Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1313 - What Choice Do I Have?
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Chapter 1313: What Choice Do I Have?

Zuo Qingyu then glared at Feng Wu. “Miss Feng, you’ve gotten what you came here for, so don’t push it. It’ll only make you look selfish.”

Feng Wu was going to explain what she had done to the dragon scale gold, but after what Zuo Qingyu said, she lost interest.

Instead, she shrugged and said, “Since you’ve said that, what other choice do I have?”

Zuo Qingyu stared at Feng Wu and snorted.

The old steward couldn’t take it anymore, so he told Zuo Qingyu, “Miss Zuo, I’m sure Miss Feng is exhausted. She should get some rest now.”

Zuo Qingyu flared up and stared at the old steward.

She had paid the old steward handsomely to win him to her side, but now, he was speaking up for Feng Wu.

The old man wasn’t without a conscience. Before, he had known next to nothing about Feng Wu, so he hadn’t had any problem making trouble for Feng Wu.

However, he gradually saw how outstanding Feng Wu really was, and was impressed by her wisdom, charm, aplomb, and all her other merits.

Zuo Qingyu was still feeling furious, when Master Rong Yang smiled at Feng Wu. “Kiddo, what do you want me to do for you? Do tell.”

Before Feng Wu could reply, the old steward answered for her, “Master, Miss Feng Wu is here to ask you to forge a weapon for her.”

Yes! Finally!

Feng Wu had done so much in the past five days that she knew the others had to have noticed.

What pleased Feng Wu the most was that she had earned the old steward’s admiration and respect.

Feng Wu nodded and said, “He’s right.”

Stroking his beard, Master Rong Yang chuckled. “That shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t worry. In a few days, I’ll build you the sharpest weapon!”

Zuo Qingyu smirked. “In a few days? Feng Wu is going to take the Dragon’s Gate challenge before that happens. The weapon will never be ready in time.”

Feng Wu looked at Master Rong Yang awkwardly. She wanted to say something, but hesitated.

Since she had left such a great impression on Master Rong Yang, he asked her what was bothering her as soon as he saw the look on her face.

Feng Wu told him the truth. “I’m taking the Dragon’s Gate challenge in two days’ time, but without a suitable weapon, I’m afraid that...”

Two days?

Master Rong Yang frowned a little. He only had two days...

Zuo Qingyu gave Feng Wu a taunting look.

That was bold!

How was Master Rong Yang supposed to forge a weapon in as short as two days? That was a naive idea!

Zuo Qingyu smiled and said, “Feng Wu, you’re making an impossible request. No one can build a formidable weapon in two days, not even Master Rong Yang.

“Moreover, the refinery room has been destroyed. Where is the master going to forge the weapon, anyway?

“Plus, Master Rong Yang only builds one formidable weapon every year. Since he was working with my family’s dragon scale gold, he’s not going to make anything for you.

“What’s more, with his injured leg, Master Rong Yang can’t walk around. How can you force such a difficult task on him? You can’t do that even if you’ve done the master a favor!”

Zuo Qingyu had always been a smart girl with a glib tongue. The things she had listed not only shielded her from accusations by Feng Wu, they even made Feng Wu sound like a bad person. That was rather amazing.

However, Feng Wu didn’t even look at Zuo Qingyu. She acted as though she wasn’t there, and only looked at Master Rong Yang with a guilty look on her face.

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