Grave Digger

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The black-robed daoist was chanting an incantation to send on Zhuning. Sixteen didn’t know where he got the guts, but he picked up a brick and threw it at the daoist. It seemed to break through something, causing the air to shimmer. Sixteen next threw himself forward and pulled Zhuning into his arms. He made sure to cover her up so no sunlight would touch her. In the shadow of Sixteen’s form, Zhuning’s face slowly turned red before emitting a cloud of white smoke that resembled burning steam. Fortunately, the morning sun wasn’t strong enough to take her life.

Sixteen held Zhuning before he turned to flee, but the daoist grabbed him. “If you stay with a zombie, it’ll hurt you sooner or later!”

“I’m willing to face that! “Sixteen shook off the daoist with brute force and ran like mad. The city gates had just opened up when Sixteen rushed through them and into the forests. He dug out a hole and buried Zhuning in the earth, only exposing her head. Zhuning’s injuries slowly recovered within the earth while Sixteen kept tight watch over her condition. When he saw that she wasn’t seriously injured, he finally stopping worrying. But when he recalled how she didn’t even struggle in the daoist’s clutches, much less give him a call, he realized she almost… freewebnovel(.)com

Zhuning opened her eyes and looked at Sixteen. “Eh? I haven’t reincarnated yet?”

Sixteen turned his head away and ignored her.


Sixteen stared off into the distance, feeling stifled. Zhuning had an inkling of why he was mad, and said, “I’m sorry. I never expected you to be so worried about me…I won’t do it again.”

After she admitted her mistake, Sixteen gave up. He turned towards her and said angrily, “You can lie down in the sun again if you want! I won’t care, I definitely won’t!” Then he glared at her some more and added, “Next time? There won’t be a next time!”

Zhuning blinked. “Sixteen, I realized that you’re speaking much more smoothly now. You have more emotions than before, too.” Sixteen was stunned by her praise. He suddenly forgot he was angry and scratched at his head instead, his face flushing. Zhuning narrowed her eyes. “I say, do you like me or something?”

Sixteen was completely floored. Before Zhuning could laugh at him, he suddenly said, “I don’t know, whether or not, it’s like. But, I dug you out, you’re mine. No one can take you away, not even yourself.”

Zhuning was rather stunned by the sudden confession. The next thing she knew, Sixteen’s face had drawn close before he bit her neck and murmured, “In the future, you have to grind my teeth, too.”


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