Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2123 - : Ill Call You Consort Ranmil
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Chapter 2123: I’ll Call You Consort Ranmil

Feng Xun dragged the ninja away. He patted Feng Wu’s shoulder and said sympathetically, “Boss Jun, I thought the two of you already passed this stage. It seems that your relationship is going nowhere. You have my sympathy.”

Feng Wu didn’t say anything.

Jun Linyuan was astonished!

Back in the courier station.

Feng Wu was going to report back to Emperor Wu to show some respect.

But Jun Linyuan snorted and said, “Go back to your room!”

Feng Wu didn’t say anything.

Jun Linyuan kept his gaze on her, and Feng Wu had no choice but to take him back to their room.

Gongshu Ji went to report to the emperor.

“What? Jun Linyuan caught a ninja alive?!”

Emperor Wu was overjoyed!

However, he then realized that it shouldn’t be difficult for Jun Linyuan to do that at all!

“Where is that ninja? Bring him here! I’ll interrogate him myself!”

Gongshu Ji said, “Well, Your Majesty…”

Emperor Wu said angrily, “Bring him here!”

Gongshu Ji said, “Your Majesty, His Royal Highness took him away.”

“Then tell him…” Emperor Wu stopped abruptly because he suddenly realized that Jun Linyuan had the ninja.

Anyone else would have followed the emperor’s orders.

But not Jun Linyuan, the “defiant son.”

The more he thought about it, the angrier Emperor Wu got, but there was nothing he could do to Jun Linyuan.

“Get out of my sight!” he said angrily.

Gongshu Ji let out a breath of relief and quickly walked away.

Before long, Wang announced, “Your Majesty, Consort Ranmil is here to see you.”

Ranmil had arrived.

Emperor Wu had doted on Ranmil, both because of her beauty and her Enchanting Body.

But he remembered how Ranmil’s trick had backfired and she had admitted in front of everyone that she liked Jun Linyuan… The thought made Emperor Wu hate her.

“I don’t want to see her!” said Emperor Wu.

Wang went out of the room and told Ranmil, “His Majesty is busy. Consort Ranmil, please go back.”

Ranmil bit her lower lip in frustration.

She wouldn’t have come here if they hadn’t caught the ninja, but now, Emperor Wu wouldn’t even see her.

She stormed off.

She had her own room.

After she got back, Qingcao closed the door before looking at her.

Ranmil said angrily, “Not only won’t Emperor Wu see me, he sent me back. I have an Enchanting Body! If he summons me to his bedchamber next time, I won’t go!”

Qingcao gave her an indescribable look.

That look made Ranmil uneasy.

“Why are you staring at me?” Ranmil frowned.

Qingcao was smart and good with people. Therefore, Ranmil had been taking advice from her for years.

Qingchao walked to Ranmil’s side, crouched down, and held the princess’s hand without speaking.

Before Ranmil asked the question, Qingcao spoke.

“Princess, from now on, I’ll address you as Consort Ranmil.”

Ranmil stared at Qingcao in astonishment.

Qingcao had a solemn look on her face.

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