Half-elves Fall in Love

Chapter 15: Shortcut 【Selenium · Dianne】
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Chapter 15: Shortcut 【Selenium · Dianne】

Illusion magic is basically a magic used for the purpose of “deceiving”. When it exceeds a certain precision, it becomes possible to manipulate a phenomenon which can’t be done with just hallucination. Although it doesn’t exist there, a 「Invisible Barrier」 can be made, although there is certainly something that exists there it is 「Invisible」. Even the magic that Dianne′s control, deceiving the flame itself, as the magic “Doesn’t burn” the wood, which is not a hallucination or that kind of problem.

“We dragons have gained the power to transform into a person by mastering that kind of magic”


“Ho, that’s a face that doesn’t understand at all”

“No, I understand it somewhat”

To transform a giant dragon into a human being. I’m not sure if it is great.

“……Hmm. What Laila is trying to say is this”

Dianne picks up a piece of a dried fruit apple.


Muttering only what she does, Dianne let go of her hand and the dried fruit disappears.

“It’s magic”

“This piece of apple is magical, now it disappears while floating in the space in front of me”


“So, this is it”

When moving her fingers over her hand, a piece of apple appears suddenly there.

“If you master this technique, you can also use the space around you instead of a toolbox”

“That’s handy, we don’t have to think heavily when we put baggage of a trip into a bag or shoulder bag”

“If I push it, at best it becomes palm size”

“Well, even ordinary elves can’t even do that, it’s a big deal just to imitate”

Laila laughs. It is good to laugh but her laughter echoes. This is it. Self-respect.

“So the terrible part of Laila′s technique is that she can switch between her 『Human form』 and 『Dragons form』 as she wants and changing her appearance”


“You have a face that doesn’t understand at all, boy”

“Not really. I’m sorry”

“In other words…… like monsters, it is not a transformation of excitement but it is just changing or revealing things of exactly the same existence value as it is, so there is no time limit or exhaustion in transformation. I have no idea how many control spells are running simultaneously”

“… Is that amazing?”

“It’s amazing”

It was a magic lecture that started because we had nothing to do during the flight. Apparently magical talent blossoms from the point of understanding such a theory and accurately imagining it……apparently, I don’t have any honesty understanding, so I have no idea.

“Well about shooting a fireball in my human form……it’s not magic to create fire, but just an illusion of my breath in my dragon form a little”

“Emm, that, is that a real dragon′s breath?”

“Sigh, that’s right”

I knew only that I should not make Laila seriously angry. There is no sign of magic that seems to be used for the time being.


“Ah, Anzeros-san that, you did it”

“Uwa, eh, how did I do this!?”

“It is still an elementary illusion, so if you use a little bit more energy it will come out”

There is no regret that Anzeros was succeeding next to me.


With a few toilet breaks, we certainly came close to evening and were able to fly to a place overlooking a city in the desert.



“The people are looking this way”


They are pointing towards Laila. They seem to be shouting something and people are coming out from the surrounding houses one by one. I can see that they panicked looking up to us.

“……I forgot to completely disappear, for the first time in decades I flew over the middle of a human town”

“Hey illusion magic self-proclaimed expert”

This is not good.

“I can’t afford to fly a flying dragon……”

“Anzeros, a flying dragon is the size to be eaten in one bite by this mouth”

“U, Uuh”

“This is troubling……”

Dianne and Anzeros think. Laila waits for a while to hear the strategy. ……And then she groaned a few words to those two who did not utter a word yet.

“……Ho, it is okay even if it becomes a strange rumor here, I will be by Andy′s side for about a hundred years anyway”

“Laila!? My lifespan is at most 50 years!?”

“It’s not there, it’s not there, Andy-san……”

“Oh well, what shall I say!”

“Dianne, let’s just clear the figure of the other three people and the owner better”

“Hey, Laila!?”

Laila swirls to the west of the city. In the middle of the main street with the sunset behind……she landed vigorously.

*Agonizing cries*


“Wh, What! Did a foolish adventurer entered the Dragon Palace!?”

“Run! Run away!!!”

The people are escaping by themselves, the military police rush here and turn their spears at us with a pale expression. Laila transformed herself back into a human, confusing the people secretly hiding behind the alley.


In the middle of the large main street, suddenly appears in the place where the dragon was……a black haired naked beauty. The surroundings froze.

“……Emm, Dianne. If the dragon transformation isn’t gigantic, is it okay even if she doesn’t take off her clothes?”


Dianne nods with an incomprehensible face.

“Why is she naked?”

“It would be a hobby”


It was a negligently answer to Dianne’s “Don’t ask me such a thing”, but there was a strange persuasive power. And the pervert dragon that was naked exposed itself in the middle of the road.

“……Ah, Ah, I′m the black dragon from Russell desert. My name is Laila, it’s not that an adventurer came or something interesting happened, so be relieved”

Laila seems to be issuing a statement as it is. Damn it, wear some clothes.

“Be, because I will accompany a certain 10-man captain of the Northern Corps this time, the Dragon Palace in the labyrinth is off-limits about a hundred years from now. Therefore let the adventurers be disappointed because there’s nothing to get”


“All who hears these words, as long as you know that it is good, spread it. Then I will be rude around here”

The military police are sidle to Laila who raises her hand, applying to her hips and gracefully raising her back. I wonder if a dragon’s body is naughty like a normal nude woman.

“Ho. Will you play with me?”

“You, you, it is incomprehensible to turn into a dragon! Is it magic of another country?”

“So she is a dragon……eee, either way, you should be entertaining a little”

Laila picks up a stick that was lying nearby. All right, hide your boobs. The gendarmes are delicately pretending to be poor.

“Well, let’s forgive her as much as rampage. Which one from us do you want?”

“Th, this, unfaithful!!”

Anzeros held a fist for a while and was supporting the military police. It is certainly too irritating to ask only these words.

“Le, let’s go, everyone at once”

“Go, Good”

“Ho. That’s fortitude”

*Goo*, bloodlust erupts from Laila’s naked body. The military police who were trying to move in unison stopped their feet as they flinched. Those eyes are scary. Some people are trembling like they remembered the fear and there is also a possibility of incontinence.

“……Huh, mee!!”

Laila knocked their weapons away before she jumped momentarily and kicked them all down. Laila is so strong, only Dianne is a good match. But it is just a brush.

“Ho. Something is insufficient. The devotion”

The spectacle too much was reversed or it was thrilling and a clapping applause was heard from the surroundings. Answering with a smile, Laila got a robe from the aunt in the clothing shop and settled down before she started to drink and eat.

“……Absurd person”

“No……this is a matter of concern”


“……A celebration arises when the gendarme who defends the citizens is knocked down and clapping occurs. As it is said by father, the military is privatized and it is evidence that they aren’t liked by the people”

Dianne took off the cloak, got out of the alley and urged us.

“Let’s go, I got a reason to hurry”


Nonetheless, it has been a while since we entered the desert labyrinth and we are also concerned about the dust of the trip. On that day we lightly gathered information in the street and went to the inn as it was.

“It would be nice to drink alcohol”

“No, you′re weak to alcohol, no matter if you are in the corps building or on a horse-drawn journey, you fall to sleep after one beer each time you are tired and want alcohol”

“You can’t”

Night in the city I was looking forward to. I was banned from drinking alcohol, which I was looking forward to as the southern alcohol should be great.


“……For some reason we have not cherished our two full days, have you forgotten?”

“Ah, aaa……”

I think it’s only two days, but I guess I’m wrong. Because when we were in the corps building of Basson, I had to open an interval a little longer.

“It is very regretful that you can’t monopolize that woman”

“Surely, I promised that I would love you a lot before Dianne”

“No, that’s cunning”

“A promise is a promise. It is six times without pulling out”

“Muu……ah, Andy can you afford that?”


I feel I can do it just for ejaculation, but that’s not physically confidence.

“Huuhuu. I thought of an interesting technique?”

Selenium takes off her clothes with a smile. I’m a little anxious, but there is no room for me to get away with the erection I have now when Selenium’s boobs are colored by the flames of dusk and candles.


“Ehehe. First, Andy-san will ejaculate inside me”

“Don’t say things like that in cooking class……its a kind of atmosphere”

“Eh, otherwise, it won’t start”

Selenium protrudes above the bed. Already with a sense of expectation, a slimy liquid is overflowing from the clefts of her crotch.

“You were a virgin a while ago, but it became quite easy to get you wet……”

“Hii, please don’t hold on to people’s ass in front of me”

We did the same with no atmosphere.

“Can I put it in now?”

“Of course”



Immediately, I take off my pants and take out my penis. I press my son against Selenium′s protruding buttocks to determine the position lightly.

“N? N, ……NN?”

“It seems to be comfortable just by that, Selenium”

Dianne who is bored whispers so while rubbing Selenium’s breasts.

“It, It’s comfortable, right….? It’s only for Andy-san′s penis, it’s just for being pushed inside……just being pierced by your penis let me feel it in the back of my belly……eee”

“I want ejaculation, but”

“Yahh, ye, yes……after all, I want you to ejaculate inside……? After all Andy’s sperm, my womb, I want you to use my uterus……”

“Mu, muu……you′re an extravagant woman”

Dianne was stunned. No, I mean extravagant as in wishes, but I think she is quite wary. But Selenium′s voice who mutters such words happily, let me push through the interior as soon as the feeling of the small labia is caught and not sparing the squeezing impulse of my son and letting me make a desperate face.

“A, Aaa?”

The narrow vagina greeted my dick pleasantly. The vaginal wall which was violated by me, again and again, doesn’t show any behavior which opposes my approach any longer. It is natural to be pierced by me exactly and to say that the state that sucked me in is commonplace, it eats me tightly and does not let off.


The promise is six times without pulling out. To be honest, my physical strength doesn’t seem to continue so far apart from my erection. So it’s bad for Selenium but I decided to give priority to my ejaculation. Without any patience, I don’t see the reaction of Selenium and continue my movement. However, Selenium raised a delighted voice with such monotonous and haste movements expected as well and kneaded herself.

“N, a, ahh?I, a, ii, yes……ahaa?”

“Ku……Sorry, I, couldn’t, take……or more precisely, I couldn’t hold it anymore……”

“N, Nhu, nn……its fine, youu……ehehe, this, way, meat toilet……I, I love you……!”


“Huhu……I should have said, that I am your slave. Andy, it’s okay, it goes well……whatever you want, I will be happy……? My heart is also a slave that belongs only to Andy-san, right……?”

Even though I was selfish, although I was moving with my pleasure priority, I was gladly told such a thing though I couldn’t withstand so long. Pathetic, in just a few minutes I dyed the inside of Selenium′s vagina milky white.

“Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …… Haa … …. Eh, well …”

“On, One time……”

I have a little breath, but I’m still fine. If this pace continues, I still can do it. I thought that, while I looked back and deposited my hips, Selenium whispered something with a loud voice.


Spell. It’s a familiar melody. And.


My and Selenium′s bodies glow at the same time. The breath which was disturbed, too, and the waist that movement a little became lighter momentarily for some reason.

“Medical treatment light magic……no way, you”

Selenium smiled as Dianne said.

“Huhu. I absorbed sperm as it is and returned it to Andy-san”

“On, once in the vagina, it’s a mucosa so it’s impossible……right? No, no, but……why did you use medical treatment light magic……”

“Looking at Anzeros-san who succeed in illusion magic, when I first used magic for the first time I thought that the idea was more freely, so I tried hard for a while? And so you can keep going inside me six or seven times, right?”

“O, Ou”

It is too much that I get cheerful on my own junk, but it is certainly alike that the body will be lighter than before ejaculation, as much as I can. I was pleased to resume the piston.

“Wa, wait, tell me too! Selenium!!”

“Ya. Yaaaーー?”

As it is, I came 13 times inside Selenium in only 2 hours.


“Muu, weak……”

“I′m sorry”

No matter how lightly I move, Selenium kept returning my energies as it is. Instead of Selenium, who became immovable Dianne sided with me. Although it was pulled out with a blowjob after ejaculating 14 times, what came out was only something transparent.

“I, I got it……this magic is missing something important……”

Selenium closed her eyes carefully as she fluttered down and let me discharge my semen without tightening her vagina.

“My fatigue?”

“No, no, I don’t want to say that to that extent……uh, this is sucking up all the nutrition of your semen, so it is impossible to get pregnant……”

Selenium is really disappointed.

“Oh, I think I’m a little troubled even if I get pregnant here, or I think I’d better calm down a bit more”

“It’s useless Andy, sex is for making a child, even if there’s no choice that cant be done as a result, there’s no such thing as to spoil children that can be done”

“Th, that’s right”

“……E, ehehe……but it certainly might be a good idea to endlessly be loved”

Selenium is immersed in a happy delusion. Dianne was thinking while holding my dick for a while and urging me to insert it into her butt, she whispered to Selenium.

“After all tell me”


“……Please tell me”

“Dianne, even if you do not desperately deserve it”

“I, I want you to just be endlessly ravished”

These guys are all too much.


“……I, I will do it again…… I am getting a little pain here……”

“I, I am not bad, I forgot that Smithson is next room and it’s bad to do forever……”


“Hey……was it a strong dragon or a strange woman”

“No, that was a dragon”

“But it also was a beautiful woman”

“Her breasts, hips, and butt are great. I wonder if she can become my bride”

“But those eyes, I was really scared”

“I wet myself”

“Oh, me too……those glaring eyes, uh”

“…….I, I ejaculated”

“Wait a moment”

“It was a dreamlike experience to be kicked by such a queen”

“Really wait”

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