Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend!

Chapter 1030 - Walking dead without a soul
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Chapter 1030 - Walking dead without a soul

Chapter 1030: Walking dead without a soul

Bai Zhi has a good heart and didn’t say much. If it were someone else, what would be the consequences?

Seeing that Mrs. Zhang was speechless, Pei Qinghan said again: “She and Mrs. Liu have already sold themselves as slaves. You can see her, but you can’t take her away.”

Pei Qinghan turned his head to the servant on the side and said, “If she wants to see Bai Zhenzhu, take her there and give them an hour, just this once.”

After Pei Qinghan finished speaking, he left, leaving behind Mr. Zhang who was dumbfounded.

She knew very well what it means to be sold as a slave. If she wanted to take people away, even if she has money, it may not work unless the master voluntarily lets her go.

What to do? What should I do?

She had no money or backer. Seeing Pei Qinghan’s disappearing back, she became more and more flustered.

She started to regret it again. If she thicken her face and set aside her shame just now, and begged Bai Zhi, maybe Bai Zhi would agree to help her.

This Marquis of Changyuan Houfu was her biological father. As long as she opened her mouth, it will only be a matter of time!

What to do, what should she do now? She doesn’t know where Bai Zhi lived. If she wanted to see her, where would she go to find her?

Bai Erzhu patted her on the shoulder and helped her up again: “Let’s go and see the Zhenzhu first.”

Only then did Mrs. Zhang come back to her senses. Yes, they should look for their daughter first. Maybe after seeing Bai Zhenzhu, everything will be alright?

The servant led the three of them into the mansion through the side door and went straight to the laundry room.

The laundry room was busy every day. As if there were endless clothes and bedding.

Bai Zhenzhu squatted in front of a large wooden basin. Her hands were covered with frostbite, but she still keep rubbing and washing clothes in the icy cold water. Her hands hardly felt any pain. As if the flesh was no longer her own.

She just kept repeating the same action. Her eyes were dull. Her face was expressionless, like a walking corpse without a soul.

An elderly woman came over and threw a bucket of dirty clothes next to Bai Zhenzhu. She scolded while eating melon seeds: “Wash these before dinner. You can’t eat unless you finish them.”

As if she didn’t hear anything, Bai Zhenzhu just repeated the movements in her hands, her eyes kept staring at one place.

The woman raised an eyebrow and threw the few melon seeds left in her hand. She lifted her foot and kicked Bai Zhenzhu’s left shoulder. After kicking her to the ground, she scolded her angrily: “You little bastard, this old lady is talking to you. Are you deaf?”

Mrs. Liu was just nearby. However, even after seeing this, she didn’t dare to help Bai Zhenzhu. This Song family’s mother-in-law was so powerful, she has tasted it.

Bai Zhenzhu was kicked to the ground, but she remained silent. She didn’t even bat an eye.

The woman was very annoyed with Bai Zhenzhu. She jumped forward in anger, grabbed her hair, and slapped her face left and right.

This scene happened to be seen by Mr. Zhang who came to the laundry room. She screamed and immediately rushed up, grabbed the woman’s hair, raised her hand, and slapped her face multiple times.

Mrs. Zhang Shi was very strong. She used all her strength to fight. The woman felt dizzy and couldn’t tell which was north or south.

After slapping, Mrs. Zhang kicked the woman again and again. Then rode on her again and slapped her face left and right. While slapping, she said: “You stinky woman, you dare to hit my daughter? Who are you? How dare you hit my daughter? I will kill you, I’ll kill you!”

No one knows how painful Zhang’s heart is now, and she doesn’t even dare to look at Bai Zhuzhu. Pain and hate.

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