Great Doctor Ling Ran

Chapter 1445-end - 1445 Chapter 1444(the end of the book)
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1445 Chapter 1444(the end of the book)

After Ling ran’s surgery and under the care of the family doctor, Tian Guoli’s body recovered extremely quickly.

His foundation was already very good to begin with. He exercised and massaged every day. Even though he performed major surgeries that required cardiopulmonary bypass, with Ling ran’s technique and the production of a high-level treasure chest, it could not be said that there were no side effects, however, the prognosis was really beyond the understanding of many people in the medical world.

Tian Guoli was also quite surprised when he walked as usual. Even with his understanding of the people around him, those who had undergone heart surgery had never had such an easy time.

He walked a hundred steps with his cane and arrived at the garden outside the bedroom. He looked at the flourishing hanging orchids and the plump, thick-stalked green willows. Tian Guoli let out a sigh of relief, and a smile could not help but appear on his face.


“It’s better to walk on your own.”Mother Tian followed behind him for a while, and she also felt at ease, she then said, “We have to be more careful. You have to be careful when you exercise and recover. Don’t Hurt Yourself, and don’t be too excited! Also, eat a lighter diet…”

“I’m excited too…”as Tian Guoli spoke, his voice became a little louder, and he lowered his voice before he shook his head again, he said, “Later, send the few pieces of beef that I saved to Ling ran. Send another team of cooks over.”

“Your daughter has already been sent over,”mother Tian said calmly.

Tian Guoli:”…”


Yun Hua Hospital.

The emergency department had a festive atmosphere.

Today, Yu Yuan was actually wearing a skirt. Even though she was wearing a skirt under her white coat, the hem of her skirt could still be seen.

The pale pink skirt added to her liveliness and cuteness. There was even a faint smell of ginseng on her body.

Ma Yanlin was also wearing a suit and tie today. The clothes his wife bought for him were branded. He was rich in the Department of Urology. Speaking of which, he was also the envy of Yun Hua Hospital. Other people were worried that they would have to buy bags for their wives again. Only he received gifts from his wife every day. Doctor Zhou only soaked in goji berries because it was a little physically demanding. Other than goji berries, there were also deer antler and angelica root in his thermos cup. He practiced Western medicine and took Chinese medicine.

Lu Wenbin liked to wear a tight white vest under his white coat. When he met the new young nurse, he would even roll up the sleeves of his white coat, revealing his muscular arms.

But it was useless. He was the only doctor in the department who was still single.

When the hospital had a happy event, the pharmaceutical sales representative would come and support him. Huang Maoshi was like a successful eunuch. His hair was oily, and his face was shiny. He rushed over and shouted at Ling ran, “Doctor Ling, Congratulations on your promotion. Oh My, I’m going to call you department director Ling Now.”

Huang Maoshi actually often called Ling ran department director, but today, he had to specifically shout it out loud.

Ling ran nodded slightly.

The inconspicuous tu yuan suddenly said, “You can also call him Professor Ling.”

Lu Wenbin and Ma Yanlin lowered their heads and looked at Tu Yuan at the same time. ‘you always suck up to people in the right way.’.

“Yun University has hired someone? Congratulations, Congratulations. This is double happiness.”Huang Maoshi immediately reacted. Nowadays, the affiliated hospitals were all under the university. Many times, this was what they wanted. To some doctors, a professor was a title that was a little more high-end than a director.

Lu Wenbin quickly said, “Of course. Our department director Ling could have made an exception long ago.”

Ma Yanlin did not show any signs of weakness. “Director Wu promised me before. This is a one-time deal. Professor Ling deserves it.”

Zuo Cidian had already praised him for this. Right now, he looked like he was doing his job honestly.

Department director Huo was very pleased with himself. The curly hair on his body was almost standing on end. He looked at Ling ran lovingly.

The head nurse in the department looked relieved, and the young nurse was also full of smiles.

Only Ling ran, who was the patient, was still the same as before.

He was not very concerned about these things. He only confirmed with Huang Maoshi about the supplies and medicine he needed recently before he went to perform the surgery on his own.

After performing three surgeries in one go, Ling ran finally felt that he did not waste the day. When he came out of the operating theater, he saw that there were even more pharmaceutical sales representatives and doctors waiting at the door.

“Professor Ling, Congratulations.”

“Department Director Ling, Congratulations!”

People from all over the place greeted him, and they rushed to show their faces.

Nowadays, being a department director in a hospital was like being an examinee. As long as he did not seek death, he would usually be able to retire peacefully. And with Ling ran’s age, if he did not leave Yun Hua Hospital.., he would be able to send all the current department directors and Associate Department directors away. Even if he did not consider any public factors, Ling ran, who was promoted to chief physician, would also mean a long-term, lifelong relationship as a colleague.

The pharmaceutical sales representatives were even more excited. Those who had muscles used their muscles, those who had throats used their throats, and those who had long legs used their long legs.

When more people came, Zuo Cidian had people decorate the large lounge to make it into a cold dinner party. A small amount of food was provided, and a small amount of drinks were provided. This made those who said too many compliments.., there was a place for people to rest and recover.

Ling ran maintained his smile and stood in the middle of the lounge. No matter what everyone said, he only responded with a handsome expression.

He did not really like the scene of people coming and going. However, he often encountered similar situations, so he just needed to pose like his mother had done before.

A helicopter flew in from the distance outside the window.

The smile on Ling Ran’s face was slightly prominent. Tian Qi had arrived.

* bang. * .

* Bang Bang Bang. * .

A few crisp sounds came from outside the window. A doctor by the side took the opportunity to look over and immediately shouted, “Aiya, it’s not a medical disturbance. It’s actually a patient who sent a brocade flag.”

As a doctor, when it came to his favorite gift, the Brocade flag was in the top three. A group of people immediately rushed over out of curiosity.

There were actually twenty bodyguards escorting the Brocade banner downstairs.

It was a big brocade banner with a red face, golden edges, and golden words. Please visit f𝓇𝘦𝚎𝑤e𝗯𝑛𝗼ѵe𝗹. c𝒐𝘮

It was a golden rod.

It was all pure gold, 999.

The Brocade banner needed two people to carry it.

There was no shortage of people when there was a commotion. There were even more people in the hospital.

The patients with broken legs carried their cast legs downstairs to watch the commotion.

“What a bright brocade banner.”

“Have you heard? It’s said that a doctor saved a rich man. The rich man wants to marry his daughter to him.”

“It’s true. The rich man’s daughter comes here by helicopter every day.”

“It’s Doctor Ling. I heard that Doctor Ling was promoted to department director today.”

While everyone was gossiping, Tian Qi also came to Ling ran’s side.

“Congratulations, Congratulations.”Tian Qi smiled and said, “Daddy came over and said that he wanted to thank you.”

Then, Tian Qi led Ling ran and the others to shift positions.

Department director Huo also followed happily, and everyone followed. The publicity department also stood up. They took photos, posed for photos, and took photos with drones… it was very important to accept the banner.

When they arrived, Ling ran saw Tian Liguo. It was the first time he saw him wearing clothes and standing up. He did not recognize him, but he looked very imposing.

Two rows of large words were written on the golden banner:

‘The Doctor is benevolent.’

‘The Great Doctor is Ling ran.’

The small words were embroidered beside the banner. ‘Tian Liguo gave it to me.’.

“The banner was given to me by my father. I’ve also prepared a gift for you.”

Tian Qi picked up the phone and pressed five long buttons.

Next to the Emergency Medical Center building, a black cloth was removed from the large square.

Under the sunlight, a brightly colored truck appeared.

The front of the truck was very powerful. It was square and square, and it was bigger than an ordinary car. It was like the big nose of a truck. It was placed right in front of the truck. There were three chrome-plated strips on the front of the truck, and they complemented the burning red paint, it was very textured. Three exhaust pipes that looked like chimneys stood straight on the roof of the truck. They looked very strong..

Ling ran did not even need Tian Qi to introduce them. He recognized the original model at a glance. He could not help but say, “Optimus Prime.”

Tian Qi explained, “This is the Peter Bilt 389. It’s a very famous model. You can drag all kinds of trailers at the back. You can customize the trailers that you like for medical purposes, or you can use them for traveling purposes…”

“The Optimus Prime in Transformers is just like…”before Tian Qi could finish her sentence, she felt that she was being hugged by Ling ran. She was instantly speechless and leaned gently against Ling ran.

A young man and woman were hugging in front of the transformer car.

Department director Huo: “My Son is finally married.”He touched the corners of his eyes.

Ma yanlin: “You’ll suffer.”.

Lu Wenbin: “Doctor Ling already has a partner, but I’m still single despite being so handsome.”.

Yu Yuan: I’m behind the wheel, don’t squeeze me..


The end of the book.

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