Harem Dynast

Part 2: Afterword
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Part 2: Afterword

[Note: This Afterword is from the original version. The rereleased version has no Afterword.]

That concludes the Kingdom Conquered by the Golden Dragon. I am truly thankful to the people who read Part 1 and looked forward to Part 2 (I hope there are lots of those), to Senbata Rou-san who provided such wonderful illustrations, and to Okada-san, my editor who spent so much time on the phone with such an impolite author.

Now, what did you think of it? I would be honored if you enjoyed it and I hope you will pick up any future books you find with my name on them. (And you can enjoy the superiority of having discovered me first).

If you are angry because you read both volumes and did not enjoy them at all, then I must apologize. That is due to my lack of ability. I will improve my skills in the future, so please do not abandon me and buy my next book as a form of charity. You might be able to enjoy them once I improve and you might even be rewarded in paradise (or heaven or your destination of choice) after you die.

Let’s see…I have 4 pages this time around, so to fill space, I think I’ll write a bit about the development of these books.

Princess Virginia only had some quick appearances in Part 1 but was a major character in Part 2 and even got a color illustration, but when I outlined the plot, she did not even have a name.

When I was partway through writing it, I realized Ansandra couldn’t be the oldest daughter if she was being sent out for a political marriage, so I figured out a name for an older sister. And once she had a name, I decided to make her a witch so she had a bit more character. And as I kept writing, I realized I couldn’t have a princess not do anything when her kingdom was in danger, so I finally made her the leader of the Clanarian army.

I finished writing it while only really thinking of her as a bizarre princess who was Lucy’s boss and I sent the manuscript to Micro Design Publishing.

And when Okada-san decided to publish it, he decided to split it into two books since it was pretty long already. He asked me to write some more to fill out the two books.

When I was trying to figure out what to add, he suggested I give Virginia a sex scene.

Like I said, I only saw Virginia as a minor character and I wasn’t really attached to her. I had forgotten about her to the point that I wasn’t sure who that was when Okada-san first mentioned her name. (This novel has way too many side characters…sorry.)

Okada-san apparently really liked Princess Virginia, so he told me to make it a gang rape scene. (He says he likes rape scenes. You learn about people’s fetishes in the weirdest places. Then again, 2D Dream Novels does have a lot of rape scenes. He’s such a cruel person. As a feminist, it just breaks my heart.)

She was originally supposed to fire some powerful magic to blow herself up along with several Domos soldiers, but I rewrite that to what you read. She gets to survive and she is married to a cool guy. (I’m not sure which ending is worse, really.)

But given her personal life, I imagine she’ll have reversed the power balance before long and Carnap will basically be her servant. I don’t think this will be enough to keep that princess down.

Yes, that’s a witch for you. She stole a man’s heart and gave herself more time in the spotlight without the author meaning for it to happen.

If any of you readers preferred Virginia to Ansandra, Lucy, Mimi, Dominic, Naja, or the others, it means you were affected by her magic, not my skill as an author.

Anyway, that ends this story of villainous Lorent with Ansandra as the lead. But that does not mean Lorent’s war of world domination has ended. This was just one story within that. (Thinking of it like the Warring States period, this was Oda Nobunaga conquering Mino or Imagawa Yoshimoto conquering Mikawa.)

I am not a skilled author, so if you enjoyed these books, I intend to write more and more stories of men’s ambitions, plots, and wars set on this war-torn continent. And there will be plenty of beautiful women involved as well. (For now, I am calling it the Rise of the Holy Empire Series.)

I have already thought of a few warlords who can rival Lorent and want to write about their battles. (They are guaranteed to be killing each other left and right.) And I have of course thought of several women as beautiful as Ansandra, so I imagine their chastity will be cruelly taken.

*Editor’s Note: You have some nerve calling yourself a feminist.

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