Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1311 - Impossible!
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Chapter 1311: Impossible!

“Master Rong Yang, Master Rong Yang, there’s a reason for this. I, I can explain!” Seeing that the master was really angry, Zuo Qingyu tried to explain.

“You did all that just to keep me occupied, so that I wouldn’t help Feng Wu?” Master Rong Yang frowned.

“That’s right, Master Rong Yang. That was the only reason. My family didn’t...” Zuo Qingyu said earnestly.

“What bullsh*t!” Master Rong Yang glared at her.

Zuo Qingyu was struck dumb.

Master Rong Yang smirked. “Since when do I make weapons for random people? Why would I agree just because it’s Feng Wu? That’s preposterous!”

Zuo Qingyu was speechless.

She didn’t realize it herself, but deep down, she had recognized Feng Wu’s capability. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have assumed that the master would definitely forge a weapon for Feng Wu.

Master Rong Yang then smirked. “If she comes out alive, I promise I’ll build her a weapon!”


Everyone fell silent. Since Feng Wu had been in the well for so long, they were sure that she had already died.

“Miss Feng Wu really bit off more than she could chew...”

“Did she seriously think that she could turn things around all by herself? She got herself killed.”

The old steward felt awful.

He had deliberately tried to create trouble for that girl, but she had surprised him every single time. He couldn’t believe that such a clever girl was dead.

Meanwhile, Zuo Qingyu smirked inwardly.

She didn’t care that she had lost the dragon scale gold or that Master Rong Yang now despised her. It was all worth it now that Feng Wu was dead.

But —

Just when everyone thought that Feng Wu had died in the fire —

“What? Are you guys talking about me?”

A nimble figure jumped out of the well and landed in front of the crowd.

“Feng Wu?!”

“Is that Miss Feng?!”

“Gosh! Feng Wu isn’t dead?!”

Zuo Qingyu was astonished.

So was the old steward.

Even Master Rong Yang was shocked.

Everyone stared at Feng Wu in disbelief, as though they were seeing a ghost.

Feng Wu looked around and smiled. “Why are you all looking at me like that? You look surprised.”

Of course they were!

How could they not be?

The old steward pointed a trembling finger at Feng Wu. “You... we thought you were dead!”

Feng Wu shrugged and looked confused. “Why would I be dead?”

The old steward said, “But you were inside for so long.”

Feng Wu said matter-of-factly, “That’s because putting out a fire is time-consuming.”

“You —” Before the old steward could continue, he heard other people crying out in surprise.

“Hey, you guys, look! The smoke is really thin now!”

“It’s not just thin. It’s almost gone!”

“Gosh! Did Feng Wu really extinguish the fire?”

Over a dozen cultivators with the water attribute all stared at Feng Wu in disbelief.

“That’s impossible!” Lin shouted.

He and his colleagues hadn’t been able to control the fire even when they worked together, so how could this girl do it?

“Let me go inside and have a look!” Lin jumped into the well first.

“I’m going in, too.” Yuan moved as quickly as a monkey and was soon out of sight.

Everyone kept their unblinking gazes on the well after those people went in.

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