Grand Dad Is The Pervert God

Chapter 125 Wealth Of The Young Masters
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About five minutes ago....

Viscount Peter took steps, and then through a corner with two big guards with masked faces.

Although they looked rough as a result of the ragged clothes they wore, they both had an insignia of a well respected noble house on their chests.

"The Young master has been expecting you," one of the guards spoke in a deep bass voice.

Viscount Peter nodded and proceeded into the room.

This room was well spaced. It was also well decorated for comfort. It had a long comfortable couch.

A young dark haired man sat on it. A small tamed core beast snake sat around his neck. This was obviously his pet.

On each side of his arms, were women.

One of them fed him grapes from the small round table.

Another one stroked his partially undressed chest with her pointy fingers.

From time to time, he groped them, enjoying the feel of the burst on him. He even stole kisses once in a while.

Although they gave shy giggles, persuading him to stop, they never pushed him away, and he took the opportunity to take more advantage of them.

Standing not so far from him was a scholarly looking middle aged man in long white robes.

He had glasses sitting on his nose bridge, and he pretended not to see what his youngaster was doing.

Viscount Peter stepped forward, and gave a light bow. It was not too deep and just enough to show respect but not negligence to authority.

"Just as you requested young Master Jan. I hope the luxury box is to your liking!"

This young Master was the First son of an Early. But not just any Earl, but Earl Jan who was the Earl above Viscount Peter.

Like any kingdom, the nobility in the Almace Kingdom was one that was inherited.

This meant that one day, this young Master would become the next Earl.

This was the reason why Viscount Peter had bowed to him.

It was in respect of the position the young Master occupied by nature of his birth.

However, young Master Jan frowned a bit. He had been like most nobles, a spoilt young Master from birth.

Many had tried to curry favour with him, and many had lost their positions because of his mere words.

In this regard, it was safe to say that he looked down on the world.

However, the Viscount before him irritated him quite much.

This was not because of the Viscount feminine taste in every thing, but because he knew that unlike those other people, Viscount Peter was not afraid of him.

In fact, in the bow just now, he had noticed that it had only been done as a necessity to courtesy, and nothing else.

For a person that had always had power and was used to people fanning over him, this was an annoying sight.

However, this young Master did not want to offend the Viscount before him.

Firstly, many rumours about the Viscount and the third prince circled within the noble rounds.

He would be a fool to not at least believe someof those rumours.

Or rather, it would be safe to say that he was not ready to test them.

Secondly, he was here for a particular reason.

His father had sent him to get a particular artefact.

Because of Viscount Peter's nature and strong backing, it was not an object that could be wrestled or bullied from him.

Even though it was from a Baron under him, it was still from Viscount Peter's Territory.

Truthfully, Viscount Peter was actually quite protective of his territory.

Only those that he allowed could bully those underneath him.

Fortunately, that particular item was going to be on display in this Auction.

"Yes, it's not so good, but it's still... manageable!" Young master Jan complimented.

"I am glad to see that you are merger facilities can please your palettes."

The young master nodded, "Viscount Peter, will you still not give me the Tablet!? My father has promised a really handsome price for it."

Viscount Peter chuckled lightly, "you are so funny, young master. You already know what my answer would be, and yet you still tease me. You know, a lady such as myself would not want to vex the young master, but I have already given out my words. I hope that you do forgive me."

Hearing what the Viscount said made him really angry. Expecially because the Viscount referred to himself as a lady.

It was at this time that the Master of events announced the entering of the next item for auction.

The prince looked over the Luxury box and the sight of the Medusa below enticed his eyes.

He was a person that had a fond of snakes.

Just like the one he kept as a pet around his neck, he enjoyed the feel of their touch against his skin.

And what he was seeing was a special combination of the two things he loved the most. Exotic snakes and beautiful women.

Nobles were always a bunch with very special taste and the snake girl below had instantly captivated his eyes.

He could even feel his groin react a bit to the imagination of her skin wriggling beneath him.


"Next my dear men and women of sophistication, is a more spicy outlet to the taste. You see, these creatures are not so easy to capture, and they come from just next door. Because of very particular reasons we cannot disclose, the Medusas like their Sister tribe the Nagas cannot live for more than a few days out of the Snake Forest. Which means you only get a few days to enjoy them to your heart's content."

As the Auction master talked, the first Medusa was brought out in a cage.

The moment Shade saw her, she stood to her feet, " one hundred Silver coins!"

"HUH!!!" The crowd gasped.

Even the young master in the Luxury booth up stairs was taken aback by the sudden blow up of money.

Immediately she spoke, she realized what she had done and the attention she had drawn. Remembering Ero's words on maintaining a low profile, she shyly sat down.

Eros saw her blushing expression and felt she looked so cute.

He held her hands together, "don't worry my dear, it's okay!"

The Auction master chuckled a little, "I can see that some are already tasty for this one!" He gave a meanful glare to the nobles.

The audience laughed in response.

"In the light of the bid by the young, fair maiden, I will continue from one hundred silver coins. 100 solver coins going once, going twice. Do I hear a hundred and one silver coins!?"

"One hundred and ten Silver Coins!" Some one in the audience shouted.

"One hundred and ten silver coins to the nobleman behind. Do I hear a hundred and fifteen silver coins!?" He looked around.

However, no one bid even more.

"115 silver coins going once,l! Going twice!!!"

"150 Silver COINS!!!" The voice had come from the Luxury box.

Everyone paused and looked on the direction of the luxury box.

This was Viscount Peter's birthday party celebration.

All the nobles here knew that any one in that luxury box would be someone of power.

After all, Viscount Peter would not allow even a Viscount stay in the luxury box.

It most be one who is of the Earl noble rank and above.

Or some cultivator of unparallel strength.

Those that had played the game of politics for a long time like the nobles that had attended this auction knew for certain that those of superior power should not be offended.

Having the same desires on an item as one's superiors was the same thing as sticking out like a sore thumb.

Nobles usually knew the lines they could cross and who they should not mess with.

In this room, no one wanted to mess with whosoever it was in that Luxury box.

Of course, all of them except the Baron that had been making waves since he made his appearance at this location.

"150 Silver coins, going once, going twice."

"152 Silver coins!" Shade voiced once more.

This time around, she did not throw out a huge number in fear that it was outside Ero's budget.

"200 Silver coins," Young master Jan spoke boldly and loudly.

Now, Shade was starting to panic.

She did not know if she should bid more or not.

However, Eros understood her plight.

He whispered into Dan's ear, "we are taking all the Medusas and Nagas from here. Spend like a spoiled scorn. Make me proud boy!"

Dan suddenly had an evil grin at the side of his mouth.

Dan nodded lightly.

"200 silver coins going once, going twice, going...."

"500 Silver coins!" Dan shouted with pride.

The Nobles gasped again.

That was indeed a lot of money.

Young master Jan frowned a bit, but this was still money he could afford spending.

"550 silver coins!" He shouted.

Dan chuckled. He took his time as he mentioned it word for word, "ONE HUNDRED GOLD COINS!!!"

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