Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1718 - Honeymoon Trip
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Chapter 1718: Honeymoon Trip

It was the eve of the summer holiday.

Nian Xi had finally gotten her annual leave. That was the first time that she and Jiang Yuning were going on a serious wedding trip. Both of them took each other very seriously.

Uncle Han also took the trip seriously. The day before the trip, Uncle Han was very worried, “Is it okay for the two of you to go? I remember the last time when Mr. Jiang went to Kailash, I have accompanied him and his wife. Both of them are not good at traveling. They don’t know how to take care of themselves.”

“It’s okay.” Jiang Yuning shook his head seriously. “Xixi will take good care of me.”

Uncle Han sighed. He could only sigh at how lucky his master was that he had his wife to take care of him even after he got married.

Because it was a long journey to Ngari and the weather was cold, both of them prepared two big luggage of clothes. However, when they were about to go out, Nian Xi suddenly noticed two extra pieces of luggage.

“You are...”

Jiang Yuning quickly explained, “I brought two astronomical telescopes with a tripod and an equinox instrument.”

“Aren’t you tired?” Nian Xi blinked. So, the two of them were going to bring so many large boxes to Ngari?

She began to doubt if the trip would go smoothly.

“I’m not tired.” Jiang Yuning shook his head, his eyes shining with excitement. “I didn’t bring any clothes when I was in Kailash. I only carried binoculars.”

Nian Xi had nothing to say. Fortunately, both of them rented a car and traveled to Lhasa.

It was nighttime when they took the plane to Lhasa. The temperature difference was huge, so Nian Xi immediately put on a black jacket with extra fleece. Jiang Yuning was also wearing black. They had bought it as a couple.

After putting it on, Jiang Yuning was elated. It was the first time he had worn a couple’s outfit with Nian Xi. “Xixi, you look so good like this. You look so handsome.”

Nian Xi was instantly choked with the words that she was about to say.

Was it nice to praise a woman handsome?

“Xixi, let me help you with your luggage.” Jiang Yuning didn’t notice her mood at all. He took the big luggage from the luggage collecting belt and pushed three pieces of luggage by himself while Nian Xi pushed one.

He didn’t notice that many tourists who came to Tibet were secretly watching him.

Nian Xi did notice. She had to admit that Jiang Yuning looked quite cool and handsome in his jacket. Besides, there was a scar on his face. His skin was not as fair as before, and he looked a little mischievous and masculine. Even she, who saw him every day, was attracted to him again.

Tonight, she would strip off his clothes personally.

Nian Xi thought to herself.

After both of them got into the car and arrived at the hotel, Nian Xi went straight to take a shower. The air conditioner was on in the room, and she had purposely changed into a very sexy black nightdress. She even sprayed a faint scent of iris flowers. After all, that was the first night of the honeymoon, so there should be some atmosphere.

However, as soon as she came out, she saw Jiang Yuning carrying a pair of white binoculars and was preparing to go out.

“What are you...” Nian Xi was puzzled.

Jiang Yuning was very excited. “I just asked the boss. We can go up to the top floor. The weather is rather good tonight. I want to go watch the stars. You should rest early.”

Nian Xi,”...”

Probably because he had not been to such a high altitude for a long time, Jiang Yuning carried the binoculars and tripod and went out happily.

Nian Xi lowered her head and looked at the black nightdress that she had carefully put on. She silently clenched her teeth. Did the stars look better than her? Did the stars smell better than her?

Depressed, she climbed into bed alone and decided to ignore him. In the next few days, she would only wear this nightdress unless he begged her. Otherwise, he could forget about it.

Suddenly arriving at a strange place, Nian Xi was very tired, but she could not fall asleep. She waited and waited until midnight, but she did not see Jiang Yuning return.

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