Harem Dynast

Part 2: Chapter 3 - Fall of Fortress City Ramlese
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Part 2: Chapter 3 - Fall of Fortress City Ramlese

“We have no intention of resisting. We only ask that Lady Ansandra ensures we are treated tolerantly. It is not much, but we have prepared a feast for you. Please rest your troops and horses here.”

Not a shred of cloud was visible in the azure sky. A silver river flowed through a dark green forest and a grassy plain. The central plain was blessed with a warm climate and the fortress city of Ramlese stood atop that green scenery. Ten troops on horseback rode out from the city and made the announcement.

The fortress city was built atop an easily-defendable hill and surrounded by walls.

It was the midpoint between the mountain castles common in the north and the plains castles common in the central plain. 20,000 people lived there and it was the base of northern Clanaria’s administration. Taking it without having to fight meant a lot.

“So even the Clanarian people will side with the strong.”

Domos King Lorent accepted the blatantly flattering offer from Ramlese and entered the city.

Some of his staff officers of course suspected it was a trap.

Attacking enemy troops when they were succumbing to sugary dreams was a standard tactic.

“There is no reason to reject their kindness. And if it is a trap, we only need to obliterate the city so thoroughly that not even birds will visit.”

Lorent gave his officers and troops a chance to rest in two shifts over a full day and he authorized the consumption of alcohol. They were free to sleep with women, but it had to be consensual. Looting and raping were strictly forbidden.

All of Clanaria would be focused on the Domos army’s actions here.

If they treated this city poorly, no other cities would surrender. It was announced that any who disobeyed Lorent’s orders would be publicly executed, no matter how skilled a warrior they were. The Domos military was strict like that.

Ironically enough, Ramlese had rebelled because of the Clanarian army’s strategy put together by Princess Virginia.

When Ramlese heard the plan was to strike back at Domos’s army only after they had marched on Curling, they felt they had been abandoned while the central government was focused only on their own safety.

Domos’s brutality was well known. Since Ramlese would have made an excellent example for the rest of the kingdom, the odds had been good an unimaginable slaughter would have occurred. Their only way to escape that fear was to capitulate to Domos.

But the Domos army had never intended to destroy Ramlese.

Their strategy was to ignore all of the fortresses, make their way directly to the royal capital of Curling, and make powerful attack after powerful attack until it fell. If they did that, the smaller castles and fortresses would give in without a fight, so an important fortress like Ramlese had not been a real problem.

If Domos really had stopped to attack Ramlese, Lucy would have probably scoffed at the barbarian king’s ignorance of strategy.

Ramlese succumbing to an imaginary fear had been a complete godsend for Domos.

And Domos intended to make full use of this unexpected opportunity.

They had secured a communication and supply line from the front line to their home kingdom, it would make for an important base, and they had obtained all the provisions inside the castle unharmed. It also held great political significance. If this acted as a model case and other fortresses fell without a fight, Clanaria would collapse in no time.

But while this was a miscalculation on Clanaria’s part, it was not a fatal one.

A single fortress deep behind enemy lines would not support the Domos army forever. If their main force was repelled, Ramlese would naturally return to Clanaria. So their basic strategy remained unchanged.

“Kyah! Please, not here, Lord General?”

Clanaria’s refined women were performing a lively dance and singing an exciting song. And the mountain apes of Domos were having a blast.

An entertainer woman cried out as drunken Almeida stuck a hand into the chest of her clothing and touched the soft flesh within.

(Really, how can a general who represents Domos behave so shamefully?)

Ansandra frowned at the low cultural standards of her husband’s people, but her husband was even bolder.

Domos King Lorent was being served by the lead dancer, an incredibly beautiful woman with dark red hair and a curvy body that oozed sexuality.

He rubbed her plump thighs, stuck his hand up her skirt, and began directly teasing her pussy.

“Ahh, please, that’s enough. If you keep going, I’ll cum. Ahh, I’m cumming. Ahhhhhh!”

The beautiful dancer desperately tried to suppress her moans, but she let out a sensual breath and her body convulsed.

Ansandra had noticed what was going on right next to her, but she said nothing and took a large drink with red in her cheeks.

She could only praise it as “better than bloodshed”, but Ansandra was happy that Ramlese had let them in without a fight and she got through the rest with alcohol.

She did not intend to drink so much she lost control of herself, but she did enjoy some light drinking. She preferred to enjoy the flavor of the drink over getting drunk.

Water was the lifeblood of brewing alcohol and Ramlese was well known for its alcohol thanks to the pure water flowing down from the Tarachia Mountains.

Water and alcohol from her homeland seemed to suit her tastes best.

She just could not bring herself to like the black horse milk wine that was said to be Domos’s finest drink.

“Princess, don’t you think you’re drinking a little too much?”

She was stopped by Head Maid Granmars who had accompanied her from Clanaria to Domos and back to Clanaria again to look after her.

“In this Clanarian-style room, I can’t help but think it was all a dream that I was married to Domos, that I slept with King Lorent, that we invaded my homeland, and that so many Clanarian people were killed. I begin to wonder if I will wake up in my room back in the Curling royal palace once the drink wears off. I wonder if I will find my father leading the various officials, Virginia obsessing over her strange magic research, and Lucy being chased around by the young maids.”


The pained look on her aide’s face brought Ansandra back to her senses.

“Sorry. This is no time to be thinking about older times. I have invaded my homeland. There is no escaping that fact. …I really must be drunk.”

Ansandra took things too seriously to lose herself in escapism.

Feeling tipsy from the taste of her homeland’s drink, the queen decided to retire early since she had no interest in the beautiful singing and skilled dancing of the half-naked women.

“Good night, everyone.”

Just as she stood from her seat, Lorent sensed that she had started to say something else.

“Hm? What is it?”

“Nothing really. It’s just that I visited this castle once long ago.”


This was Clanarian territory so there was nothing strange about that.

“As a brewing region, the water here is clean and pleasant. Please enjoy the great bath here. Um…if you like, I could wash your back for you…”

Lorent laughed out loud at her roundabout offer.

“I see, I see. I’ve been so busy with the march that I haven’t had time for you. My queen must be horny.”

“N-not so loud…”

Ansandra blushed and hurriedly tried to stop her husband’s comment, but it was too late.

“Ah ha ha. She looks docile enough, but I guess even our queen is a woman?”

When the surrounding generals and the women serving them all laughed, Ansandra thought her face would burst into flames and she shrank down, unsure what to do with herself.

She would be lying if she said she had not been hoping for that. Back in the castle, she had had so much sex she barely had time to sleep, but that was not the case once the march had begun.

She understood the reason why, but that did not stop her young body from aching for it.

To escape the laughter, she retired to the second nicest room in Ramlese. She changed into white silk panties and a silk negligee, lay on the large canopied bed, and placed a thin blanket over herself.


She rarely had trouble falling asleep, but now sleep simply refused to come.

And she quickly realized why. Ever since marrying into Domos, she had grown accustomed to falling asleep after sleeping with Lorent or Naja and her dragon-rider girls. It had been a long time since she had a bed to herself.

“How strange. Were beds always this large?”

Since she could not pass through the gate to dreamland, she opened her eyes and saw the Clanarian-style architecture of the room. She once more started to feel like it had all been a dream, but she knew this was not her room.

“I wonder what His Majesty is doing now…”

She smiled bitterly at her comment.

He was almost certainly sharing a bed with one of the dancers.

“Knowing him, he might be doing two of them at once. Hee hee hee.”

She smiled a bit, but the expression froze on her face. A sharp pain throbbed in her chest.

She thought her heart would tear apart when she thought of Lorent embracing, fucking, and eliciting moans of pleasure from other women.

She shut her eyes to drive the feeling from her, but then Lorent’s manhood appeared in her mind’s eye.

“No, what is wrong with me?”

She blushed, held her cheeks, and twisted her body.

Her heart was pounding and she held her chest with both hands.

She was surprised at the size of her own breasts, so she held them in her hands.

“Have they grown lately?”

Lorent had claimed massaging them would make them grow, but she was not so sure that was true. But if it was, then it would make sense that hers would have grown some after having so many people massage them every day since arriving in Domos.

Her breasts had never been small, just appropriate for her age. But they had seemed small when compared to Lucy, Dominic, Naja, or the dragon-rider girls with larger ones.

She resentfully wished they were a little bigger while lightly lifting and massaging the masses through the silk fabric.

“…Ah, they’re firming up.”

Her body trembled and a quiet, warm breath escaped her lips.

She found it indecent, but she could not stop herself.

She could feel her nipples growing erect while she kneaded her boobs through the negligee. When she toyed with them between her fingers and squeezed them tight, a tingling throb ran through her lower body.

Her crotch throbbed wetly.

“Ah…ahn, Your Majesty…”

One of her hands lowered from her chest and held her crotch instead.

She felt a squeezing pleasure, but the stimulation through the negligee and panties was not enough. She quickly lifted up the bottom of the negligee and stuck her hand into her panties.

“Ah, I’m wet.”

She sounded surprised, but she was no longer so innocent that she had not expected this. Her slippery fingers quickly found her slit. Just by pressing down, her fingers slipped into the wet crevice.


She tilted her head back as a sweet and damp cry escaped her small nose. As she groped her breasts and moved her fingers back and forth through her secret slit, her hips lifted from the bed and trembled.


Her cheeks were flushed and her lips cracked open. Her pure facial features twisted seductively as she lost herself in masturbation.

Her neck on down were covered by the blanket, but it was a thin summer blanket. The positioning of her arms, the movement of her fingers, and the alluring writhing of her body were all visible through it.

“No, my fingers…my fingers are so lewd…”

She felt like her fingers had a mind of their own as they danced across her wet secret entrance and she moved her body as if trying to escape them. But then her slender fingers found the erect flesh core.


She really was surprised by how loudly she moaned and her body rolled over with her hands still in place. On her stomach now, she buried her face in the fluffy pillow, pulled the blanket up over her head, and happily spread her legs with her butt sticking out. The negligee and blanket slipped away, so her butt was exposed even though her head was hidden. Ansandra of course was oblivious to this fact.

Her fingers produced an obscene sound as they moved within her panties.

“Ah, ahhhhhn, y-yes…”

Her clitoris had grown large as if to demand she touch it, so she rubbed a finger against it while also sticking fingers in her sticky honeypot.

Unable to bear it any longer, she grabbed both sides of her panties, stuck her butt up in the air, and pulled the underwear down like she was peeling a boiled egg. She then pulled them down her slender legs and indecently tossed them off of the bed. She finally resumed fingering her pussy as if trying to make up for that brief lost time.

“Ah, hhhhn, yes…”

She shoved her fingers in as far as they would go and rubbed at a bumpy part on the front vaginal wall. That area always provided her with an agonizingly strong squeeze of pressure and kept her from thinking about anything except pleasure.

And that was why she did not notice that she had a guest in this room full of a powerful feminine scent. The guest picked up the panties that had fallen at his feet, turned them inside out, and smiled at the stain on the crotch.

“Ahh…nn, nhah…hahhh.”

On the bed with a gorgeous silk canopy, Ansandra had the bottom of her negligee pulled up and her small butt fully exposed as she pumped her fingers in and out of herself.

Her pink anus wriggled embarrassingly at the base of the small but shapely mounds of her butt. Below that was her flushed perineum and spread flower petals soaked with the nectar flowing from her sexual slit. That soft flesh was pure and beautiful even as it was exposed to the intense movements of her fingers.

Unlike in Domos, the summer evenings in Clanaria were hot. Her body was soaked with sweat and that fragrant scent filled the room.

Sweat beaded up on her exposed butt, mixed with the dripping sex juices, and flowed down her inner thighs.

The bedding had such a large stain that you would have thought she had wet the bed.

She was trying to suppress her moans so the maids would not notice, but the ignorant princess gave no thought to the love juices staining her panties and the sheets.

Also, her maids were well-trained, so they would not speak a word to her or to anyone else.

“Ahh…knh…no…ahn, ahn…nnh.”

A nasal note joined Ansandra’s beautiful voice and the sounds of her fingers massaging her inner flesh ruled the room.

“Your Majesty, more, stir up my pussy even more… And pound me until I break.”

As an overly self-conscious princess, Ansandra would never say these dirty things while actually having sex, but she voiced them now while stirring up her secret flesh, scattering a sticky liquid, and writhing on the bed. Her sweet breaths grew intermittent and her slender body shook.

She had entered a state of sexual arousal she could not control. She used all ten fingers to thoroughly and passionately stimulate her clitoris, vaginal entrance, and perineum.

“Ah, hee.”

Her high-pitched cries of pleasure sounded like a small bird’s cries, she energetically shook her ass, and a great quantity of love juices flowed from her vagina.

“No, ahhhn, Your Majesty…I’m cumming, I’m cumming…”

Her lovely cries declared her orgasm and her raised butt wiggled left and right. She rubbed her clitoris while moving it side to side and boldly pumped the two fingers plunging into her honeypot. It all felt unbearably good.

“Hh…hah…ah, hahhhhhn!”

She climaxed with an extra loud cry. With her butt raised high, a liquid sprayed out with the intensity of piss, she breathed heavily, and she basked in the afterglow for a bit, but she eventually breathed a heavy sigh.

“Sigh… I really want His Majesty’s penis. Sob.”

She missed his presence. As the wave of pleasure receded, her body was ruled by a sense of guilt and emptiness.

That was when the thin blanket covering her was pulled away.

Caught completely off guard, she hopped up, quickly pulled down her negligee, hid her butt, and looked to see who had stolen away the blanket fortress that had let her forget her shame. The first thing she saw was an erect cock. She looked up to see a large man armored by muscle. His sharp features looked down at her while letting out a breath that smelled strongly of alcohol.

“…Your Majesty, how long have you been here…?”

“One of your faithful maids reminded me that I hadn’t visited you at night recently. I was thinking I could take you up on your offer to visit the bath, but it looks like you couldn’t wait.”

Ansandra had fallen for Lorent. And it seemed her maids knew that better than she did herself.

Lorent had actually fled from Stephan and Dominic when they tried to get him to do some administrative work related to the handover of the castle, but he left that part unsaid.

As Ansandra gradually calmed down, the situation dawned on her and embarrassment reared its ugly head.

(What have I done? How could I let him see me do that? I just want to hide now.)

She curled up as small as possible on the bed, but he grabbed her bright golden hair and lifted her head.

His thick and glistening penis was right at her eye level. Several veins bulged out of the shaft that rose at a sharp angle, the head was pulled tight, and the bottom of the head stuck out at another sharp angle. A drop of clear nectar seeped out of the tip.

“What’s wrong? This is what you wanted. You’re free to do with at as you wish.”

Ansandra hesitated for a moment as she stared at his cock. She finally sat up on the bed, reached out, and grabbed the manhood. This was her first time to actually hold it in her hand.

She had taken it inside her countless times and she had just masturbated while imagining it, but as sensitive as her honeypot was, it could not fully sense his size, hardness, and warmth. She stared at the erect penis and massaged it between her hands. Then she hesitantly leaned in and softly kissed the tip.

“Heh heh heh. Did Naja teach you how to suck dick?”

“Yes. All of the flying dragon knights said that gentlemen enjoy it when you do this, so they insisted I perform oral sex next time I slept with you. Was that wrong?”

Ansandra pulled her mouth back, carefully held the rod between her hands, and gave Lorent a hesitant upturned glance.

“Not at all. Continue.”

When he smiled and asked her to continue, Ansandra happily smiled back, lowered her gaze to the dick, and intently leaned her head back toward it. She opened her mouth wide, cutely stuck out her light red tongue, and began licking the tip. Even a pure face like hers could look unbelievably obscene when she did something like this.

Once the swollen head glistened with saliva, she took the head inside her mouth, skillfully moved her tongue around it, and stimulated the tip and ridge while wrapping saliva around them.

This was her first blowjob, but she felt no reluctance.

It had looked so strange and sinister when she had first seen it, but now she felt nothing but love, longing, and wonder for it.

There was a clear hint of self-absorption on her face as she lost herself in pleasuring him. The way she actively kneeled down and sucked on his penis filled her with masochism, like she had become his slave.

She had been told the bottom of the head was a man’s weak point, so she was especially thorough in licking there. Her tongue reached the bottom of the shaft and licked down the line leading down into his crotch. She sucked on and played with one of his balls and even licked along his taint. She then licked back up the shaft and repeated the process.

Suddenly, Ansandra wrapped her lips and tongue around the penis from the side. She made sure not to touch it with her teeth while she applied pressure with her lips. She seemed to be checking how thick and hard it was. And she stickily moved up and down the side of the shaft like a dog slobbering on a bone.

After licking along the left and right sides, Ansandra swallowed it from the top.

Instead of just the head, she swallowed it deep into her throat. The penis soaked in her warm saliva and the breaths from her nose pleasantly tickled his pubic hair.


While moving her head back and forth, she rubbed the shaft and massaged the balls. She only knew how to do this thanks to the training from the flying dragon knight girls, but as she sucked the cock, she grew more aggressive and aroused. It did not really taste like anything, but she could not stop herself when she thought about it being Lorent’s. That made it taste good.


She was definitely less skilled than Naja, Dominic, or the others, but this blowjob had an earnestness only found in a woman in love. Lorent’s body responded in kind.

“Kh, I’m cumming…”

He gave a warning as he reached climax, but Ansandra made no attempt to escape and in fact wrapped her arms around his butt while taking his penis deep into her throat.

Just as she felt his hips tremble a bit, lots of semen surged out and both her mouth and nose filled with the smell and flavor of that male fluid.

“Nmh, mh, mh, nmhhhh…”

The thin threads of her blonde hair shook as she uttered muffled groans.

The force, quantity, smell, and flavor of the cum were all greater than she had expected and some dripped down from the corners of her mouth, but she did not move her head.

For a while after the long, long ejaculation ended, Ansandra seemed to be struggling to swallow all of the male fluid filling her mouth, but it would not go down her throat like she wanted. Tears welled up in her eyes as she did her best to swallow, so it was too much to watch.

“Don’t force yourself. Spit it out.”

Lorent gently stroked her golden hair, but Ansandra shook her head with the head still in her mouth.

She finally managed to get it all down with multiple swallows. She then sucked the rest out of the rod and swallowed that. She finally pulled her head back from it, but then she gagged, choked, and shed a few tears.

She had clearly pushed herself too far to swallow it, so Lorent gently rubbed her back.

“That couldn’t have tasted good. I told you to spit it out.”

Once she finally came back to her senses, Ansandra looked tearfully up at Lorent.

“But Naja and Dominic swallow it.”

The unfamiliar oral act had left her jaw trembling and some of the milky liquid was still clinging to the corners of her cute lips.

She acted like a noble princess who was above such things as envy, but she was still a woman. She had felt a need to compete with the other women in this odd way.

Men were strange creatures, so when they saw a woman acting this way, they found it cute and felt even more fired up than usual. And Lorent was no exception.

However, that did not mean he was not willing to wait for a change of location.

“Now, show me to that bath you mentioned before.”

“Eh? Now?”

Lorent started to leave the room, so Ansandra hurried after him.

Only after stepping out into the hall did she realize they had not bothered to get dressed.

Ansandra only wore her negligee and she shrank down in embarrassment whenever they passed someone, but Lorent did not wear a thing and marched boldly by her side. On the way, they ran across Naja who cried out in protest.

“Ah, no fair, queen!”

“If you are interested, then join us in the bath. But leave your clothes here.”

Lorent readily gave his permission and Naja cheerfully ran over and stripped right there in the hallway. She also pulled off Ansandra’s negligee for good measure.

“Sure thing. …Oh, right. Princess, is this bath large?”

“Yes, very.”

“Then I think I’ll call them too.”

The Domos soldiers and Ramlese residents saw the king walking down the hall with Ansandra on his right and Naja on his left.

“Clanaria’s greatest beauty and Domos’s greatest beauty?” commented General Kubdai. “How could I not be jealous?”

“This is more work than you would think,” replied Lorent with a bitter smile.

“I would welcome that kind of problem.”

Laughter echoed down the hallway as they continued on to the bath.

“Yahoo~ Clanaria sure is civilized?”

The open-air bath Ansandra entered with her husband was on the second story of Ramlese Castle.

Naja was already nude, so she only had to undo her ponytail before jumping into the tub.

The water was beautiful enough for making fine drinks, but Ansandra was displeased as she entered the tub full of it.

(This wasn’t what I had in mind.)

The lovely queen’s displeasure was caused by the scene before her.

“Ahh, now this is a view.”

Lorent soaked in the tub with her, but he was waited on by around a dozen girls.

They were the flying dragon knight girls who worked under Naja.

“Yes, it really is a wonderful place? How great is it that we get to have sex here??”

The frank Domos girls were occupying Lorent’s attention, so Ansandra could not even get close.

She had thought he would finally love her like a wild animal again. No, she had hoped he would, so this was a letdown.

(He’s enjoying Naja and all of her dragon knights, so is there any room left for me? Is he just not that interested in me now that he’s gotten the political advantage he needs out of me?)

Ansandra brooded, but Naja made a suggestion to her king who was using her breasts as a pillow.

“I have a request for you today, Your Majesty.”

“What might that be?”

Naja called one of the girls over.

“Madia. I’ll introduce you to His Majesty.”


A girl of maybe 15 stood right next to Lorent. She was a little tall for a flying dragon knight and she had black hair.

For her age, her frame was solid, her breasts were large, and her hips were wide.

“This is Madia. She is General Almeida’s niece. The previous battle was her first, but she did quite well. As a reward, I was hoping you would take her virginity.”


Lorent responded with silence, so the young flying dragon knight’s nude body tensed as she saluted.

“I am sure it would only be a bother, but please let me give you my first time, Your Majesty!”

“Hmph. Do as you like.”

Lorent was lying down in the tub with Naja as his pillow, so he simply stuck his erect cock above the water.

“Thank you very much!”

The young knight’s face lit up as she straddled her king’s hips and placed her pussy lips on the erect penis.

“I will now take your cock.”


Lorent was only offering his penis and did not seem particularly interested.

But to a girl like Madia, offering her virginity to her beloved king was probably a great honor.

(So she doesn’t really want to be his mistress? She just wants him to break her hymen?)

It could be written off as a cultural difference, but Ansandra found this hard to believe.


The knight lowered her hips to lose her virginity while on top, but the pain must have been too much to bear. Her face tensed and she came to a stop.

Seeing that, Naja gestured a command to the other knights. Two of them stood up and grabbed Madia from either side. And they pressed their body weight on her to force her down.


The thick cock pierced the young knight all the way to the base. A red flower briefly scattered in the bathwater and tears flowed from Madia’s eyes. Naja soothed her subordinate.

“Bear with it. You want His Majesty’s love, don’t you?”


“Then bear with it just a while longer.”

Naja’s other subordinates moved the girl up and down to stimulate the manhood inside her.

“Ahh, ahh, hyah…”

“I’m about to cum.”

The healthy girl’s face was flushed and wet with tears as she was deflowered, but Lorent sounded entirely calm.

“Ah, ahhhh… It’s so big, and throbbing, and…ahh, incredible…ahh…”

The other girls must have been able to tell the hot fluid had erupted inside her because they stopped moving Madia.

His penis must have shrunk after ejaculating so much because their union came apart and Madia collapsed back into the tub.

“That was pretty good. Madia. I will remember that name.”

“Pant…pant…pant… Thank you very much. I-I intend to faithfully work…f-for your glory, Your…Majesty?”

After offering her virginity to her beloved king, the knight girl was out of breath, but she was clearly moved to emotion and she looked like she would gladly take her own life on the spot if Lorent ordered her to.

“That means it’s our turn next.”

“Okay, Your Majesty. Fuck us like you always do.”

The dozen healthy beauties could not wait any longer and prepared to attack Lorent.

But just as that orgy was about to begin…


Ansandra stood up and had them stop.

She was fundamentally different from the flying dragon knights. She had a soft, white body and her face was red as she raised her voice.

“I have to wash His Majesty’s back first.”

Ansandra had been sitting obediently in a corner of the bath, so the knights jumped in surprise at this threatening aura.

Then they turned toward their leader: Naja.

“She did mention that way back when the bath first came up, didn’t she?”

Naja’s amused gaze clashed with Ansandra’s desperate one.

Naja’s subordinates exchanged a glance.

This had become a direct clash between the two women who were hoping to become Domos King Lorent’s favorite.

Naja clearly had the advantage in an actual fight, but that was off limits in a women’s battle.

“Very well. That was the promise after all.”

Lorent got up from Naja’s breasts and stood up from the bath. He walked over to the washing area and sat on a wooden chair there.

“Now. Will you wash my back?”

“Oh, yes. Right away…?”

Ansandra’s face lit up as she quickly left the bath and kneeled behind Lorent.

But as a born princess, she had had maids wash her back, but she had never washed someone else’s back.

She awkwardly grabbed the supplied soap, worked up a lather, and rubbed it onto her husband’s broad back.

One of the knights gave some advice from the tub.

“What are you doing, queen? You’re supposed to wash a man’s back with your tits.”

“Eh? Really!? I’m sorry. And thank you.”

Ansandra was surprised by this new information, but she honestly thanked the girl and placed the bubbles on her own chest as told.

She then embraced Lorent’s shoulders and pressed her twin mounds against her husband’s back.

“I-is this good?”

When she hesitantly asked, Lorent firmly nodded.

“Yes. Make sure you rub your tits on there nice and good to work up a lather.”


Once she had confirmation that the knight’s advice was accurate, Ansandra did as she was told and worked hard at rubbing her breasts against him.

But her body was soon ruled by a throbbing she could not just ignore.

(Ah, what do I do now? Rubbing my nipples against him feels so good…)

She was embarrassed that she was deriving sexual pleasure from something as simple as washing his back.

But her mind and her body were two different things.

Her body was hoping to sleep with a man. Her nipples were solidly erect. And she was rubbing those hardened nipples against him, so she could not stop the sexual pleasure from building up in her body.

(My nipples are melting. I feel like my nipples are melting.)

Ansandra was diligent to the core, so she was intent on doing as she was told. She continued rubbing her breasts against his back. No, that was not the reason. She simply could not stop seeking pleasure from rubbing her nipples against him.


Her breaths were heated, she stuck her tight little butt backwards, and she rubbed her inner thighs longingly together.

She also took a casual peek over his shoulder and saw his cock was rock hard once more.

(It’s already recovered. I-I want it… No, what am I thinking?)

She could feel her womb tightening and lowering.

“Ha ha? Check out the queen’s inner thighs. They’re soaked.”

“Eh heh heh. As usual, she’s as horny as any of us once she lowers that mask of nobility?”

The knights in the bath were entirely unrestrained in their comments.

Ansandra found it so embarrassing she wanted to die, but she could not stop her womanly desire.

Once her arousal grew to the point of blanking out her mind, she heard Lorent’s voice.

“Are you done washing?”


Ansandra gave a cheerful reply because she thought this meant he was ready to give her what she wanted. But she was wrong.

“Then do my arm next.”

“Eh? Oh, yes. Understood. Am I to wash that with my boobs too?”

Lorent held his right arm out horizontally and she began thinking about how to press her breasts against it, but then he gave her an unexpected instruction.

“No, wash it with your pubic hair.”

“Eh? My pubic hair?”

Ansandra was taken aback, but the man coldly ordered her while holding out his strong arm.

“Yes, rub soap into your pubic hair and straddle my arm.”

She blinked her eyes, but she obediently lathered the soap in her own golden pubic hair. And she hesitantly straddled his right arm.

“L-like this? Ah?”

“Yes, now rub back and forth from my hand to my shoulder.”

While straddling his arm and facing his shoulder, she did as she was told and rubbed her pubic hair up and down to wash the arm.


However, Ansandra did not have much pubic hair. You could say it was only beginning to grow in.

That meant it was impossible for her to wash with it. She was essentially just rubbing her pussy lips against the man’s skin.

As the observing knight girls had pointed out, she was already so wet she seemed to have wet herself, so it should have been obvious what would happen when she rubbed it against that beloved man.

(It feels so good I think I really am going to pee?)

A surge of pleasure raced up her spine and she lost herself in rubbing her erect and half-exposed clitoris against him.

“Ansandra, how wet are you? You’ll never get me clean like this.”

“I-I’m sorry. Ahhh…”

She was embarrassed, but she could not stop her hips from moving. In fact, she was secretly enjoying the act of rubbing her love juices on the man.

It may have been the same mindset as a dog marking its territory.

By rubbing him with her love juices, she was saying he was hers.

“Oh, honestly. You can’t expect me to just watch this!”

Naja voiced her irritation and suddenly got up out of the bath.

“Your Majesty, I will wash your left arm. That’s fine, isn’t it?”

“Yes, go ahead.”

Once she had permission, Naja brushed back her ample red hair, straddled Lorent’s left arm, and rubbed her own red pubic hair against it.

“Wow, she’s finally gone for a direct competition!?”

The girls still in the bath cheered as their excitement grew.

On one side was the girl who had become Domos’s queen through a political marriage. On the other side was the girl who would likely have become Domos’s queen if not for that.

Those two beautiful girls were straddling the same man’s arms and moving their hips back and forth.


Ansandra and Naja stared at each other’s lewd expressions.

(Th-this is so embarrassing. And why am I so drawn to that look on her face..?)

Ansandra found herself charmed by the other girl’s moaning face and she tried to look away out of embarrassment.

But just then, Naja moved her face in close and stole the queen’s lips.


Ansandra’s eyes widened in surprise.

She came back to her senses and tried to break free, but her lower body was too weak.

“Mch, ch, slurp…”

Her mouth was mercilessly violated and her tongue attacked. Naja then reached out her right hand and grabbed Ansandra’s breast.

Naja’s other hand grabbed Ansandra’s hand and pulled it to Naja’s own breast.

(Wow, it’s so springy! It feels amazing.)

Realizing what the other girl wanted, Ansandra used both hands to grab and grope Naja’s breasts. Naja returned the favor.

“Hh, mhh, ahn…”

Ansandra and Naja straddled Lorent’s shoulders and pressed their lower stomachs against either side of his head while they groped each other’s tits and enjoyed a deep kiss.

(Wh-what am I doing? I’m making out with another girl. And while we’re straddling King Lorent. Ahh, but it feels so good?)

The more pleasure she felt, the more pleasure she wanted the other person to feel, so she stroked Naja’s solidly erect nipples.

“Mh, mhh…?”

The girls’ crotches rubbed up against the man’s shoulders. Lorent’s ears could likely hear the wet sound of nectar flowing from their vaginas.

Finally, Naja ended the kiss.

“Pwah? You’re surprisingly horny for having such a kiddy face.”

“That’s because His Majesty said he likes horny women…”

“Wow, you’re taking this more seriously than I thought.”

Those sand-colored eyes grew harsh as they watched Ansandra’s embarrassed face. But then she smiled.

“Well, a women’s battle won’t be settled so easily, will it? That aside, I think it’s about time we washed His Majesty’s cock?”


“Your Majesty, that’s okay, isn’t it?”

Lorent answered Naja’s sweet voice with a firm nod.

“Yes, please do.”

Ansandra and Naja’s hips seemed to give out as they crouched down between Lorent’s spread legs.

“Ahh, His Majesty’s cock…”

Ansandra lovingly rubbed her cheek against it and let her blonde hair brush across it, so Lorent asked a question.

“Didn’t you just enjoy it earlier?”

“Yes, but not nearly enough.”

Ansandra’s cheeks flushed as she admitted it.

She had not noticed during the days and nights of enjoying it, but now that it had been a while, she realized just how badly she needed it inside her.

“I’ve missed it too, you know?”

Noticing the atmosphere between them, Naja expressed her displeasure.

“And I’ve missed both of you.”

Lorent rubbed Naja’s red hair with his left hand.

“Then let’s get down to business.”

Ansandra opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, but Naja stopped her.

“What do you think you’re doing? We’re supposed to be washing it. Washing.”

“Washing. R-right.”

With that beloved penis before her eyes, Ansandra had only been thinking about sucking it, so she blushed at her own shameful behavior.

“Th-then how am I supposed to wash a cock?”

“With your tits of course.”

“Eh? My tits?”

Ansandra clearly did not understand, so Naja smiled happily.

“Hm? You haven’t done this yet? You hold the cock between your tits. It’s called a titjob and it’s apparently one of the best ways to pleasure a man. His Majesty loves it, of course.”

“He loves having it held between a woman’s boobs?”

When she stared intently at him, Lorent scratched his cheek and answered.

“Well, yeah. Any man would.”

“Why didn’t you tell me something so important!?”

Ansandra puffed out her cheeks and Lorent smiled.

“Heh heh heh. Sulking because I didn’t teach you a sex technique? You sure have grown.”

“This is no laughing matter. I am your wife. And a wife must know how to pleasure her husband better than any other woman.”

“Wow, should I assume that was directed at me?” asked Naja as her cheeks stiffened.

“Yes. I am his wife. You are his mistress.”

“When did you get so bold?”

Invisible sparks scattered between them, so Lorent decided to intervene.

“C’mon, if you want to give me a titjob, then try to get along. Keep arguing and I’ll go soft.”

“That would be a problem. Please enjoy my boobs…no, my tits.”

They both quickly covered their breasts with bubbles and competed to be the first to get his dick between them.

The dark cock was teased by dark, smooth skin and milky, shiny skin.

Surrounded by four breasts, the penis head would alternately poke up above and sink back below.

Moving their breasts up and down must have been a lot of work. Ansandra and Naja had beads of sweat dripping down their bodies.

The soap worked up a lot of bubbles and the bubbles briefly turned red, presumably because some blood had gotten on him when he took the virginity of the new flying dragon knight named Madia.

“O-our nipples are rubbing together and it feels so good. Ahh, ahh…”

“It feels good for me too…”

The two girls were already sexually aroused from washing him with their crotches.

They cried out longingly and wiggled their butts.

The two cats in heat rubbed their nipples together and rubbed the bottom of the penis head, but they could not wait any longer and stuck out their tongues to lick the head.

“Hh, hn, hh…”

“Ahm, mjh, slurp…”

Blue eyes met sand-colored ones and they suddenly spoke.

“You’re not bad at this.”

“I knew I couldn’t lose to you if I was to be King Lorent’s woman.”


They must have discovered an odd sense of camaraderie like they were rivals because they exchanged a friendly kiss with the penis head in between.

They continued the titjob while skillfully wrapping their tongues around the penis head.

Lorent succumbed to their intense service.

“Kh, I’m cumming.”

Sure enough, a milky liquid erupted out.

It shot out with enough force to coat the noble face and healthy face equally.

“Ha ha. It’s so warm?”

“I love being covered in your scent, Your Majesty?”

Naja, who was said to be Domos’s true queen, and Ansandra, who was Domos’s official queen, both opened their mouths wide and stuck out their tongues to catch the semen.

And they licked the cum off each other’s faces and boobs like they were kittens.

Lorent was satisfied with what he saw.

“There is nothing as beautiful as friendship. You two need to continue getting along like this.”

“Of course…”

Ansandra answered obediently, but Naja expressed some displeasure.

“Hmph, you sure are selfish.”

From Naja’s perspective, it was Lorent’s fault she was competing with Ansandra in the first place, so he was in no place to demand she get along with the other girl.

But while Naja carried those complicated feelings as a woman, Ansandra had fallen even further.

“U-um, Your Majesty…”

“What is it?”

When Lorent pressed her for an answer, Ansandra’s cheeks flushed in embarrassment and she wiggled her hips longingly. After hesitating a few times, she made up her mind and made her plea.

“I can’t wait any longer. I need your cock. I need your cock inside me.”

She was not being forced into doing it, but Ansandra still pleaded him.

Lorent looked satisfied with this, but Naja pushed in.

“Well, I want it too.”

“Sorry, Naja, but it’s first come first serve.”

Ansandra’s face lit up when she heard his response.

“I’ll put it in Ansandra first, but I won’t use my hips. Ansandra, you put it in yourself and move your own hips.”

“Eh? Um, okay…”

Ansandra was taken aback but agreed.

“U-um…will this work?”

“Yes, just lower your hips from there.”

Lorent lay on his back in the open-air bath’s washing area. Ansandra was on all fours and straddling him with no strength in her hips.

Jealous Naja and the curious knight girls watched on as she hesitantly brought her labia to the penis.

Her heart was racing in her chest.

She had always been the passive one. Her sexuality had grown through having Lorent forcibly teach her the pleasures of her body.

Yet she felt shameful putting it in her when he was not moving.

(But my pussy is throbbing so bad. I can’t wait any longer…)

When the beautiful princess weighed her shame as a woman against her lust, the lust won out. She pushed her deep slit against the thick and towering manhood and she placed her body weight on it.

This was the same position the knight girl named Madia had used to deflower herself, but Ansandra’s non-virgin vagina seemed to greedily devour the meat stick.

“Hahhhhhh… Your cock really is so big, hot, and rugged. It feels so good.”

She had brought the manhood inside her of her own free will and it was her lower body’s first taste of one for a while, so she shed tears of joy.

The beautiful princess was crouched down after swallowing the cock to its base.

“Raise your knees so I can see our union.”

On Lorent’s instruction, Ansandra obediently raised her knees with her legs spread on either side of him.


“She looks docile, but our queen is soooo dirty?”

The knight girls cheered at the sight.

(Ahh, so many people are watching my pussy take King Lorent inside. It’s embarrassing…but it feels so good…)

Her vagina tightened as masochistic pleasure washed over her body.

“Now move your own hips.”

Ansandra sighed with an intoxicated look on her face, but when he lightly slapped her ass, she began bouncing her hips up and down like she was riding a horse.

“Ah, ahhh. It feels incredible. Just incredible. Ahh, ahh, yes. I feel like I’m melting. Ahh, ahh.”

Lorent could see his penis moving in and out of her body. And each time she moved her hips, her hidden flesh would pull out somewhat.

“Move your hips around like you’re drawing a circle.”

“Y-yes, Your Majesty.”

Ansandra’s butt stuck out to the left and right when compared to her slender belly and she moved it in a circle.

“Ahh, ahn, hahh, hahh, hahh…”

She used the thick penis to stir up the depths of her vagina as well as the front and back walls, so more and more love juices flowed out.


She moved her own hips while the connection was fully visible to everyone. She thought she would die from the embarrassment, but that embarrassment must have increased the pleasure because she moved her hips with even more intensity.

Each time the thick cock moved in and out, love juices sprayed out and her inner flesh was exposed.

(I-it’s too embarrassing. I can’t believe His Majesty and so many other people are seeing me do this. But it feels so good.)

No one told her to, but as she drowned in pleasure, she massaged her own breasts and madly moved her hips.

“Ahhh, yes, yes. Your cock feels so good. I love cock~?”

The knight girls’ eyes widened as they watched Ansandra shouting such obscene things.

“Wow, I had heard it was the obedient-looking women who were the most amazing in bed, but it looks like that’s true.”

“Incredible. The queen is squirting.”

Love juices sprayed from the union of man and woman.

The girls who had shocked Ansandra with their horniness were now shocked by her horniness.

(I’m done for. When King Lorent puts his cock inside me, I can’t think about anything else.)

She could not believe her own horniness, but there was nothing she could do about that.

But as her pleasure grew, her movements dulled. She finally placed her hands on the man’s stomach and collapsed.

When she stopped moving and gasped for breath, Lorent betrayed her expectations by asking her a kind question.

“Have you not reached the point where you can ride my cock until you cum?”

“Pant, pant, pant… No, I haven’t. I’m sorry. It feels so good…so very good that I can’t move.”

Ansandra desperately shook her head while breathing hot breaths. She had always been in the passive role, so she had trouble being in control of the sex.

“But I want it. I want your cock. Please stir up my pussy with your cock. And please fill me with your cum.”

“Very well.”

She knew he loved hearing her talk dirty, so she intentionally said a bunch of embarrassing things in a row.

Lorent was satisfied with that, so he got up, held Ansandra in his arms, and then pushed her back into the missionary position.


Ansandra breathed a sigh of relief and pleasure as the man pinned her down. She had been taught quite a few embarrassing positions, but she found missionary the most relaxing.

(Ahh, I’m about to get fucked hard while everyone watches. And then I’ll cum even harder.)

It would be embarrassing, but she wanted it so badly.

But Lorent did not immediately start moving and instead strongly pushed his crotch deeper and deeper.

“P-please move…and pound me.”

She knew he was teasing her, so she grew tearful, pleaded him with sweet and heated breaths, and thrust her own hips up.

She showed an impressive amount of strength for such a slender frame. She arched her back and moved her hips up and down with muscular Lorent on top of her.

Lorent smiled bitterly at her wild hip movements and finally began thrusting his own hips.

“Ahhh…m-more…lots more.”

Ansandra cried impatiently as his hips gradually built up speed. Her pleasure built up at the same time.

“Ah, ahh, yes, ahn, ahh…yes, cock feels so good.”

Love juices flowed endlessly out, leaving Lorent’s balls and inner thighs wet and glistening. It also flowed down to the valley of her butt and wet her anus.

As she writhed madly, her orderly facial features twisted erotically and she arched her back over and over. But her expression was one of joy not agony.

“Ahh, incredible. So…so deep. Ah, you’re pounding me so deep. Ahh, yes, yes. ah, your cock feels so good?”

Everyone watching had to wonder if all women shined this bright when the man she loved was fucking her.

Pleased, Lorent continued the deep, rhythmic movement of his hips while lifting up Ansandra’s legs and bent them to either side of her body.

“Ahn, ahn, ahn…”

Ansandra had grown quite obedient, so she held up her own legs for him and spread them with her hips lifted up.

As she received the rough pistoning, the beautiful princess was turned on by her own bold and embarrassing pose. She focused on the pleasure and grew intoxicated by the hints of an orgasm arriving close.

But then he pulled his manhood right out.


She briefly had no idea what had happened and she looked puzzled by the sudden lack of pleasure.

When she realized he had intentionally pulled out, the horny girl wet her cheeks with tears and pleaded him.

“Pant, pant. Ahh, hurry, hurry up and put it back in. I’ll go crazy if you don’t!”

Lorent had a tendency of briefly stopping to tease her just before she reached orgasm.

She always felt like it would drive her insane, but she knew the stimulation would soon return and the pleasure would increase several-fold.

While shamelessly maintaining her spread-legged pose, she stuck her hips out toward him.

In her intense desire to have Lorent hurry up and stick his penis back inside her, she let her guard down.

She did not notice that the man had a cruel smile in his sanpaku eyes and chose the hole below the one she was hoping for.

The tip was wet with her love juices and she felt it press against the indent of her anus. Then the thick head pushed right on in.


Her eyes widened at the odd feeling.

But Lorent did not let her say anything before his hips sank down.

“Hhh…ahh, th-that’s the wrong hole!”

Surprised, Ansandra groaned and desperately pointed out his mistake, but he mercilessly jammed it in.

Her sphincter was spread so wide she thought it would snap and a cold sweat covered her body despite the summer heat, the bath’s steam, and her sexual arousal.

“It’s not wrong at all. This is the hole I meant to use.”

“Th-that’s…t-too cruel… Th-that place is unclean…”

Ansandra lamented when she learned this was intentional and not a mistake.

The mistreated princess crashed down from heaven to hell and had trouble even breathing.

“Ahh, hh…”

Her groans must have worried Lorent because he asked a kind question.

“Does it hurt?”

“N-no, it’s not that… It just feels…really weird. Um…like the core of my body…is missing…”

Unlike her vagina, her anus had no hymen. But the sphincter and inner walls were not meant to accept a man’s desire.

She generally found sex embarrassing yet had grown hooked on the pleasure, but having her anus toyed with reminded her of how it felt to defecate and she simply could not enjoy it.

But the elegant girl could not honestly say that, so she stiffened up and desperately bore with it. Lorent realized how she was feeling, so he enjoyed himself by wiggling around inside her asshole.

“How about that?”

“Hee, ahhh!”

Ansandra’s round and shapely butt moved obscenely as her entire body trembled and she cried out indecently.

“Heh heh. It looks to me like you enjoy having me in your ass.”

“Ahh, that-…”

She could not bring herself to say “isn’t true”. It was not much, but she quickly realized she was deriving some uniquely embarrassing pleasure from her anus.

“Well, either way’s fine with me. It’s just like with the pussy. Even if it hurts at first, you’ll be a girl who loves it in the ass before you know it.”

“Ahh, I don’t want to be that kind of girl.”

Lorent ignored her tearful pleas to not become a perverted anal-loving girl and he began slowly moving in and out.

“Nnn, mhhhh.”

Ansandra writhed madly as the small hole meant for releasing waste was penetrated by a thick cock.

But as she shed tears from her first anal violation, a shocking level of masochistic beauty and smoothness filled her face.

“How lovely. A look of shame really does look perfect on you.”

“Ahh, why must you be so mean…?”

The savage king took his time enjoying the beautiful princess’s asshole.

“I can’t stand it, ahh, I can’t stand it…Hhhhn, ahhh, hh, hahh, ahhhh.”

Her half-opened lips let out a constant stream of agonized cries.

As she was fucked in the ass, Ansandra felt more than just pure physical pain. It was the embarrassment that brought the tears.

But she gradually grew accustomed to it. Once her body and anus relaxed and once she stopped clenching her teeth and actually breathed properly, she found it a lot easier. She realized the way her lower stomach hit a notch seemed to tease her and felt quite pleasant.


A spellbound voice escaped her wide-opened mouth.

“Ha ha. Looks like you’re used to it now. Okay, time to really start moving.”

“Ahh, n-no. Ahh, please stop. Ahh, ohh, ohhhh…”

Lorent smiled sadistically and began rhythmically moving his hips.

Each thrust was like a battering ram smashing her mind and body.

The groaning voice from deep in her throat sounded nothing like her normal self, but her body was soon melting from the masochistic pleasure.


She moaned with a blank expression on her face, but she was confused in her heart.

(Wh-what do I do now? My butt feels so good. That place is unclean…but it feels so good with His Majesty’s precious thing in there. This is so embarrassing.)

“I like that look on your face. I think it’s about time I came inside your ass. Kh.”

With that announcement, a hot spray surged out inside her and pumped inside the bottomless hole.


Ansandra’s entire body went limp from the ecstasy of her first anal creampie.

Liquid sprayed forcefully from the hole in front of the one taking the meat stick. In other words, from her vagina.

She peed with her legs spread in a V-shape with her hips held high.

The liquid flew in an arc and splattered on her own beautiful face.

A sheltered royal girl like her had never even imagined something as humiliating as urinating on her own face, but her brain had been fried by masochistic pleasure.

Once the warm liquid came to a stop and Lorent had finished cumming, he pulled out his now-small penis.

When it slipped out, the anal walls were briefly stretched wide enough to see inside, but they soon tightened up and returned to the original adorable bud.


The sensation of him pulling it out felt so much like defecating that Ansandra had frantically tightened her anus.

With the solid object gone, the hole lost its painful-looking redness. The entire anus was somewhat swollen from the forceful insertion, but there was no bleeding.

A moment later, there were cheers.

“Bravo! That was an outstanding performance, our queen?”

“She looks so pure, but she’s actually such a horny girl. I can see why His Majesty abandoned Naja for her.”

The flying dragon knight girls embraced Ansandra’s limp form.

Naja shouted angrily back at her subordinates’ irresponsible assessment.

“I have not been abandoned. Don’t even suggest that. Say it again and this fist is going right up your pussy.”

“Kyah! Mistress Naja is angry?”

The knight girls scattered around the open-air bath as they fled.

“And, King Lorent, you can’t just expect us to watch. I’m going next.”

Naja pushed down Lorent and washed his penis off with soap while forcing it hard again.

“M-me too? Me too? I want His Majesty to fuck me too~?

The knight girls gathered around Lorent and an orgy began.

The following day, the Domos army had resupplied, rested, and replenished their energy in Ramlese, so they marched for the royal capital of Curling where the Clanarian army had chosen to make their last stand.

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