Harem Dynast

Part 2: Chapter 2 - Magic Obsessed Princess
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Part 2: Chapter 2 - Magic Obsessed Princess

“Everyone, I brought us a new kitten to play with.”

Around ten girls were hanging around in Naja’s encampment for the flying dragon unit.

They were the leaders of the unit, making them Naja’s aides.

They all looked a lot like Naja. They were beautiful muscular girls with dark-tanned skin. They wore leather clothing, but to lower the weight for the dragons, it barely covered any of their skin and was so thin and skintight that the bumps of their nipples and shape of their secret slit showed through.

“Eh? Wait, isn’t that His Majesty’s new girl?”

“Right, right. It’s the Clanarian princess who stole mistress’s man from her.”

“Oh, Mistress Naja. Are you finally beginning your direct attack on your rival? I wouldn’t want anything less from my mistress.”

“Underhanded and treacherous. That’s our mistress.”

“That’s always how it is when a woman is thrown out by her man. Even though taking revenge on the other woman won’t bring back your lost love. It’s the sad nature of women.”

Naja shouted angrily back at her unrestrained aides.

“I have not been thrown out by His Majesty and don’t even imply that I have been. Keep saying it and I’ll shove my fist up your pussy until you’ve learned your lesson.”

“Kyah! There it is. Mistress’s special attack; the Fistfuck!”

“Yes, please! I want you to do it to me!”

When her aides began cheerfully volunteering for that extremely shameful treatment, even Naja shut up.

“You all could really stand to have more shame.”

The girls laughed off Naja’s wholehearted warning.

“Oh, c’mon, Mistress Naja. You can be so virtuous in the weirdest places.”

“That’s right. You need to forget about being a general. How can you even talk about shame when you’re the one that gave me a golden shower and took my chastity until I passed out back when I was a virgin who’d never even masturbated?”

Naja gave a stubborn snort and wrapped her arms around Ansandra’s shoulders while the girl stood in a daze at this incomprehensible world before her. And Naja whispered like a kind big sister speaking to her cute little sister.

“Surprised? Well, all of them used to be as innocent as you were. They would tremble in my arms, but now they’re just horny all the time. I wonder if the same will happen to you once I’m done with you.”

Ansandra shook her head.

“Now, now. No need to be shy. C’mon, take off those frilly clothes.”

I knew this was coming, thought Ansandra as she bluntly refused while knowing it was meaningless.


Naja did not seem remotely bothered by that and simply gave a quick command to the dark-tanned girls.

“Strip her.”

“Yes, mistress.”

The ten or so girls spoke up in unison and grabbed at Ansandra’s body.

“No, wait, stop it…”

Ansandra tried to resist, but she was too weak to handle a single veteran soldier girl, much less around ten of them. Her dress was torn away in no time and she was laid down on the floor.

“Mistress Naja, she’s ready.”

“Good work.”

The swarm of girls stepped back to reveal Ansandra looking like a bare doll with blonde hair spread out around her. Her lovely lips were pressed together to bear the embarrassment.

“Also, can I keep the underwear this queen was wearing? It’s super see-through and covered in lace, so it’s really sexy. I absolutely love it.”

“Sure, go right ahead.”

“No fair! What about the rest of us?”

Naja ignored the other booing girls and stripped off her own leather bra and panties to boldly expose her splendid body. She walked over to Ansandra, grabbed her jaw to lift her face, and swept her gaze across the girl from top to bottom.


Domos did not exactly put a huge emphasis on aesthetics and Naja was even less concerned with it than most, but even she had to admit this was a superb body.

They were both women, but Ansandra was made entirely differently from a dragon-rider.

Naja and the other girls here had built up muscles and tans from soaring across the battlefield on flying dragons, so they had a wild sort of healthy beauty and anyone would have called them beautiful.

But Ansandra’s beauty was that of a refined lady. Her pure white skin looked like it had never been fully exposed to the sun and her soft body carried feminine fat. The only real flaw was the skinniness brought by her young age, but even that had the appeal of being a bud that would grow into a proper lady.

“She’s a lot different from Mistress Naja. I can see why His Majesty is so fixated on her.”

“Yes, I can see why our mistress was discarded.”

As her aides peered in from behind and made more unrestrained comments, Naja smacked them on the head. She then gave Ansandra an affectionate smile, stuck her fingers in the girl’s silky blonde hair, and enjoyed the sensation of running her fingers through it like a comb.

“On the battlefield the trust between superior and subordinate is crucial. If we don’t know each other down to our assholes, we can’t pull off any bold strategies that require absolute trust. As queen, you’re our superior, so let’s get to know each other.”

Naja lovingly narrowed her eyes and looked down at Ansandra with the sadistic look of a cat toying with a mouse before eating it.

She gently rubbed her fingers along Ansandra’s lips, cheeks, chin, throat, neck, collarbones, chest, nipples, belly, navel, lower stomach, pubic hair, and inner thighs. She seemed to be savoring the lovely form, but then she took a water bottle from one of the observing knight girls, took a swig, and stole those coral-like lips with the liquid still in her mouth.

Ansandra had no choice but to swallow the sweet liquid that poured into her mouth.

“Well? Did you like it?”

Naja let out a sensual breath as she released the girl’s lips and stroked the obedient kitten’s hair some more.

Ansandra nodded and not just to be polite. That had been sweeter and tastier than the juices served at Clanarian banquets.

“Of course you did. It’s melted perpetual snow mixed with nectar of the banshee flower that only blossoms deep in the mountains where the snow never melts. Have another sip.”

Naja took another drink and kissed Ansandra like before. But this time the nectar came with a lot of saliva as well. Ansandra worked her small throat to swallow it.

“Nn, nn, nnn…”

Naja lay on top of Ansandra’s naked body while enjoying the beautiful but obscene and immoral kiss. Their twin peaks pressed together and their nipples rubbed against each other. Their inner thighs slid against each other and a golden bush touched a red one.


Naja finally got up form the long kiss that used her whole body and a seductively glittering string of saliva remained between their lips.

“His Majesty knows how to pleasure a woman, but as a man, he always relies on that incredible cock in the end. While I have no complaints about that, there are ways for a woman to pleasure another woman.”

After sweetly whispering, Naja brought her face close with nothing in her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and began licking at Ansandra’s face. Her soft tongue caressed the girl’s lips, chin, cheeks, forehead, eyelids, nose, and even her nostrils.

Thanks to the previous juice, Naja’s breath was sweet. Ansandra felt like she had been turned into a sweetly melting piece of candy. At the same time, Naja’s arms and fingers crawled along Ansandra’s soft skin, skillfully searched out slight erogenous zones Ansandra herself was unaware of, like her spine and tailbone, and used the warmth of their skin contact to arouse Ansandra.

“Ahh, stop…”

Ansandra pleaded but could not hide the lust in her voice. Lucy had once had her way with her and Dominic had harassed her, so she felt no displeasure at having another woman feeling over her body. But unlike Lucy’s out-of-control passion or Dominic’s jealous hatred, Naja’s touch showed the technique of an experienced lesbian, so she cried out in surprise.

Ansandra was no longer a virgin. She knew the pleasure of being held in Lorent’s manly arms, of receiving his wild caresses, of being penetrated by his thick cock, and of being filled with his hot eruption.

The pleasure of being fucked by a man was entirely different from the pleasure she felt now. Naja provided a delicate pleasure that gradually built up. It was a peaceful intoxication like floating in the calm sea. Ansandra could barely stand it.

“Ahh, hh, ahh, ahn, nn…”

Even as heat filled her breaths, she began to wonder if this was all. But at that very moment, Naja’s fingertips pushed back the hood covering Ansandra’s most hidden bud and she stroked the contents.


Ansandra convulsed and arched her back like a jolt of electricity had run through her.

Even after the sharp and intense climax, Ansandra gasped for breath like she had just sprinted at full speed and the movement caused her tensed breasts to jiggle.

What had that been? Unable to speak, she simply stared up at Naja. She had learned from experience that that was the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. Lorent had brought her to tears several times by thoroughly tormenting it. But this had clearly gone beyond that past pleasure.

“Hee hee hee. Surprised? The female body hides many secrets. And two women will greedily seek further pleasure, so passing out from pleasure is fairly common.”

Naja smiled and then stuck out her tongue to suggestively lick her lips. Then she grabbed the clitoris again, rubbed it, and rolled it to the left and right.


“I bet you had no idea your body could feel so sensitive if you let the pleasure gradually build.”

Ansandra was trembling. She felt like that was not enough to explain this pleasure, so she began to suspect that banshee nectar concoction had hid some kind of secret.

And with no concern for Ansandra’s suspicions, Naja looked behind her.

“You all lick her too. Let’s introduce our queen to another world filled with flower gardens.”

“Yes, I was waiting for this. My pussy is soaked just from watching.”

The girls who had been taught Naja’s lesbian technique stripped off their thin leather clothing and gathered around Ansandra’s body.

“Queen, you have such amazing tits.”

“And your skin is like silk.”

A girl on either side began groping a breast each. Not only did mouths reach her nipples, but one sealed her lips with an intense kiss and more fingers and tongues gently massaged her earlobes, nape, ear holes, spine, shoulder blades, armpits, back of the knees, navel, between her fingers, the back of her upper arms, the arch of her feet, between her toes, her sides, thighs, butt, and the whorl of gathered peach fuzz on her back.

“Hh, ah, no, stop, hee…ah…hah…ah, ah, ah, ahh, pant, pant, pant, no…I’m…ah, ahh…!”

The skilled girls’ attack was merciless, intense, and thorough. They of course stuck fingers in her vagina, but they also bared her clitoris, penetrated her anus, and poked at her urethra with their tongue tip. And licking must not have been enough for some because they began lightly biting her. When they pressed their front teeth against her inner thigh, flower petals, and even clitoris, a pleasurable pain made her feel faint.

Around ten girls were attacking a single girl. And the attacking girls never tired. They just continued to bring Ansandra to orgasm.

“Ah…ah, no…hee…h, hh, ah, kh…hh, I’m…ahh, I’m cumming…ahhhh!”

As she repeatedly writhed in pleasure and rose to climax, Ansandra’s intelligent and educated beauty was entirely ruined. Her face trembled in pleasure, she moaned erotically, and she gave off a seductive scent, so the female knights only grew more and more engrossed in attacking her.

But the more she orgasmed, the more earnest desire rose into her mind.

She wanted a man. She wanted Lorent’s penis stirring up her vagina. But there were only women here. No matter how many times their caress made her cum, she just wanted Lorent even more and an impatient desire built within her. Their fingers and tongues were not enough to satisfy her.

She wanted His Majesty’s dick. And Naja accurately observed that silent cry of her heart.

“Queen, you must be wanting a man about now. And isn’t His Majesty always telling you to say you want it out loud?”

Ansandra sensed a blatant trap in Naja’s grin, but she was too worked up to worry about that.

“I-I want it. I need it. Ah, ahh, please, ahn, I want it. Give me His Majesty’s cock so its size can fill me up.”

She knew he was not here and they could not grant her this, but she had been taught she would be given what she wanted if she begged as obscenely as possible, so she simply said all the indecent words that came to mind.

“Pant, pant, pant. Cock. I need cock inside me or I’ll go crazy. Your Majesty, Your Majesty, please give me your love.”

When she saw Ansandra pleading with such dirty language, Naja finally ordered her subordinate girls to stop.

“I understand that desire for a man.”

Ansandra lay in a daze with her legs spread wide and her body sticky with a sexual sweat and saliva. Naja held the butt end of a flying dragon rider’s metal spear in front of the girl’s face.

“When a woman grows to like how a man feels, another woman can seem lacking. But not to worry. We have tools to make up for that.”

Ansandra’s misty eyes viewed the long and glittering spear Naja had pulled out.

“This is my beloved spear. I’ve named it Flesh Cleaver. It has visited countless battlefields in my hand and drank the lifeblood of countless people.”

It was of course the spear she had used against Lucy.

“But that’s not where it gets its name. Doesn’t the other end look like something? You should know given how much you like sucking His Majesty’s dick. Yes, that’s right. It’s shaped just like a man’s penis.”

When Ansandra realized what Naja was saying, she scooted back.

“I’ll shove this spear right – in – your – pretty – pussy.”

As if that really were Lorent’s flesh rod, Naja lovingly stroked the metal rod, kissed it, and stuck out her red tongue to lick it.


Ansandra backed away in fear, but Naja’s girls held in her place, grabbed her ankles, and raised them in a V-shape.

Naja flipped the spear around and held the butt end toward Ansandra’s crotch.

The spear held against her looked a lot thicker than Lorent’s. And, as a spear, it was obviously longer. It could pierce her from vagina to mouth and have room to spare.

“Stop, don’t do this. If you put that inside me, I’ll tear apart.”

Ansandra shed large tears and desperately pleaded, but Naja did not care.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. You’ll love it once you’ve tried it.”

The queen’s desperate and tearful cries were answered by the spear-wielding flying dragon knight’s attack.

“Sob…no, please, I beg of you, ah, ahhhhhh!”

The spear had no blood flowing through it, but it had drunk the blood of many people. It currently parted the girl’s flesh gate and filled the narrow cave beyond.

“Gulp. Now this is intense. Look at that thick thing gradually entering that tiny pussy.”

One of the girls holding Ansandra down gulped and voiced her impression.


Ansandra opened her mouth wide and tilted her head back. She had only ever had Lorent’s thing inside her, but now she was penetrated by a metal penis. It was as much of a shock as when she had first accepted a man inside.

Her eyes widened, her mouth trembled, tears dripped down her white cheeks, and sweat poured down her body.

Her own body brought her despair by feeling so fulfilled by having the metal rod filling her vagina, even though she was being treated so inhumanely.

“There’s the dead end. It won’t go in any further than this.”

The intense shock to her womb made Ansandra feel like the spear was about to burst out of her mouth.

“Let’s see here.” Naja peered down at the point of union. “I can tell you’ve been taking His Majesty’s giant cock on a daily basis. Not a single drop of blood from tearing. Okay, let’s all control this thing together.”

Naja pulled on the metal spear. Ansandra’s pink petals were pulled out and the metal road soaked with love juices came into view. Then she pushed it back in. And the process repeated.

“Agh, ah…ah, hh, mgh, gyah, pant, pant, gah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…ah…ah…”

The sight of the brutal spear moving in and out of the lovely girl’s vagina was extremely lurid. But the breaths escaping her lips eventually changed from cries of protest to moans of pleasure.

“Oh, the queen’s enjoying it now. Such a dirty girl.”

“I’d slept around a fair bit before, but when our mistress first gave me the spear, it was too much for me to enjoy.”

“She’s so cute. I think I’ve fallen for our new queen. Queen, can you pleasure me too?”

One of the girls suddenly placed her soaking wet crotch against Ansandra’s moaning face

“No fair! I’ve fallen for her too. How could I not with this beautiful and sensitive body of hers?”

“I love the queen too, so let’s all enjoy her together.”

The flying dragon girls once more began groping Ansandra’s naked body. But this time, they also worked at pleasuring themselves.

One girl took Ansandra’s slender hand, licked the fingers to coat them with saliva, and then brought it to her crotch to masturbate with it. Similarly, a girl licked off Ansandra’s toes, straddled her foot, and grinded up against it.

“Nn. How lovely. Your foot feels amazing, queen…”

“Ahhhn. The queen’s fingers are flicking my clit!”

A girl pleasuring herself with Ansandra’s body groped another girl who was attacking Ansandra and that girl also pleasured another girl. They had set up a chain reaction of group lesbian pleasure. The dragon rider girls kissed, embraced, caressed, and greedily devoured each other’s bodies.

With the metal spear still in her vagina and several soft girls groping her entire body, Ansandra felt more pleasure than ever before, but she also cried. She felt anxiety and fear because her body would not obey her. And she felt self-pity that her home kingdom was walking the path to destruction.

That feeling of pity toward herself acted as an aphrodisiac inviting her to the path of pleasure.


Just as the bottom of the spear struck her womb a few times, all of Ansandra’s muscles relaxed.

A powerful current erupted from just a bit above the tight hole being split open by Flesh Cleaver.

The pale yellow stream formed an arching liquid bridge, struck the floor, and grew into a puddle.

“Every last one of them is pathetic! Do they have no balls!?”

A violet-haired female knight who was extremely tall for a woman and wore a white uniform stormed angrily forward.

It was Lucy who had just arrived at the capital of Curling with the defeated army.

In their loss of the Battle of Corlal Field, Clanaria’s army had lost General Albare, Vanguard General Madelene, Right General Chamomile, and Left General Hopard, along with ten 10,000-man unit leaders, eighty 1000-man unit leaders, three hundred 100-man unit leaders, a thousand 10-man unit leaders and more than three thousand knight captains and infantry captains. The total number of dead or captured was thought to reach 20,000.

It was truly a depressing loss.

When he received word, King Baldwin was said to have fallen ill from stress, they had been attacked again as they retreated, and Clanaria barely functioned as a kingdom anymore.

Meanwhile, the Domos army had not stopped. They continued attacking the checkpoints and small fortresses for the wealthy that could not put up much resistance as they marched on Curling with unbelievable speed.

“A single Domos soldiers is worth more than 10 Clanarian ones.”

That greatly exaggerated claim was now being accepted as fact.

Because the invading Domos army used Ansandra’s name to guarantee the vested interests of any who surrendered, the cities that could not hope for any protection from the center of the kingdom were defecting one after another.

As the situation only kept getting worse, Prime Minister Stuart was prepping the Clanarian army for a counterattack, but the constant reports of further lost battles created a painfully heavy atmosphere.

“We have still only lost once. We cannot allow our kingdom to fall from a single lost battle!”

Someone worked to calm the tigress who was raging at how worthless her allies were.

“Madam Lucy, please do not lash out like that. Our kingdom has been so blessed with victory lately that we are not used to losing.”

It was a tall man who looked to be in his mid-twenties.

The young commander’s entire body was muscular and he had powerful masculine features, so he looked like a born knight. He appeared to be a brave and capable man.

“Mh, who are you!?”

“We have met a few times before in the Ministry of the Military.”

Lucy stared intently at him and then successfully dredged up the proper memory.

“Oh, father’s…”

“I am Uldarg who served as Lord Albare’s aide.”

Her father had introduced them a few times with an apparent ulterior motive. When Lucy glared at him while exuding killer intent from her entire body, the man shrank back and placed a hand on his chest.

“Lord Albare treated me so kindly yet I allowed the enemy to reach him and failed to even take his body back from the battlefield. I could never make up for that even if my body were torn to pieces. I believe the only way to even somewhat calm this feelings is to offer Lorent’s head to him.”

“I see. That’s what I like to hear. But I will be the one to take Lorent’s head.”

Uldarg did not bother to hold his tongue.

“I will not let you have it. I already swore to Lord Albare’s spirit that I would take Lorent’s head.”

“Heh. Then it’s a race.”

Having found a kindred spirit, Lucy smiled for the first time in a while.

Before long, counterattack preparations began among the young hawks like Uldarg and Lucy.

And Clanaria gained an unexpected savior.

“War is a game of chance. Luck can influence whether you win or lose, so there is sometimes nothing you can do. But if you chicken out before the fight even begins, not even luck can bring you victory. The capital’s defense forces remain untouched and many returned soldiers and volunteer soldiers have joined them. And then you have my sorcery unit. The hideous savages of Domos must be driven from this civilized land at all costs.”

The one who entered the council of leaders and spoke up to scold those commanders was Clanaria 1st Princess Virginia.

She had long golden hair and azure eyes. She had the same milky white skin as her younger sister Ansandra, but her three more years of life had allowed her body to grow.

She was tall and had long legs.

The size of her bust was reminiscent of a cow’s udders, her waist was slender and tight, and she had wide childbearing hips.

Her high-powered body was contained by a skintight, royal blue suit that left her thighs and the tops of her breasts exposed. She also had magic jewels equipped all across her body. She wore a long, grape-colored cape and stilettos, so her taste in clothing always caused the sensible courtiers to place their head in their hands.

She had fine and deeply-cut facial features, but they had none of the undeveloped ephemerality of her younger sister.

The bridge of her nose stood tall, she boldly wore red rouge and blue eyeshadow, and her eyes held a pride that would bend to no one’s will.

“Gather the defense units from around the kingdom. Fighting skirmishes scattered all over the land will only waste the soldier’s lives. We can take back any lost territory afterwards. We will decide this at Curling!”

Virginia gave decisive instructions in place of her father the king who was too ill to leave bed.

“I never thought Princess Virginia would be so powerful in the face of adversity…”

Lucy stared in awe.

She had thoroughly underestimated the 1st Princess’s character.

As a woman of the military, Lucy had found Virginia’s obsession with magic baffling and she had thought it was pointless for a royal to dedicate themselves to a single field, magic or otherwise.

She wanted to believe her opinion had not been influenced by Virginia being a rival in love. Regardless, she had to reassess her opinion of the woman.

“It’s like a chrysalis hatching into a butterfly.”

The Clanarian army had entirely lost its morale after their series of defeats, so the presence of such a lively princess meant a lot.

Even if she misjudged something and gave mistaken instructions, she had the flexibility to correct herself and she breathed life back into the organization.

This was unlike when only the young commanders like Lucy and Uldarg were active. Lucy felt like some giant gears had started to turn and set the entire kingdom in motion, so she was ashamed of her poor opinion of Virginia.

“Okay, now we can win this.”

Princess Virginia had taken full responsibility over the Clanarian army’s counterattack. Retired General Zoral acted as her aide.

With young commanders like Uldarg and Lucy there as well, the army was quickly reforming.

Virginia gathered all the surviving military experts, had them meet together with them, and had them suggest what plan they thought was best. She then approved the proposed plan.

Lucy had actively stepped forward to assist the wild princess.

“I think the enemy will march straight for Curling. A rapid victory in a short-term battle is their only hope. We need to fortify our defenses and stop them here.”

“Oh? What a passive plan. Didn’t you know that fortifying oneself in a castle has always been a last resort while waiting for reinforcements? In any other situation, you will just starve to death.”

Virginia leaned back in her seat and lazily rested her head in her hand while toying with a colorful feathered fan in her right hand. She also crossed her legs quite high as if to accentuate the carnal curves of her legs.

Her unbelievably short skirt meant this provided a perfect view of her black panties, but she did not seem to care.

Looking down on people like that was like a hobby of Virginia’s, but she had to be exhausted after working so long without rest, so Lucy had suppressed her displeasure.

But hearing the princess’s response only irritated her further.

That had driven home that Virginia was an amateur who knew nothing of true war.

“That is nonsense spread by people ignorant of war. Since ancient times, it is usually the defending armies that emerge victorious.”


She was sexy. Any man would be irresistibly drawn to the sex appeal the princess gave off as she tilted her head, but the female knight who was to lead their main fighting force insisted on her own suggested strategy.

“We must set up fences around the castle, dig a moat, and thoroughly fortify our defenses. If we use all of the magic and arrows at our disposal, we can neutralize their cavalry and flying dragon attack. I’m sure the enemy will press on and try to force their way through, but that is when we strike them with our full strength. Domos has no supply line, so they can’t fight a lengthy battle. The only way they can win is by bringing down Curling in a quick battle and convincing the castle town to make an alliance.”

Lucy took a breath to calm herself and continued before the other woman could interrupt.

“To do that, we need to gather all food outside of the castle and transport it inside the castle. All edible food must be taken from the fields: the rice, the wheat, the soybeans, and anything else whether it is fully ready or not.”

Even that princess dressed like an evil witch was surprised by the female knight’s radical suggestion. She shut her fan and adjusted her position in the chair.

“That would be expensive. Stuart and the internal bureaucrats will probably faint.”

“We cannot spare any expense if we intend to win. We will lose it all if we are defeated regardless.”

Virginia must have picked up on the great intensity of Lucy’s words because she gave a powerful nod. Then she stood up, gave a swish of her cape, and made an announcement.

“Our defensive battle indeed must take precedence. Understood. I will have all materiel brought inside the castle.”

She had the look of a queen here and Lucy was so awestruck that she bowed her head.

(I underestimated her. She is sure to overcome this crisis and rule as Clanaria’s queen.)

She found herself convinced of that.

With her spirit of loyalty stimulated, Lucy prepared to end the audience and leave.

But Virginia did something that caused Lucy to trip in her heart.

“Oh, Madelene, my husband. I will have vengeance on your behalf.”

That evil sorceress who dressed like a dominatrix had folded her hands in a dreaming maiden’s pose.

(Does she know I used to be in a relationship with Madelene?)

Lucy was unsure what to think and just froze up.


Virginia uttered a seductive moan unbefitting of her position and staggered. Shocked, Lucy rushed over to support her.

“Princess Virginia, you have done more than enough for now, so please get some rest. If you fall ill as well, Clanaria is truly done for.”

“I know that. And don’t worry. This dizziness is not due to exhaustion or illness. It just hit me kind of hard while taking this break?”

Virginia’s cheeks were flushed and she suggestively turned her damp eyes toward her lower body, so Lucy followed her gaze.

Virginia’s clothing was skintight, so the lines of her body showed through. And her abs were moving in an unnatural way.

Confused, Lucy asked a question.

“Princess, um…do you have some kind of moving object attached to your crotch?”

“Oh, you could tell? You have sharp eyes.”

Virginia gave a bewitching smile and hiked up her tight miniskirt.

She revealed her hips contained in gorgeous black panties that had a rose embroidery and were see-through in places.


Lucy was surprised enough to suddenly be shown the woman’s underwear, but then Virginia grabbed the cloth in the center of the sharply rising bikini line and pulled it to the side.

A golden bush and pink flesh entered Lucy’s vision.

Just because they were both women did not make it okay to suddenly show her the most important part of a woman’s body. Lucy frantically cleared her throat.

“Eh heh heh. This is my favorite of the magics I have invented?”

Virginia smiled proudly and stuck her fingers into her crotch.

She produced an obscenely wet sound as she pulled out a strange object.


Lucy recognized its shape.

“I modeled this after Madelene’s symbol. Splendid, isn’t it??”

The object glistening with Virginia’s love juices and moving around a bit was undoubtedly shaped the same as the manhood that had risen from Madelene’s crotch and fucked Lucy.

“Oh, the more I look at it, the more it looks like that symbol I fell in love with…”

Spellbound, Virginia wrapped her sensual lips around it.

Lucy had been aware of fake penises sold to women who wished to remain single, but she had never seen one. And she had certainly never heard of one that moved on its own.

“What do you think? Wonderful, isn’t it? This is the artificial manhood I invited using my magic. Just by giving it a bit of magic power, it will move indefinitely and you can adjust the intensity of that movement. It truly is the ideal vibrator? From what I’ve heard, you dislike men. In that case, how about I present you one to celebrate our victory? You can live a very satisfying life without a man as long as you have this.”

“No, thank you.”

Lucy was so worked up that her voice was a little shrill, but she managed to turn around and hurry off with the brisk movements of a knight.

“Hee hee. No need to be shy. You’re surprisingly pure. But don’t worry. I’ll secretly slip one into your other victory rewards. Oh, yes. This is incredible? There really is no better way to relieve stress~?”

Behind Lucy, Virginia was apparently reinserting the magic item into her vagina. Her moaning voice revealed just how pleasurable it was.

“This kingdom might be doomed,” Lucy muttered to herself.

She also realized she was a bit interested in that magic item, which only put her in a worse mood.

“Lady Lucy, do you have a moment?”

When Lucy stormed out into the hallway, a puppy-like girl ran over to her.

It was Mimi who Ansandra had been sent from Domos as a secret messenger. She could not exactly return there, so she had been working as a maid in the royal palace ever since.

Even that carefree girl looked nervous given the situation.

“Um, Lady Lucy, is it true what they’re saying about Clanaria falling?”

The girl bluntly asked such an awkward question. Lucy briefly looked like she had swallowed some vinegar, but then she yelled angrily back.

“We will never fall! If we form a defensive line at Curling Castle and strike back, we can still fight!”

Mimi gave a start, but then breathed a sigh of relief.

“Yes, yes. that’s right~ Oh, I’m so glad? I’d be in trouble if this kingdom went away. I don’t know anyone in other kingdoms, I don’t know any kind of trade, and I’ve never been anything other than a maid. I thought some important man might notice me if I worked as a maid, but not one has spoken to me…”

As Mimi spoke on and on, Lucy felt a headache coming on, so she held her temples and thought about the counterattack plan.

(Luckily, the 500 knights under my direct command are still alive. They have proven they can fight on equal footing with Domos’s cavalry, so if we work together with ranged attacks from the castle, driving back the Domos army is entirely possible. That should work as an overall strategy, but the specific tactics are the real question…)

“Sigh. I just can’t seem to meet any good men. I think I’m fairly good looking, so what am I doing wrong? Princess Ansandra is my age and she’s married. And it seems a lot of my friends my age are sleeping around a fair bit behind the scenes, so why is it only me?”

A flash of insight hit Lucy, so she called sharply to Mimi who was still rambling on.



Mimi had entered her own world, but now she looked up at Lucy in surprise.

“You said you were rescued by some remnants of Sulbey’s knights on the way back from Domos, right? Do you think you could contact them?”

“Eh!? Yes, I think I could. Volk and the others told me the name of the city they’re hiding in and where their hideout is. Umm, I think it was…”

Mimi placed her index finger on her chin and desperately tried to remember, but Lucy stopped her.

“You don’t have to tell me everything. But you can contact them, right? Then I have an important mission for you. Contact those Sulbey knights and have them start a rebellion in Domos territory.”

“Eh? But they might not do it just because I ask them to.”

The adorable girl waved her hands around in a full-body refusal, but the cool young woman urged her on.

“Don’t worry. Telling you where their hideout is tells us their intentions. I guarantee you they’ll cooperate, so go meet them. I can’t send anyone with you, but I promise you as much financial assistance as you need.”

“B-but shouldn’t you send someone more capable on a mission like this…?”

Mimi had a point, but Lucy rejected it.

“I cannot afford even a single soldier for this. Listen, Mimi. The survival of Clanaria is riding on this. Keep that in mind as you go.”

“The survival of the kingdom is counting on me again?”

Mimi sounded bewildered and displeased, but Lucy suddenly sealed the girl’s lips with her own.

“…!? Nn, mh, mhh…”

Lucy passionately sucked on the girl’s lips.

Mimi was stunned by the sudden action, so she remained frozen even after her lips were freed. Then the female knight peered into her eyes and whispered sweetly to her.

“If you promise to do it, I’m willing to join you in bed until morning.”

“…E-ehh? You mean…Mistress Lucy~?”

Mimi’s cheeks grew as red as apples and her pupils formed spellbound heart shapes.

“I will of course be showing you so much love that you won’t sleep a wink until morning. And I will remove every last trace of your hymen.”

Mimi did not ask how.

Her mind was too full of seductive visions of herself being inundated by forbidden pleasure as she gave herself over to an immoral and indecent relationship with her beloved Mistress Lucy.

“Yes, I am prepared to throw away my life for you, Mistress Lucy. I will make sure those bandits start a rebellion in Domos.”

“I’m counting on you.”

Mimi was clearly ready to get started and Lucy suddenly embraced her. She held Mimi to her chest.

And then someone else’s voice cut in.

“Oh…? Lucy, so you really do swing that way.”

“Princess Virginia?!”

Lucy jumped while still holding the puppy-like girl.

Clanaria 1st Princess Virginia was leaning her upper body out a window to spy on the two of them.

And her face was only about 50cm away.

She had been listening in on and observing their conversation from that close and they had not noticed, but that was simply due to inattentiveness born of overconfidence, not some kind of magic power.

“P-Princess, how long were you eavesdropping on us?”

“Eavesdropping? You’re right in front of my room. I could hear the whole thing whether I wanted to or not.”

That was true enough. They had held their conversation in the corridor right next to Virginia’s office.

“I had heard the rumors that you were a lesbian, Captain Lucy. Since you visited Ansandra so frequently, I had been worried about her chastity.”

“Um, well…”

Lucy had in fact forced herself on Ansandra once, so she could not make any excuses here. When she trailed off, Virginia glared at her and then called over the cute royal palace maid.

“Mimi, Mimi. Use this to remove every last trace of your hymen.”

Virginia held out the most obscene item imaginable: a pair of black string panties equipped with a double-headed dildo.

“Wow. Thank you, Princess.”

Mimi cheerfully accepted it like a child being given a treat.

“Hey. Mimi, wait.”

“I can use this to become one with Mistress Lucy.”

The soft lolita girl blushing as she held a massive double-headed dildo was a more overpowering image than Lucy had expected.

Lucy was probably the most courageous woman in Clanaria, but even she backed away with sweat on her spine.



Lucy and Mimi looked each other directly in the eye, but it was Lucy that looked away first and brushed a hand through her violet hair.

“Okay, okay. Mimi, come to my room.”

Lucy was more refusing to admit defeat than giving in as she turned around and took long strides down the hallway. Mimi dashed lightly after her.

“Ohhhh ho ho ho. Doing good deeds always makes me feel so good inside. Lucy, she is only a little girl, so be gentle.”

Lucy’s home was General Albare’s mansion, so it was in the finest area closest to Curling’s royal palace. It was faster to walk than take a horse or carriage.

“Milady, welcome back.”

When Lucy brought Mimi back with her, around ten stern-faced maids and butlers were lined up to greet her.

As the only daughter of an important Clanarian retainer, Lucy had been born into the lap of luxury.

Mimi had been chosen as Princess Ansandra’s maid, so she too had come from a well-off family, but Lucy was on another level altogether.

“I’m exhausted, so I’m going to rest until tomorrow morning. First, bring me a powerful drink. What would you like, Mimi?”

“…Eh? Th-then I’ll have apple juice.”

“You heard her.”

Lucy paid Mimi’s awkwardness no heed and entered the salon where she loosened her uniform’s chest and sank down into a sofa. Then she rested her arms on the back, leaned her head back, and closed her eyes a bit.

She realized she had not had time to return home since the loss at Corlal Field and returning to the castle. She had been so busy with military duties at the royal palace and training grounds.

She was worn out both physically and mentally.

This may have been the perfect time to get some rest. She was about to be busy again and she could not afford to collapse until Domos had been repelled.

Mimi did not know what to do, so she sat down in the opposite seat. Then an extremely graceful middle-aged maid carried in a tray bearing their drinks. The strong alcoholic drink was contained in a heavy and unrefined glass carved with an intricate design. The apple juice was in a thin crystal glass.

“Th-thank you…very much.”

The maid looked at Mimi like she could not imagine why Lucy would be friends with such an ordinary girl, so Mimi felt even more awkward and bowed her head.

(Wow. I wonder if this one glass costs as much as a year of my pay.)

Since she would never be able to pay for it if she broke it, she held it firmly in both hands and took small sips.

Lucy took the glass of strong alcohol and chugged the liquid that burned on the way down. And she intentionally released an alcohol-smelling breath before glaring at Mimi.

“Okay, Mimi. I’ll sleep with you as promised. No crying or shouting, okay? You need to be prepared.”

(Mistress Lucy is scaring me… But she’s so wonderful when she’s playing the bad girl?)

Mimi cowered like a frog being stared down by a snake and Lucy grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back onto the sofa.

“I’ll kiss you again, so stick out your tongue.”

Mimi answered Lucy’s sweet whisper by hesitantly sticking out her pink tongue.

Lucy smiled at her obedience, stuck out her own tongue, and licked the girl’s sticky tongue tip.

Mimi did not have an adult beauty by any means, but she had the cuteness of a small animal with puffy cheeks.

Her heated and wet breaths had the bittersweet scent of fruit, which reminded Lucy of kissing Ansandra and aroused her. Kissing a girl really was different from kissing a man.

Meanwhile, Mimi was enraptured and intoxicated by the divine beauty of that woman who seemed like a goddess or even a male god.

Lucy audibly sucked at Mimi’s cute little tongue while letting her own saliva flow into the girl’s mouth. Mimi gulped and swallowed it.

“Eh heh heh…?”

Lucy laughed in satisfaction and continued the long and seductively deep kiss between girls while she reached out both hands and toyed with Mimi’s boobs through her blouse. She then moved one hand up the girl’s skirt and rubbed gently at her slender inner thighs while slowly moving upwards. Then she touched the girl’s crotch.

While exchanging warm saliva, having her breast fondled by Lucy’s left hand, and her crotch felt up by Lucy’s right hand, Mimi uttered anguished groans and moved her arms and legs in confusion.

“Nh, nhh, nhhh…ah.”

Just as Mimi moaned and bent back her head, the kiss ended.

“Next, I will be removing your clothes.”

With that, Lucy set to work on stripping Mimi.

Seeing a girl naked would not be an unusual sight for Lucy like it would for a man, but she still felt the need to do it.

She felt a strange elation at seeing another member of her sex in the nude, so she undid the ribbon on the cute girl’s chest and opened the front of her blouse.

A white bra with a floral pattern appeared within. It really suited Mimi, so Lucy felt a twinge of regret as she removed it.


Mimi trembled in embarrassment as Lucy discovered her breasts were bigger than she expected. Simply put, she had an incredible rack that did not match her childish face at all. They were plump tits with big nipples.

Then she removed the skirt. Some fairly large hips were contained in cute floral print panties that matched the bra. Lucy stole that away as well.

The fleshy slit was closed tight and only a bit of thin hair had grown in.

Overall, she had white and soft skin.

Her build had a very feminine roundness to it. She had plenty of subcutaneous fat that provided a soft cushion to the touch.

(Men must prefer a woman like this to an uncouth one like me.)

Lucy wanted to tease her. They were the same sex, but Lucy was jealous of this body type so different from her own.

Her left hand grabbed a soft breast, she placed her lips around the pale nipple decorating the tip, and she rolled it around with her tongue tip. At the same time, her right hand reached to Mimi’s lower body. She placed the fingers over the flesh slit, spread it open, and stirred up the soft flesh within.

“Ah, ahh, ahhn. Mistress Lucy, your fingers…your fingers are stirring me up inside. I’m being violated by your fingers. Hhn, hahhhn…?”

My lord, she’s cute. Lucy felt tingling pleasure race down her spine when she saw that small naked body writhing in pleasure at her hands.

She could not resist pinching the clit.

“Kh, Mistress, that’s…ah? It feels so good. I’m going to…ahhhhhh?”

With her nipple being sucked and her sensitive bud being rolled around in the woman’s fingers, Mimi was quickly guided to a powerful orgasm.

“Pant…pant… That was amazing. Ahh, Mistress Lucy, please let me touch your boobs too.”

“Of course.”

It may have been a subconscious thing, but after climaxing, Mimi clenched her fists like a baby and stiffened her body. The way her elbows pressed her large breasts together and formed a great valley between them was oddly adorable.

Lucy readily gave permission, got up from the sofa she had laid Mimi on, and opened the top of her white uniform.

Mimi’s eyes sparkled when she saw the tits contained in a dull silver bra.


“Mimi, take it off for me.”

“Right away?”

Mimi immediately stuck her hands in the opened military uniform and stole away the silver bra.

Lucy’s shapely breasts jiggled into view. Sweat was visible in the cleavage.

“I can t-t-t-t-touch them, right? At long last, Mistress Lucy’s boobs?”

“Yes, go ahead.”

Smiling bitterly at how Mimi was breathing heavily from extreme arousal, Lucy gently nodded.

Then Mimi reached out her hands and grabbed the large and shapely melons in front of her eyes.

“Ahh, they’re so soft? And your nipples look as tasty as chocolate?”

Lucy maintained her detached demeanor, so Mimi gradually grew more confident and bold as she groped and massaged. Then she started stroking the brown nipples.

(She’s definitely used to pleasuring herself.)

With a sensitive touch that only another woman would know, Mimi toyed with the breasts in order to supply pleasure.

Ansandra had been unable to do this since she had never masturbated.

The accurate strike on her weak points made Lucy wrinkle her brow and made her nipples grow erect.


Her pride as the older one led Lucy to suppress her sweet voice as much as she could.

But the more she held back the moans, the more they seemed to build up inside her body. When she could bear it no longer, she grabbed the girl’s hands.

“Th-that’s enough. Now I’ll give you far, far more pleasure.”

Lucy refused to let Mimi continue, pushed her back onto the sofa, and pushed her knees to the side to fully spread her legs. Then she brought her face in close.


It was almost cruel to Mimi how her feminine body spread open to reveal its contents to Lucy.

That vagina that had never accepted a man was a lovely pink. The clitoris was fully erect and even larger than Ansandra’s.

The unique yogurty scent of a female sex organ and a hint of urine tickled at Lucy’s nose.

“Ahh…ahh. This is embarrassing.”

“As I said, no crying or shouting is going to stop me.”

Her mistress’s cruel statement caused a clear fluid to flow out of the girl’s slit.

Lucy licked her lips, buried her face there, and scooped up the sticky love juices with her tongue tip. Saltiness spread through her mouth.

“Ahh, ahh, ahhhhhhn?”

Lucy held Mimi’s thighs in place and used her whole tongue to lick up along the girl’s honeypot.

The pure maiden’s moans rang pleasantly in her ears.

Feeling even hornier, Lucy searched out the flesh bud hidden at the top of the slit.

A sharp urine scent reached her nose as she found it with her tongue tip.

(Hee hee. You can tell she’s a virgin here.)

Lucy gave a mischievous smile and began focusing her attack on the clitoris.

“Ah, ahhh?”

Mimi thrust her crotch upwards like she had received an electric shock and she wiggled her crotch around while crying out.

But Lucy would not let her escape and kept licking.

“Hee, hee, hee, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

While moaning madly, Mimi arched her entire back like a bridge, convulsed, and finally let her hips fall back down.

Only then did Lucy remove her face and sit up.

“Heh heh heh. Looks like you came again.”

After Lucy gently cuddled with her, Mimi came to and made an announcement.

“Y-yes. And now it’s my turn to service your pussy.”

“Eh? You don’t have to do that.”

Lucy looked a little shaken and refused, but Mimi was insistent.

“I must. It wouldn’t be fair if only I got my pussy licked. I want you to enjoy this and feel refreshed.”

“Heh… Fine then. Get to it.”

After accepting Mimi’s point, Lucy lowered the silver pants that perfectly fit her curves as well as the panties below.

An embarrassingly sticky string of liquid connected her crotch to the panties.

Lucy was nude in no time.

(Oh, I’m so wet. I hope Mimi won’t think poorly of me.)

She was a little worried, but it was too late for embarrassment now. She sat boldly on the edge of the sofa, raised her knees, and spread her legs.

Mimi happily got down from the sofa and moved her face between her beloved mistress’s legs.

“Ahh, your pussy is so beautiful.”

Mimi parted the dark curly hair, stuck out her tongue with a spellbound look, and did not hesitate to begin licking another woman’s pussy lips.

“Hahh…ahh, heen?”

No one knew a woman’s body better than another woman. This was Mimi’s first homosexual experience, but she knew what would make a woman feel good. She skillfully used her tongue to stir up Lucy’s pussy.

But Lucy bit the second joint of her left ring finger to suppress the moans. As the older one, she must not have wanted to let this kitten see her lose control.

Displeased with that, Mimi sent her tongue to Lucy’s anus.

“Th-that’s dirty…”

“Not when it’s part of you, Mistress Lucy. I’d even be willing to eat your poop.”

“Don’t be ridic-…ahh!?”

Mimi licked at her anus while also pinching her clitoral hood with her left hand. And she continued skillfully kneading that while she brought her tongue back to the labia.

She stuck her tongue back in the honeypot and used her nose to poke at the now-exposed clit. She also reached out her hands and groped Lucy’s breasts while stroking the nipples.

“N-not…ah…there? Ahhhn, that feels good, good, so good?”

The tall woman known as the War Goddess wore only the opened top of her uniform with her legs spread and a cute young girl pleasuring her. It was such a perverted sight.

“Ah, I’m about to…? I’m about to cum, cum, cum, cum, cuuuuuum!!!”

Lucy’s limbs convulsed and then she slumped back into the sofa.


She gasped for breath and Mimi asked a hesitant question from down at her crotch.

“Mistress Lucy, did you cum?”

“Yes, you made me cum, Mimi. It’s been a while, so it felt incredible… Oh, just look how sticky your face is?”

Lucy lovingly stroked the cheek of the girl whose face was dripping with her love juices.

“Eh heh heh. I’m glad. I’ve never done this before, so I wasn’t sure I would be able to pleasure you properly.”

The way the puppy-like girl bashfully laughed was unbearably cute to Lucy, so she kissed those lips soaked with love juices.


“Then let’s move on to the next thing. Since we have this, we might as well use it.”

After the kiss, Lucy held up double-headed dildo that Princess Virginia had gifted them. Mimi nodded with her face melting with desire.

Lucy had made the suggestion because she could not resist any longer.

Her body had already learned to enjoy the flavor of a man, so even the most passionate cunnilingus left something to be desired.

She lifted Mimi up onto the sofa and spread the girl’s legs.

Lucy gulped when she looked down and saw the young girl’s pussy lips so soaked that it looked like she had wet herself.

“I’ll start then…”

While kneeling between Mimi’s spread legs, Lucy pressed one of the two heads against her vagina and pushed it in.


She trembled as the foreign object was swallowed up.

Her vagina had not had anything inside it since she was thrown out by that man half a year before, so it cried out in joy now.

(A woman’s body really is made to have something in here…)

That displeased her because it worked against her supposed hatred of men.

“Wait just a bit more, okay?”

Lucy’s hands trembled with arousal as she fastened the strap-on.

She then noticed Mimi was staring up at her with a look of ecstasy.

“Hm? What is it?”

“That looks perfect on you?”

Heart shapes seemed to be flying from the innocent girl’s eyes.

A tall woman wearing only the opened top of a military uniform had a cock rising from her crotch. It seemed horribly perverted to Lucy, but it did not feel bad to receive that kind of pure praise.

“…Thanks. Here goes.”

Lucy honestly wished something like this did not look good on her, but when she looked down at the impressive item curving up from her crotch, she felt the same pleasant elation as just before a battle.

“Okay, now I’ll put it inside you.”

“Please do?”

When Mimi cheerfully replied, Lucy further spread the girl’s legs and pressed the brutal dildo against that unexplored crevice.




Lucy and Mimi. A woman about to fuck and a girl about to be fucked. The two of them stared at each other in the tense atmosphere and then Lucy sighed and pulled back.

“Mimi, are you sure about this? About giving me your virginity, I mean. You might regret this if you end up falling in love with someone else even more.”

“I won’t regret it. I’ve always dreamed of giving you my virginity.”

That was good enough for Lucy.

She shook off her hesitation and obeyed her desire instead. She slowly lowered her hips, but then she pulled back again.

She realized the dildo was completely dry.

Looking back on her own experiences, she knew this would probably hurt some, so she took some of the nectar flowing from her own body and rubbed it over the artificial penis with both hands.

That would not be a huge help, but it was still better than completely dry. Satisfied with that, she finally truly decided to break Mimi’s hymen.

“Okay, I’m going to put it in now. Breathe out and relax.”

Lucy gently stroked Mimi’s puffy cheek, gathered strength in her lower stomach, and pushed forward.

She heard a gulp, but it was unclear who made it.

The dildo’s head pushed in.


Mimi groaned and bent her body in some pain.

“J-just a little more. Bear with it a little more.”

Lucy spoke to gently correct the girl. Meanwhile, she pushed the body of the dildo in.


Mimi’s hymen broke. Lucy could feel the sensation in her body.

It must have hurt more than expected because Mimi’s adorable face crumpled up and she grabbed at the sofa to try to escape.

But Lucy held Mimi’s arms in place and thrust her own hips forward.

The extra-thick dildo sank into Mimi’s nearly hairless slit. It entered all the way to the base.


While Mimi cried out in the pain of being deflowered, Lucy cried out in pleasure.

The double-headed dildo pounded deep into Lucy’s vagina with the same force it used to penetrate Mimi’s hymen.

“G-good job, Mimi. See? It’s all the way in.”

With that job done, the female knight breathed a sigh of relief and spoke to Mimi with an obscene sweat glistening on her body.

Mimi looked down at their lower bodies linked together by the double-headed toy. She wrinkled her brow, but also nodded happily.

“Yes. I’m so happy I could become one with you, Mistress Lucy…?”

The girl’s bravery hit Lucy right in the heart.

(Sh-she’s so cute…)

She had always had a bit of a thing for other women and she had just crossed the final line. She could not stop now.

Lucy began thrusting her hips like a male spirit had exploded inside her.

“Ahh, Mistress Lucy? You’re so rough…”

“Just leave it to me. I’ll make sure you enjoy this. You always wanted me to do this to you, didn’t you?”

Lucy’s hip movements may have been a lot like a virgin boy during his first time. She was too focused on moving her hips to think much about her partner.


When exposed to the kind of rough movements a man used on a woman, Mimi’s expression melted and she let Lucy do as she pleased.

“Hn, hn, hn, hn, hn, hn…”

Lucy had lost her presence of mind more than Mimi who was still a bit tearful from the pain of being deflowered.

Perhaps it was because Lucy was the same sex that she could be so heartless. She had entirely lost herself in the act of defiling this undefiled girl.

With each thrust, the dildo also danced in Lucy’s vagina, stirring up the vaginal walls and pumping deep inside.

“Ah, ahh, ahh…”

The woman doing the fucking and the girl being fucked both had sticky sweat on their soft skin.

Without even wiping away the sweat, Lucy thrust her hips even more intensely. Her large breasts bounced and sweat scattered from the tips.

The sofa creaked under the rough movements.

“Kh, Mimi, you’re so cute. You’re so cute. I love the way you writhe below me as I fuck you. It’s so cute how you writhe in time with my hips. Ahh, I’m…I’m going to cum…ahhhhh!!!”

While thoroughly violating the girl, Lucy arched her back and screamed.

A man would have sprayed lots of milky liquid at that moment. Instead, plenty of vaginal fluids squirted from the gaps between her vagina and the object penetrating it.

“Ahhhhhh, Mistress Lucyyyyyyyy!!!”

Not knowing what was going on, Mimi raised her voice and desperately embraced her beloved mistress.

The warrior woman who had so thoroughly fucked the adorable virgin girl froze like a sculpture with her back arched.

After a moment that felt like an eternity, she stirred slightly and collapsed limply onto the girl below her like a large tree struck by lightning.


Their heavy breathing echoed through the room. The former virgin girl had passed out with drool dripping from her mouth.

(This isn’t good. I might be as much of a lesbian as Princess Virginia said.)

The one time with Ansandra could be written off as a twist of fate or things getting out of hand.

But now that she had done it twice, she could not use those excuses. And this time she had broken the girl’s hymen with a strap-on.

Also, doing it with another woman seemed to suit her better than doing it with a man, so it felt so much better.

Mimi had completely fallen for her.

“That was so good. Now I’m yours physically too.”


Lucy responded awkwardly as Mimi happily buried her face in her chest.

“Eh heh heh. My big brother is actually a huge fan of yours too. He was really happy when he had the chance to deliver something to you. Eh heh heh. I’d love to see the look on his face if he knew we were in this kind of relationship.”

“Hold on.”

“Yes, I know. We have to keep this a secret, don’t we~??”

Lucy held grinning Mimi in her arms and lightly kissed her on the forehead, but she felt like she had made a serious mistake here.

But despite her inner misgivings, the two of them continued intimately embracing each other.

The following morning, they took a bath together, washed each other’s bodies, and teased each other as they ate breakfast before Lucy left for the royal palace.

She then left Mimi with the money she had managed to raise.

“I promise you I will start a rebellion in Sulbey. Once I do, please love me like this again.”

“Yes, of course. My beloved Mimi.”

“I would do anything for you, Mistress Lucy? Leave it all to me~?”

After a deep goodbye kiss, Mimi cheerfully left Curling Castle with a bag of money under each arm.

Lucy breathed a heavy sigh as she watched the girl go.

“We need any help we can get, but I really shouldn’t have done that.”

The guilt of toying with that pure girl’s maiden heart filled her with self-loathing.

But she could not continue worrying over this one thing forever. There was a seemingly endless list of things she had to and desperately needed to do.

“Well, girls that age will often have crushes on older girls. Maybe she’ll have grown out of that crush by the next time I see her.”

Lucy had once had a similar crush on Right General Chamomile who had taught her how to use a bow.

She had thought her father Albare and Chamomile would eventually marry, but that had never happened and the two of them had now shared death on the same battlefield. She hoped they were enjoying a sweet honeymoon in heaven.

“What a silly thought…”

Lucy smiled bitterly.

Either way, the Domos army had killed her father Albare, her not-quite-step-mother Chamomile, and her former lover Madelene.

“You looked like the kind of person who wouldn’t die if you killed him, but you kicked the bucket pretty easily. You just weren’t cut out to be a conqueror.”

Lucy worked to forget all about her promise with Mimi and focused on preparing for the counterattack against the Domos army.

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