Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1721 - : Face-slapping, Round 8 (4)
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Chapter 1721: Face-slapping, Round 8 (4)

When Sefiro saw her reflection in the river, she almost fainted.

That was because —

Her neck had swollen up like a steamed bun.

And it wasn’t just swollen. Her neck was itchy and prickly, as if ten thousand ants were crawling all over her skin.

Sefiro finally realized what happened. Feng Wu had set her up!

Feng Wu had poisoned her wound when she wasn’t looking!

Sefiro was almost in tears. She wanted to kill Feng Wu and drink her blood!

She and Feng Wu were still in the middle of a horse race, and the stakes were very high.

She wanted to get to the finish line, but each miserable step she took gave her excruciating pain.

Therefore, hours later, while Feng Wu was running from three Spiritual Lords, Sefiro had covered less than 10km.

Just as Sefiro, who was fighting back the itchy and prickly sensation, rose to her feet to head for her destination, Feng Wu showed up.

More precisely, Feng Wu showed up in the disguise of Catnine.

“Your Highness!” “Catnine” rushed out of the woods, wearing the skullcap, and “he” ran up to Sefiro.

Seeing who it was, Sefiro was so excited that she was almost in tears.

She was in trouble and needed help now more than ever!

“Catnine! It’s you!” Sefiro immediately grabbed Feng Wu’s hand.

It was a good thing Feng Wu wore makeup on her hands as well, or Sefiro would have seen through her disguise.

Feng Wu feigned an agitated voice as well. “Your Highness, Your Highness, what happened to your neck? What’s wrong? You don’t look well.”

She was a great actress, great enough to win an award.

She had wounded Sefiro and put poison on the wound herself, but she was able to conjure up a sympathetic look in her eyes.

Seeing one of her own in the middle of nowhere, Sefiro had tears in her eyes. She stopped, sat “Catnine” down next to her, and told “him” what had happened.

In the end, Sefiro said angrily, “That abominable Feng Wu! When I catch her, I’ll cut her to pieces!”

“Catnine” clenched “his” fist and said indignantly, “Princess, don’t worry. If I catch her one day, I’ll kill her for you and offer her head to you on a platter!”

Sefiro said, “Catnine, you’re the best.”

Feng Wu said, “Your Highness, I’m your most loyal servant.”

Sefiro said, “That you are! I’ll give you a generous reward when we get back!”

Feng Wu thanked her in an excited voice.

Sefiro mumbled, “When did she poison me? I had my eye on her the whole time. When did she get the chance?”

She couldn’t figure it out.

Feng Wu rolled her eyes inwardly.

Sefiro, are you sure you kept your eyes on me the whole time? Feng Wu laughed inwardly; she had at least six ways to poison Sefiro.

No one could use poison as proficiently as Feng Wu, since she had learned from her beautiful master, who once ruled the continent. Sefiro would never be her match.

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