Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3478 - Chapter 3478: You Don ‘t Want It?
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Chapter 3478: You Don ‘t Want It?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Qiuxue stared at Granny Gui with hatred.

Granny Gui had set her up!

Granny Gui knew that the empress dowager wouldn’t like hearing the news, but she still told Qiuxue to deliver it. As a result, Qiuxue had enraged the empress dowager, which was why she had ended up like this… Qiuxue shivered in pain and nursed the hatred in her head.

Granny Lan made a note.

As expected, the empress dowager’s reputation was the most important thing to her.

At that moment, the empress dowager frowned and instructed Granny Gui, “Go get Hua Wushuang.”

Granny Gui backed away silently.

After some thought, the empress dowager turned to Granny Lan and said, “Find my dragon-phoenix bracelets.”

Granny Lan was a little surprised.

The dragon-phoenix jade bracelets were no small matter. Only the crown prince’s future consort could receive this honor.

According to the rules, the empress dowager would only take out the dragon-phoenix bracelets on the first day the crown prince’s consort served tea to her.

The empress dowager hadn’t liked Empress Dugu back then, so she had never given her the bracelet.

Now, she was going to…

Granny Lan looked at the empress dowager in surprise, and the empress dowager said in a serious tone, “Get her here.”


Granny Lan hurried off.

All items were registered, and the dragon-phoenix bracelets were recorded in the top-ranking registry. That was why Granny Lan was so reluctant to get them.

She had always thought that Feng Wu was the best. If there was anyone in the world who was worthy of the crown prince, it would be Feng Wu.

While she was dawdling, the empress dowager sent someone to tell her to hurry up.

The person she sent was Ruyi.

Ruyi was on good terms with Qiuxue. Seeing what happened to Qiuxue, she was concerned, so she asked Granny Lan cautiously, “Have you found them? Her Majesty is pressing us.

“Miss Hua is here too.” She was referring to Hua Wushuang.

Granny Lan nodded and followed Ruyi out with an exquisite wooden box.

When they came out, they saw the empress dowager holding Hua Wushuang’s hand and saying with a pained expression, “Do you know how bad Feng Wu is? I don’t even know where to begin…

Then, the empress dowager told her about when Feng Wu accompanied her to the grassland.

Granny Lan frowned.

Feng Wu had saved the empress dowager’s life more than once. Without Feng Wu, Her Majesty might have already.

In the end, the empress dowager turned the truth around and badmouthed Feng Wu. She accused Feng Wu of everything and made up things about her. She made Feng Wu out to be a girl with a bad temper and a bad character.

Granny Lan couldn’t stand it anymore.

Hua Wushuang had been playing along with suitable expressions.


“Oh god.

“How could she do that…

“I really can’t imagine it. . Please visit f𝗿e𝗲𝘄𝚎𝐛𝚗𝐨𝙫ℯl. c𝗼𝚖

“Oh, my god..

“I wouldn’t have believed it if Your Majesty hadn’t told me.

As if they were performing a carefully choreographed dance, they sme Feng Wu from head to toe.

Seeing Granny Lan come over with the box, the empress dowager took pair of dragon-phoenix bracelets and tried to put them on Hua Wushu wrists.

However, the bones of Hua Wu’s hands were a little big…

The bracelets were rather small.

The empress dowager couldn’t put them on Hua Wushuang right away

Before she could frown, Hua Wushuang said, “Your Majesty, these bra( too precious. I…’

The empress dowager said coldly. “The bracelets are the symbol of the prince’s consort.. Do you want them or not?”

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