Harem Dynast

Part 1: Chapter 2 - Remote Kingdom
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Part 1: Chapter 2 - Remote Kingdom

“This will be my second home, won’t it?”

After leaving Clanarian territory Ansandra followed a northern road to Domos territory.

Ansandra viewed the passing scenery from the window of a luxurious six-horse carriage and her maid Mimi asked a question from the opposite seat.

“Um, all I see are mountains and more mountains, so what kind of land is Domos?”

A cloud of worry entered Mimi’s adorable and youthful face, so Ansandra responded with a smile.

The girl’s worry was unsurprising. Even in an age of kingdoms struggling for supremacy, Clanaria had been blessed with fertile land and high culture. Mimi had been born and raised in the capital of Curling which was known as the City of White Walls and Flowers, so she was shocked to see only a series of precipitous mountains and nothing else. The land of Domos appeared unimaginably empty to her.

“Domos exists on the northernmost end of the continent, but current Domos territory has spread quite far. Their current king, Lorent, has conquered the Celeste and Sulbey regions as well.”

“Yes, I have heard their territory is larger even than Clanaria’s,” energetically answered Mimi.

“But all three regions are poor lands that are covered in ice for nearly half the year. Clanaria’s population is greater than all three of them combined.”

Mimi shrank down as she learned even more worrying facts. Ansandra found it so adorable she had to smile.

And that smile drew another question from Mimi.

“Then what do the people of Domos do for a living?”

“The people in the region have long raised horses and flying dragons. They were eventually united to form the Domos Kingdom. Even if they try to cultivate the icy land, they cannot grow many crops, so life is always difficult. That is why they so readily resort to war and taking territory from others.”

Mimi breathed a somber sigh at her master’s hopeless words. And then another worry occurred to her.

“Um…there won’t be any bandits, will there?”

“That you don’t need to worry about.”

This brigade was meant for Clanaria’s Second Princess Ansandra, so 30 Clanarian knights and 30 of Ansandra’s personal maids were accompanying them. 100 knights had also come to meet them from Domos.

They had 130 fully-equipped knights. Including the laborers, they had nearly 1000 people. It was unknown how many bandits were hiding nearby, but this would be enough to dissuade them from attacking.

“But there are bandits here, aren’t there? The bodyguard knights were really on edge because they tend to attack around here. Ahhh, I can’t believe I’m in a land like this.”

Mimi was truly feeling down, but her behavior was somewhat amusing. There was always something humorous about her, so Ansandra never grew tired of watching her.

That merchant’s daughter was the same age as Ansandra, so they were often together.

“It is a formidable land, but it is well worth cultivating. If Clanaria’s techniques work well, it can be remade into a powerful kingdom.”

Ansandra gave a more optimistic appraisal to clear away her favorite maid’s worries, but her own words sank her into the spring of thought.

It was indeed a kingdom with great latent possibility for development.

Domos itself was nothing but a rusty red wasteland, but Celeste and Sulbey had not seemed so bad when they had passed through them on the way.

Sulbey bordered Clanaria and it was a land of conifer trees, so it would be an excellent source of wood. Their wood was highly valued even in Clanaria. And when an area ran out of wood, it could be cultivated to create a fairly fertile land.

Celeste was a mountainous region and not well blessed with crops, but silver could be mined there. And a greater search was sure to turn up more mineral resources. Finding magic metals or jewels would be ideal, but that might be setting her hopes too high. It already produced plenty of craftworks and most of the jewelry Domos had given her as gifts had come from there. By protecting that land and allowing it to grow, they were sure to produce even greater exports.

Domos could be built into as prosperous a land as Clanaria and she doubted anyone would take offense if she asked for technological assistance from her home kingdom. After all, that was the only real benefit Domos received from her marriage. And after teaching them what she could, Ansandra intended to get involved in their politics.

That was the real reason she had barely resisted being married off to a terrible-sounding man just because she was a woman.

Her husband did not matter. She was more interested in doing whatever work she could.

Clanaria had nearly grown stagnant as a kingdom and she was restricted by her position as princess, so there was little room for her to be useful there. But in a developing kingdom like Domos, she was sure to have a chance to show her skill as queen. She might have looked like a doll, but she was fairly ambitious.

Loath to interrupt her master’s thoughts, Mimi had been silently viewing the scenery, but she suddenly cried out.

“Wah! That’s a wild flying dragon. I knew Domos produced them and horses, but there’s a whole bunch of them, like a flock of birds.”

Several dragons flew by with the perpetual snow glittering like diamonds on the tall peaks of the mountains in the background.

Flying dragons were ill-tempered creatures and they were omnivores just like humans. They would eat tree bark if need be, but they mostly satisfied their voracious hungers with livestock and crops. Their sharp fangs and claws would crush a cow’s skull in a single blow and they would even eat the bones. And they would even eat humans. However, someone who knew how to handle flying dragons would only be eaten by one if they were very unlucky.

The wild ones primarily ate wild horses. Domos horses were short and had thick, stumpy legs. They were the ugliest on the continent, but the powerful legs and hips they used to run along the mountain slopes allowed them to carry twice the burden of normal horses and their teeth could easily bite through a human arm. If a flying dragon grew careless, it was not unheard of for them to be killed by a kick and a bite. That made them monsters that surpassed the standard image of an herbivore.

And the soldiers of a kingdom surrounded by those tremendous wild animals would of course be strong. Soldiers of remote regions were always strong, and the strength of Domos’s soldiers had long been spoken of. But similar rumors had been told of the soldiers of the similarly remote kingdoms of Celeste and Sulbey.

But due to their small populations, their habit of killing each other in local conflicts, and their unattractive land, no one had ever challenged those powerful kingdoms and they had been allowed to exist in peace.

But then King Lorent had ascended to the throne in Domos. He had used his powerful soldiers, flying dragons, and unruly horses to their fullest and successfully united the three kingdoms.

“It’s been three years since he took the throne. That conqueror took those three kingdoms for himself in no time. I wonder what kind of man he is.”

While thinking of the brutal nature of the kingdom and viewing the desolate scenery, Ansandra reviewed what she knew of her soon-to-be-husband.

He was 23. He had ascended to the throne after murdering his mediocre father. His father was officially said to have died of illness so he could smoothly take the throne as crown prince, but given the cruel personality and major change in kingdom policy he had demonstrated afterwards, the murder of his father was likely true.

As king of Domos, Lorent had enriched his kingdom by pillaging other kingdoms. He had started by conquering the mountain kingdom of Celeste, moved on to conquer the kingdom of Sulbey at the entrance to the central plain, and had united the three kingdoms in no time at all. He had walked the path of a true conqueror and it had been decorated by trickery, flames, and the screams of women and children. With the help of their excellent leader, the people of Domos had raised up their kingdom and become a band of robbers.

He was a lecher and was said to be fond of women with singular talent. He was satisfied with a simple diet. He was an expert horseback rider and swordsman and he preferred to command from the lead on the battlefield.

His flag was black with a yellow border and with a legendary divine wolf in the center. After conquering two kingdoms under that flag, he had become the daring king feared as the Starving Wolf of the North.

“Such magnificent scenery.”

In contrast to worried Mimi, Ansandra felt some fearful awe but held mostly ambition and hope for her new life.

“Princess, that is the Domos royal capital of Fenrir.”

Stephan, who had been charged with guiding the group, brought his horse alongside the crystal frame Ansandra was looking through.

“That is?”

When she saw the royal capital, she was unsure how to express herself and fell silent.

A mountain castle was surrounded by tall and thick walls. It lacked any elegance and looked more like a fortress than a royal capital, but it also seemed entirely appropriate.

As they approached the castle gate, that impression only grew. Clanaria’s royal castle in Curling had an artistic design to the white walls surrounding it, but these walls were entirely functional. In fact, she could see arrows sticking into them in places and there were scars of damage from magic bullets.

When he noticed the Clanaria group looking up at the castle walls in shock, Stephan explained.

“This damage was done during the battle with Celeste’s army. That was a daring kingdom. They besieged the castle for three months and made attacks day after day and night after night. But we holed up inside to endure the attacks and waited until the perfect moment for a night attack with our entire army. We achieved total victory in that single night. It is said more than a thousand heads were taken in that battle.”

Ansandra had heard about that too. Lorent had mounted his favorite horse and wielded a large sword as he rode out front, swiftly cut down five enemy knights, and increased his troops’ morale.

That battle had put the attackers on the run and the Domos army had not rested as they kept up the attack on Celeste territory. They had used a dreadful scorched earth tactic of plundering, fire-setting, and rape to drag down Celeste’s power as a kingdom and ultimately destroyed them before they could recover.

Ansandra heard a loud flapping from the opposite window frame.

“Old Stephan, is that the doll I’ve been hearing about?”

Ansandra turned toward that flippant voice and saw a woman gliding alongside the carriage on a black-skinned flying dragon.

Her sand-colored eyes gave off a dangerous light, her red ponytail blew in the powerful wind, and her brown-tanned skin gave her a wild look.

“Flying Dragon General, she is to be our queen. You should step down and greet her!”

The woman playfully ignored Stephan’s scolding.

“Don’t be like that. Oh? So you’re little Ansandra. You’ve got a pretty face, but you’re still just a kid. I’m Naja. Nice to meet you.”


Mimi had immediately hid on the carriage’s floor with her hands over her head.

She had no intent whatsoever of protecting her master. Of course, if Mimi could stop something, it would not be a threat in first place. This just showed she knew her place, but it allowed Ansandra and Naja to silently stare at each other.

Ansandra was shocked to get such a close-up view of a flying dragon with its brutal-looking face and its ferocious fangs and claws, but she was simply stunned by Naja’s clothing.

She only wore two skin-tight pieces of leather that left her bodylines exposed. The top resembled a vest that left her cleavage entirely visible and the bottom was only a loincloth-like pair of panties that left her hipbones and butt cheeks bare.

Ansandra had been raised and educated as a lady, so she could not imagine appearing in public dressed like that.

And even if it was midsummer, dressing like that in chilly Domos was insane.

(Virginia’s clothing was often criticized by the courtiers, but this makes hers look obedient in comparison.)

Naja’s outfit had dumbfounded the proper princess, but she had a reason for wearing that.

Even for a flying dragon, a human was a large burden to bear. If heavy armor was added to that, they would only be able to fly very short distances. And when a great beast with a wingspan of more than ten meters flew in the open sky, there was a great risk of being hit by arrows. If they flew slowly along at low altitudes, they would be turned into a pincushion. By keeping as light as possible, they could fly farther and more nimbly, which was useful in combat. The cold could be dealt with by wearing a magic jewel with heating magic sealed inside.

“Well, until we meet again, princess.”

Naja gave a sarcastic smile as she kicked the dragon’s belly and pulled on the reins.

It flapped up into the sky to regroup with the others waiting above.

“That must have been a shock. Domos is a remote kingdom, so our women can be somewhat rough around the edges. Please be forgiving.”

“O-of course… But Clanarian women can be rough around the edges too. And she appeared quite brave. I feel like I just saw Domos’s militaristic spirit.”

Stephan spoke up in his worry that a negative impression could get in the way of the political marriage, but Ansandra kindly answered and added “like Lucy” in her heart.

“Thank you for making this long journey.”

It was not King Lorent who awaited Ansandra at the royal palace’s entrance. Instead, it was a woman in her thirties whose chestnut hair was worn up tightly enough for the comb lines to remain and who wore dull silver and bluish-green court clothes so impeccably she seemed to be using her entire body to show off how capable she was.

“My name is Dominic. I was asked to take care of you, princess. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“So you are Dominic. I have heard about you. No one is closer to King Lorent and you are very talented in both political and military matters. I am Ansandra. It is a pleasure to meet you as well.”

Even if it was a political marriage…no, because it was a political marriage, they both had to uphold their kingdom’s honor. A stir ran through Ansandra’s followers because it seemed rude to not be met by the king when his bride had made such a long journey, but Ansandra herself kept the dissatisfaction from her face and smiled at the king’s favorite retainer.

Dominic had the look of a government official and there was nothing particularly charming about her face, but she was definitely beautiful. While she was skinny, her breasts were ample enough to be noticeable through her plain clothing. In fact, Ansandra was somewhat worried that the perfect straightness of her back would cause the chest of the clothes to tear.

Ansandra was confident in her face and figure, but her breasts were average for her age.

She knew they were bound to grow in the future, but she still felt inferior in front of someone with truly gigantic breasts. And knowing how lustful her future husband Lorent was said to be, she could be almost certain that this aide was also one of his mistresses.

“Now, allow me to guide you to your room. I am sure you are exhausted after your journey, so you can meet His Majesty tomorrow. Please relax and enjoy yourself tonight.”

Ansandra thought she saw a cold and almost mocking smile in Dominic’s hollow cheeks and emerald eyes, but she told herself she was just being self-conscious.

Dominic had apparently prepared them a feast, so Ansandra, her maids, and her knights attended.

Dominic was there to meet them and her thin and less-than-charming lips rose in a smile as she spoke less formally than before.

“We have to make sure the princess can bear a healthy child, so I have prepared a dinner full of vitality.”

Ansandra politely and embarrassedly blushed at that suggestive statement, but she was dumbfounded when she saw the food.

The table was crammed full of shocking dishes: raw horse meat dripping with blood and flavored with various herbs and mushrooms, a toxically red soup of flying dragon testicles, steamed flying dragon eggs that had been near hatching, baby flying dragons roasted whole, sausages made from stuffing flying dragon intestine with horse meat, flying dragon ovaries cooked in salt, horse milk wine, dragon blood wine, etc.

“I don’t know if it will be to your liking, but this is Domos’s local cuisine. Please, try it.”

Ansandra did not see herself as a picky eater, but she was hesitant to consume this repulsive food.

But it would have been rude not to, so she reluctantly brought it to her mouth.

The flavor was not bad, but it was all very strongly flavored. And the tough meat wore out her jaw, so she expected to have a stomachache the next morning.

It was only later that Ansandra realized this was Dominic’s indirect way of harassing her.

The exhaustion from her long trip demanded she sleep, so she decided to wait until the following day to sort out her thoughts. She soaked in her room’s bath with some help from her maids and she fell fast asleep as soon as she climbed under the pure white sheets.

The next day, Ansandra woke to the chirping of birds.

Her young body was fully recovered from her exhaustion and she did not have a stomachache as she had feared.

When the princess got up, she was offered an aromatic tea that was not too hot to burn her tongue. The tea contained spices from the tropical kingdom of Oneill. It was a clear greenish brown, had a nice sweet aroma, and provided the perfect hint of bitterness.

“Mmm, delicious?”

Ansandra wore a luxurious negligee and she looked elegant even straight out of bed.

“Princess, the bath is ready.”

The trusted maids who had accompanied her from Clanaria removed her bedclothes and she soaked in a bathtub of nicely warm water. A sweet and sour smelling herb from her home kingdom had been dissolved in the bath.

Up to this point, her morning was no different than in the Clanarian royal palace. But…

“Sigh. So this beautiful skin will finally belong to a gentleman.”

When Mimi spoke emotionally while washing Ansandra’s back, the other maids snapped back at her.

“We don’t know that for sure yet.”

“That’s right. If the king here is a bad match for the princess, we shall return to the kingdom at once. The princess’s beautiful silky skin does not exist for some ugly man.”

The maids spoke excitedly as they washed Ansandra’s white skin.

After receiving the maids’ words of praise and having the filth thoroughly scrubbed from her body, she left the tub. Her jewel-like skin was arm and dyed an aromatic pink.

“Princess, allow me to comb your hair.”

“Princess, allow me to do your nails.”

Ansandra’s preparations were not complete with just the morning bath. The maids noisily but swiftly surrounded her and polished her.

Their master was finally to meet her destined partner, so of course they were working extra hard.

As the maids served her, Ansandra grew nervous. She was going to meet the leader of the savages. She seriously doubted it, but she worried he would be a brainless man made of pure muscle who had not bathed for days and who had yellow teeth.

She shuddered as she imagined the world’s worst savage man.

She had not been expecting much from her husband, but it was only human to hope for someone who met the bare minimum of respectability.

Her father had told her she could return if she did not like him, but she knew that was not really an option. She grimly told herself this was her duty as a royal.

After she ate a light breakfast prepared by her maids, the maids began decorating her.

The dark red dress they put on her was of the latest design from her home kingdom. She was a bit embarrassed that it left her shoulders and back bare, but it was a lovely garment that somewhat mixed intelligence and purity and it casually used a lot of jewels and gold or silver thread. Clanaria’s king must have wanted to provide the greatest luxury if he was sending his daughter off to be wed.

Ansandra thanked her father and Dominic appeared precisely at the promised time. The woman was impeccably dressed and she led Ansandra away after they exchanged a hollow and perfunctory greeting.

“I will show you to His Majesty. Oh, please have your maids wait here.”

The maids voiced their protest out of concern for their master, but Ansandra stopped them.

“That is fine. I will be back soon, so you all wait here.”

If she was to marry into the Domos royal family, it only made sense to obey their customs.

Dominic gave an almost hatefully polite bow to the loyal maids who were worried despite their master’s determination.

“This is merely an informal greeting and not an official ceremony, so please relax and wait here. Now, princess, please come with me.”

Ansandra did not know her way around the royal palace, so she followed Dominic. They walked down a plain stone hallway, passed by a few rooms, and finally walked through a thick door.

They were inside the dining hall where the previous night’s dinner had been held. A table large enough for around 100 people was covered with a white tablecloth and three silver candlesticks were placed on top at even intervals.

Dominic came to a stop there.


Ansandra was confused why they would be in the dining hall, but she waited in silence. Dominic suddenly turned around with a menacing look in her eyes.

“What? Is there something on my face?”

Ansandra flinched as the woman’s face drew close and stared at her with deep green eyes that contained a dull light.

“I doubt you will like this, but I must perform a search before you may meet His Majesty.”

She was still being polite, but a cruel smile was plastered on her clever face.


Ansandra could not figure out what this woman was saying.

It was hard to tell what a lot of important retainers were thinking. For example, Clanaria’s Prime Minister Stuart was always wrinkling his brow in a look of displeasure. King Baldwin was the opposite because he was always smiling and saying nice things, but he was also willing to use his own daughter as a political tool.

“His Majesty has many enemies, so there are many women who attempt to sneak a blade in when they meet him.”

“Um~, what are you telling me to do…?”

Ansandra was hesitant because she could not figure out what this woman was asking, but then Dominic’s tone of voice completely changed.

“Hurry it up, you whore!”

That change from overly polite to insulting left Ansandra feeling angry.

“Oh, dear. Did I hurt your feelings? Does the poor little girl who was sold by her father and her kingdom think she has any right to an opinion?”

Dominic maintained her cruel smile and dug her reddish-purple manicured nails into Ansandra’s cheeks to distort her lovely face.

“What are you doing, Miss Dominic…?”

Ansandra could not figure out what was happening to her, so she spoke up in protest. But Dominic’s abuse was not over yet. She then grabbed Ansandra’s breasts through her dress.

“Such small breasts. King Lorent likes them big. He hates young brats.”


Ansandra’s face twisted in pain as her growing breasts were mercilessly groped.

She was then pressed face-down against the giant table. Her feet were on the floor, her upper body was on the table, and her butt stuck out behind her.

“A woman with a grudge against a man always hides their weapon in the same place.”

A ton of joy entered Dominic’s voice as she pressed Ansandra’s arms against the table with her left hand and used her right hand to pull up Ansandra’s frilly pink and dark red skirt.

This revealed the corset around her waist, the garter belt that held up the stockings which reached partway up her thighs, and the pure white panties in the center.

“P-please stop this…”

The young girl attempted to resist, but Dominic held her down and pulled down her panties with a cruel twist to her lips.

This bared a butt as soft as a freshly-peeled hardboiled egg.

Dominic tilted her head and peered down at the girl’s pussy.

“My, what a cute little bush. It’s only just started growing in, hasn’t it? You really are just a kid, aren’t you? A little kid who was brought here for strategic reasons. I wonder if he will ever even bother touching you.”

“Wha-? You have no right to say anything!”

Even Ansandra raised her voice at this disgrace.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. Did you hear that, princess? I was only talking to myself. I accidentally let the truth slip out. Please forgive me.”

Ansandra was daunted by how brazenly Dominic said such cruel things.

“My, your mons pubis is well developed. As is your pussy itself. You have the makings of a slut.”

Ansandra gave a start at the word “slut”.

Then Dominic placed her right hand on the girl’s crotch and used her index and middle fingers to spread the lips. She gave the contents an ice-cold look and a derisive snort.


Ansandra’s most embarrassing place was being viewed and mocked. Was there any greater humiliation?

Tears welled up in her eyes and she gave a shout.

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing? I am Ansandra, Princess of Clanaria. I was officially sent here by my kingdom. The formal ceremony has not been held yet, but is this any way to treat your future queen!? Mocking me is the same as mocking Clanaria!”

“Like I care.”

As Ansandra wielded her authority like it was an heirloom sword, Dominic only smiled coldly.

Her confidence made Ansandra shudder.

If this was fueled by Dominic’s jealousy, that would be one thing. But what would it mean if Lorent had approved this?

Instead of using the political marriage with Clanaria to bind a military alliance and a trade treaty, wouldn’t that mean Domos was using Ansandra in a plot to attack Clanaria?

She tried to think about that possibility, but she had a frightening difficulty thinking while a woman toyed with her hidden slit for unknown reasons.

“S-stop this. Do you intend to destroy the bridge of peace between Domos and Clanaria!?”

“Make no mistake, princess. This is nothing more than a search for weapons.”

With that shameless excuse, Dominic gave her a cruel look and disinterestedly plucked at her flower petals. That soft flesh was dry with fear, so the stimulus brought dull pain rather than pleasure.


“There does not appear to be anything on the surface. But I still need to check inside.”

Dominic placed her right middle finger on the entrance to the princess’s vagina.

“Y-you can’t mean it…ah.”

Ansandra shook as Dominic mercilessly stuck her finger inside.

“Oh, dear. Apparently you still have your hymen. Eh heh heh. In Domos, only priestesses and holy women see any value in their virginity. In fact, virgins at your age are looked down on as ugly.”

“Ah, ahhh…”

Not even Lucy had inserted anything here. However, even a virgin had enough space for a woman’s slender finger. Otherwise, their period blood would have nowhere to escape.

Ansandra’s body stiffened from the dull pain and Dominic shoved her middle finger further inside her vagina.

“I suppose you wouldn’t be able to hide a weapon in here. But…it never hurts to be sure.”

Dominic rubbed her finger around as if checking for something.

“Ah…no, stop.”

Ansandra trembled from the anxiety of having a foreign object in that unknown tunnel, but the woman pushed her finger all the way inside.

The little bird of a girl clung to the white tablecloth as she bore with the humiliation, but her eyes widened as she was overcome by an unexpected feeling.

(Wh-what…is this feeling!?)

She was assaulted by pleasure rather than pain. And it was a type of pleasure she had never felt before.

In her shock and confusion, her lower body tingled and she desperately resisted the desire to let it all loose.

Having someone she disliked toying with her pussy was humiliation enough, but she trembled as she felt even greater shame approaching.

She resisted for a while, but once she was unable to bear it any longer, she pleaded with Dominic.

“No…Ahh, please stop this, ah…I think I’m going to…wet myself…”

As Ansandra was overcome by a dreadfully obscene feeling, beads of sweat poured from her forehead and her blonde bangs stuck to her skin.

She was being fingered in the so-called G-spot, but she lacked the knowledge to know what was happening.

Dominic looked down at her with glassy eyes as she mercilessly pumped her middle finger in and out of the ignorant princess’s virgin hole.

“Ah, I-I’m going to…”

The princess’s doll-like body shook violently, but the resistance driven by her pride as a princess only incresed her pure carnal humiliation.

“Ahh, ahh…Lucyyyyyyyyy!!!”

Ansandra’s resistance gave out as she called the name of the knight she most trusted.

As her butt stuck out like a shiny boiled egg, the dining hall floor was dirtied by the clear liquid that sprayed forcefully and horizontally out from the small hole just in front of the one Dominic was fingering.


Her body went limp as she experienced a humiliating climax that sharply contrasted with the joyous climax of being one with Lucy.

As the princess collapsed onto the table, Dominic pulled her finger out and tilted her head while wiping the fluid from the finger like it was dirty.

“Lucy? Isn’t that the famous knight officer known as a War Goddess and the daughter of General Albare? Come to think of it, I had heard she was your good friend.”

Dominic laughed as something occurred to her.

“Oh, dear. Princess, you and that woman were fucking, weren’t you? Two women licking at each other like cats? Disgusting. And you call yourself a pure princess?”

The princess was beautifully dressed up like a doll, but she was lying on the large table with her frilly skirt pulled up and her white ass exposed. And her lower body was soaking wet.

The scene could not have been more aesthetic, but Dominic did not see it that way in the slightest.

“Come on now, you piss-soaked lesbian virgin princess. It is time to meet His Majesty. You don’t have time to change into new panties, so you will have to go like this.”

Dominic was annoyed, but she still pulled off the princess’s urine-soaked panties and wiped off her wet lower body with a corner of the tablecloth.

But that was the extent of the cleanup. Ansandra was still in a daze as she was forced to her feet.

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