arrogantly down at the girl on the red carpet and thoroughly observed her body.

Ansandra tensed when she realized he was appraising her.

Inside the red dress of the finest silk, her bust was indeed small, but her long blonde hair, her shiny white skin, the smooth line from her neck to her shoulders, and her perfectly defined collarbones were blessed with plenty of feminine beauty. She was a beautiful girl who would undoubtedly grow into a beautiful woman.

Ansandra had never had a man looking at her so crudely before. His sanpaku eyes contained the light of great ambition that made him undeniably sexy and forced her to focus on his sexuality.

“Dominic. I know you are aware I must permanently control Clanaria and its fertile lands if I am to make my ambition a reality. That makes this princess invaluable to me. I must tame her and have her dedicate both her body and soul to me.”

That blunt utilitarian comment told Ansandra that this political marriage had been a trap.

But strangely, she was not surprised. She had had her suspicions after Dominic revealed her true nature and she had sensed something dangerous in Lorent that told her he might just do that.

She tensed with nerves and the young king smiled at her.

“Now, allow me to introduce myself. I am Domos King Lorent. Welcome to my kingdom, Princess of Clanaria, my bride. I was prepared to love you no matter how ugly you were, but that seems to have been rude of me. I have never seen a woman so beautiful. You I can love from the heart.”

Ansandra was irritated by his blatant lies, so she finally stood up.

She fixed her skirt, put her hands on her hips, and replied with bold sarcasm.

“Yes, I could really sense your noble love in the entire situation here.”

Now that her suspicions had been confirmed, she felt free to treat this like enemy territory.

If they were going to kill her, that was fine by her. Misfortune was common in political marriages, so she steeled herself for the worst. She would meet an end she could be proud of.

“So this is a princess from the great plain kingdom of Clanaria. You have some fire in your belly for such a young girl. Heh heh heh. At least this should be interesting.”

Lorent followed Ansandra’s lead and stood up.

As he did, the blanket fell from his lap.


Ansandra was so shocked that her show of courage was stripped away and she covered her face with her hands. That may have been the sad habit of a maiden raised as a proper lady.

The fact that she carefully observed him from between her fingers was a sign of a shaken maiden’s heart caught between embarrassment and curiosity.

She saw something sitting between Lorent’s thighs.

(Eh! What? A cat? No, it’s too big… That’s a person…a woman!?)

A nude woman was hidden there with her face buried n Lorent’s crotch.

The naked woman was down on all fours like an animal and she had her face in close to the man’s hips, but then she gave a provocative look back toward Ansandra.

Ansandra recognized the sand-colored eyes that contained an odd mix of superiority and lust.

It was the woman who had greeted her from the flying dragon the day before. That warrior woman had a red ponytail and her brown skin had been barely covered by an indecent outfit.

But she outdid yesterday’s indecency by having stripped bare today.

She also had her face buried in the man’s crotch and her round butt lifted up high to give Ansandra a clear view of her feminine flower garden dripping with thick nectar.


Ansandra had seen Lucy’s pussy, but seeing that part of a woman she had barely met left her unsure where to look.

“That’s enough, Naja. Move back.”

Naja looked up at Lorent in protest, but once she knew he was not going to change his mind, she nodded in resignation and looked back at Ansandra once more. She gave the girl a mocking look and produced an obscenely wet sound while spitting out the object filling her mouth.


The woman smugly watched the virgin princess’s eyes widen in shock as the glistening rod of flesh gradually left her red lips.

“Heh heh.”

Naja laughed at her rival in the competition over the single cock. Once the penis fully left her mouth, she leaned back and took a deep breath.

The flesh rod sprang upwards.

The thick and clearly-shaped cock was perfectly matched to Lorent’s large yet well-proportioned body. Ansandra instinctively understood what it was.

(Th-that is his symbol of masculinity?)

She had left her home to be wed, so some of the older court ladies had casually given her some sexual knowledge. But seeing one for herself frightened her.

(It’s big. It’s too big. Is that really supposed to go inside me…?)

As Ansandra stared at that unbelievable sight, Naja continued to kneel at the man’s feet, held the glistening penis in both hands, and lovingly rubbed her cheek against it.

“Your Majesty, please let me have this before you take the new girl. I’ll go crazy if you make me wait~”

Lorent smiled bitterly at her sweet-voiced plea and he rubbed her red hair as he answered.

“I’m always showing you my love, so have some patience. Today I must tame this girl and have her fall for me.”

“You’re so mean!”

Naja wrinkled her nose and protested, but she obediently let go of Lorent’s penis.

When she stood up, she turned out to be surprisingly short. She was only as tall as Ansandra, if not a little shorter. But she had a healthy body full to bursting with vitality, her shoulders were broader, and her entire body was thicker front to back.

Her voluptuous naked body was flushed with lust and Ansandra through she looked like the pretty but ill-tempered cats that lived in the jungles of the southern kingdom of Ranchero.

“I’ll let Her Majesty the Queen have you today, but don’t forget to make up for this later.”

Naja placed plenty of sarcasm in the title “Her Majesty the Queen” and her sand-colored eyes swept across Ansandra’s body.

Then she straightened her own back as if to show off her ample breasts and angrily walked out of the audience chamber while making sure to jiggle the butt swelling out below her slender waist.

Glistening love juices dripped down her thick and muscular inner thighs. This should have been shameful for a woman, so her bold behavior was incomprehensible to Ansandra.

“Dominic. I have no need for you today either. I will be busy with my bride.”

After receiving her master’s instructions, that mistress elegantly and politely bowed just like a consummate government official.

“That girl is an enemy, so who knows how she might be plotting to harm you. I apologize, but I would prefer to remain by your side.”

“Do as you wish.”

Lorent smiled bitterly at her stiff way of speaking and gave his approval without showing any real displeasure.

Then he looked at Ansandra again.

“Sorry about the wait, my bride. We have never met before and we are only marrying for the sake of our kingdoms. We have no love for each other now, but love can be built.”

“Love can be built?”

Hearing this man speak of love felt like an insult to the goddess of love.

“Yes, we can start building love between us with an act meant for husband and wife.”

The dangerous man slowly walked over in the nude and with his penis erect.

Ansandra was overwhelmed by instinctual fear and she tried to run away.

But Lorent noticed, so he swiftly grabbed the fleeing lamb’s left wrist and pulled her into his chest.

“What are you doing? This is cruel!”

Ansandra struggled, but she could not gather any strength as he embraced her slender shoulders and pulled her up onto her toes.

Lorent whispered coldheartedly into her ear.

“I hate virgins. All they do is wail and they are so boringly identical. A woman suited to be a king’s pillow must be like an offering to a god: familiar with men and able to pleasure and soothe him. Only then can we achieve equal pleasure. That is the sign of a woman fit for a king.”

“Then go find a woman like that. Don’t get me involved.”

Ansandra’s usual elegance was gone as she struggled like any young girl, but there was nothing she could do.

“That I can’t do, Princess of Clanaria. To me, you are as great a treasure as a mountain of gold. Domos’s future greatly depends on you.”

Lorent moved his face in close.

Ansandra lowered her head to escape, but that brought his glistening manhood into view.


When she quickly raised her head to drive that sinister thing from view, he grabbed her slender chin and stole her lips.

Her large blue eyes opened in surprise and she realized how an herbivore must feel when caught by a carnivore without warning. There was nothing she could do. She would be devoured.

Lorent brushed up Ansandra’s bangs and licked across her lips before pinching her upper lip between his lips. Then he went for a full kiss. Their mouths opened and pressed together in a deep kiss where they inhaled each other’s breaths.

It was powerful, supple, and arousing. He seemed to know exactly what to do. His tongue moved every which way. He was far more skilled and wild than Lucy, who (thinking back) had been somewhat awkward.

(Ahh, why…? This forced kiss feels so good.)

She had only just met him, so she of course felt no love for him. In fact, he scared her and made her tremble, but she felt strength leaving her body as he kissed her.

“Nn, nn, mhh…”

Ansandra fell into a daze as she let him kiss her, but then she sensed Dominic’s gaze on her cheek.

That brilliant woman still kept any expression from her face, but a light of crazed jealousy burned in her deep green eyes.

When she noticed that, the girl felt an odd joy and sense of superiority in her chest.

It was a long kiss, but after he seemed to have licked across every bit of her mouth, it finally ended.


Once her lips were released, her extreme sexual arousal and oxygen deprivation left Ansandra dizzy.

She almost collapsed on the spot, but the man’s arms embraced her.

She had never known being held to a man’s chest could be so calming, so she entrusted herself to this first experience with the opposite sex.

(Ahh, what will happen if I entrust everything to this man?)

Her maiden’s heart was intoxicated by the surrounding masculine aroma and Lorent responded by kissing her neck, placing her lips on her collarbone, and smelling her hair.

“You smell lovely.”

The fragrant scent of the virgin girl’s slender nape mixed with the perfume the maids had prepared for their precious princess in the bath and the combined aroma tickled at the man’s nose with a fairy-like elegance. Lorent seemed entranced as he licked up her white neck and bit her ear.


Ansandra gave a sensual sigh and found her dress had been undone on the back.

The red silk dress fell from her body and to the floor.

Her seductive lingerie came into view. The seamless stockings, strapless bra, garter belt, and corset emphasized her juvenile figure.

But she wore no panties. She blushed at having that embarrassing fact revealed.

“I see Dominic teased you. Not to worry. It’s a nice view.”

Ansandra had feared he would mock her for being a slut when he saw her lack of panties, so his unexpectedly kind words tugged at her heart and she had to frantically restrain herself by asking a question.

“I have a question.”

“What is it?”

Lorent’s black eyes faced Ansandra’s blue ones at close range.

“What is your ambition and your dream? From what you said earlier, it isn’t the destruction of Clanaria.”


After an oppressive silence, Lorent smiled and answered.

“I see. So you aren’t completely brainless. Fine then. I shall tell you. I wish to unify the continent.”

“Unify the continent…”

She had half expected this. What other dream would this idiot of a conqueror have?

The continent had once had as many as 150 kingdoms in it, but they had been culled down to about 50. Those kingdoms fought battle after battle while repeatedly conquering, usurping, or rebuilding, but none of them had yet managed to unify the entire continent.

The Ralfint Kingdom had come close long ago, but there was no sign of it now.

“That’s ridiculous…”

Lorent smiled at Ansandra’s comment.

“It is entirely possible with your cooperation. With the military might of Domos and the economic might of Clanaria, the world will be mine.”

“And what do you accomplish by unifying the continent? You would only be satisfying your own pride.”

He would rule the furthest reaches of the world. Only a conqueror would want that honor. The citizens and soldiers obeying him would care more about their own wives and children.

And it would take significant effort to rule all that conquered land.

The Ralfint Kingdom had conquered the eastern side of the continent and built up a large territory, but they had ultimately failed to unite the continent.

“That’s right. I simply want to do it. I know I can do it. It might ultimately change the world and it might not. Either way, I will rule the continent. And I am making you my wife, so you hold the same dream. I am giving you the honor of being the queen of the first king to unify the continent. You should rejoice.”

What was he saying? Ansandra’s home was Clanaria.

Her father, her mother, her sister, and her friends were all there. How could she rejoice in helping destroy that kingdom?

She froze in place like she was facing down a monster and Lorent suddenly grabbed his sword.

“That’s in the way.”

Removing her delicate lingerie must have been too much of an effort because he swung the sturdy sword.


Ansandra tensed up because she had not expected him to aim the sword her way.

He cut the connection between the two cups covering her breasts.

The bra fell away.


That final remnant of her underwear floated down like a feather.

Having been stripped bare by a sword strike, Ansandra stared down at her own body.

The sturdy sword’s wind pressure had frightened her, but her soft skin was impressively free of injury.

She breathed a sigh of relief, her hips gave out, and she slumped down to the floor.

This brought his sinister-looking cock right in front of her face, so she quickly looked the other way.

“Heh heh heh… How cute.”

Lorent laughed bitterly, crouched down to look her in the eye, and then pushed her onto her back.

“Wh-what are you-…?”

She tried to resist, but she was helplessly laid down on the red carpet.

Lorent viewed her body from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

“A splendid body. Was Clanaria raising you to be a diplomatic trump card at some point?”

“P-please…don’t look…”

Ansandra blushed, closed her eyes, and tried to hide her breasts and crotch with her hands, but Lorent’s hands were too fast for her. They surrounded her small but firm breasts.

Her breasts paled in comparison to adults like Dominic, Naja, Lucy, and Virginia, but it was not that she had nothing there. The small areolae and lovely nipples stuck out about right for a girl of her age.

“Your skin feels nice.”

Her fine skin was of the utmost quality. Not even silk was as smooth.

Entranced by the softness of her skin, Lorent groped the entirety of her breasts.

Ansandra could not fight his masculine strength and simply let him do as he wished.


When his fingertips touched her nipples, a tremor ran through her body and her voice escaped her lips.

“They feel magnificent. I will turn you into a wonderful woman, like I am polishing a jewel.”

Lorent stroked her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers with a mocking smile on his lips, but then he grabbed her left hand, pulled off the long pink glove, and stared at her bared hand.

“Such small hands. Almost like a doll.”

He licked her palm and lifted the arm above her head.

He stuck his face into her defenselessly exposed armpit and licked it.


Ansandra had not expected this and jumped in surprise.

But the man-eating wolf continued tasting the lamb.

“Ahh…nn? Ahh, no…nn…”

He continued his thorough massage of her small nipple while licking her armpit, so sweet and longing breaths escaped her mouth against her will.

Next, he lifted her right arm and licked that armpit as well. He also pinched her nipple which had grown hard and erect.


Ansandra trembled like an electric current had run through her.

“Heh. You might be a Clanarian princess and you might try to act proud, but a woman is a woman.”

While sneering at her, the man placed the other nipple in his mouth and licked it.

“Ee, no, ahh…”

Ansandra shook from the sensuality assaulting her.

When Lucy had attacked her, she had trusted the woman and not minded too much. When Dominic had teased her, it had simply been humiliating. So with Lorent now, she decided she only had to bear with the humiliation, but within that humiliation, she felt a part of herself beginning to succumb and that frightened her.

(This man scares me. He really does, but that’s only because I’m trying to defy him. I just have to give in. If I offer him my body and soul, no man could be more comforting.)

As her womanly instincts whispered that to her, her heart tried to give into the temptation. That frightened her.

Whether he knew of her worries or not, Lorent took turns pinching and sucking at her nipples. His caress was thorough. It was even more passionate and stronger than Lucy’s.

She was embarrassed how close she was to succumbing to the burning sensuality, but she could not resist the carnal temptation and a sweet voice escaped her.

“Ahhh…? Ahhn?”

Lorent began playing with her nipples even more strongly and Ansandra arched her back as if holding her nipples out to him.

“Ahh, why? Why do my…nipples feel so…good! My nipples feel…too good…ahhhhh.”

Ansandra breathed heated breaths, her mind fogged over, and she had no idea what she was doing. She was only aware of the sex juices building up in her vagina. The dying fire lit by Dominic earlier might have been reignited.

And it burned through something inside her.


The lovely girl with white silky skin convulsed on the carpet.

Her mind went blank for a moment and, when her vision returned, she found Lorent’s hand gently stroking her cheek.

“Heh. You already came? That doll-like face seems to be hiding quite the slut.”

Ansandra was dumbfounded.

(I-I…came just from my nipples? He made me…cum?)

As she basked in the afterglow of her forced nipple climax, Lorent lifted up her legs.

“This isn’t over yet. I’ll be having a lot more fun with you.”


It was finally happening. She could tell she was about to be violated. She was prepared.

(He can defile my body, but he can’t defile my heart.)

She had a strong-willed pride, but the man’s actions surpassed the girl’s imagination.

After lifting her legs, he tore off her tights and sucked at her toes.

(Wh-what is he doing…?)

She had never imagined this hopeful conqueror would lick a woman’s toes.

(That’s dirty…)

But at the same time, seeing him desperately sucking at her toes filled her with a different form of arousal.

(He’s trying to win me over…so he’s working so hard to lick my toes… Yes, he’s serious. He’s seriously trying to seduce me.)

This made that all too clear. And once she realized that, the noble princess’s heart filled with an odd sense of superiority rather than embarrassment.

This man dreamed of conquering the central plain, but that was the dream of an ignorant child. Anyone who looked at reality would give up.

The continent’s powerful kingdoms were always fighting wars, but those were only meant to maintain one’s pride or steal riches or land.

And yet this man honestly intended to conquer the continent via military might.

(That is a path paved with untold blood, tears, and resentment. And unifying the continent will not necessarily bring peace. It might split apart almost immediately.)

Ansandra had been interested in politics since she was little, so she knew just how meaningless a unified kingdom was.

She thought it was more worthwhile for individuals to work toward their own good fortune and wealth.

War produced nothing. It only consumed assets and manpower.

But here was a fool who had convinced himself that ridiculous dream was realistic and who was working toward accomplishing it.

He was older than her. He had great physical and muscular strength. If he wanted to, he could strangle her to death right now. And he was a dangerous man who had in fact killed many.

She knew that, but she found him oddly adorable.

He was willing to lick a girl’s feet if it would make that dream a reality. If possible, she wanted to grant him that dream.

Was it her maternal instincts that briefly allowed that feeling to sprout in her heart?

But she knew the reality of the situation. With Domos’s current strength as a kingdom, attacking the central plain would be suicide.

While it was true he had destroyed two kingdoms and brought them to their knees, those had both been remote kingdoms. They were nothing like the central plain’s great kingdom of Clanaria.

But if he could permanently conquer Clanaria, his ambition would become much more realistic.

(He needs my cooperation to make that happen. Yes, this man’s ambitious dream is reliant on me.)

She had never felt greater delight.

As that wicked joy gradually, gradually dissolved into her body, Lorent licked all ten of her toes, between the toes, and even underneath her pink shell-like nails. Then he kissed the bottom of her feet, her heel, and her ankle. He finally kissed her calf.

(This man loves me…)

Even if it was based in self-interest and ambition, she sensed frightening passion here. It stirred up sweet arousal inside her as a woman…no, as a sexual being.

Lorent’s right hand suddenly reached her crotch.


She had been so lost in the joy of him licking her feet that she was caught off guard and could not resist.

During her confusion, he scratched at the golden hair and placed his index, middle, and ring fingers over her slit to seal it shut.

“You’re feeling a great longing here, aren’t you?”

The man grinned and pressed his three fingers down around her vagina.

“Ahhn, ahhh, hahhh…yes…”

The pressure from his hand seemed to lift up her pelvis and it was just strong enough to give her comfortable pleasure.


Lorent watched Ansandra’s moaning face as he adjusted his finger technique to caress the soft flesh within her labia with unbelievable softness and delicacy.

(D-don’t look at me like that…)

The beautiful white of his sanpaku eyes had a magic that drove her feminine heart wild.

It scared her how deeply she was falling for him.

“Ahh, ah…ahh, ahh…”

Her body convulsed.

“You came again? Oh? That’s a lot of love juices. Is it because you’re so young?”

He looked down at Ansandra’s melted expression and licked his glistening fingertips.

(I-I’m enjoying…this man’s caress…)

Ansandra blushed and turned her head away.

But in truth, Lorent had not just been speaking to her. He had made sure the dejected-looking mature woman could hear and Dominic’s eyebrows clearly reacted.

“Now, time to spread these legs.”

With a sadistic smile, the man lifted up the back of the embarrassed girl’s knees and did exactly that.

Ansandra’s entire hidden slit was exposed now. He had thought she might resist, but she did nothing of the sort.

She had been born a princess, so her maids had always taken care of her and she had no qualms about being seen naked. He had seen her nipples, so it was no more embarrassing for him to see her vagina and clitoris. Plus, he had already seen her embarrassingly indecent behavior.

Lorent took advantage of her obedience by carefully observing her pussy.

Her golden pubic hair had yet to fully grow in, but it glistened with feminine nectar and was plastered to her skin.

The flesh bud and fleshy folds inside the spread lips were a beautiful salmon pink. The small clitoris was erect and doing its best to be noticed, but it was still inside its hood and not even its head was poking out.

Even her tight pink anus was visible.

“Since you had resorted to lesbianism, I assumed you would be more developed.”

“It was just the one time.”

His comment stimulated her pride as a woman, so she harshly protested.

“I was not criticizing you. It is a beautiful flower garden. I meant it is well worth laying waste to.”

Lorent felt a need to carefully caress the undeveloped crevice, so he placed Ansandra’s legs on his shoulders. The love nectar built up in the flower petals dripped down toward her anus, but it never seemed to run out as more and more flowed out.

“Talk about a flood. Do you want my cock that badly?”

Ansandra tensed up at his joking comment. Was it finally time?

“Heh heh heh. How brave. You are such a cute princess. But I am not so impatient that I need to penetrate you right away. I will caress you much more first. Seeing you in pain might not be bad, but you are my precious bride. I want to avoid hurting you if possible, so don’t worry.”

He gave her a cruel smile and buried his face in her spread pussy lips.


He started licking softly despite his rough appearance.

He took his time to lick across her pussy lips while only just barely touching her.

He used his tongue to enjoy the delicate flesh that seemed to melt when he did touch it. He licked all over the area.

“Ahn, ahh ahh…ahhh.”

Her slender legs tensed and her thighs convulsed. Even the slow teasing of his cunnilingus brought pleasure.

When Lucy’s lips had sucked at her, it had been with the intensity of a storm and she had nearly lost herself in the pleasure, but this was different. He was clearly very skilled.

“Hee…ahn, that feels good. Ahhn, ahh…It’s going to drive me crazy.”

When he diligently licked her vulva from bottom to top, Ansandra felt her brain melting. She was not aware of it herself, but her butt rose from the floor and pursued Lorent’s tongue.

“Heh heh. Enjoy it. Otherwise I would have no reason to do this.”

Lorent laughed quietly at the virgin princess’s honest reaction and then he used his tongue even more persistently.

His tongue gently parted the two sensitive inner lips and continued further in.

He took turns licking along the inside of each lip from bottom to top and then his tongue reached the tip of her clitoris.

“Ah, ahh…ahh…why does it…feels so good? My body is melting it feels so good…”

Her vagina had become a pool of love juices, but instead of just sticking his tongue in and stirring it up, he would sometimes change his timing and move his tongue in clever ways to toy with the proud princess.

He worked open the hidden hole’s entrance with the tip of his tongue.

“I can’t…I can’t take any more… Please…”

She had completely forgotten the humiliation of being toyed with by the man who intended to destroy her home kingdom. She simply moaned lustfully and pleaded him with a sweet, nasal voice. Not even she was sure what she wanted him to do.

Lorent smiled bitterly at the girl’s troubled expression, grabbed her still slender hips, and stuck his tongue into her greatest depths.

“Ahh, ahh…w-wahhn.”

He stuck his tongue into the entrance of her hidden hole, stirred up the nectar built up deep inside, and suddenly sucked it out.


Ansandra wanted to cover her ears to block out the obscene sound of him slurping out her love juices.


She was so embarrassed that she covered her face and writhed on the floor, but her violator mercilessly sucked out the sexual soup.

Then he looked up.

“Pant, pant, pant…”

Ansandra’s honeypot was filled with milk white love juices instead of clear love juices.

“Heh heh. What a horny girl.”


Ansandra was left speechless and he lifted her legs up even higher.

“This isn’t over yet. I will show you so much pleasure you can never live without me again.”

With that arrogant proclamation, the warrior buried his face in her crotch once more. But his aim was a little different from before.

Before she could express any confusion, his wet tongue touched her anus.

“Eh? Th-that place is dirty…”

Ansandra panicked, but she had no way of escaping.

“Ah, no, why, but…my butt…even my butt…?”

She had never even imagined her anus could be an erogenous zone, but she could not fight reality.

He licked around her anus as if counting the wrinkles and the stimulation to the erogenous zone eventually brought Ansandra to climax.

“Ah, not my butt… I can’t be cumming from my butt…!!!”

The proud second princess of the great central plain kingdom of Clanaria orgasmed with her butt held high.

Cumming from her anus was different than from her breasts, her labia, or her G-spot. The guilt brought a shuddering chill along with the climax.

“You came from your anus? You are well worth developing.”

“P-please forgive me… Don’t do anything more to me…”

The multiple orgasms had surpassed sexually immature Ansandra’s mental limits.

She tearfully shook her head.

“Oh, I’ve only just begun.”

Lorent returned to her pussy lips with a sadistic smile. This time, he focused on the very top. He pecked at her clitoris.


It was a tingling pleasure. Lucy had done this too, but he had drawn out the process so long that it felt far better. Simply touching the flesh pearl through its hood sent pleasure racing up her spine.

And Lorent did not stop there. He peeled back the hood, sucked out the contents, and directly rubbed the juvenile flesh with the bumpy borderline between the top and bottom of his tongue.


As a virgin, it was only natural for her clitoris to be more sensitive than her vagina.

After all the previous teasing, the noble maiden easily achieved orgasm.


Her mind went blank and her body convulsed, but that was not the end. Lorent continued tormenting the extremely sensitive flesh bud.

“Ow, ahh, ahh, ah, ah…ahhhhheeee…”

The pleasurable feeling assaulted her with some pain this time. It was too much for her to bear and she tried to escape, but Lorent would not allow it and held her lower body in place.

His powerful tongue tip moved quickly as if trying to dissolve a piece of candy in a hurry. So despite the pain, Ansandra achieved orgasm once more. But the pleasure of this second climax was accompanied by sharp pain. Then the third orgasm arrived. It came with even more sharp pain than the second. And then the fourth…

“Eek…no…no more…ah, no…ahhh, no…ah, ahhh…stop…ah, ah…ah…e-enough…”

She writhed, struggled, shook her sweat away, sobbed, and pleaded him. It was torture by way of pleasure. As her most sensitive body part was persistently licked over and over, Ansandra came time and again with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

She had no idea what was happening. It hurt, it felt good, and it was embarrassing, but she was entirely at his mercy as her entire body shook with orgasmic convulsions.

Some fluid squirted out like a small serpent and hit the man in the face.

That was when Lorent finally lifted his head.

“Was that piss?”

“Pant, pant…pant…no, um…I can’t believe myself…”

Since she had only just been forced to wet herself when Dominic fingered her, it was not much, but she was still a maiden raised to be a civilized lady. She was horrified that she had peed on a man’s face.

“Don’t worry about it. I was kind of hoping Domos’s queen would have more restraint, though.”

After that light comment, Lorent suddenly got up.

“Yes, that should be enough.”

As Ansandra lay on her back with her legs spread, his manhood was revealed to her in its full glory.

He brought it to her vagina which was wet with saliva, love juices, and urine.

But Ansandra was worn out and her empty-looking eyes did not seem to understand what he was about to do.

And after watching that far, Dominic clenched her teeth in jealousy. It had been forever since she had received such thorough and intense oral sex.

Lorent’s impressive cock parted Ansandra’s lovely flower petals. The thick head pressed roughly against the slender girl’s hymen and pushed through.


The previous pain had accompanied pleasure, but this was bare pain on its own. That instantly brought her back to her senses, so she desperately tried to slide back and away.

“No, it’s too big… Ow. It’s tearing. My pussy is tearing!”

“Now, now. Don’t struggle.”

Lorent’s hands pressed hard against her hips from either side.

As the virgin tried to escape, he pulled her back and forcibly parted her vagina.


Something tore. Ansandra groaned from the shock and tilted her head back.

But Lorent kept his hips moving forward to penetrate the virgin’s tight hole.

She felt her crotch spreading so wide she thought it would tear and she felt great pressure that seemed to press up against her stomach. The pain was so great that all thought left her mind and she simply clung to the man before her and dug her fingernails into his back.


The flesh sword did not hesitate to push through the unopened flesh gate and blood sprayed out as it thrust in all the way to the base.

The pain of being deflowered was joined by the unease of having that flesh tunnel widened for the very first time. The virgin subconsciously squeezed at the cock with all her might. Instead of trying to pleasure the man, she was trying to escape the pain, so she was desperate too.

The countless folds of flesh wrapped around and squeezed at the man’s dick.


Even Lorent groaned at the tightness only found in a virgin.

Ansandra’s skin had paled due to the pain as she was pinned to the floor. Her white skin grew even whiter and the wet glistening of her cold sweat gave her the beauty of a pearl. Lorent placed a hand on her stiffened cheek.

“Are you okay?”


Thanks to her sheltered upbringing, Ansandra had never experienced pain this great. She could not speak and she simply gave Lorent a tearfully accusatory look.

“Yes, I can see you are in a lot of pain, but don’t worry. It only hurts the first time. It will start to feel better next time. Just try to relax and that should help some.”

However, relaxing her tensed muscles was easier said than done. She actually clung to him even harder.

The beautiful pink-decorated nails of her delicate hands dug into the man’s back, tore the skin, and allowed blood to seep out.

That did not bother Lorent, but Dominic felt an urge to break Ansandra’s fingers as she watched the girl harming her king.

“Breathe! That will make all the difference.”


Ansandra had forgotten to breathe, but his barked order reminded her.

“Yes. Breathe like that.”

Lorent was arrogant, but he was surprisingly kind in his concern for her.

Finally, Ansandra’s limbs relaxed from pure exhaustion. A moment later, the cock charged even deeper inside her.


With the thick penis pressing against her cervix, she frantically squeezed down on the lawless cock once more to prevent it from moving any further, but she could not stop it this time.

Lorent moved his hips up and down to drive his penis in and out of her.

“Don’t give me that resentful look. There’s nothing I can do about the pain of defloration. There are some things no one can do. Just as no one can achieve immortality, no one can bring a woman to orgasm while she suffers from the pain of defloration. That’s why I said sleeping with virgins isn’t any fun.”

“But…ah, gh, ahhh.”

“But maybe I should change my views on that one. You really are my kind of woman. The more noble the woman’s core, the more fun it is to bend her to your will.”

With that declaration, Lorent thrust his hips in accordance with his own desire.


Each time he drove his hard cock deep inside her, Ansandra tilted her head back and exposed her white throat.

She felt like he was tearing through her internal organs. Her petal-like lips hung open as intermittent cries and saliva erupted out.

Her beautiful blue eyes could not open any wider and large tears spilled out.


His ferocious dick was sometimes gentle and sometimes rough. Just as she thought it was making a more shallow attack, it would thrust deep through her flesh tunnel.

A shameful amount of fluids gushed out and he seemed to be disciplining her female flesh for the impure juices.

Ansandra did not have it in her to feel pleasure and simply suffered from the pain of defloration, but her vaginal flesh expanded and contracted in just the right way to melt the penis.

Lorent was so lost in the pleasure that his strokes grew rougher and his male flesh violated her to an overbearing extent.

The female juices filling the flower bud mixed with the fresh blood while her vaginal walls were rubbed and her womb attacked. The red blood of her purity had stained both their crotches and inner thighs.

“Ahh, ahh, ahhh…”

Each time he penetrated, dug at, and kneaded her soft untouched flesh, her mind would tingle and she felt the intense stimulus to her sensuality as a woman.

As the man mercilessly violated the sobbing woman, he made a sudden announcement.

“I’m cumming.”

“Eh? Wh-what…?”

Ansandra did not immediately know what he meant, but then his cock grew a size thicker inside her.

(No, if it gets any bigger, it really will tear me apart. No~. What? It’s throbbing!?)

While Ansandra’s eyes widened in surprise at the change to the manhood inside her, the ferocious beast sprayed its scorching fluids inside the beautiful maiden’s womb.

“Eek! Nooooooo!!!”

As the hot liquid surged out into the depths of her body, Ansandra felt like it was spreading out to every part of her body.

She thought the semen would never end, but it finally did.


After releasing so much male milk, the penis shrank and pulled out of the maiden’s body.

“Your body isn’t bad. I like it. I think the two of us are quite compatible.”

Lorent was satisfied and he embraced dazed Ansandra’s body.

A sudden thought came to Ansandra as she felt the man’s body heat in her entire body.

(Ohh, I was conquered…)

Setting aside the thorough caress before he had penetrated her, she had only felt pain after the penetration, but the lingering sense of his weight and the warm fluid flowing inside her was oddly kind of nice.


Her body trembled a little and a milky liquid escaped her closed vagina.

He had cummed so much that it was flowing back out of her.

Lorent scooped it up and rubbed it on her inner thigh and lower stomach.

“Um…what are you doing…?”

“Dying you in my color.”

She was shocked by his answer.

(How childish…)

She began to wonder if this was the most she could expect from a man who dreamed of conquering the world, but it was not a bad feeling.

As the shock and pain of her first time caught up with her, she passed out from extreme physical and mental exhaustion.

“Princess, are you okay!?”

Ansandra’s early morning private audience with Lorent lasted until the sun had long since set.

The Clanarian maids had assumed it would only be a quick ceremonial greeting, so they had been quite angry and were ecstatic now that their master had returned to them.

“Sorry I’m so late…”

Ansandra always smiled so brightly, but now she blushed and gave them the weak and bashful smile of someone trying to hide something.

She also walked awkwardly, as if she had something between her legs, so about half of the maids realized what had happened.

A lot of the maids were married or had lost their virginity, so they knew exactly what she was feeling.

Granmars, the oldest maid, made up her mind and asked a question.

“Princess, what kind of person was King Lorent?”

After three full beats of silence, Ansandra opened her mouth.

“…He was a wonderful man. He is very manly and exactly the hero type. They are apparently holding an official ceremony tomorrow, so you can see him then.”

At the very least, Ansandra’s voice did not contain any hatred or scorn for her fiancé.

“That is good to hear.”

The maids all breathed a sigh of relief.

Taking her chastity on their first meeting was inappropriate, but they had come here for her to be his wife. Even if he had rushed things a bit, there was no a problem as long as she liked him.

“Sorry. I would like to be alone.”

When Ansandra saw more curious gazes on her, she rejected further questions and moved to her bedroom.

A lot of the maids understood the unstable mental state brought on by the sense of loss after receiving a man for the first time, so they fell back.

Meanwhile, Ansandra threw herself face down on the bed and took a deep breath.

“What do I do? What am I supposed to do?”

She appreciated her aides’ concern, but her worries were not just the anxieties of a young girl. She was of course still feeling some pain from losing her virginity, but her heart was in much more pain.

Now that she knew Lorent’s objective was to invade Clanaria, she needed to get word back. That was her duty as the girl sent off for a political marriage.

She knew that, but deep in her heart, she also felt a desire to let that fearless and ambitious man do as he wished. He was like a savage god, so she felt he might just have what it took to truly conquer the continent.

If he successfully gained permanent control of Clanaria, he would indeed create a kingdom with power unmatched anywhere on the continent. In that case, his plan may not have been as farfetched as it first seemed.

But it all hinged on his ability to conquer Clanaria. Domos would have to defeat Clanaria in war. That was far easier said than done.

Ansandra compared Clanaria’s military strength to Domos’s as best as he could.

Clanaria was a large kingdom with the resources and military might to match any of the continent’s most powerful kingdoms.

When purely talking about the size of their territory, the eastern kingdom of Ralfint was several times larger.

But that kingdom was trapped in constant civil war, so it could not function as a proper kingdom.

When looking at pure power as a kingdom, Clanaria could easily be called the most powerful.

They were often targeted by neighboring kingdoms hat desired their fertile land, so they had a well-maintained army. People even bragged that their troops numbered at 200,000.

Then again, that number was a bluff. It was true they could muster 200,000 if every last adult man in the kingdom was gathered, but when taking food, equipment, and other logistical issues into account, they could only mobilize around 30,000 at most. Still, that was an army that ranked near the top of the continent’s more than 50 kingdoms.

“Does that childish but ambitious man know how to win this?”

When she pictured his confident, wicked, and sexy sanpaku eyes, Ansandra could not help but ask.

Clanaria’s investigation had concluded Domos’s army could only mobilize at most 15,000 men.

And half of those were conscripted soldiers from the conquered kingdoms of Sulbey and Celeste. She doubted those soldiers would be much use on the battlefield. Their main force would be the 8000 from Domos.

“There’s no way they can win. A defensive war would be one thing, but that difference in troop size will be fatal in an invasion.”

Ansandra did not know much about military matters, but she knew the basics.

“Even if their soldiers are made of different stuff, the difference in top-level commanders is simply too great.”

Other than the overwhelmingly famous King Lorent, Domos had no real famous commanders.

She tried to think of the names of Domos’s skilled commanders.

She had heard the names of mid-level commanders like Stephan, Almeida, Kubdai, Shigsal, Naja, Carnap, Vatistuta, and Lumishas. Dominic was a secretary and not a military commander, so she was omitted from the list.

She had not met any of them besides Stephan and Naja, but she had studied up on their histories.

Stephan was the leader of the Domos military on both the military and political fronts. Almeida, Kubdai, and Shigsal were of pure Domos blood and were the commanders of the powerful Domos cavalry units.

Naja led the flying dragon force, but she was the head of a special unit and thus not part of their main forces.

Carnap had been a wandering mercenary who they had chosen to join their army. Instead of showing Domos was flexible and able to overlook someone’s origin, Ansandra felt like they had been forced to put him in the center of their army because they had so few skilled people to choose from.

But those aside, the real problem came with Vatistuta and Lumishas.

Vatistuta was known as a skilled commander from the former Celeste Kingdom who had fought Lorent in single-combat and lost his left arm.

Lumishas was the adopted daughter of the former Sulbey Kingdom’s last king. Her parents were still alive and were more or less being used as hostages. Word had it Lorent had forcibly taken her chastity.

Those two were likely given prominent positions to console the residents of their former kingdoms, but it was obvious they had the potential to join an Anti-Domos movement.

The Domos army was far from a monolithic force.

Meanwhile, Clanaria’s King Baldwin was a cultural man, but he shined brightly with the many skilled warriors under his command: General Albare, Royal Guard General Madelene, Right General Chamomile, Left General Hopard, and more.

A single man could not win a war. A skilled commander’s power was useless without mid-level commanders who could faithfully reproduce his or her orders.

“Strange. I’m worried for that man. Yet I’ve only just met him… And after he did that to me. I should be more worried about my home kingdom. Now that I know of his ambition, I should be sending a secret messenger back there.”

She knew that, but she was hesitant to act on it. That was partially due to having Dominic’s watchful eye on her.

“But that’s just an excuse… If I seriously thought about getting a secret messenger out, I’m sure I could find any number of ways, but I’m intentionally avoiding that.”

She embraced her own body which was covered in a male scent and she trembled.

“But with that man, it might just work…”

She thought this special feeling simply came from him being her first man, but Lorent had a strange attraction about him. He had something that drove people to fantasy. Perhaps it was love. Part of her mind told her she was only seeing this due to love, but she trusted her eye for people.

“The conqueror’s queen.”

When she said it for herself, a cold tremor and sweet arousal raced down her spine.

She liked the sound of that. Lorent’s path would surely be a thorny one and so would hers if she walked with him.

(I came to Domos because I was looking for a major job. Looking at it that way, what greater job is there? But my decision could cause the flames of war to spread.)

She had only just experienced a major milestone in her life as a woman, but Ansandra’s mind was elsewhere.

“Princess… I brought some water.”

She heard a hesitant voice.

Ansandra was lying face down in the bed and she turned a lethargic face toward the voice. She saw the clearly innocent girl named Mimi who held a pitcher of water.

Head Maid Granmars had likely been worried about her master’s health and chosen to send in the maid closest to Ansandra’s age.

“Thank you.”

Ansandra took the cup of water and drank it all at once. Only after feeling the refreshing liquid pour down her dry throat and spread throughout her body did she realize how thirsty she had been.

“Oh, that was delicious.”

Ansandra sighed and stared back at Mimi who was curiously watching her drink the water.

“Oh, right. Mimi, I have something I want to ask of you. Can you do it?”

“Yes? Ask me anything.”

Mimi cheerfully agreed.

(I will send a secret messenger. That is my duty in this political marriage. But it is none of my concern whether or not she makes it back.)

While Mimi had loyalty and enthusiasm to spare, she had no talent in martial arts and was ignorant of the world. Ansandra weighed her love for her home kingdom against her unease and decided to make a gamble using this girl.

“I have a special mission for you. It is an important matter and Clanaria’s future depends on it.”

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