Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend!

Chapter 1029 - Can’t open her mouth
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Chapter 1029 - Can’t open her mouth

Chapter 1029: Can’t open her mouth

Bai Zhi was smart, so how can she not know what Mrs. Zhang was thinking? It was just, she really can’t sympathize with Bai Zhenzhu.

After all, that person has tried to kill her several times.

She was not Virgin Mary. She can’t let go of the past.

Since Mrs. Zhang couldn’t say it, it proved that she was still ashamed.

“Bai Zhenzhu is in the Changyuan Houfu. If you want to find her, you go there by yourself. I still have something to do, so I won’t accompany you.” Originally, she wanted to give them some silver, but her money has been given to someone else. However, she couldn’t just watch Bai Erzhu’s family become like this.

She raised her hand and took off a red gold hairpin in her hair, then handed it to Mrs. Zhang: “I don’t have any money with me, you take this and exchange it for some silver coins. If you can find Bai Zhenzhu you can go back together. If you can’t find it, you can go back by yourself.”

Seeing what Bai Zhi meant, she didn’t plan to take care of it.

Mrs. Zhang finally closed her mouth. No matter how thick her skin was, she couldn’t open her mouth.

After taking the hairpin, she left with her husband and son.

They inquired along the way. After walking for a long time, they finally found the mansion called Changyuan Houfu.

The size of the capital city was beyond their imagination. It was many times bigger than Qingyuan Town.

The three of them looked like beggars on the street. So as soon as they appeared in front of the mansion, the gatekeeper rushed over and shouted to drive them away.

Mrs. Zhang knelt in front of the gate of the mansion and cried to the doorkeeper for a long time. When the servant heard her words, they didn’t dare to decide in private, so he went in and reported to the housekeeper.

The housekeeper knew the inside story and knew more about Bai Zhenzhu’s current situation. Thinking that Pei Qinghan would not let her go easily, he instructed the gatekeeper to find a way to drive people away without showing any mercy.

The servant went back to the gate, called a few guards, and rushed forward with a stick.

Mrs. Zhang knelt and didn’t move. She let the stick hit her. She just gritted her teeth and didn’t even snort.

“Stop!” A carriage quietly stopped outside the gate. Then Pei Qinghan got out of it, stood at the front of the gate, and looked at the vicious servant of the Houfu: “What is this?”

The servant hurriedly leaned forward and whispered. Pei Qinghan’s eyebrows frowned even tighter, then swept his eyes to the unkempt three people.

He had met these three people once. Although they looked shabby at the time, they were neat and clean, but now they have become like this. In the end, he was also somewhat responsible in this matter.

After stepping down on the footstool, he walked in front of Mrs. Zhang step by step.

Mrs. Zhang still knelt on the ground, but raised her face full of tears, and looked coldly at Pei Qinghan. She gritted her teeth and said, “So you are the Marquis of Changyuan Houfu. In this matter, do you think only my Zhenzhu is wrong? Marquis, are you not wrong? Why do you only punish my daughter, why don’t you punish yourself?”

Pei Qinghan frowned at her. This woman was very stubborn. That Bai Zhenzhu, were they really mother and daughter?

Pei Qinghan shook his head, “The punishment I received was even more severe than your daughter’s punishment. She got the retribution she deserved, and I also got the retribution that I deserved. And I deserve it.”

Mrs. Zhang said angrily: “What retribution did you get? You still live in this mansion, but what about my daughter? Where is my daughter? Give her back to me immediately.”

Pei Qinghan asked, “Do you know what she did?”

Mrs. Zhang was stunned. Then Bai Zhi’s words echoed in her ears.

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