Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1466 - Silver Armor, Die!
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Chapter 1466: Silver Armor, Die!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Everyone had his own enduring limit, including Bu Fang. Silver Armor was determined to kill him. Did he really think Bu Fang was an easy target?

The elders of the Divine Chef Temple narrowed their eyes. They never expected that Silver Armor would attack Bu Fang, even though it might cost his life. In the opinion of these older experts, their appearance was a sign of the Temple’s determination to protect Bu Fang. But Silver Armor still wanted to kill him. Obviously, this guy had no respect for them at all!

In the distance, the Imperial Concubine had a very complicated look in her eyes. Her red lips pursed as she watched the silver armor that kept crumbling and falling in midair. Suddenly, a feeling of sadness rose in her heart. The familiar figure of Silver Armor was recalled from the depths of her memory. He was still the same Silver Armor, but she was no longer the same Mo Shaoji.

The armor fell off from Silver Armor’s body as he moved across the void at a speed that was as fast as teleportation.


The elders’ attacks descended in succession. The armor shattered in an instant, turning to silvery powder and disappearing into nothingness. However, only the armor was destroyed. Silver Armor’s sword was still approaching Bu Fang. It contained terrible emotions, which were imbued with sadness.

Ridiculous sadness.

Silver Armor’s eyes became very calm as if he had no more concern about life or death. “This sword combines my Law, the Law of Forgetfulness.” Though it was called the Law of Forgetfulness, he could not forget his love for someone. The sword approached with a rumble as if to strike one’s heart directly.

Bu Fang’s eyes shone brightly. After crushing a divine power liquid drop, the surging divine power immediately spread through his whole body, and then all of them were sent into the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand.

In the face of Silver Armor’s sword, Bu Fang fearlessly made a slash. The technique he used was the Kitchen Knife of Affliction. Under the knife, the void in front of him kept crumbling.

Silver Armor wielded the power of a God King, while Bu Fang was only a Demigod. Even if he was an exceptional Demigod, he was no match for a God King. So when Silver Armor struck out, everyone thought he was dead.

Amid the angry cries of the elders, Summer’s expression changed dramatically. In a split second, she tore apart the void and stepped into it. She wanted to rush to Bu Fang’s side and block Silver Armor’s sword for him. But she thought she might not make it. She never expected Silver Armor’s determination to be so strong that he was willing to do anything for that woman.

‘The Law of Forgetfulness? How laughable! What a ridiculous Silver Armor!’

When the Divine Emperor wanted to marry that woman, Summer did not agree at all, even though he was her brother. She knew very well how wicked the woman was and how she had manipulated many people’s feelings to get her current position. However, she had to admit that this woman really had the means to make many powerful men serve her willingly.


A collision suddenly broke out, producing a deafening rumble that swept through the world.

The Kitchen Knife of Affliction was a divine power, so its might was naturally extraordinary. Besides, it was unleashed with the liquid drop, which further boosted its power. In fact, Bu Fang had made ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine slashes with just one strike! For a moment, the whole sky was blotted out by knife lights.

However, Silver Armor’s Sword of Forgetfulness was also a divine power, one that he had cultivated all his life. Its power was extremely terrible! As soon as the sword was thrust, everyone felt emotionally repressed.

Behind Bu Fang, Luo Sanniang, Hu Lu, and the others had already collapsed in their chairs, frightened by the force of the sword. It was a blow unleashed by a God King with his full power. Even another God King would feel hopeless when facing it, let alone them.

As the crowd watched anxiously, Bu Fang fought back. His knife attracted everyone’s attention. “He was fighting against the Sword of Forgetfulness with a knife?” Everyone knew how it would end without guessing. Exceptional as he was, he was just a Demigod, and he would soon die under the sword.


A horrible explosion broke out.

In the restaurant, Hu Lu, Luo Sanniang, and the others had already lost all their hopes. They sank into their chairs, unable to move even their fingers. Outside the restaurant, the violent explosion enveloped the whole world in sword energy and knife energy.

A sword that blotted out the sky collided with a huge knife.

At this moment, Summer tore the void and appeared outside the explosion. Her pupils constricted as she watched the terrible energies tangle with each other and fill the air with a rumbling sound. ‘He must be dead this time...’ she thought to herself. She was filled with despair, thinking that Bu Fang would not survive this time.


Inside the palace, the Fifth Prince’s body trembled slightly. Not far away from him stood an old man, who was a high-grade God. At the moment, his eyes were full of horror.

“This is crazy... I can’t believe he actually fought against a God King with the cultivation base of a Demigod! How could this guy be so stupid?! Where did he get his confidence?!” said the Fifth Prince. He sat down in a chair and took a sip of water.

“Your Highness had thought of recruiting him, but he will soon be a dead man. It’s a pity that a man with such a heaven-defying talent has slipped through our fingers,” the old man said with emotion.

Ever since witnessing Bu Fang’s amazing fighting strength at the Mo’s residence, the Fifth Prince had been wanting to recruit him. However, it never occurred to him that before he could act, Bu Fang would provoke more and more terrifying existences, and eventually, even the Imperial Concubine.

What amazed the Fifth Prince the most was that if Silver Armor had not gone all out to attack Bu Fang, the latter might have survived even though he had provoked the Imperial Concubine. He shook his head, and his heart was filled with wonder.

Suddenly, the palace shook, accompanied by a cracking sound. The Fifth Prince’s expression changed while the old man sucked in a cold breath. “This noise... Could it be...” The two of them looked at each other with horror on their faces. The next moment, they bolted toward the depths of the palace.

In the courtyard of the palace, a stone door opened with a crash. A clear sound of footsteps echoed through the air, and then a figure came out step by step. A terrible Power of Law fell from the top of his head, frightening those who saw it. As soon as he was outside, he leaped into the air.

The Fifth Prince looked up in horror and saw the figure stepping through the air. As for the old man, he shivered. Even though he was a high-grade God, he couldn’t muster even the slightest strength to resist when he saw this man.

“Crown... Crown Prince...” said the old man in a trembling voice.

In midair, the Crown Prince glanced indifferently at the Fifth Prince as if he were looking at a worm. The next moment, he sped away, heading for the place where the battle had broken out in the distance. “Anyone who provokes my mother will die.” He disappeared in a flash, leaving only his cold voice and menacing words.

The Fifth Prince slumped to the ground. This was the Crown Prince, a horrible existence who could petrify him with only one glance. He had thought the gap between them was very small, but now it seemed that it was still as wide as heaven and earth.

An exceptional Demigod who had comprehended two supreme Laws of the Universe was too terrifying!


In the explosion, the terrible sword energy and knife energy tangled and clashed with each other.

The Imperial Concubine stared in silence and looked absentminded. Perhaps she also felt the pain in her heart at this moment.


A figure fell out of the explosion, while a silver sword spun in the air several times before it struck the ground, making a buzzing sound. The silver light on the sword began to fade away quietly and dissipate into the void, and soon, the whole sword disappeared completely.

The sword energy and the knife energy also began to slowly dissipate, revealing the situation in midair, where two figures stood facing each other.

Having lost his armor, Silver Armor became less ferocious. There was a scar on his face, which made him look very ugly. Without it, he would be a handsome man. As he bowed his head and looked at his hands, his whole body trembled slightly.

Bu Fang, his face pale, backed up several steps, sat down on the ground, and breathed out a long sigh of relief. Even with the enhancement of the liquid drop, it was still too much for him to fight against a God King. The main reason was that his strength was too weak. Fortunately, however, he managed to fend off the lethal strike.

As the terrible energy that filled the sky dissipated, the boulder that had been weighing on the onlookers’ hearts finally fell to the ground, and they all stared at Bu Fang in disbelief.

“He actually blocked it?!”

“This is fake, right? How can a Demigod resist the attack of a God King?”

“It was the divine power of a God King, an attack imbued with emotion... Its power is simply devastating.”

The fact that Bu Fang was unscathed stunned everyone and refreshed their world view.

Summer appeared at his side. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that he was only a little pale. Still, she was shocked. ‘This boy actually blocked the attack of a God King? He’s only a Demigod, isn’t he? This is unbelievable!’

Then, she looked up at Silver Armor in the distance and unleashed her fury on him. “Silver Armor... You really are going downhill! Do you think you’re still qualified to be His Majesty’s imperial guard?!”

Silver Armor froze and raised his head. He sighed softly, took a deep look at Summer, then at Bu Fang. Then, he turned to look at the Imperial Concubine, and his eyes became very gentle. At last, he rested his eyes on Black Armor. The head of the imperial guard, Gold Armor, did not appear.

“I really don’t deserve His Majesty’s trust... But now that I’ve done it, what else can I do? There’s no turning back.” Silver Armor smiled wryly. After that, he once again focused his eyes on Bu Fang. The corners of his mouth curved upward slightly.

All of a sudden, Silver Armor’s body broke apart. One knife light after another shot out of him, cutting his flesh continuously. In the blink of an eye, his body was completely disintegrated.

Bu Fang’s Kitchen Knife of Affliction was, after all, a divine power, and the liquid drop made it even more terrifying. In the collision just now, he was indeed struck by the Sword of Forgetfulness, but the Vermilion Robe’s invincibility had resisted the fatal blow, so he was safe and sound. He had just consumed a huge amount of energy.

Silver Armor, on the other hand, didn’t have the Vermilion Robe’s invincibility. So, under the attack of the Kitchen Knife of Affliction, his body kept breaking apart. As the crowd watched in horror, he exploded completely with a bang.

The scene stunned everyone.

“How is that possible?”

“Silver Armor’s body was blown up?”

“A strike from a Demigod could actually blow up a God King?”

Bu Fang’s eyes flashed. He had no sympathy for Silver Armor’s death. He flicked his fingers, and the invisible Divine flame shot toward the spot where the explosion had occurred. A column of fire broke out, while numerous Laws merged rapidly under the blaze of the Divine flame. The Laws of a God King were enough to raise the Divine flame’s power to a very terrifying level!


The Imperial Concubine’s pupils constricted, and she growled like a madwoman. “Silver Armor is dead? How could he die? How could a mere Demigod kill him?” Her mind was in a mess while a pang of sorrow surged in her heart.

Everyone was silent and did not know what to say.

All of a sudden, a terrifying aura spread in the sky and quickly enveloped the whole area. The crowd gasped, looked up at the sky, and saw a towering golden figure slowly emerge.

Everyone was shocked and knelt without hesitation.

“His Majesty?!”

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