Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1468 - You Are Looking For Me?
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Chapter 1468: You Are Looking For Me?

Bu Fang opened his eyes. His mind was clear, but he felt as if he had just fallen into a hallucination, and that feeling was very strange.

One could comprehend a Law by eating a Fruit of Law. That was enough to illustrate the fruit’s miraculous power. However, it didn’t guarantee that one would comprehend a Law. There were cases when nothing happened after the fruit was eaten.

This was the second time Bu Fang had eaten a Fruit of Law. He was lucky, for he once again went to the Sea of Laws and sensed the three thousand Laws. In the birthplace of the Laws of the Universe, he was accepted by a Law again. As for what the Law was, he was not very sure.

He spread his palm, and suddenly, the vague power of a Law emerged over it. It seemed to be filled with mysteries, which made him frown slightly.


In a trance, he seemed to hear a dragon roar. His pupils constricted.

The next moment, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand by itself. The power of the Law clung to the knife without hesitation, strengthening it continuously. It was a wonderful feeling. This was not the Law of Transmigration but a completely new Law. Not only was its power extraordinary, but it also fits perfectly with the kitchen knife.

Bu Fang calmed himself down and began to sense the wonderful transformation on the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. Through his divine sense, he found that the space around the knife seemed to slowly twist and crack. He took a deep breath and waved the knife, and the void in front of him was immediately torn open. It made his eyes glow.

“This is... The Law of Space?”

Just like the Law of Space that Summer had comprehended, the Law of Space Bu Fang comprehended had a huge impact on space. He was pleased. It never occurred to him that this would be the supreme Law he comprehended. In fact, he would be equally excited despite which supreme Law he comprehended. There was no weak supreme Law, and every one of them had its reason for existence.

Of course, since he had just comprehended it, his understanding of the Law was not as thorough as Summer’s. He held out a finger, and the void in front of it slowly twisted and cracked. The Law of Space was mysterious and scary. Now, together with the Law of Transmigration he had comprehended before, his fighting strength should be much stronger now.

Filled with joy, Bu Fang began to study the Law of Space.


“The Crown Prince has come out of seclusion!” The news spread like a flash flood, waking up many people.

As the strongest Demigod and having comprehended two supreme Laws of the Universe, the Crown Prince was destined to inherit the throne of the Divine Emperor in the future. He was the role model for the younger generation, so when he came out of seclusion, the younger generation in the whole capital was stirred up.

Many geniuses had left their seclusions as well. They were going to challenge the Crown Prince to win great honor. If they could defeat him, their names would certainly be recorded in the history of the divine dynasty. Therefore, his coming out of seclusion was a matter of great concern to many exceptional Demigods.

With his hands clasped behind him, the Crown Prince stood in front of the Divine Chef Temple. Moonlight sprinkled on his face, making him look very gentle. He walked slowly into the building, taking one step at a time.

As time went on, one Demigod after another came flying from every direction and gathered around the Divine Chef Temple. Some stood on rooftops, their hands hanging at their sides and their robes fluttering in the moonlight, while some had hard faces and were exuding mighty auras. There were also experts standing on the ground like ancient monsters. Since the Crown Prince had entered the building, these geniuses who wanted to challenge him followed.

When the Crown Prince, in his loose robe and disheveled hair, stepped into the first floor of the Divine Chef Temple, many people gasped. For a moment, an uproar broke out in the crowd. His eyes shone like torches as he swept the whole place before looking into the distance, as if to see through everything there.

Suddenly, one figure after another landed around him with loud rumbling noises. The experts in the Divine Chef Temple fell silent, gasping as they watched those exceptional Demigods surround the Crown Prince.

“These are all heirs of different Kings, the top exceptional Demigods in the divine dynasty’s capital! Why are they all here? Is it because of the Crown Prince?”

“The Crown Prince has come out of seclusion, so of course these heirs won’t miss the opportunity to challenge him...”

“Isn’t that always the case whenever the Crown Prince comes out of seclusion? There’s going to be a big fight for sure.”

The experts in the Divine Chef Temple were whispering with each other. Some of them were very excited because they could witness the battle between exceptional Demigods with their own eyes.

Challenging the Crown Prince and defeating him was an honor that no one could resist. One of the young masters, his eyes blazing, stared at the Crown Prince as if he were staring at prey. His strength was extremely fearsome. As an extraordinary Demigod, he had comprehended more than one Law.

“I’ve long heard of Your Highness’s formidable strength. I hope we can have a good fight today!” The young master’s eyes were filled with excitement. The next moment, he unleashed his aura and charged at the Crown Prince.

In addition to the challengers, there were many people watching the scene outside the Divine Chef Temple, such as the Fifth Prince and the old man who followed him. They all wanted to get a glimpse of the Crown Prince.

The crown prince’s lips curved into a gentle smile. He seemed to be a gentle man. Facing the challenge of these young masters, he narrowed his eyes and said, “Looks like you’ve been waiting for me for a long time. I’m sorry to keep you waiting... Unfortunately, you are no match for me.” He smiled gently, but his words were confident and bold.

The eyes of those young masters all burst into bright light, and some had their auras surge as they launched thunderous attacks. At this moment, the whole lobby was full of terrible attacks. The group of exceptional Demigods struck out instantly. Their auras soared into the sky, stirring the winds and clouds, while the power of various Laws filled the air. It came as a shock that some young masters actually comprehended the supreme Laws of the Universe as well.

The Crown Prince kept still as a mountain. He intended to fight ten opponents at once. With his strength, he could do it easily.

It was a spectacular scene. Many people exclaimed as they watched with relish. At the same time, the Divine Chef Temple’s defense array was activated to protect the building from being destroyed.

Of course, all young masters were proud. Instead of attacking in groups, they fought the Crown Prince one by one. They rushed to him and clashed with him, either by physical force or by the Power of Law.

After the chaotic battles, the power of various Laws lingered in the air, and every exceptional Demigod who rushed at the Crown Prince was defeated by him. With a warm smile on his face, he threw a palm at every step he took as he walked slowly forward, forcing away all the young masters around him. Whenever someone was defeated, another rushed at him. However, they were all suppressed by him, knocked flying back with blood spurting from their mouths.

Some people were horrified, while others were in awe. The Crown Prince was indeed an invincible existence in the Demigod Realm. So far, he had not shown his true strength. In fact, every time came out of seclusion, there would be a big fight, but in the end, he always won. Many geniuses couldn’t even force him to use his second supreme Law.

Chaos reigned in the building. The Crown Prince looked relaxed, while all around him, the young masters smiled wryly. They stood up and cupped their fists at him. He smiled calmly, then turned and rested his eyes on the nearby experts of the Divine Chef Temple. With his hands clasped behind his back and his eyes shining aggressively, he said, “I am the Crown Prince of the divine dynasty, Xia Yi. The reason I am here is to challenge the Lord of the Divine Chef Temple.”

Though his tone was indifferent, there was strong confidence in his words that made everyone around him tremble. The expressions of those experts changed dramatically, and the blond girl who was in charge of receiving Bu Fang was horrified.

The whole lobby quieted down. Sensing the silence in the air, the Crown Prince shook his head and continued to walk forward. Soon, he left the first floor and went up to the second floor. When he reached it, he was immediately greeted by waves of terrible pressure, which made his pupils constrict slightly.

“Your Highness, please leave...” said a strong voice. At this moment, an expert of the Divine Chef Temple appeared. It was an old man. He was one of the elders and a Perfected God. Though he only stood there, the terrible aura that came from him seemed strong enough to silence heaven and earth. The might of a Perfected God was indeed astonishing.

But even as he faced the oppression of a Perfected God, the Crown Prince was still at ease. He was not afraid to fight a Perfect God. However, he had not come to fight these old men. His target was Bu Fang. He only needed to fight with Bu Fang and destroy his Dao Heart, and then his task was completed.

Bu Fang was an exceptional Demigod? How could there be a person more talented than him in this world? Anyone who had fought against him and been defeated by him would have doubts about life.

With a thought in his mind, golden energy began to gather, and soon, a golden bow materialized in his hand. He drew the bowstring and aimed it at the old man. A dreadful aura spread and filled the air, and then there was a loud bang. The arrow on the bow was released, tearing the void in an instant as it went for the Perfected God.

The elder’s pupils constricted slightly. “The Law of Space?!” He took a deep breath, then he slapped the void in front of him repeatedly with both hands, stacking the power of one Law after another to resist the arrow.


A violent collision broke out. The whole building seemed to be shaking while the defensive array screamed under the overwhelming blasts.

The old man moved back several steps, and his face showed an amazed look. “The Crown Prince is indeed an extraordinary genius...” he sighed with emotion.

A genius such as this was really terrifying. He felt that their new Lord Temple was probably no match for the Crown Prince. Although Bu Fang was able to kill a God King with a single slash of his kitchen knife, the Crown Prince was not weaker than a God King. After all, it was not known how horrible the strength of a genius who comprehended two supreme Laws was.

The void slowly cracked, and Summer stepped out of it. Looking at the Crown Prince, she took a deep breath.

The Crown Prince nodded to her, then looked into the distance, where the sound of footsteps was coming.

A lean figure was approaching, taking one step at a time and at a steady pace. Bu Fang looked expressionlessly at the disheveled Crown Prince and twitched the corners of his mouth slightly.

“I heard you are looking for me?”

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