Harem Dynast

Part 1: Chapter 1 - My Princess
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Part 1: Chapter 1 - My Princess

“Princess! Princess Ansandra, are you here!?”

The powerful Clanaria Kingdom controlled the fertile land of the Bastore Plain and was situated just about in the center of the continent.

And that was true more than just geographically. It was the major artery that connected the great eastern kingdom of Ralfint with the western city states. It was the land where the inland roads met the northern roads to the remote northern territories.

On top of that, rivers flowed in from Celeste to the northeast, Nephthys to the east, and Vouivre to the southeast and joined together into the mighty Light Cloth River that flowed west from there.

The land truly was the cornerstone of the continent’s commercial distribution, it had a greater population than anywhere else on the continent, and its economy was greatly developed.

As if to show off their wealth, the royal capital of Curling contained a vast and beautiful castle of great white stones.

A woman in a military uniform rushed down the passageway leading to the deepest palace in that castle.

“She’s in the detached palace, isn’t she? Fine then. I don’t need a guide. I can get there myself.”

She had carelessly-cut deep violet hair and deeply chiseled facial features. Her large eyes glittered a reddish brown. She wore too little makeup and had little sex appeal, but her looks themselves were not bad. She had the dignified aura of a knight woman who lived for battle.

Her military uniform suited the whip-like flexibility and broad shoulders of her tall build.

Her top was made from a glossy white fabric with gold hemming, the pants covering her legs were a dull silverish-white, she wore a short purple cape on her back, and a silver medal with a griffon design shined on her left breast.

That medal modeled after a fantasy beast was Clanaria’s sign of a commander in charge of a thousand knights. Reaching that rank at only twenty and as a woman made her a truly exceptional person.

“You can’t do that, Lady Lucy. Not now. We were ordered to keep everyone away.”

Just like a small bird harassing a wild eagle, she was stopped by Mimi, a maid in an orange dress and a white apron and hat.

“Out of the way.”

As if the maid meant nothing to her, the agitated knight woman shoved her aside and continued with great strides.

“You’re so mean…but so lovely?”

Poor Mimi had fallen onto her butt, but rather than grow angry, hearts appeared in her tear-damp eyes.

Due to Lucy’s appearance and personality, she was immensely popular with the royal palace’s young court ladies who wanted the knight to be their “mistress”. Mimi was one such girl and she had always wanted to get close to her.

Lucy would normally tease those girls and have a little fun with them, but she was in no mood for playing around today.

It was early afternoon as the hot summer days continued during the twentieth year of King Baldwin’s reign.

Shimmering heat rose from the castle walls from which the kingdom’s phoenix flag flew and the greenery of the garden glittered white in the intense sunlight, but the flowers overcame the scorching heat and let their red and yellow petals blossom brightly.

“Would you look at that…”

There was a reason why the plants were thriving.

Second Princess Ansandra loved the detached palace which was surrounded by a curtain of water.

The elegant structure had a roof and pillars, but no walls. Instead, pure underground water was drawn up with magical power to flow down the four sides of the roof and surround the structure with a beautiful silver curtain. It was the mist of the water constantly falling from the roof that filled the surrounding flowers and other plants with such life.

A little girl in a maid uniform was laughing as she played in the water, but when she noticed Lucy, she called inside.

“Lucy is here.”

A response came from within.

“Oh, my. Lucy is back? Have her come in.”

Now that she had permission to enter the detached palace, the woman knight nervously passed through the curtain of water.

All external sound was cut off and the oppressive heat vanished. Her skin had grown used to the scorching heat, so she felt a little chilled.

A woman and a girl had apparently been discussing something inside.

When Lucy noticed, she quickly kneeled.

“Welcome back, Lucy. I’m glad to see you safe and sound.”

The individual Lucy had been searching for met her with a smile.

It was Clanaria’s Second Princess Ansandra.

The girl was four years younger than Lucy and gave off a sense of intelligence and purity.

She had long glossy blonde hair, large blue eyes, pink lips, a smooth bridge of the nose, an extremely small nose, a skinny white throat, and slender arms and legs. Her smiling face had a well-formed and adorable beauty with its innocence still remaining.

She wore a cool-looking white dress made of layer after layer of lace with intricate openwork. Her milk white upper arms were bare as the dress had no sleeves and the tulip-shaped skirt was short enough to see her knees and the lengthy legs below them.

Her chest and such were still quite young, so her body gave off a sense of youth more than sex appeal. However, she had a warm atmosphere that gave a sense of gentleness, responsibility, and compassion, so no one could help but like her.

She was like a detailed doll created by a skilled craftsman to represent the ideal princess.

Her age, appearance, personality, and social position were all different from Lucy’s, but they had known each other since childhood and were the closest of friends.

That was why Lucy had ignored the command to stay away, but that had apparently been a bit of a problem this time.

“I believe we ordered everyone away from here.”

A woman criticized her with an unconcerned look on her face. Her long golden hair, blue eyes, and milk-white skin were much like Ansandra’s.

The resemblance was to be expected as she was Ansandra’s sister. Older by three years, she was Clanaria’s First Princess Virginia.

“My apologies. Um…what is the meaning of this strange situation?”

“Strange? How cruel. I was the one that set this place up for my cute little sister.”

As the older sister, Virginia was notably more mature than her younger sister.

Her facial features were deeply chiseled yet delicate, but they had none of the undeveloped fickleness of her sister. The bridge of her nose stood tall and she boldly increased her beauty with red rouge and blue eyeshadow.

She was as tall as Lucy, she had a large bust that was reminiscent of a cow’s udders, she had a tight and slender waist, and she had large child-bearing hips.

As if to show off that high-powered body, she wore a royal-blue tight-fitting suit that left her cleavage and her thighs exposed. Half her long legs were covered by wine-red knee socks and she wore high heels on her feet.

She wore a long blood rose colored cape on her back.

Her choice in clothing was enough to frustrate the more sensible members of the royal court and it was a testament to her focus on magic.

She had established a magic research agency under her direct command and she used that to create countless strange types of magic, so she was commonly known as being obsessed with magic. In a way, she was Clanaria’s most famous princess.

“Thank you very much, Virginia. This allows me to nap and read in comfort even during these sweltering days.”

“Right, right? You’re such a good girl, Ansandra.”

The elder sister puffed her chest out and held her head high when her little sister thanked her. She then glanced at Lucy’s kneeling form and shrugged.

“I’m sure this is about to get annoying, so I’ll be leaving.”

“Please stay a while longer, Virginia.”

The Witch Princess looked back when her sister tried to stop her.

“I am quite busy, you know? And if Lucy is back, then my beloved Madelene must be as well?”

“That’s right. It would be insensitive to keep you here, wouldn’t it?”

Virginia left the water palace while humming at the thought of her lover’s return.

“Now, then. It seems you had another victory and made even more of a name for yourself. Congratulations on the promotion.”

With the annoying witch gone, Ansandra sat in a refreshing wicker chair.

“No, that promotion is only thanks to my father.”

Lucy scorned the praise Ansandra gave her and followed the princess’s instructions to sit in the opposite chair.

“Don’t be so modest. The valiant daughter of Clanaria’s General Albare is known as the War Goddess throughout the kingdom and even in the neighboring kingdoms.”

Ansandra laughed in a voice as clear as a bell. Charmed by her smile, Lucy narrowed her eyes as if it was too bright to look at.

“Being called a War Goddess or a Demon Princess is entirely normal for any woman knight on the battlefield.”

Lucy’s father was the top officer of Clanaria’s army, so this was undoubtedly thanks to his connections. But it was true she was a valiant warrior and that she had achieved much this time. Her lovely appearance and her fierce fighting had made her a famous warrior in the Clanarian army and it was often said she might become history’s greatest woman general in twenty years if all went well.

“I hear you had a brilliant victory over Exstar’s main army of eighteen thousand. The west should be peaceful for the time being now.”

“Yes, my father Albare commanded flawlessly and crushing an enemy formation that was effectively not even half our size was a simple task. My contributions were rewarded with a promotion and…no, wait! None of that matters! How can you be so calm!? Is it true you’re being forced into a political marriage with the king of Domos!?”

As she spoke, Lucy recalled why she was even here and grew hysterical.

Ansandra smiled a little in silence as she grabbed a document from the table next to her and showed it to Lucy.

Lucy gasped when she read the title: Culture of the Domos Region.

“Princess, are you actually planning to go!?”

“Oh? Are you against it, Lucy?”

Lucy briefly hesitated when she saw her princess’s sad look, but she resolutely announced her feelings.

“Yes. I am against it. There are dangerous rumors about Domos’s King Lorent, saying he killed his father to take the throne. He also conquered the neighboring kingdoms of Celeste and Sulbey. He is filled with greed and fearless ambition. I have no doubt he will eventually begin to crave Clanaria as well!”


Ansandra calmly accepted Lucy’s unusual anger, but the small maid girl playing in the water curtain had opened her eyes wide.

“Look, you scared Frangese by shouting.”

“My apologies. But!”

When Ansandra realized she could not stop her older friend, she smiled in bitter resignation.

“Wait just a second. Frangese, sorry, but Lucy and I have to discuss some complicated things. Go help Mimi over there.”

“Understood, Your Highness.”

The girl of just four obeyed her beloved princess’s instructions and walked out of the room.

Ansandra narrowed her eyes as she watched the adorable girl leave, but then she tilted her head in thought and looked to Lucy. As her lovely hair fluttered behind her, it seemed spun from threads of polished sunshine.

“It is true Domos’s King Lorent seems to have a fierce temperament, but his ambition has brought two more kingdoms under his command.”

It was easy to imagine that rapidly expanded kingdom would be filled with unease on the domestic front. Marrying the princess of an advanced kingdom like Clanaria was likely meant to help guide the kingdom.

“But Lorent is an extremely cruel man.”

“Cruel? That isn’t very nice. He is going to be my husband, you know?”

Ansandra wrinkled her brow in displeasure at Lucy’s insistence.

“I am aware this is rude of me, but Celeste and Sulbey were conquered quite harshly. And it is hard to say the women were treated in a gentlemanly manner.”

She did not come out and say it, but rumor had it the beautiful princesses of the conquered castles had been taken straight to the bedroom.

But Ansandra was already aware of those rumors.

“I’m glad you’re worried, but this has already been decided. My father King Baldwin, Prime Minister Stuart, your father General Albare, Royal Guard General Madelene, Right General Chamomile, Left General Hopard, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dubuc, Minister of Finance Madeley, and the others on the royal council have already made up their minds. I do not have a say in the matter.”

Incidentally, Minister of Finance Madeley’s daughter was Frangese, Ansandra’s favorite maid who had just left.

“And I do not mind if my husband has a few mistresses.”

She had been born the second daughter of the royal family, so she had known she would be part of a political marriage eventually.

Marrying in public and loving in private was the standard way of things for anyone above a certain rank.

Women from noble families showed their pride by not complaining about her husband’s mistresses as long as her official position was assured.

Even if it was of a savage and remote kingdom, she would be a queen. What more could she want from a marriage?

But even after that thorough explanation from her respected princess, Lucy was not convinced and leaned forward to dissuade her.

“But why you, Princess Ansandra? My apologies, but your sister Princess Virginia seems about the right age for that.”

Unlike her younger sister, it was hard to say Virginia had a refined personality. She was so focused on her pursuit of magic that she could lose sight of reality.

She was indeed more skilled with magic than one would expect of a royal and those skills were some of the best in the kingdom, but she also produced a lot of waste in her magic research and was one of the secret sources of worries for the kingdom.

If they were going to marry off a princess, it would be best to deal with that burden at the same time. And her more mature appearance was sure to appeal to the savage people of Domos. That was what Lucy wanted to say.

“Oh, but it couldn’t be Virginia. She is madly in love with Royal Guard General Madelene.”

Ansandra’s eyes widened in surprise and she brought her hands to her mouth. Lucy knew she was only playing dumb, so she frowned in disgust.

“And that’s the problem. That bastard is toying with ignorant Princess Virginia and she’s completely oblivious to it.”

Surprisingly, it was an open secret that Virginia was madly in love and would slip out at night to enjoy trysts at Madelene’s mansion.

Madelene would make an appropriate king, so it was best for the kingdom if they left that as is. On the other hand, there were no such rumors about Princess Ansandra. She did not yet have a man hidden in her heart, so the king and courtiers had likely decided she was the perfect option.

“He’s just like Domos’s king. If he became king, he would spend all his time on foreign campaigns and create cracks in the kingdom’s foundation.”

Ansandra tilted her head in surprise at her good friend’s almost fierce eloquence.

“Lucy, you really do hate Madelene, don’t you? Did something happen between you?”

Lucy’s cheeks flushed red and she spat foam from the corner of her mouth.

“Nothing happened with that pathetic excuse for a man. Of course nothing happened. I am just worried for the kingdom. Enough baseless accusations.”

She might as well have confessed that something had happened. Ansandra laughed in her heart that the born warrior simply could not lie.

“He might be a pathetic excuse for a man, but he is quite skilled. He is undefeated on the battlefield and his administrative abilities are top notch. The king likes him, he has cleverly gathered popularity, and his men passionately support their commander. He has built up a solid position in the palace and he especially shines when he dances at the balls.”


Lucy fell silent and flapped her lips like a suffocating goldfish. The expression was so amusing that Ansandra giggled.

(She can only laugh because she doesn’t know what kind of man he is. I know who he truly is.)

Lucy had a past she could never make public. She was popular among the young girls as a brave woman who had no interest in men, but she had actually secretly dated Madelene for a time.

But once he had grown intimate with Princess Virginia, he had cast her aside and taken the princess instead. In other words, he cared more about ambition than love.

If it was known she was speaking ill of the man who had cast her aside, Lucy’s claims would sound like the complaints of a jealous woman.

(That isn’t it. I don’t love him anymore. I just know how dangerous he is.)

She agonized over her inability to explain, but then she realized they were getting off topic. She corrected her expression and sharpened her tongue.

“The issue of the next king can wait. We need to focus on the more pressing issue. Please refuse to go to Domos. The king is kind, so if you are insistent, he will not force you. There must be someone better you can marry.”

“Lucy, this isn’t like you. It is true my father has a soft spot for me, but that is only on a personal level. He would not overturn a public matter like this.”

When a girl four years her junior scolded her, even Lucy realized she was being childish and relaxed her shoulders.

“Understood. I have no choice. If you insist on going to Domos, then I will accompany you.”

“You can’t do that.”

The proud princess gently shook her head at her friend’s final compromise.

“That would be wrong to General Albare. He has done so much for Clanaria, yet his precious two brothers, three sons, and wife were all killed in battle. We cannot take his only daughter from him too.”

“My father is…”

Lucy had a soft spot for her father who had raised her so carefully.

While he was the army’s top commander and a splendid warrior, he had not been blessed with familial love. He had a history of victory in battle, but he had lost many precious people in those battles.

Seeing his daughter and one remaining family member grow up had been the one joy in his personal life. But the unrefined man had not known how to show affection to his daughter, so he had ended up teaching her everything he knew: swords, lances, riding, and military tactics.

He had not actually wanted a successor. He had simply been awkward and had not known any other way of communicating with his daughter.

Lucy had been blessed with great talent and she had worked hard in her pursuit of the martial arts and other knowledge because she had enjoyed showing off how much she had grown when her busy father returned from the battlefield. She had eventually grown into a first class warrior, but she had lost her femininity in exchange.

He had apparently recently started to secretly worry that he had raised her wrong and had even asked his colleague Lady Chamomile for advice, but he still enjoyed his life as the top general because he could remain in the royal capital and see his daughter on a daily basis.

Everyone in Clanaria agreed that any man who made a move on Lucy would be torn to pieces by General Albare.

Lucy felt that was part of the reason Madelene had kept their relationship a secret.

“And what about your men?”

Ansandra’s next words were also quite effective.

On her father Albare’s orders, Lucy had been placed in an elite unit made up of veteran warriors ever since her very first battle. They were her friends, teachers, and tools. How far would they go to stay with her? They had wives, lovers, parents, and children. Those families were reliant on Lucy as well, so even she looked daunted.

“It is true that I cannot leave Clanaria. But…but…”

Lucy worked to suppress the intense emotion rising within her, but she could not manage it.

“It would pain me to be separated from you, princess.”

She tearfully threw her large body from the chair and crouched in front of small Ansandra.

Since they were little, they had been master and servant, friends, and almost like sisters.

After Lucy had given up on men, Ansandra had grown to the level of a lover in her heart.

“I swore my sword would be used to serve only you.”

Countless memories flashed through the back of her mind as she cried. She felt too many emotions to describe, so she fell silent and that silence ruled that palace of eternal spring.

She finally opened her mouth again as if slowly grasping the situation.


There were too many obligations holding her back, so she approached her beloved princess’s feet and quietly built her resolve.

“I thought dying for you was my greatest desire, but if you leave for Domos, I will have very few opportunities to see you. That is why I want just one thing.”

“What might that be? I’m not giving you a memento. We’re both still young, so we will see each other again one day.”

Ansandra felt awkward in Lucy’s brooding look, so she tried to make a joke.

“No, I’m not saying I want an object. I simply want to carve all of my memories of you into my heart.”

Ansandra looked unsure what this close retainer wanted.

Meanwhile, the dignified knight woman took the adorable princess’s delicate hand and kissed the back. Still holding the hand, she moved forward, almost climbed on top of Ansandra in the wicker chair, and stole her lips.

“…Nn. What!?”

Ansandra quickly leaned back to separate their lips and she looked at her oldest friend in shock.

The two breathed heavily and stared at each other.

She had never seen Lucy’s face from so close. Her fierce facial features looked carved from plaster, but her damp lips were the red of a lustrous rose and truly those of a beautiful woman.

There was a reason she had so many fans among the young women and girls.

“I love you, princess. Please show me every last part of you. I can use that memory to think of you in distant Domos while still here in Clanaria.”

Without waiting for an answer, Lucy forcibly embraced the girl and stole her lips again.

Ansandra did not have the strength or build to resist the intense embrace and rough kiss.

She had never before felt someone else’s soft lips on her own and she did not know how to react.

She had an interest in politics and thus knew a lot of about it, but she had almost no knowledge of sex. She was trapped by a sense of immorality, so she shut her eyes and lips, clenched her teeth, clasped her hands in front of her chest, and froze in place.


The fierce knight woman’s tongue parted the beautiful curves of Ansandra’s lips, pushed inside, poked at her hard front teeth, and licked across the gums.

The tongue tip attempted to infiltrate further, but it was blocked by those adorable teeth. Lucy briefly released her embrace, held the back of the princess’s doll-like head, and pinched her cute little nose shut.

Ansandra endured for a while, but she finally opened her mouth for air.


Lucy accomplished her goal in the time it took to breathe in. She sent her tongue past the teeth before they could bite together once more.

Ansandra’s nose was freed, but Lucy’s powerful tongue was now inside her mouth. It wrapped around and had its way with the small tongue inside.

Ansandra trembled in fear at having allowed a foreign object in her mouth and she did not know how to handle how unexpectedly embarrassing and pleasant it was to have a tongue licking around within her mouth.

“Nkh…mnh, nhhh, nh.”

She had no idea how much time had passed when the intense kiss finally came to an end.

Lucy looked down at her while breathing heavily from arousal and saw the clear and somewhat bubbly mixture of their saliva flowing from the right side of the dazed princess’s mouth and soaking her slender chin.

Lucy wiped the saliva away with a finger and then pulled up the top of the girl’s light blue summer dress from the waist.

A pure white belly came into view. She continued pulling it up past the small navel to reveal a white bra. Lucy carefully reached to her back and untied the knot that the many maids had so carefully tied to protect the princess’s precious bust.

The two breasts spilled out.

They were beautiful. They had pure white skin with no moles or other blemishes. The young and healthy breasts had begun to swell out just below her slender collar bones and the twin peaks each had a light red flower petal on top.

The two mounds were the perfect size to fit in one’s hand and they gently rose and fell as she breathed. Lucy had her breath taken away when she saw them.

“Ohh, it is such a shame to give these wonderful treasures to some savage who could never truly appreciate them.”

The two young mounds seemed like the greatest treasure to Lucy and she slowly massaged and groped them to enjoy the feel of the skin. They felt as superb as they looked beautiful.

“Ah, wh-what are you…doing? Stop this, Lucy.”

Ansandra was confused as to why her trusted older friend would be doing this, but Lucy placed her index fingers on the two pink works of art and moved them in circles.

“Relax, princess. I will not treat you poorly.”

Lucy restrained her struggling princess, placed her lips around one of the adorable nipples as it grew stiffly erect, and licked it around with the tip of her tongue.

“Ahhn, khhhn, khhhn…”

More than just well-formed, Ansandra’s breasts seemed to be wonderfully sensitive as well. As the thin skin was contained in the woman’s warm mouth and gently tormented through the saliva, she began to gasp for breath.

As she heard the seductive moans of a woman, Lucy grew elated that she was teaching that unsullied girl the pleasures of a woman. Her hands carefully massaged the two breasts, starting from the base, and she moved her mouth back and forth between the two nipples.

This escalated each time and she soon bit lightly on the hardened red fruit.


As Lucy thoroughly massaged her breasts and tormented her nipples, Ansandra arched her back as if to push her chest forward. A bittersweet and pleasant ecstasy ruled her body and her mind drowned in the new sensation.

“Ahh, there’s…something wrong… Lucy…stop… There’s something wrong with me…ahh, no, stop…ah…”

From fingertips to toe tips, Ansandra’s entire body tensed up and convulsions ran along the surface of her snow-white skin.

Her untouched body was even unfamiliar with masturbation, so caressing her breasts seemed to have been enough to bring her to climax. As the extreme tension left her body and mind, she relaxed both physically and mentally and simply sat there with a blank look in her damp eyes.

“You truly are pure, princess.”

Lucy smiled kindly while stroking her beloved princess’s faintly flushed cheek.

“But we are only just getting started. Feel free to cry out in pleasure as much as you want. The sound of the water will prevent anyone outside from hearing us.”


Ansandra remained silent. That was partially because she could not imagine what was going to happen next, but it was also due to her body desiring even more pleasure.

For some reason, her lips felt dry, so she licked them with her own tongue. Her throat was also dry, so she swallowed. Her crotch felt funny and she thought she had to pee, so she lifted her butt to adjust her position in the chair.

The series of actions had been nearly subconscious on Ansandra’s part, but adjusting her position in the chair had produced a damp feeling that should not have been there.

(You’re kidding. Did I wet myself? It can’t be…but then why do I feel so wet?)

Unable to believe her own body’s reaction, she burned with embarrassment. When Lucy noticed her shock, she reached for the precious skirt that hid the source of the problem.


Ansandra brought her knees together in shock and held the tulip skirt with her hands.

“What’s the matter?”

When Ansandra grew stubborn after all this, Lucy smiled confidently.

“Did you wet yourself?”

Ansandra’s eyes widened at how easily the woman hit the bullseye and her entire body went limp from the extreme shock and embarrassment.

“How did you know?”

Lucy answered her adorable princess’s question while moving aside her limp hands.

“Don’t worry. This is not pee. All women get wet when they’re horny. It is nothing to be embarrassed about.”

She slowly lifted the skirt to reveal the thighs that had limply spread.

She lifted the skirt so that the hem seemed to lick across thighs that almost seemed made of wax and the soaked white underwear finally came into view. That terribly unreliable scrap of cloth was the maiden’s last defense.

“Wow, you’re absolutely soaked. You must produce a lot of love juices.”

The girl’s precious hidden lips were faintly visible through the thin and soaked silk and Lucy gently stroked her fingertip across them.


Ansandra tried to close her legs on reflex, but she could not. Lucy had already placed her body between the girl’s knees.

“Please forgive me…”

Ansandra felt instinctual fear at not achieving her goal, so the bow-like curves of her thin eyebrows wrinkled, tears welled up in her large eyes, and she pleaded in a barely audible voice.

The expression was unbearably cute.

(Ah. If I was a man, I would never let Domos have her. I would take her away somewhere. And if I couldn’t do that, I would at least want to make her mine, fuck her silly, and break her.)

That bewitching urge raced down Lucy’s spine.

As a born princess, Ansandra’s morning and evening baths, clothing, and menstrual treatment were all handled by several maids, so there was no part of her body that had never been seen by someone else. However, she was afraid and unbearably embarrassed to be exposed to Lucy now.

The knight woman had awoken to lesbianism and a devilish fire burned in her reddish-brown eyes as she reached for the side strings of her beloved princess’s panties. Then she gently removed the wet fabric.

When she saw the faint bit of blonde hair and realized she had finally come this far, Lucy gasped.

Ansandra’s hidden hair was the same glittering gold as the hair on her head and it was both thin and straight. It was not curled at all. It was so light that it fluttered in Lucy’s heated sigh. And at the most important point, it was wet and plastered to her flesh.

“Beautiful. Every last part of you is beautiful.”

Lucy slowly, slowly stroked the hair up and down while observing Ansandra’s naked body and she praised the princess from the bottom of her heart.

She was too mature to be called a girl and too childlike to be called a woman. Her still undeveloped body was like the nude body of a fairy.

To provide even more pleasure, Lucy placed Ansandra’s long, narrow, and well-formed legs on the chair’s armrests and pulled the girl’s hips forward.

The embarrassing position exposed the girl’s vertical crevice, from which a clear liquid oozed, and her anus, but she obeyed due to her trust in Lucy.

Ansandra had shut her eyes, so she had no idea how lewd a pose she was making.

Because her legs were spread so wide, the normally tightly closed valley had opened slightly, giving a peek of its contents. Lucy was a woman, so a vagina was not a strange thing to her. However, it was her first time viewing someone else’s hidden slit. Her arousal only grew as she viewed Ansandra’s pink crevice.

Bringing her face in close was enough to feel the aromatic heat and dampness rising from it.

If it looked this wet on the outside, she could guess how wet it was on the inside.

She was itching to fully open the half-opened slit. She placed her fingers, which were slender for a warrior, on either side and gently spread the indecent crevice.


The nectar-soaked lips opened with a sticky sound and the brightly colored interior came into view.

Ansandra gasped as that virgin ground was spread wide. Lucy felt like she was viewing a dazzling scene as she peered inside.

“Oh, amazing. Even the inside of your pussy is beautiful, princess.”

This had opened the internal flesh which was even wetter than the outer skin and looked similar to an internal organ. It gave off a sense of raw femininity, yet it was pure and beautiful rather than dirty. Overall, it seemed almost divinely noble.

“Seeing every last part of you is like a dream come true. I’m not even doing anything, yet such pure water is flowing out as if from a spring.”

“Stop that. Why are you being so mean?”

An obscene flash was growing deep inside Ansandra’s body and the juices were throbbing stickily inside her. She was aware of that without being told, so she clenched her fists and struggled like a baby.

“My apologies. It was just such a wonderful sight.”

When she saw the princess’s adorable reaction, Lucy felt like teasing her a little, so she searched through the shallow valley above the deeper valley of that divine slit that produced its clear holy water. As expected, she found a small bump hidden within a thin hood.

That was the princess’s precious pearl. Lucy’s heart pounded in aroused excitement as she wondered how cutely the girl would respond when she touched that sensitive flesh bud. She used her love juice soaked finger to touch the pink pearl wrapped in its hood.



Poke, poke.

“Hyah, hyah.”

They were only light pokes, but it was an intense sensation for inexperienced Ansandra and her entire body jerked as if an electric current were running through it.

Lucy got carried away, placed her thumb on the heated clitoris, and teased it as if lifting it up.

“Ah, hyah, ah, ah, ahhh.”

Tormented by this concentrated attack on that unimaginably sensitive part, Ansandra squeezed her eyes shut and let out heated moans one after another.

(Eh heh heh. She’s so cute. Her body is at my mercy now.)

Ruled by an extremely selfish desire to have the girl to herself, Lucy’s fingers and eyes moved across Ansandra’s pussy. From the forest of the swollen hill, to the external lips, below those lips, and to the anus.

That chrysanthemum flower was glistening from all the nectar dripping down from the light red rose. Lucy placed her thumb on the bewitching hole and gently massaged it so it would relax.

“Ahh, that feels good, khh…nn.”

A fire had lit inside Ansandra and her entire body had become an erogenous zone, so she reacted sensitively no matter where Lucy touched her.

The princess did not seem to have any fear regarding her anus. Lucy was tempted to stick her finger inside, but she just barely held back. She wanted her memories of the princess to be of her beauty, so it would be best to avoid anything too raw.

Lucy covered her fingers in juices again and returned to the slit decorated with golden hair.

The inside of that hidden slit was truly erotic.

The flesh bead in its hood was as beautiful as a jewel and had a modest sparkle. The smaller swollen pink lips inside the soaked valley were just a little tense and had abandoned their duty to protect what lay below. The purplish hole at the depths of that virgin valley seemed to breathe in embarrassment.

“Amazing, princess. You’re…you’re so wet. More and more nectar keeps flowing from the spring. You’re breathing heavily, princess. You’re horny, aren’t you? I’m glad you find this pleasurable.”

The obscene liquid had been clear before, but it had transformed into a sticky whitish liquid that produced a strong feminine scent.

“Ahh, d-don’t say that, don’t say that. Eek. You’re so mean, Lucy. Eeek. You’re so mean. Ah, ah, ahhn…”

Ansandra writhed about as Lucy repeatedly violated her hidden slit with fingers and eyes alike. Lucy imagined what would bring herself pleasure as she stirred up the soft flesh soaked with sexual fluids. Lucy’s finger eventually reached the bottom of the valley. It found the urethra and the small wound-like hole made from twisted flesh in the bottom of the labia.

Ansandra’s virgin hole was almost too small to call a hole. It was squeezed tightly shut and trembling.

Lucy gulped. The slightly pearl gray virgin hole looked gentle and modest at first, but a closer look showed it was wriggling as if asking to have something penetrate it.

Lucy told herself again and again she should not do this, but she still slid her little finger into the depths of that heated hidden core and then inside the hole. As pressure reached Ansandra’s untouched hole, the finger slipped in up to the first joint, but it did not reach the second joint.

“Ahh, ahh…kh. Ow.”

Ansandra cried out as soon as the long and slender little finger moved in two-thirds of the way from the first to the second joint.

Lucy quickly pulled her finger back when she heard it. She had touched the hymen. Ansandra had been moaning in apparent pleasure, but now she was wrinkling her brow and trembling in the aftermath of the intense pain.

“Sorry. I was not trying to hurt you. It seems you are not yet ready for that.”

Lucy honestly apologized.

She felt no guilt about possibly damaging or breaking the girl’s hymen. It would happen in the near future regardless. A part of her would even have been glad if it had been her, but she lacked the courage to look the pained princess in the eye.

As if to soothe the injured spot, Lucy kissed the bright rose-colored flesh that gave a view of the blood within it.


Ansandra let out another scream-like cry, but this one was not from pain. It was from pleasure. However, the princess was shocked by what the woman had done.

Lucy had buried her face where the girl peed from, she licked it, and she even drank the juices coming from it.

“What are you doing!? That’s dirty. That place is unclean. Stop that!”

Ansandra’s light climax quickly cooled and she harshly scolded the woman, but Lucy was not daunted.

“No part of your body is dirty. Every last part of you is beautiful and pure. And it all produces a sweet fragrance and an intoxicating flavor.”

The horny woman had obscene juices around her mouth as she both kindly and happily parted the princess’s swollen and wet wings and stuck her tongue inside the honeypot.

Sensing the love there and feeling the pleasant physical sensation, Ansandra’s frozen hart once more melted with pleasure.

“But that place is dirty. Eek. It’s unclean…ah, heeee, no, khhh, khhh, ahn, ahn…”

Lucy was not even listening to her princess’s embarrassed words as she used her saliva-covered tongue tip to wetly stir up flesh so sensitive it seemed it melt at her touch. She also teased the princess’s erect bead.

“No, no, no. Ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn…”

Ansandra seemed shocked by the intense stimulation, but it did not hurt her. She moaned cutely like a chirping bird.

Lucy buried her face in the two spread nectar wings and used her long nose and tongue to perform cunnilingus while reaching her hands up to fondle the princess’s breasts.

“Ah, ah, ah. Yes, yes, yes, Lucy. That’s amazing? But I’m scared. I’m going to break. Ahn, it’s like I’m going to fly away. Ah, ahhhhhhhh!!!”

At the thorough hand of an adult woman, the girl’s undeveloped body hopelessly tensed, twisted, and sobbed. After one final gasp, she sank into the chair back.

As her naked princess lay back in the wicker chair with her legs immodestly spread, Lucy stood before her and swiftly stripped off her own military uniform.

A gorgeously mature body was revealed in the nude. She did have warrior-like muscles, but she had the exceptional proportions to match. Her breasts were ample white spherical mounds, her stomach was tight, and she had both a solid pelvis and a large heart-shaped butt. She was known as a War Goddess and her divinely beautiful body was worthy of the title.


Lucy grabbed her own breasts, lightly squeezed the painfully erect chocolate-colored nipples between her fingers, and let out a heated and seductive sigh.

“Ahh, princess. I can’t restrain myself any longer.”

The knight woman’s inner thigh glistened wetly as she picked up her dazed princess and lowered her to the white stone floor.

And as her beloved princess lay on her back, Lucy placed her knees on either side of her head to mount her beautiful face.

“I once gave into temptation and dated a pathetic man, but you are the one I really love, princess. I can’t imagine living without you.”

Lucy kneeled over Ansandra’s face as she groped her own breast with her right hand and fingered her own crotch with her left hand.

Warm drops of thick sex juices fell on Ansandra’s face.

“Ah, ahhh, Lucy, what are you doing?”

When Ansandra came to, she saw a triangle of dark pubic hair. It was bushy and faced wildly in every direction. An adult woman’s hidden lips gaped open beyond it.

Ansandra was shocked and Lucy pleaded her with a lustful voice.

“Please lick it. Lick my pussy like I licked yours.”

Lucy used her own fingers to spread her pussy lips wide and then sat down.


With the sensitive flesh covering her face, Ansandra could not vocally answer, so she silently parted the thick hair, buried her face in the woman’s crotch, and licked her tongue across the swollen slit.

“Princesssssss… Ah, princess, more, more, more, harder, move your tongue in a circle.”

Lucy was moved that her beloved princess was obeying her instructions, but the girl’s tongue technique was far too immature. It was doubtful she even knew where the clitoris was.

Lucy could tell she was doing her best, but the poor movements of the tongue were not enough to satisfy her. Unable to bear it any longer, Lucy grabbed and massaged her own ample breasts and shoved her hidden land against her beloved princess’s face while moving her hips back and forth.


Ansandra moved her tongue desperately, as if she had been possessed. Her face grew soaked with love juices and the long hair got in her eyes, mouth, and nose. She nearly suffocated on Lucy’s crotch and started choking.

“Cough, cough…”

“Sorry, princess.”

Impatient Lucy changed her method. She moved away, lifted up one of Ansandra’s legs, and slid her own leg below.


Sensitive flesh wet with sticky juices touched sensitive flesh wet with sticky juices and they both cried out in pleasure.

The red shellfish sucked at each other like living creatures. Lucy had finally found a way of gaining satisfactory pleasure.

“Princess, your hands…”

Ansandra realized what Lucy wanted and reached out to embrace the woman’s hips.

“Oh, princess. Your pure pussy is melting together with my filthy pussy.”

“Yes, it feels our bodies are becoming one. Lucy, we will be separated by a short distance, but I will not forget that you are always thinking of me.”

“P-princess. Yes. I will always be your knight. Please carve that into your body so you will never forget it.”

Lucy was so moved that she mindlessly pushed her hips forward again and again.

Vulva rubbed against vulva. Pussy lips kissed pussy lips and pubic hair tangled with pubic hair. Lucy had regretted not having a penis like a man, but now she was glad she did not. Because they were both women, Ansandra had been able to drown in pleasure their first time. Lucy knew firsthand how painful it was for a woman her first time with a man.

(King Lorent of Domos, you will be her first man and her husband. I will never forgive you if anything bad happens to her.)

As they rubbed their sensitive flesh together to achieve endless pleasure and repeated orgasms, Lucy envied a man she had never seen and moved her hips all the more intensely.

Rather than from the summer heat, their bodies grew hot from within and grew coated with sweat.

“Lucy, Lucy, Lucy…”

“Princess, princess, princes…”

They sought each other’s lips, their fingers intertwined, they tightly embraced each other, they caressed each other’s breasts, their hips bumped together, and they felt each other’s body heat in this sweaty act of love. This was their secret. The exchange of female flesh never seemed to end and more and more of their sex juices mixed together.

They had an unspoken understanding that they would never again be able to perform this perverted act, so they lost themselves in it and sought each other’s warmth.

“Lucy… I’ll always love you.”

“Princess… I love you!!”

They had no idea how many times, or how many dozens of times, they came. They simply continued until they collapsed exhausted into each other’s arms.

“My, my. What a beautiful princess. Princess Ansandra’s beauty had reached our ears even in Domos, but this is quite a shock. You are even more beautiful than the rumors said.”

Stephan, an elderly general from Domos, arrived for her with one hundred knights.

He was a pleasant sort of elderly gentleman. He was a well-known general in Domos and had acted as Lorent’s tutor in the king’s younger days. He was also the Domos-side promoter of this marriage proposal.

Even it was obviously a mere formality, having one’s daughter complimented must have felt nice because Clanaria’s King Baldwin smiled.

“She is my precious treasure. Please treat her well.”

As a gift, Baldwin had prepared three hundred standard units of prepared silk, three hundred of unprepared silk, three hundred piles of Clanaria’s famous wheat and fruits, and three hundred barrels of Lamerise wine.

They were all luxurious gifts meant to show off Clanaria’s wealth.

Domos had also sent luxurious gifts: three hundred flying dragon fangs, eight hundred bearskins, three hundred choice pieces of wood from Sulbey, and three hundred jewels from Celeste.


Ansandra noticed Lucy frown at the list read off by Prime Minister Stuart.

“What is it?”

“Well, Domos is known for its horses and flying dragons. I also thought there would be some weapons included.”

She must have been interested in that as a soldier and she seemed surprised that there were none at all.

Ansandra smiled and chided her.

“These are gifts for a wedding, so of course they won’t send weapons.”

“I suppose not. I thought they were an unrefined people, but apparently even Domos knows how to be thoughtful.”

Lucy still found it odd, but she forced herself to accept that explanation.

After the exchange of gifts, Ansandra’s journey from her home kingdom began.

Thirty knights and thirty maids came with her and half of those were married couples.

And even if she was Ansandra’s favorite, Frangese was left behind due to her young age.

It had been painful seeing the little girl crying over her princess leaving, but her father Madeley restrained her.

Ansandra stroked Frangese’s head to comfort her and then gave her final greeting to her parents before going off to be wed.

“Father, mother. Thank you for your loving care.”

“Yes. Take care of yourself. You might get sick if the water does not agree with you.”

Even a king and queen had the same feelings as the commoners. Their daughter was marrying into another kingdom, even if it was a neighboring one. Of course they were worried. They had no idea when they would see her again and it was even possible they never would see her again.

“And if you really don’t like him, you can come back at any time.”

The queen scolded the king for what he whispered to the princess.

“What are you saying, darling? Ansandra, I hear your soon-to-be-husband is quite the lecher, but you will be his wife. Prepare yourself and do not give into jealousy.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Ansandra nodded at her parents’ reassuring words.

“And my dear sister. Please look after father, mother, and Clanaria.”

“Of course. Just leave it to me?”

Virginia cheerfully agreed as a man held her in his arms even in this public ceremony.

That man was Madelene. He was from a well-known noble family and he was Virginia’s lover. In the near future, the two would likely marry and he would become an official member of the royal family.

Virginia could not be happier with her lovey-dovey relationship, so it did not seem too painful for her to part ways with her younger sister.

Lucy could not hide her bitter look, but Ansandra was fond of this sister who was so very different from herself.

(This is so like her.)

Then she spoke to the man who would likely be her brother-in-law before long.

“Madelene, take care of my sister.”

“Leave it to me. I am praying for your happiness, Princess Ansandra.”

Lucy absolutely detested him, but the man was seen as a likely candidate for Clanaria’s next king. He looked capable and he gave polite parting words even as he cuddled with Virginia who was indulging in his embrace like a cat.

“I will be going now.”

And thus, Ansandra left her home country for the first time in her life and began her journey to the war-obsessed barbarian kingdom of Domos.

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