Harem Dynast

Part 2: Chapter 6 - The Dragon Heads to the Central Plain
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Part 2: Chapter 6 - The Dragon Heads to the Central Plain

“Heh. Who would have thought the greatest kingdom of the central plain could fall so quickly?”

The urban battle had settled down and all organized resistance from Clanaria’s army had ceased.

Domos King Lorent boldly rode Black Flame Hair down Curling’s main road to demonstrate that fact.

Dominic rode alongside him on a chestnut-hair horse and they were followed by 12 messenger officers. Behind them was Ansandra’s carriage drawn by 6 horses and 300 knights under Lorent’s direct command.

That city was one of the most prosperous on the continent and it was known as the City of White Walls and Flowers, but it was covered in flames and smoke, the white walls were stained dark red, and its colorful flowers had been trampled.

The thick clouds in the sky looked ready to weep at any time, but the first drop never seemed to come.

That felt like a perfect representation of Ansandra’s mental state on this return to her home kingdom.

Worn-out both physically and mentally, Virginia was passed out in Ansandra’s lap, but the tragedy was so great Ansandra’s heart had numbed over. She found it sad, but it felt like a dream and she could not shed any tears.

The procession was on its way to the palace built of great white stones. The Domos army’s commanders were waiting there to celebrate the arrival of their great hero.

They provided a report when Lorent descended from his horse.

“King Baldwin and his wife both committed suicide.”

Given the disastrous state of Curling, Ansandra had not expected her parents to have survived. She had prepared herself for this, but she still trembled.

“Prime Minister Stuart was killed in battle. He met a glorious end.”

“Minister of Foreign Affairs Dubuc was captured.”

“If he survived, then treat him with the respect his position deserves.”

Upon hearing Lorent’s generous reply, young General Shigsal gave a serious response.

“Then I shall make him my master.”

“Very good.”

While Lorent exchanging nods with the others and listened to their businesslike reports, Mercenary General Carnap spoke up.

“I have a request concerning captured Princess Virginia.”

“…What is it?”

“As a reward for my service here, might I receive that princess’s hand in marriage?”

Even Lorent responded in shock to this unexpected request.

“…Say what?”

“It was love at first sight.” The bold former mercenary shrugged. “I used to be so poor I wasn’t sure where I would find food each day, so I have always wanted a noblewoman like that. Of course, I am willing to wait until you grow bored of her.”

Having Ansandra as his queen was enough to symbolize their right to Clanaria, so handing her sister to a retainer fond of noblewomen was an option. And if it would motivate Carnap to work even harder, it would be a valuable use for her.

“I will consider it. But not at the moment. I don’t think Ansandra will be willing to let her go.”

Ansandra’s sister had already been publicly raped by the man responsible for her parents’ deaths and her kingdom’s destruction and then made to cum until she soiled herself, so if Lorent went on to say she would be gifted to a retainer, it might put Ansandra in a very bad mood indeed.

Lorent seemed like a self-centered man who gave no thought to the feelings of others, but he apparently made some concessions.

Once all the important reports had been given, Lorent approached the carriage and opened the door.


Ansandra had zoned out inside, so she looked up in surprise as Lorent extended a hand.

“Let’s go.”

He was tall, well-proportioned, good-looking, and brimming with youthful courage.

The young conqueror’s sharp and bright sanpaku eyes pierced Ansandra.

In that instant, she knew she was being tested. Was she a mere doll, or was she a partner who could rule alongside him?

The queen looked him in those sanpaku eyes, nodded, gulped, and took his outstretched hand.

She wore an azure dress with a light blue cloak around it and she tried to hold her head high as the wife of a ruler while she set foot in her homeland.


The appearance of the traitorous woman sent an uncertain stir through their surroundings.

This was a political show to wordlessly demonstrate to all present that she had come here because she desired Clanaria’s land, not because she was simply being used by Lorent.

Satisfied with his wife’s actions, Lorent wrapped his arms around her soft waist and kissed her.

“Nn, nnn…”

Ansandra gained an intoxicated look and wrapped her arms around her husband’s back. The kiss was long and passionate enough for the onlookers to blush.

After exchanging plenty of saliva, Lorent gave Ansandra a command.

“Show me to the main hall.”

He acted like it was an obvious request since no one knew the palace better than her.

Ansandra much preferred this treatment to being viewed with transparent pity or false kindness. If he had done that, she would not have known how to respond.

She had left her sister in the carriage with the head maid, so she kept all expression from her face while climbing the white stone stairs with dignity.

And she silently passed through the gate to the palace in which she had been born and raised.


Lorent sounded impressed as he followed his queen inside.

The inside of the white-walled palace had stone walls, a domed ceiling, and thick marble columns lined up in neat rows.

There were no simple straight lines. It was all carved with elegant curves.

Instead of relying on magic light, windows allowed in enough sunlight for it to all shine brightly.

This was Clanaria’s fortune and technology. This kind of wasteful luxury was unthinkable in the regions previously ruled by Domos.

“The Rainbow Pearl Chamber, which is the king’s audience chamber, is this way.”

A beautiful princess guided bloody savages through a palace as gorgeous as a home for the gods.

They came across some valiant warriors who had attempted to remain faithful to Clanaria to the end, but they wept and moved out of the way when Ansandra appeared before them.

And the final door opened.


A scarlet carpet stretched across the great space’s floor, leading to a magnificent chair at the end.

That royal throne was said to be the richest of any on the continent.

The conqueror king took long strides toward it and then sat heavily within it.

Before him, Lorent saw Stephan, Almeida, Kubdai, Shigsal, Vatistuta, Lumishas, Hopard, Naja, Ansandra, Dominic, and more.

“Good, we have taken Clanaria. This spells the end of our dominance being restricted to the northern wasteland. But this is not the end. Our goal is conquering the entire continent, so this is but one step along the way. We shall become a whirlwind of blood and iron as we sweep across the central plain.”

He looked across the gathered people, raised his right hand, and clenched it tight.

“I shall hold the world in my hand. And all who come with me shall be allotted a portion of the world’s fortunes, women, and glory. I have high hopes for your future accomplishments.”

“Long live the king! Long live the conqueror of the world! Long live Domos King Lorent!”

Hearing their king’s statement, they all swore fealty to him anew.

The king who dreamed of world domination and his retainers worked vigorously.

They had taken the capital of Clanaria, but the Domos influence had yet to reach large swaths of the kingdom. They had to get the lords of those territories to surrender, interview the prisoners, get supplies to enemy and ally alike, and begin diplomacy with the nearby kingdoms.

Ansandra actively worked by Lorent’s side to persuade the faithful Clanarian retainers.

“I have brought 1000-Knight Commander Lucy.”

Lucy was bound with rope when Flying Dragon General Naja dragged her into the great hall, but she showed no shame and held her head high.

And she glared at the barbarian invader who sat in the throne that only the king worthy of her loyalty was meant to sit in.

“So you are the Lucy I have heard so much about from Ansandra. You shall henceforth work as my wife’s aide.”


Lucy did not directly respond and glanced around the area.

Dominic stood to Lorent’s right while Ansandra and Virginia sat on a bench to his left.

This older friend had become her enemy, so Ansandra emotionally held a hand to her mouth and sobbed when she saw her again.

“Princess Ansandra…”

“Lucy, I’m so glad you’re okay…”

There was so much she wanted to say, but her many emotions caught in her throat.

Lucy’s eyes also fell on the older princess.

“Princess Virginia…”

She must have already heard Virginia was captured because there was no real surprise on her face.

She also noticed that Virginia was sitting straight, but there was no life in her face.

That told her the rumors of that princess being publicly raped were true.

Virginia was known for being energetic to the point of irritating, so it was painful to see her burnt out like this.

Lucy could not bear to see her former rival in love like this, so she looked away. And before she could open her mouth, Ansandra gave a critical comment.

“What are you doing? Please untie Lucy. She is my friend.”

Naja looked to Lorent.

“Should I?”


“Well, they do say yesterday’s enemy is today’s friend.”

Naja casually accepted the request and untied Lucy herself.


Once her arms were free, Lucy lightly rolled her shoulders around and opened and closed her hands.

Then she finally opened her mouth.

“Is this the confidence of the winner? This is awfully generous of someone who claims to be a conqueror. And it looks like stepping outside your comfort zone is a bad idea. This will cost you your life.”

A moment later, Lucy moved like lightning. She swiped a sword from a guard’s hip, held it at her own hip, and dashed straight toward the throne.


It was too sudden for Naja to react.


She raised her voice as she made a jab toward Lorent’s belly. And he could not possibly dodge while seated.

However, Lorent did not dodge to the left or right. He moved forward.

He thrust out his right hand and grabbed Lucy’s throat.


He lifted her up while constricting her throat.

“Heh heh heh… I had thought you weren’t the type to let yourself be taken prisoner, so was this your aim? I see.”

“Y-you win…”

With her last-ditch effort broken, Lucy dropped the sword from her hand.

“You…monster… War is an unavoidable part of this age. And dirty tricks are necessary if you are to win. But war should be fought between warriors. You must not bring the innocent people into it.”

Lorent was blatantly unimpressed by Lucy’s rough-spoken plea.

“Now, what to do with this nuisance of a woman?”

Lorent smiled sadistically while constricting the woman’s neck and Dominic gave an enraged suggestion.

“She took advantage of your mercy to make an attempt on your life. Such insolence. You should chop off her arms and legs and give her the most gruesome execution this world has ever seen.”

Conversely, Ansandra stepped forward and clung to her husband.

“I am very sorry, Your Majesty, but have mercy. Lucy is simply shaken by recent events. I promise you she will be of use. If we are to use Clanaria as a strategic base, any further bloodshed would accomplish nothing. In fact, it would be harmful. Please let me handle this.”

Lucy was being strangled all the while.


Her wind pipe was on the verge of being crushed, but her reddish-brown eyes glared at her hated enemy.

“Naja, what do you think?”

“Hmm~, she has to be a moron to challenge you head on. I don’t hate morons like that, but if she won’t let you tame her, you’ll probably just have to kill her.”


Lorent tightened his right hand.


“Your Majesty!?”

Ansandra raised a scream of sorrow and Lucy’s strong body went limp.

A moment later, her gray pants darkened from within and a warm liquid streamed down to her feet.

The skilled female warrior had pissed herself.

“Ansandra, can you persuade this tigress?”

“I promise you I will.”

The corners of Lorent’s mouth rose in interest when he heard her confident tone.

“She doesn’t seem like the type to do as she’s told.”

“Not to worry. Lucy is a woman…”

“Heh heh heh. Now you have my attention. This is in your hands.”

Lorent smiled broadly at Ansandra’s unexpected answer and he let go.


Limp Lucy collapsed into her own spring of urine.

“Lucy, are you okay!?”

Ansandra immediately ran over and supported Lucy as she choked.


The two looked each other in the eye.

So much had happened to them both that they could find no words to speak.

“Lucy, I promise I will not let you die. So stay by my side. Please.”

With those tearful words, Ansandra gently kissed her.

Lucy could not resist and simply accepted it. This seemed to convey their eventful time apart better than even a million words.

Ansandra moved her lips side to side to produce friction, bit Lucy’s upper lip, and stuck her tongue inside Lucy’s mouth to capture her tongue.


After sucking on the soft tongue, Ansandra took it between her lips and stimulated the centerline on the bottom.


Lucy forgot all about the circumstances and sat there in a daze.

Lorent silently smiled in amusement as he watched them enter their own little world.

“Come to think of it, my queen fooled around with her in the past, didn’t she?”

“That is correct.”

The response came from Dominic who stood next to the throne.

Hearing that was enough to bring Lucy back to her senses, so she pulled away from the kiss.

“Wha-!? Princess, you told this man about us!?”

She had thought their love-making had been a divine secret between the two of them, so this was a shock.

But Ansandra shamelessly laughed with her cheeks tinged with pink.

“Of course I did. I belong to King Lorent in body and soul. I’m not the girl I once was?”


Lucy could not believe it. She felt like she was looking at an imposter who had taken on Ansandra’s form, but she soon realized what must have happened.

“I am so very sorry, Princess. It must have been painful. He must have done so many terrible things. If only I had stopped your journey to Domos even if it cost me my life.”

Lucy wept when she thought of Ansandra alone in enemy territory, forced to give her body and soul to this man in order to survive.

“Lucy, you don’t need to cry.”

Ansandra smiled kindly and licked away her older childhood friend’s tears.

“Don’t worry. I love King Lorent. I want to see how far he can take his dream of conquering the continent. That is why I helped him destroy and conquer Clanaria.”

“Princess…what have you done?”

Lucy was dumbfounded by this unexpected confession, but Ansandra pushed her onto her back and opened the chest of her uniform.

Her gray bra was exposed. It was an unsexy and purely functional breast-covering for a female knight, but it could not fully hide the seductive size below.

“I want you to help too, Lucy. Help Domos conquer the world.”

“Princess, please stop this. You are taking this joke too far.”

Lucy desperately tried to resist, but she was not in top form and she could not treat Ansandra roughly.

Ansandra took advantage of that by removing her bra.

Her giant breasts bounced into view. Thanks to her muscular build, they maintained their beautiful shape even when she lay on her back.

Ansandra lovingly grabbed those white masses, groped them from bottom to top, and placed one of the chocolate-colored nipples in her mouth.


The female knight’s nipple quickly hardened within her princess’s mouth.

Ansandra truly seemed to be enjoying sucking on her friend’s nipple. She also moved her tongue in quick circles to flick it around.

“Ahh, ahh…hahh…nn.”

She held down Lucy’s writhing body, groped her resilient breasts as if milking them, and alternated between nipples as she sucked.

She soon realized that Lucy’s left nipple was more sensitive than her right, so she sucked extra hard on that one while pinching and rubbing the other.

“Ah, ah, ah, ahh, ahhhhhhhh…!!!”

Lucy arched her back while her body convulsed.

“Hee hee hee. I’m so glad I could make you cum with just your nipples?”

Ansandra laughed obscenely and then worked to remove Lucy’s urine-soaked pants.

“Ah, no, th-those are dirty… You will dirty your hands.”

“Don’t worry. This is your pee, Lucy. I don’t find it dirty.”

Her pants were pulled down to reveal the muscular and sensual curves of her legs.

“My…what beautiful legs…”

Her underwear was a white thong. Rather than to be fashionable, it was a functional choice that did not let the panty lines show through her tight pants.

Ansandra removed the wet panties.

“My, look at that hair. And it’s curly because you ride your horse so much. Hee hee. It’s lovely?”

Ansandra rubbed her delicate hand through the shameful grass of that lawless land that had been wetted by a sudden shower.

“P-please come back to your senses, Princess!”

Lucy had masturbated countless times while dreaming of a day when she could lay with her beloved Ansandra once more, but this was not the rematch she had wanted. She shook her head side to side and desperately resisted.

“No. Be honest with yourself. I’ll make sure you feel plenty of pleasure.”

Ansandra gave an obscene smile and Lorent egged her on from the throne.

“That’s right. Show her how much you’ve grown in the past few months.”


Ansandra smiled happily, placed her slender fingers on the flesh gate at the base of Lucy’s legs, and spread them in a V-shape.

The slit opened in a diamond shape and looked like a seductive flower.

“Lucy, your pussy is so pretty when it’s wet with pee like this? It’s like a flower damp with the morning dew?”

There was no hint of Ansandra’s former purity in her obscene expression and Lucy felt like she was having a nightmare as that girl held her down and viewed her privates from close up. She gave a shout to shake herself free of that bad dream.

“Princess, please stop this! You are confused because that man has tricked you. Ahn?”

Ansandra ignored Lucy’s plea as she toyed with the flower petals and let the nectar cover her fingers.

“Hee hee hee. You need to be more honest with yourself, Lucy. Didn’t you say you love me and would spend your life protecting me?”

“Th-that was…!?”

“My knight Lucy would never go back on her word, would she?”

Ansandra’s fingers skillfully pinched the flesh bud which had grown to the size of her little finger’s tip and pumped her other hand’s index and middle fingers in and out of the sticky fleshpot.


Lucy’s body jerked.

“Ha ha? Lucy, you’re squeezing down on my fingers. It feels really warm and nice. Just listen to that wetness.”

“Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ah!”

The clever fingering quickly sent Lucy up the path of pleasure, but just before she reached the peak, all stimulation to her hot and melted blood clam came to a stop.


Lucy asked a hesitant question tinged with disappointment and discouragement when the gates of pleasure slammed shut before her eyes. Ansandra licked the love juices from her fingers with an obscene smile.

“You don’t get that until you’re honest with yourself. I will tease you plenty though?”

True to her word, Ansandra used her wet fingers to touch Lucy’s muscular lower stomach and inner thighs while waiting for her to cool down. Once Lucy had calmed down enough, Ansandra moved her hand down and resumed teasing the flower petals. And she again moved her hand elsewhere just before Lucy reached the peak.

“Ahh, ahh, ahh, yes.”

Lucy’s body flopped on the floor like a fresh fish out of water. That was thanks to repeatedly being driven to the edge and then only teased. It was like her entire heated body had become one giant erogenous zone.

“Ahh, Princess Ansandra…”

Her cheeks were red like she had a high fever and she opened her throat to moan. That behavior was enough to arouse Ansandra’s sadistic side.

“Hee hee hee. Next I’ll lick your drenched pussy?”

Driven by an inner voice saying she wanted to love Lucy even more, Ansandra got down between Lucy’s legs and pressed her lips against the hidden lips twitching there as if asking for a kiss. Then she blew on them.

“P-please stop that. Ah, heeeee!”

Lucy let out a discordant scream in response to the unknown pleasure.

Ansandra blew into her vagina like she was trying to blow up a balloon.

The wrinkles inside were straightened out and every last fold opened up as the air reached all the way to her womb.

After blowing as hard as she could, Ansandra began sucking.


With a slurping sound one would never expect from a sheltered royal girl, she sucked all of the air out of the vagina, although not to a complete vacuum.

“Hee hee hee. Your vagina juice is tasty, Lucy?”

Ansandra smiled in satisfaction and continued alternately sucking at and blowing on her friend’s vagina.

“Ahhh, heee, ahhh, heee…”

Lucy was surprised by the sensation at first, but once she got used to it, it was an unbearable stimulation.

“Ahh, please stop sucking. Pant, pant. No, please spare me this, Princess Ansandra. Ahh, don’t blow. Heee, no, no, that’s too good, heeee, ah…no, ahh…”

A beautiful girl in an elegant dress had half-stripped an adult woman of her military uniform and was having her way with her.

The scene was unrealistic, fantastical, and had a bewitching obscenity that intoxicated all who saw it.

“Oh, Lucy. You’re too cute. I can’t hold back any longer.”

Once the proud warrior woman had completely fallen for her again, Ansandra removed her lips from the pussy lips and stood up.

Then she stripped off her translucent light-blue dress.

Her breasts were somewhat small, but the size they had seemed to defy gravity. Her stomach was skinny and she had a shapely, small butt and a wide pelvis. And she had wonderfully long legs.

That perfect example of the feminine form was contained only by suggestive underwear.

When she removed the sexy bra which was clearly meant for a man to see, her voluminous breasts spilled out.

Then she lifted her beeswax-smooth legs one after another to strip off the panties.


In just her long, translucent gloves, stockings, and garter belts, Ansandra looked even more suggestive than if she were wholly nude. She breathed a heated sigh and asked the female knight a question.

“Well, Lucy? Has my body change since back then?”


Lucy was entranced when she looked up at her.

(Ahh, she’s become such a charmingly beautiful woman. Is this what happens when a maiden consumes semen and blossoms into an adult woman?)

As a woman who had fled to homosexuality after despairing in men, Lucy did not want to accept the fact before her eyes.

“Pant, pant… You’ve become even more beautiful.”

“Really? I’m glad to hear it. His Majesty is always teasing me and saying I have a lewd body?”

Ansandra glanced over at the throne.

Lorent sat in that throne with Naja straddling his right thigh and Dominic his left.

He had his hands on their butts, but they were longingly moving their hips back and forth while groping their own breasts and sucking at his neck.


Ansandra’s eyes widened somewhat and Lorent smiled bitterly.

“They couldn’t wait any longer after seeing what you’d started.”

“Oh, you’re so mean. Listen. I’ll prove that I’m the kind of horny woman you like, so just sit there and watch.”

While flirting with her beloved husband, Ansandra picked up Lucy’s strong right leg and slid her own body between her legs.

“Okay, Lucy, let’s enjoy ourselves together?”


This was known as scissoring. Lucy cried out as their wet crotches touched each other.

Ansandra pressed down with her weight and slowly moved like she was a boat floating in a lake.

“Ahh, that feels so good. Lucy, your pussy is sucking at mine. Hh, do you remember? Before I wed, you loved me like this, didn’t you?”

“…Yes. I could never…forget. Ahhh?”

A man was watching this time, but the princess and the knight recalled their previous experience as they rubbed their pussy lips together and let their limbs twitch.

“Then do you remember what you said? You swore your sword would be used to serve only me. You said you thought dying for me was your greatest desire.”

Ansandra rubbed her cheek against the leg she held and pushed her hips forward. Their pubis bones strained and their pubic hair tangled together.

“Well, did you forget? Or were you only saying that so you could have your way with me?”

Their drenched folds of flesh produced obscene wet cries and Lucy’s body trembled from an obscene and guilty pleasure.

“I-I did not forget. And I meant those words. My sword belongs to you, Princess Ansandra!”

“I’m glad. Then work with me. Help me rebuild Curling and see how far His Majesty’s ambitions will take him.”

Ansandra’s face was flushed and jewels of sweat dripped from her soft skin as she gave the sadistic look of a man tormenting a woman and rubbed their pubes together so that their clitorises were squeezed between.


Warm sticky liquids mixed together as the women cried out and convulsed. The sexual sweat on their soft skin scattered like shattered jewels.

The beautiful princess and fierce warrior were mentally aroused and their breathing was in perfect unison. They were even certain that their blood was flowing at the same speed.

“Ahh… I belong to you, Princess Ansandraaaaa!!!”

“Yes, Lucy, you belong to me, so live with me!!!”

She had fallen. Lucy climaxed by speaking those words and Ansandra climaxed by hearing them.


The beautiful master and servant orgasmed and collapsed with sex juices mixed together.

“Pant, pant, pant. I’m so happy, Lucy.”

After experiencing the sweet climax across her entire body, Ansandra sought Lucy’s lips to enjoy the afterglow.

“Princess Ansandra…”

In a daze, Lucy also sought her master’s lips.

After the two women had completed their sweet kiss, Ansandra whispered softly.

“We will be together forever now.”

“Yes. I always belonged to you…”

“Then I have a gift you can use to prove it.”

Ansandra circled behind Lucy, grabbed her legs, and spread them.


Lucy was confused and Ansandra called out to the man in the throne.

“Your Majesty, I apologize, but could you please give your love to Lucy as well?”


Lucy was shocked by her lovely master’s unexpected words and Lorent also looked surprised.

“Hold on. She tried to strike me down in vengeance and she’s your friend. Are you sure?”

“Yes? A single lovemaking session can win over a woman more easily than countless words. Once Lucy has had your penis inside her, I doubt she will ever again think of repeating that insolence. Also…”


Lorent pressed her to continue when she hesitated, so the beautiful but embarrassed princess answered.

“Two women who had had the same man are known as rod sisters, right? I would love to be in an even closer relationship with Lucy?”

“Honestly, where did you learn that term?”

Exasperated, Lorent asked the women on his thighs to move.

“Very well. If my queen insists, I will accept this offering.”


Naja was not happy, but she still obediently hopped down. Then she looked down at Ansandra and giggled mischievously.

“Trapping a former lover with forced sex? You can do some nasty things for how cute you look~”


Dominic also got down from his lap and clearly wanted to say something, but she held her tongue and respectfully removed her king’s clothing.

When the steel panels of armor were stripped away, his honed limbs and muscular body came into view. She finally reached for his lower stomach and removed his waist armor.

His dark, gigantic, and clearly-defined penis revealed its grand form to the world.

“Go right ahead, Your Majesty?”

Ansandra placed her hands on either side of Lucy’s pussy lips and spread them wide.

Her vagina was twitching beyond the soaked lips.

She was ready to eat.

“Eek! Princess, I have had more than enough of that man….and, um, I like women more than men…”

The female knight had let her dislike of men fuel her homosexuality, so her cheeks stiffened when she looked up at the penis boldly rising as the symbol of the villain before her.

“C’mon, Lucy? Doing it with another woman feels great, but his penis feels even better, so just try it out.”

Lorent walked over with a bitter smile at Ansandra’s attempt at persuasion. He sat down on the red carpet, grabbed Lucy’s tight stomach, lifted her up, and lowered her on his raging erection.


Lucy cried out when he was shoved inside her vagina.

It was a cry of carnal pleasure. After being tormented by the fingers and mouth of the girl she loved, Lucy’s pussy lips were more than ready to accept a man.

Her body simply seemed made to accept a man’s wild beast. No matter how many times Ansandra’s skilled sexual technique made her cum, it was no more than foreplay. It could not match the satisfaction of having a man inside her.


Lucy’s mouth opened wide and drool dripped from the corner.

Many small folds wrapped around the solid erection that pushed inside her vagina. It was a deep vagina that felt like it contained countless tongues.

They were seated and facing each other, so the man could make the penetration as deep or shallow as he liked.

Intoxicated by her magnificent vaginal walls, Lorent started thrusting upwards.

“Ah, ah, ah, yes, ah, so big, ah, hee, ah…”

Lorent had been Ansandra’s first man, but Lucy had experienced another man, even if that was a complicated issue.

In her ignorance, Ansandra had assumed this was simply what a man was like, but Lucy’s experience left her shocked by his great size and intensity.

“See? His Majesty’s penis feels so good, doesn’t it??”

Ansandra bragged about her husband while Lucy writhed in pleasure and she reached from behind to fondle the knight’s breasts.

“Ahh, yes. It’s filling me up and feels so good. Ahhh…!!”

Lucy was far from light for a woman, but he held her up and rhythmically thrusted up into her.

He stirred up her insides and hit her cervix.

Now that she was forcibly reminded of the pleasure of being dominated by a man, Lucy made no attempt to escape and showed no shame as she draped her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around him.

“Ahn, han, ah, ah, ahhh…”

Each time he thrust up into her, her voluminous breasts bounced and her sweat flew out like mist.

No one would think this was the heroic woman who was known to hate men.

Ansandra teased her friend’s breasts while lovingly viewing the womanly expression on her face. Then she asked her husband a question.

“How are you enjoying Lucy, Your Majesty?”

“She’s not bad. Conquering a woman like this is one way of enjoying victory in battle.”

“Oh, you’re such an awful man.”

Ansandra giggled and was not actually criticizing him.

“Ahh, I’m…I’m about to…about to cum, cum, cum!”

Lucy approached her limit as she was pounded with the thick cock of the man she had attempted to strike down in revenge. Ansandra gently whispered in her ear while toying with her breasts.

“Go ahead and cum. Cum as hard as you want. My Lucy?”


Her beloved princess’s whispering voice pushed her over the edge. The heroic woman’s limbs convulsed as she clung to the man and the rough folds of flesh squeezed the meat stick.


She squeezed tight enough for Lorent to groan and then her head rolled backwards.

She had climaxed. The orgasm heated her entire body with the greatest satisfaction a woman could feel.

But Lorent’s attack continued.

“!? H-heee! You’re still going!?”

“Oh, Lucy. Don’t let this surprise you. He’s only getting started. He’ll make you cum 6 times in a row.”

The rock-hard cock’s excavation was incessant.

Lucy’s strong body convulsed as her internal folds were stirred up and her cervix was pounded on.

“Help me, I’ll break, I’m going to break. Ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn…”

Her head hung limply back like a broken doll and she seemed to climax anew with each thrust.

And even though she had been prepared to lose her life, her mind went blank and she begged for mercy.

But her kind princess was cruel.


Ansandra placed a finger on Lucy’s anus and pushed it inside.

“P-Princess…what are you-!?”

“Oh? You’ve never done it here? I’m glad I could have one of your firsts.”

Ansandra really did sound glad as she stuck two fingers inside Lucy’s anus and pumped them in and out.


“Well, Lucy? Taking fingers in your butt while taking His Majesty’s penis is amazing, isn’t it? Hee hee hee. I can feel him through your anus?”

With Lorent’s extra-thick cock in the front hole and Ansandra’s delicate fingers in the rear hole, Lucy cried out in utter confusion.

“Ahh, please no more. I can’t take any more…ah, ah ha, ah ha ha, ah ha ha ha.”

Tears flowed, her tongue stuck out, and drool dripped down while she cried out with a look of complete orgasm in her eyes.

Anyone familiar with her would have had trouble believing this was the same woman. The woman known by the Clanarian people as a War Goddess and as their last hope had revealed an ahegao that showed no sign of any of that. Meanwhile, her vagina greedily sucked up the manhood.

“Kh, this woman is about at her limit.”

Lucy’s stamina was far greater than the average woman, but even she was no match for the monstrous strength of this man.

Ansandra also recognized it.

“You’re right. Will you finish it off by giving Lucy your love?”

“You’re full of demands today.”

Lorent complained and Ansandra gave an apologetic reply.

“Whether we are filled with your love or not makes a major difference to a woman. It feels incomplete without it, so please do it?”

“Fine. I’ve gone this far, so I might as well do as you say.”

Lorent made it sound like he was only doing it as a favor to Ansandra, but he was not going to last long inside Lucy’s tight and rough vagina.

He soon reached his limit.

“Okay, I’ll cum. Ohhhhhh!!!”

He let out a roar and his magma exploded out into the woman’s body.


Lucy made a strange noise like she was sucking in air and her eyes rolled back in her head.

“Ahh, incredible. There’s so much…so much pumping inside me.”

A scratchy scream left the bottom of her throat.

The forgotten throbbing of a man had apparently brought her body to even greater heights.

Even after releasing all of the scorching liquid, Lorent remained inside Lucy for a while before pulling his penis out with a wet sound.


Her body went entirely limp and Ansandra held her to her chest.

Her legs were still spread wide and milky ejaculate flowed back out of her gaping vagina.

Once he was done, Lorent returned to the throne and had Dominic and Naja lick his dirty cock clean.

“Well, Lucy? It felt great, didn’t it? Now you’re even closer to us?”

“Yes, Princess…”

After ensuring that Lucy had calmed down, Ansandra stood up.

“Lucy, I have something to ask of you. You too, Virginia.”

Ansandra placed her hands on her chest and presented her request to Virginia, who sat expressionlessly in her seat, and Lucy, whose hips had completely given out.

“To Clanaria, I am a dirty traitor. I drove my father, mother, and so many of our people to their deaths. That is unforgivable and I will not deny the enormity of my deeds. But there is still something I want to do. Domos King Lorent’s dream is to conquer the world. That will be bloody path. But a time of recovery will arrive once it is complete. His ambition is to conquer the world, but he wants nothing beyond that. I will fill that gap. He may seem invincible now, but he will age. The time will come to pass the torch to the next generation. I will give birth to that heir. And I want to lay the foundation for peace.”

“Honestly, you’re a bold one, aren’t you?”

Lorent grumbled from the throne, but he did not make an actual rebuttal.

“I always feel like that girl is picking a fight with me.”

Naja fully intended to give birth to Lorent’s heir, so her eyes shined like a belligerent cat.

“Yes, we can’t let our guard down around her.”

Dominic also seemed to have reassessed Ansandra.

“I cannot do it all on my own. I will need Clanaria’s help. Lucy, Virginia, I would like for you two to support me.”


Lorent and his two aides watched with great interest to see what Virginia and Lucy would do.

Eventually, light returned to Virginia’s eyes and she slowly stood from her chair.

“That is your war?”

“Yes. This is my hope and my dream. And also my atonement.”

Hearing that, Virginia slowly walked toward Ansandra.

“You leave me no choice.”


Ansandra looked worried, but Virginia placed her hands around her head and held it to her chest.

“I would prefer to never see that good-for-nothing scum of a man ever again, but I can’t let my adorable little sister head to the battlefield alone. …I will help you.”

“Thank you so much, Virginia…”

Ansandra wept into her sister’s chest and Lucy managed to kneel at her feet.

“Yes. I will spend my entire life protecting you, Princess. I will never leave you again.”

“Thank you too, Lucy. Thank both of you.”

“Heh heh heh… Sorry for interrupting such a touching scene, Ansandra, but I have no intention of impregnating you for quite a while.”

“Wh-why not…!?”

Ansandra looked up from her sister’s chest and widened her eyes at Lorent’s unexpected statement.

While sitting in his throne, resting his head on his hand, and flanked by Dominic and Naja, he revealed his wicked reason.

“Because you’re just my type of woman. If I got you pregnant, I couldn’t fuck you for a while.”


“But if you want to be pregnant that badly, then you’ll have to act so lewdly that I’ll be overpowered by my desire to knock you up.”

Virginia grimaced at that exchange.

“Ugh, now that is an unpleasant man. Ansandra, have you really fallen for that terrible person? To be clear, he’s the worst I’ve ever met.”

“Uuh~… He does like to play the bad boy, but once you’re used to it, he’s actually really cute.”


Virginia, Lucy, Naja, Dominic, and even Lorent himself widened their eyes at Ansandra’s description.

“Yes, he’s a very simple person. He childishly wants the entire world for himself and wants to sleep with as many women as he wants. That’s all there is to him.”

“Ah hah hah hah! Oh, what an amusing woman.”

Lorent roared with laughter and beckoned Ansandra over.

“Ansandra, come and sit here. I just can’t get enough of you.”

“Of course?”

Lorent pointed at his own penis and Ansandra excitedly walked to the throne.

She spread her legs and sat on the erection that Dominic and Naja had licked clean.

“Ah, ahhhhn…”

She had already enjoyed scissoring with Lucy, so hot nectar was dripping from her slit.

The man was sitting in a seat and the woman sat down facing him.

“Does it feel good?”

“Yes. Ahn, your precious thing feels so good. You could win over any woman with this.”

Ansandra seemed to truly believe that.

That was why she had had Lorent have sex with Lucy.

“I never thought my own sister would be into something like this.”

Exasperated, Virginia sought agreement from Lucy, but Lucy was too busy staring silently at Ansandra.

“Heh heh heh. You’re so cute.”

Ansandra happily accepted Lorent’s kiss.

They rubbed their lips together, entangled their tongues, and exchanged saliva in a deep kiss while he caressed her breasts and she moved her own hips up and down.

“Heh heh. So my Queen has become the kind of woman who moves her own hips.”


Ansandra had been savoring the pleasure of being violated by a man, but she instantly came back to her senses and blushed.

This was not the first time she had lewdly used her own hips, but pointing it out made her conscious of how she was moving them to match the man’s rhythm.

She frantically worked to stop the rhythm of her hips while the erection pounded her from below.

“Ah, ah, ahh, hah, hah, ah, ahhn, I’m sorry, it feels too good, ahn, I can’t stop it…I can’t stop my hips from moving.”

“Then move them even more. Do it as sluttily as possible.”

Intellectually, Ansandra thought she could never do anything so shameless, but at Lorent’s insistence, her body began to move in search of greater pleasure.

“Ahh, your cock feels so good?”

She clung to that beloved man and ground her hips against him.

Her vagina was hot and wet and its many folds tightened around the thick rod while guiding it deeper. And it intensely expanded and contracted.

Ansandra’s vagina was not especially tight.

Naja and Lucy could squeeze more tightly than her.

But it seemed to swallow a man like wet silk floss and would not let them go. And it was developing further each and every time.

“Heh heh heh. You’ve really grown into a lewd woman.”

“Ahh, you’re the one that…made me like this. Ah, ah, ah…”

“That I was. You’re an excellent woman.”

He admitted it. He had taken her virginity and taught her the pleasures of a woman, so he was responsible for all of her sexual proclivities.

Most men thought of the ideal woman as a saint in the sunlight and a slut in the moonlight. Ansandra had grown into just that sort of woman.

She normally looked so pure you would think she had never even felt lust, but once you slept with her, she revealed her horny desires. Lorent was looking forward to loving her in the future, instead of only doing it because she was his queen.

He suddenly turned Ansandra around while he was still inside her.

“Ahh…that’s embarrassing.”

With her back to the throne, her sexy legs in translucent stockings were spread wide with her knees over the throne’s armrests.

This of course left her pussy exposed while it was penetrated and dripped love juices.

Lorent called out from behind the beautiful princess who was writhing as her friend and sister viewed that union.

“Hey, you two. You said you’re going to assist Ansandra, so service her now.”

“Ahh, Virginia, Lucy. Please do? Please forgive me for being so horny. I want you to tease my horny tits and my erect clitoris~?”

Ansandra’s expression melted as she was penetrated by the man and she trembled while intentionally using dirty words in her request.

“Sigh~ Can a man really change a woman this much? When did my sister become such a slut?”

Virginia rubbed at her hair and sighed, but she still walked over to her sister and kneeled down to the union.

“Honestly, look how big and swollen your clit is. What a shameful sister?”

The princess known for her obsession with magic brushed back her curly golden hair and licked the bared clitoris.

“Virginia, that feels…so gooooood? Your tongue feels so gooood?”

Virginia licked at her sister’s pussy like a cat and that sister trembled in pleasure. Meanwhile, someone approached from behind Virginia.

“Then I will caress your breasts.”

Lucy grabbed Ansandra’s breasts and sucked each tip in turn.

“Ahh, Lucy. My boobs, my boobs feel so good. Ahh, yes…this feels so wonderful. Virginia, Lucy, thank you?”

Ansandra cried with joy as she was penetrated by a man and tormented by two women.

And it was more than just carnal pleasure. She felt enough guilt that she would have understood had those two killed her or held a lifelong grudge against her, so she rejoiced that they had forgiven her.

That happiness showed itself in her vagina by squeezing its wet and soft folds around the manhood.

“Your Majesty, I can’t wait any longer either.”

Naja revealed her jealousy as she climbed onto the throne from Lorent’s right side.

“The jealousy is about to rend my heart in two.”

Dominic gave a look of longing as she climbed onto the throne from Lorent’s left side.

They both fought over Lorent’s lips.

Ansandra was joined to him with her back to him, so the three of them exchanged their intense kisses behind her.

“Really, do you two have no self-control whatsoever?”

Once the kissing had settled down, Lorent made an exasperated comment. That placed a resentful look on Dominic’s face.

“I would rather not borrow the Queen’s words, but you are the one that made us like this.”

“That’s right, that’s right. We love you way more than she does and we’re way more dedicated to you.”

Naja moved in with an angry expression.

“Okay, okay.”

Lorent gave in and extended a hand to each woman. He must have decided he could let Virginia and Lucy caress Ansandra for him.

He opened the chest of Dominic’s clothing, placed his left hand on a purple-dyed silk bra with grape vine embroidery, and removed Naja’s thin breastplate with his right hand.

A total of four breasts spilled out.

Dominic’s had the weight of ripe melons and Naja’s had the springiness of fresh oranges.

With two varieties of sweet fruit in his hands, Lorent groped them so they jiggled.

He fully enjoyed the soft breasts that seemed to melt in his hand and the resilient breasts that seemed to bounce away when he squeezed them. And when the nipples grew indecently erect, he teased them between his fingers.


Naja pressed her back against the throne beside Lorent, straddled the armrest, spread her legs wide, and rubbed her crotch against it. Dominic looked at Lorent’s face, straddled the other armrest, and rubbed her labia against it like she was riding a horse.

“Ahh, yes, yes, yessss?”

Ansandra’s cries of joy must have been contagious.

The other women began breathing heated breaths.

With her legs spread wide, Ansandra lewdly moved her hips and sprayed hot fluid on her sister’s face each time the meat stick moved in and out.

“Honestly… And people think I’m the slut and Ansandra’s the pure one.”

Virginia continued licking her sister’s clitoris while her face dripped with love juices. Then Ansandra’s writhing seemed to intensify.


“Ah, Princess!? Are you about to cum?”

Lucy sounded surprised as she pleasured Ansandra’s breasts.

“Y-yes, and…H-His Majesty’s penis is throbbing? Hahh, I’m…I’m at my limit. I’m…I’m going to cum. B-but I don’t want to cum yet. I want to cum with him…with him. Your Majesty, please give me your semen. Please squirt it inside me.”

Naja shrugged when she heard Ansandra’s pleas.

“Then you should probably lick his balls. Do that when he’s horny and he makes the most hilariously pathetic voice.”

“Damn you, Naja.”

Lorent sounded panicked as his weak point was revealed to so many women.

But it was too late.

“Ohhh ho ho ho. Thank you for the advice.”

Virginia stopped licking the union long enough to laugh loudly.

A large sack dangled down from the thick rod stabbing inside Ansandra. When Virginia moved her face there, Dominic provided a warning.

“You can pleasure His Majesty if you like, but what do you think will happen if you harm him? Even your empty head should be able to figure that one out.”

“I wouldn’t do that. I’m not you.”

Even an enemy like Virginia had apparently heard about Dominic biting off a man’s balls.

“But I will have my revenge by hearing your pathetic moans?”

She began licking the man’s balls while her right hand toyed with her sister’s exposed clitoris.


Lorent could not help but groan.

“Oh? Your penis is twitching. Is your masculine pride making you desperately try to hold back? Ansandra was right about you having a cute side?”

The tension across his balls rose and the lines of the wrinkles lined up in the same direction. It was like a knot on a large tree.

“I love King Lorent’s moans when he’s trying not to cum?”

Naja teased him and licked his cheek.

“I can’t get enough of smelling your sweat when you try to hold back.”

Dominic had ecstasy in her voice as she stuck her face below his armpit and sniffed.

“Ahhh, I’m going to cum! I’m cumming! Cumming! Cumming!”

Ansandra voice reverberated around them.

“Princess, just a little longer.”

Lucy desperately soothed Ansandra as she worked to cum with the man.

“You have more endurance than I thought. I really didn’t want to do this, but I have no choice since my adorable sister has fallen for you.”

Virginia spat out his balls and began licking at his anus. That acted as the finishing blow.


He raised a bestial roar and his flesh rod exploded.

Scorching liquid was fired into the entrance of Ansandra’s womb with tremendous force. Each shot invited her to an even greater world of pleasure.

“Ah…ahh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Ansandra screamed even louder, her white body bent back, her slender chin, her beautiful breasts, and her thighs convulsed, and she passed out.

Thus, the starving wolf grew wings. The ferocious dragon took flight into the grassy sea of the central plain.

The Kingdom of the Golden Dragon was born with uniting the continent as its slogan. The appearance of the northern conqueror’s empire accelerated history. It invited in a time that would later be known as the Age of the Gods. The previous conflicts between kingdoms began to show signs of strategies meant to unite the continent, so large kingdoms swallowed up smaller kingdoms and larger kingdoms swallowed up those. Heroes, villains, wise commanders, courageous commanders, fierce women, brave women, and villainous women fought fiercely across the continent. It was an age of suffering required to give birth to the Holy Empire that first united the continent.

This empire signaled the start of that heated age, but it faced unexpected trouble shortly after its birth. A largescale rebellion broke out in the Sulbey region. And the charismatic leader of those rebels is said to have been named Mimi.

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