Half-elves Fall in Love

Chapter 25: Power contract
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Chapter 25: Power contract

There is a kind of legend called dragon rider in the legends in various parts of the world. That is someone who controls a dragon. A story of a person, an elf or a dwarf hero who rides a huge dragon freely, sometimes to fight an enormous evil of the nations’ gap, sometimes a furious evil dragon and in some cases a natural disaster. Because it is a legend that is actually a picture, there are also many paintings and songs that make it a theme. However, regarding its existence, skepticism seems to be major among intellectuals. There is a simple question of whether a dragon needs a rider etc. It is still known if this is a 5-meter-sized dragon which is commonly called pterosaur. It is a limit that their intelligence is good, and some oral instruction is heard besides the inept of the rider if it is trained like domestic animals. They can do tactical action for the first time with a rider. However, dragons have more intelligence and magic knowledge than humans, they are very strong and their existences are like a kind of god to stick quietly neutrality against the mayhem of the human world. Even if there are plans to become a town or national guardian beast for play, there is no reason to think about the reason why they can be suppressed by the will of one person. It is hard to see them realistically, such as just humans, elves, dwarves, and drive around, except for the threat of the world. Therefore, a dragon rider is a legendary existence only. It was said that there might have been a human who stood above a dragon by some means in the age of the ruins civilization, but it did not go out of the region of mere imagination, and it was a conclusion by intellectuals that such a being is not possible to exist in reality.

“To be a dragon rider, you need to put a collar on a dragon”


“There is also a story in your hometown. The story of a little being who rode a dragon and ran through the sky. The fact that you attach a testimony of possession to me will bear the responsibility”

Laila says that with a serious face. It was my first time to see Laila’s face, so quiet and lulled of emotions. 「

“……Because you……you’re going to make this collar for me”


Laila stares at this for a while and sighs a bit.

“That’s right. You a human, I thought you were firmly aware of it, but it was still a little said in our sense. ……I should have told you earlier that the testimony of such possession is not something to be finished with a funny story”


Laila loosened the pressure of her gaze. The tension of the whole room is lost, and it becomes light easily.

“Please explain from the beginning. We don’t know the custom of dragons. Or rather, did Andy do it again?”

“What do it again?”

“Your unexpected behavior like giving a sword to me.


I think that Dianne′s thoughtful is too much. I wonder why she thought that I understood such customs.

“The boy hasn’t done anything yet”

Laila folded her arms and smiled.

“First of all, …. well, for us, we have to start talking from the point that mating isn’t as serious as they are chiefly”


“For humans, we know that mating is the greatest expression of love and it is an important thing to take only for beloved parties. But for dragons……well anyone can be a partner, there aren’t many people who are unfamiliar, but please be aware that it is not much trouble even if you change the partner only every year if it is just that”

“Oh, is that so?”

Is it like the Ox-ogre colony? It seems like a fight etc.

“We have nothing like marriage in the world at all. Even if the child is packed in the womb, there are few foreign enemies who will hurt a dragon and the child is strong to be able to grow without a parent freely. There is no need to bind to it for reproductive reasons”

“I see”

“But there is still a vow worthy of risking the life that is equivalent to marriage”

Laila tightens the loose line of sight and tightly adapts to me.

“A dragon is a mass of power. It is a power that is pointed to be destroyed too. It is possible to change the mountain to a lake in just one night, but against people and creative things even if it is somewhat magical if it is a talented person like Dianne, it is too close to the reach of the hand. I′m afraid of that imbalance, but there is also the instinct that I don’t want to decay my own strength”


“Dragon’s values are simple. only one that defines good and evil is good, to keep power in mind and evil is kept in our hearts with force. It is obvious which one is easier for us. From ourselves, we won’t ask for those who hold power, but those who are responsible for our power”

I came to understand. In other words.

“To strongly bind us to reproductive rather than sexual love, a contract of the mind that adheres to this power. For us, it is that oath that owns this power and assumes all responsibility, which is equivalent to marriage”

Laila said so far and lowered her voice to try me again.

“I have lent my power to play a bit, but Andy Smithson, are you going to own my own power, or even leave it to my capriciousness, but when you don’t want to take advantage of me, shall we divorce, remain frightened by my bad mood, will you keep an ongoing relationship?”

“Wait a minute”

Surely it may be a serious story, but that’s not all, right?

“I will possess your power, as it is fine, but is there something bad about there?”

I don’t know what kind of preparedness I am seeking, in proportion to saying it myself. It’s kind of strange and sick.


Laila shows a mischievous look. However, it is slightly different from the time when she shows her lewd mischief to me. It was a smile of a provocative and wicked atmosphere.”

“It’s quicker to see. Look”

Laila is reaching out towards here. For a moment, my consciousness was distorted.

──I don’t love you to put it on.

──I like that temper, but that’s it.

──Will it be natural?

──I and you haven’t been acquainted with the moon yet.

──It is not yet time to talk about love.

──To love someone is to find the moving of their thoughts in the merit of their faces, their temper, and their unknown counterparts.

──To love someone is to reach the stage of allowing the transition.

──I prefer the merit of you. If it is enough to give birth to a child, it seems to be fine.

──Then, you′re not allowed to forgive anything as long as it is you.

──To such an opponent, to the extent that there is a power too much but to such a partner with such a degree, what will happen if you forgive yourself, do not you understand?

Blood red. A torn upper body. Arms. Splattered innards. The slightly hazy vision is dim. The background of this scene can be read somehow……is it the large desert labyrinth?

『U, Uu……ua, a……Gary……uaaaaa……!!』

A teary voice echoes in my ear. Laila is crying. I’ve never heard of Laila’s heartfelt sorrow. She keeps crying in front of a corpse like a licking of consolidated blood, indefinitely.

──If I think about it, I can love Gary.

──Only that, I liked that man.

──If I told you the truth, you would have known what a simple man would do.

──The dragon is an absolute evil, it is a time when everyone believes that one thousand people will be saved if one is hunted down.

──Nevertheless, I must abandon the desire to be able to love me.

──Even so, when that man came to pick up my head, I was still in a position where I could even tolerate his actions.

──This one neck would have made him a hero. He must have been happy. Even if it was not years until the end of the Fire Dragon War, he must have been able to live happily until then.

──I want you to forgive and love all of me, but after all, I’m going to forgive him for his justice. The desire was only to the extent though it confided from me.

──I don’t love you.

──Doing the power contract means putting such a person right next to me. The thing to put yourself by a crater which you don’t know when it will rise.

──If you didn’t care about it, you do not know when you will shred it.

──I′m the only one. Maybe someday you will be jealous, Selenium, Dianne, Anzeros, even Jeanne may make such a meat chunk. For me, it is not much different from cutting grass.

──Are you prepared to bear that responsibility?

──Can you still catch me and put it on to me?

──I don’t say it is impossible. I am a suitable, easy-going woman. If you don’t make a contract, if you change your mind, I will still help you. Let’s hug.

──Remember, Andy Smithson.

──I am a black dragon. A black dragon that hides in flames that can burn everything.


I wake up from the illusion. That illusion was only for a moment. Everyone’s position and facial expressions haven’t changed. And I picked up the extended hand of Laila, caught it, pulled her towards me and forced her into my chest.

“Naa……!? Ho, boy, did you see the illusion!?”

“Don’t move you foolish dragon”

And I quickly attached the collar on her neck.

“U……y, you may regret……”

“I am not interested in being a dragon rider”


“I′m not a boy, I′m your master now”

Laila caught my face with both hands, and stick out her lips and look at the distance that I can kiss her.

“You look so lonely and you’re so comfortable that its so easy to be a dragon and that you’re so picky. Is it not possible to depend too much unless you pretend? You told me to let me depend on you that night”


“I will say it, but I am not a man with a scene that uses your power. I have no ideas of who I have to win, nor the Demons I have to defeat. ……But I’m not so good as to be scared of you now. I know, you’re just shy and lonely and a beautiful idiot with big breasts, and exposure freak and an M. You can fly in the sky a bit and spit fire as well”

“Where is the 『Just』…”

“Everyone who is here compared to me is spoiled. I can’t put my hands on, so it’s impossible for me to be strong by just pretending to be strong”

“……Don’t brag about weakness, you are an unreliable master”

“If you don’t mind, please remove the collar and return it, I will attach it to Hilda-san”

“Do not like it”

Laila laughed. And, escaping from my hand that relaxed, she graciously kneels in front of me, clearly declaring something.

“Andy Smithson, you shall be my master and my rider. Even if that life is exhausted, our descendants, my power is under you, my heart is yours”

“It is good, but it is within the range of common sense”

“Ho. You′re a clumsy guy. ……For the time being on the bed is the range of common sense?”

“Oh my. I’m going to go crazy”

“Please look forward to it”

Laila′s usual fearless smile came back.


Next, I put a collar on Jeanne, Anzeros, and Aurora.

“Now I am officially 10-man captains child?”

“You are the same age as me……”

Jeanne has a funny way of rejoicing

“……It was a bit of a dream”

“Remove it when we are at the corps building, please”

“Because I wear a round neck shirt, it’s fine”

“……Is it really okay going so far?”


Anzeros strangely strokes the collar with great care.

“Huhuhu, it is not bad to be possessed by someone”

“If you really get bored, please remove it, or don’t tell General Lucas, or I will have no legs anymore”

“There’s nothing to worry about such a man”

“No way! He is super-scary!!”

Aurora ignores her brother, but I can not get through the trauma.


When I finished attaching a collar to all applicants, the collar friends began to make a fuss.

“Andy’s female slaves have become six at a dash”

“Six people, I can only see like five people here”

“……It seems that Andy has one more in his hometown”

“Truly 10-man captain”

“Sharing with the day of the week”

And the dark elves sister who seems to envy it for a while.

“No, don’t you want one too Dianne-chan?”

“Well, I’m going to be fair and clean, because I want to be Andy’s wife”

“Muu. But in such a situation won’t you only have about three times a month, even if you become the legal wife”

“……Wait a minute, sister. Are you in the account, by any chance?”

“My husband is not likely to come back at all, and he left me alone for a while. When someone maternity joins, Andy-kun’s body will be empty”

“Older sister, that kind of flirty will be hated by humans?”

“Uu. But I don’t like Orrin-san because I want to divorce separately”

She is a complex person.

“Yeah yeah, more than that isn’t Carlos-san preparing the lunch? Everyone should return to the main building soon”

Hitting the hands and saying so, everyone was sorry for a moment.

“It just made the ten o’clock bell, right?”

“I will see the time now”

Then Selenium sees the date and time board installed in the garden.

“There is one and a half hours until lunch”

“We have enough time left”

“It is, it is”

“Good grief, everyone……older sister”

“Yeah yeah?”

Inspired by Dianne, who sighs, Hilda-san approaches my foot.

“────!Hey moveー”


My leg moves. I can move.

“……It is better to stay in the room anyway”

“Ho. Sweet, Andy”

Laila came into the intersection and made a flirtatiously act with her chest. Since I was still naked since a while ago, I intended to have tolerance to that tie, but I still become drunk when she does something that gives off a color incense. As for the sex appeal, Laila is superb indeed.

“This is something that is incompatible because it is such a disagreeable place. In a workshop that cuts leather and sews leather, craftworkers arrange women side by side with a sense of relief……was that your thought?”

“Relaxation. I finished the work already”

“You mean that kind of play?”

Hilda-san squeezes the jute bags to drop the curtain down from the neighborhood and spreads herself on the workbench. Lying on top of her, Laila invites me by lifting one leg, Jeanne who shows her ass with her panty half down.

“With adoration, master. Eat this vagina while it’s hot?”

“There is work here too, master?”

Did they call me master? ……It certainly is a dream that someday I′m called so.


“Hey master, the latch has come off a bit. Please fix it again?”

Selenium jumps up to the workbench next to Hilda-san who raised her skirt and shakes her ass.

“Is it better for us to mix?”

“It, it is vulgar…… but, with me, Andy-san’s woman……”

Dianne stops Anzeros and Aurora, which are approaching the workbench steadily.

“You guys have awareness as an Ace knight for once, you can’t do it anymore in time”


Calm Dianne is a bit relieved.

“Because we have an hour and a half we should wait until the next round”

“……The next round?”

“Is it not good?”

……I know she said it while being unhappy. As we didn’t do it for weeks, yesterday wasn’t enough for her.

“I’ll do it”

“I did it?”

Dianne is pleased innocently. ……Good luck to me.


(I will tell……I will tell Minister Ashton……)

“100-man commander Becker, Is there such a report matter as to write such a hot brush……?”

“That’s a very important thing! If you can, please ask the flying dragon service to send this to Quika!”

“I, I understand!”

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