Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2124 - Love and Hate
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Chapter 2124: Love and Hate

“The moment you leave the grassland, you’re Consort Ranmil of the Junwu Empire. Princess Ranmil doesn’t exist anymore.

“Once we reach the Junwu Empire, you’ll have no one to depend on. The only way you can survive is to gain the emperor’s favor.

“Emperor Wu can tolerate the crown prince’s defiance, but have you seen him tolerate anyone else? Everyone else has to show him their utter respect.

“My lady, your Enchanting Body is nothing compared with the dignity of an emperor. His Majesty was doing perfectly fine before you showed up.”

Ranmil clenched her fists, her face very dark.

Qingcao knew that Ranmil didn’t like to hear that, but she had to tell her the truth.

“The emperor tolerates HIs Royal Highness’s behavior because the crown prince is irreplaceable. The empire can’t afford to lose him!

“But my lady, you’re not irreplaceable.”

Consort Ranmil stared at Qingcao. “You!”

Qingcao took a deep breath. “Even if you’re mad at me, I still need to say this. My lady, you think too highly of yourself. You’re not that unique, and you shouldn’t be too proud.

“Even our chieftain respects Emperor Wu, but you’ve been giving the emperor attitude. That’s very presumptuous!

“Haven’t you realized how bad things have gotten for you?

“You showed your affection for the crown prince in front of everyone. As the ruler of an empire, what do you think the emperor will think? He has to face all the people!” said Qingcao.

“But I have the Enchanting…” said Ranmil.

“The emperor can live without an Enchanting Body!” Qingcao said loudly.

Ranmil glared at her.

Qingcao said, “You know very well that if things aren’t going well, Emperor Wu will abandon you.”

Ranmil said, “Qingcao!”

Qingcao said, “Therefore, your top priority is to gain the emperor’s favor and replace Empress Dugu. You need to give him a son that’ll inherit the throne. That’s the best way to get back at the crown prince, and will also be the best outcome for the Senal Grassland!

“My lady, you’re the hope of the entire grassland!

“But you’re still angry at His Majesty!”

Qingcao analyzed the current situation for Ranmil.

Ranmil clenched her fists and thought about it.

She had to admit that Qingcao’s words made sense.

Since she had chosen this path, there was no going back.

She and Jun Linyuan could only be enemies.

Instead of affection, she should think about what she could gain for the grassland.

She had been so silly before.

Moreover, she also had a secret agreement with the Dongsang Kingdom.

“So, what do you think I should do now?” Ranmil stared at Qingcao.

Qingcao said, “Make Emperor Wu like you.”

Ranmil said, “He won’t even see me.”

Qingcao smiled. “His Majesty must be missing your Enchanting Body now. Therefore, all you need to do is take some initiative, and you’ll have his favor again. However, you need to do something about the crown prince.

“You need to convince Emperor Wu that you don’t have any love for the crown prince anymore, nor do you hate him. You simply find him unpleasant.”

Love and hate were two sides of the same coin.

“I know.”

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