Gravity Mage with Level-Up System

Chapter 331 Part Four: Ancient Battlefield (#946)
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(From MC's perspective)

Ancient Battlefield #946,

"Gravity Blast," I said.

A wisp of powerful spell released from my fingers and shot at the evil wizard. The attack is so fast that the evil old man finds it difficult to evade it in time. When the spell attack fell on him, it immediately threw him away.


Hit by the attack, the evil wizard was thrown away like a broken kite.


Caught off-guard, the stone arm wizard widened his eyes in disbelief. He knows the rank of the evil wizard. To think he has blasted away just like that. A cold shiver went down his spine.

Right after the attack, I turned my gaze toward the Royal Force Wizard. Seeing him scared sh!t. A smile appeared on my face. Having contacts with evil wizards, the wizards from Royal Force Hall don't seem to be good at all.

These two wizards exchange valuable stuff that easily. For a moment, I couldn't help but look at his storage bracelet. I don't know what else he is keeping in his storage bracelet.

Then I raised my hand and pointed my fingers at the Stone Arm Wizard. I'm already aware of his two magic spells. Which are already useless in my case.

"Gravity Blast," I said.

Another wisp of magic released from my finger and shot at Stone Arm Wizard. Everything is happening at a fast speed. The Stone Arm Wizard didn't expect the situation to turn out like this.

He didn't even know the name of the magic that caused the evil wizard to be blown away like that. But his instincts tell him that it's extremely dangerous.

But before he could step away, the gravity spell landed on him.


"What?" He explained in horror the next second. The wisp of gravity magic tore through his body, breaking bones, hereby causing him severe injury.

Like the evil wizard, the stone arm wizard also smashed to the ground a few meters away from here.

This all happened within a few minutes. None of the wizards had time to think and respond to the attack.

After taking care of the stone arm wizard, I walked up to the evil wizard. Then I see a still lingering breath left in him. My mouth curved into an arc. I knew my magic was overbearing.

Even though the evil wizard has a mysterious spell in his sleeve. It would be powerless against Sub- Taboo magic.

The evil wizard groaned in pain. Seeing that, I decided to end his lingering breath as well. I brought the broken knife from the storage space.

I gripped it firmly in my hand before slicing the neck of the evil wizard.


The decapitated head rolled over the ground. The process of slicing went so smoothly. Feeling the knife's edge slice through like butter. I observed the knife in a daze again. No resistance whatsoever.

Then my gaze fell on the storage bracelet. I bent down to pick it up. Next, I glanced at the Stone Arm Wizard. I knew the body of the level-4 wizard is quite resilient.

When I walked near the body of the stone arm wizard. I see the state of damage. His body was injured even worse than the evil wizard's.

Like the evil wizard, he is also gasping for his last breath.

Seeing that I waste no time in decapitating his head again.


Another head rolled over the ground. It's a pity, he shouldn't have met with an evil wizard. Shaking my head, I collected his storage bracelet.

Now, I got both storage bracelets. It's time to see the collection in it. Then I turned the body of these two into ashes before clearing all the signs of battle.

A few minutes later,

I reached a different spot. This spot is a mile away from the previous battle location. But around me, there is no sign of ruin. It's a relatively stable ground compared to the marked areas on the map.

Seeing a vast barren land on all sides, I sighed in relief. Because there is no blind spot. I can easily spot a monster or fellow wizard from a distance itself.

So I'm standing in a relatively safe spot. Then I found a nearby rock to sit on. Sitting, I took the storage bracelet of the evil wizard to explore.

I seeped my mental power into it. Then inside, I see many disgusting objects. Unnamed liquid bottles, several organs stored in glass bottles, evil objects like magic flowers, black crow eyes, and Teeth of unknown monsters.

My gaze swept past everything. That's right the kinds of stuff were all related to evil magic. As far as I guess, the evil wizard is trying to break through the limit despite his old age.

And several of the unknown objects might be related to his breakthrough attempt. A quick glint flashes in my eyes.

It would be good if I can identify the liquid bottles. But I have a strong feeling that these products were made through evil methods.

Several of them involve inhumane methods. Sighing, I looked at the only good collection again. Which is the evil magic flower. There are 150 evil magic flowers in it. I need only 100 for the mission.

I can save the rest for personal use.

After figuring it out, I placed the evil wizard's storage bracelet in system space. Next, I held the storage bracelet of the stone arm wizard in my palm.

When I seeped my mental power into it, I easily observed the collection. There was no mental imprint left by the stone arm wizard. It disappeared right after his death.

Next, I glanced at the valuables. Which were greater than the evil wizards. Thankfully, the Royal Force Hall is from the righteous faction. So the stuff in this storage bracelet is useful to me.

Suddenly, a certain treasure caught my attention. It's a human face-shaped fruit. Seeing that my pupils constrict. The human face-shaped fruit is purple with a red human face shape on top of it.

This particular fruit is quite popular in our mage world. Because this fruit is a common breakthrough object used by high-rank wizards.

I remember the description of this fruit mentioned in several wizard books. This human face-shaped fruit can be consumed by any wizard. It doesn't matter whether he is a lower or a higher rank.

This fruit is a one-time consumable and comes with a particular drawback. After consumption, this fruit's energy can raise the strength points by 20. But at the same time, it will consume the mental power by 10.

So this fruit comes with a certain disadvantage. I held up my chin in contemplation. For me, there is no need to rely on relics for a breakthrough. I can easily touch the limit as time goes on.

If I want to break through fast, I can only find the super relic. The increase in talent will further speed up improvement at a drastic rate.

My eyes gleamed with a twinkle. It was already a miracle to come across one super relic to change my talent.

Because of it, I have stepped into level-3 rank right now. Thinking about it, I sighed inwardly. Then my gaze fell on another breakthrough object.

Which is one of the important breakthrough objects of earth elemental wizards. It is called golden sand.

As far as I know, it doesn't matter which type of earth elemental magic, but the energy from golden sand can purify the mana present in the wizard's body.

My eyes gleamed with a twinkle. This golden sand can fetch me good amounts. I bet the wizard from the elemental hall would like to collect this special relic.

Next, I glanced at several liquid bottles. Unlike the liquid bottles in the evil wizard's storage bracelet. These were labeled. When I read the name, a look of understanding dawned upon me.

This is the first time I have seen the potion bottle for mana core. This red color liquid bottle is used to stabilize the vibration of the mana core.

During the breakthrough, the mana core undergoes a lot of changes. If not carefully controlled, cracks will form on the mana core. Which will be very detrimental to future breakthroughs.

But this is everything based on the purity of the mana core. Wizards who got pure mana core don't require this potion bottle. But it's different when it comes to impure mane core.

"So this stone wizard had an impure mana core," I mumbled under my breath. But I wasn't surprised in my heart.

He had contact with an evil wizard, so it's normal to say that he had perhaps used a lot of crooked ways to improve his power.

Shaking my head, I looked at the other stuff.

After a few minutes, I placed the storage bracelets back in my system space. Apart from several breakthrough objects, there is nothing else valuable.

I let out a deep sigh before getting up. Now that I have collected evil magical flowers, I guess it's time to leave.

I looked around the surroundings before moving towards the exit. I changed my route on the way to avoid the previous clash site.

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